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Charles Henry Biles (1665 - )


Biles Generation 3b



1.  Charles’ parents: Alexander, Jr. and Dorothy (Strong) Biles


2.  Charles’s birth: 12 August/October 1665 at Dorchester, All Saints Parish, Dorset County, England.


Charles’s death: July 1696 at Maidenhead, New Jersey.


3.  Other biographical notes on Charles:


Emigrated from All Saints Parish, Dorchester, England to Maidenhead (now Lawrenceville)/Trenton Falls, New Jersey, a few miles from Trenton, with his brother, William, arriving on 4 April 1679 aboard the “Elizabeth and Sarah.”  The ship's register of passengers did not list a wife or other dependents for Charles.


Since Phineas Pemberton’s List is called “a Registery of all the people in the county of Bucks within the Province of Pennsylvania that have come to live,” Charles Biles must have been living in Bucks County when this list was made, or previous to when Pemberton “give C. Taylor an account thus farr 1, 3mo, 1686….Holmes’ map “of Pennsylvania with names of the first purchasers, beginning A.D. 1681” shows one quite large tract labeled “W, & C. Biles.” (page 128 of Battle’s book)


Charles was mentioned in his mother’s will in 1692 as being “in Pensilvania or elsewhere.”  It appears Charles always resided in the Pennsylvania/New Jersey border region.  Was a surveyor.  Also supported himself by weaving.


4. Charles’ marriage:


A. To whom: Sarah Wood


1. Sarah’s parents: John and Mary (?) Wood


Of Alterclife in Shefield Parish, County York.  Emigrated to America aboard “The Shield” out of Hull, arriving in October 1678 with the following children: John Wood, Joseph Wood, Esther Wood, Mary Wood, and Sarah Wood.  Was of Crookhorn, Bucks County, Pennsylvania at the time of Mary’s marriage to Charles Biles.


John Wood was one of the group of men, including William and Charles Biles, who received a grant of land in 1679, direct from Governor Andros.  The Town of Morrisville, Pennsylvania was sited on land originally owned by John Wood.  Later, Patrick Colvin had a ferry there, and the place was known as Colvin’s Ferry.


2. Sarah’s birth: 1670/65 at Attercliffe, Shefield, Yorkshire, England.


Sarah’s death: 16 September 1731 in Fall Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.


3. Following Charles’ death, Sarah (Wood) Biles married 2nd John Brearly in 1697 and had at least the following son:


a. David Brearly: Was deeded land by his half-brother, Alexander Biles.


Of interest, the will of John Brealy/Brearly of Maidenhead, Hunterdon County, Yeoman, was dated 7 May 1722 and named his wife, Sarah, and children: John, Benjamin, David, Joseph, Mary (wife of John Oulden), and Ruth.  It was witnessed by John Biles, James Price, etc. and was proved 23 October 1722 (reference  Lib 2, pg. 192, NJ Archives Vol 23, Series I.)


B. Marriage date & location: 6 May 1689 (also seen: 1690).


C. Children:


1. John Biles: Born 1691/82 at Maidenhead, Hunterdon County, New Jersey.  Died there 22 July/29 May 1740, age 49; also interred there.  Married Elizabeth Freeze (b. 1685 at Maidenhead, N.J., d. 1749 in N.J.) daughter of Abraham Freeze (b. 1659 in N.J.) and had the following children:


a. Sarah Biles: Twin?  Born 1710 at Maidenhead, Burlington, Province of West Jersey, England.


b. John Thomas Biles: Twin?  Born 1710 to 1720 at Maidenhead, Burlington, Province of West Jersey, England.  Died there February 1813, age 90+ (also seen: was the Thomas Biles who moved to Rowan County, North Carolina by 1753 and died there in 1784, see Para 4a.C.5.b. of the William Biles page).  Resided near Trenton, New Jersey.  Married (5th) Elizabeth Proctor Carpenter on 13 October 1738 at Hunterdon, New Jersey and had the following children:


(1. Naomi Biles.


(2. Charles Biles.


(3. Sarah Biles.


(4. Henry Biles (Not mentioned in most accounts.  Perhaps the Henry Biles who is generation 6 of the ancestors of John Addison Biles, who would have been born 29 February 1748 and died 14 January 1811.)


c. Charles Biles.


d. Naomi Biles: Born 1729.  Died 1745.


2. Alexander Biles: Born 1690/95.  Died 29 August 1756 (or 26 Aug 1736) and interred in the church yard at Lawrenceville (formerly Maidenhead), New Jersey.  Married Ann Tindall (b. approx. 1695), daughter of Thomas Tindall, approximately 1717.


a. Alexander Biles, Jr.: Born 1717/18 at Lawrenceville.  Died 1785/2 at Lawrenceville.  Married Ann (?) and had the following children:


(1. William Biles: Born 1740.  Died 1833.  Married (?) and had the following children:


(a. Charles Biles: Born 1768.  Died 1858.  Married (?) and had the following son:


(1) George Bullock Biles: Born 1798.  Died 1853.  At the time of the 1850 US Census George’s household included a John Biles (age 48).  Married (?) and had the following son:


(a) William H. Biles: Born 1824.  Died 1904.


(b. Amelia Biles.


(c. James William Biles: Born 1765.  Died 1814.  Married Mary McIntosh and had the following children:


(1) William Biles: Born 1795.  Died 1874.


(2) Sarah Biles.


(3) Samuel Biles: Born 1800.  Died 1880.


(4) Israel Biles: Was in Trenton, New Jersey.


(5) Thomas Biles: Born 1804.  Died 1891.


(6) Daniel Biles: Born 1807.  Died 1871.  Was a carpenter.


(7) George Biles: Born 1809.


(8) Charles Biles: Born 1815.  Died 1890.


(d. Robert Biles: Born 1772.  Died in New Jersey.


(2. Alexander Bile, III: Born 1741.


(3. James Biles: Born 26 June 1743.


b. Benjamin Biles: Born about 1720 at Lawrenceville.  Died at Lawrenceville after 1782, when he was the Administrator of his father’s estate.


3. Sarah Biles: Married (?) Watson by 1731.


4. Ruth Biles: Married (?) Gumly.



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