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Clarence Emery Biles - Gen 10

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Marian Elizabeth Biles (1916 - 2007)

(J.A. Biles Bible spelling: Marion)

SSN: 120-20-6438


Biles Generation 11

Descendant # 3.1


Biles, Marian Elizabeth 1936 -1940


1.  Marian’s parents:  Clarence Emery and Christine (Irvine) Biles


2.  Marian’s birth: 20 September 1916 at home on the family farm on Laurel Road outside Greene, Chenango County, New York.


Marian’s death: 28 February 2007 at home (530 County Road 2, Greene, N.Y. 13778-9571) on Genegantslet Road outside Greene, New York.


3.  Marian’s formal education:




School Name, Location, Diploma/Degree









Greene High School, Greene, Chenango County, New York; graduate (commencement 29 Jun).


4.  Marian’s employment history:




Employer, location, job title









Branem Industries, Greene, New York (previously known as Woodworth’s, then Sherbourne Industries); worked there 18 years helping produce metal (wire) products.






Provided in-home care for Ina C. Hills (b. 17 Jul 1886, d. 3 Nov 1982) at Mrs. Hills home in Greene, New York. (more info)


5.  Marian’s addresses:







Resided with parents on family farm located on Laurel Road, Greene, New York



Resided with parents at Rd #2 (Laurel Road) Box 380, Greene, New York 13778.  This was a small house with adjoining hen houses and barn that her parents had given to their son, Irvine, before his marriage in May 1941.  It was on a hill overlooking Genegantslet Creek on a portion of the Biles’ Laurel Road farm about ¼ mile from Route 12.  Irvine and his family moved to Pennsylvania a few years following marriage, leaving this house available for Clarence and Christine in their retirement years.  Marian subsequently inherited this property from her parents.



In October 1975 resided with and cared for Florence Irene (Bryant) Rogers at Florence’s home, 67 Genesee Street, Greene, New York 13778



In Oct 1976 resided with and cared for Ina Hills at Ina’s home, 22 Crestmont Road, Greene, New York 13778



Resided with and cared for her Aunt Clara Delphine (Irvine) Coles at


6.  Marian’s organizational affiliations:




Organization, offices held



Daughters of the American Revolution, General John Paterson Chapter 1-193-NY; Organizing Member.  Membership from 13 October 1979.



Alliance Fellowship Church, Greene, New York





7.  Other biographical notes on Marian:


a. Throughout her life Marian regularly corresponded with Bee Quimby (photos) (not a relative), first of Bellingham, Washington and later of   , since the mid-1930s.  The pen pals met at least once during a cross country trip Marian took with her parents to California and Oregon in 1949.  Of interest, in 1937 Marian’s sister, Margaret, also had a pen pal, Mary Alice Quimby of Bellingham, Washington (presumably a sister of Bee).


b. Owned a water front cottage on Genegantslet Road just outside Greene, New York, situated just below her parents retirement home on the small bluff overlooking Genegantslet Creek.  Eventually sold it to a priest and his mother.


c. Inherited her parents’ retirement home on Genegantslet Road.  Eventually sold the adjoining hillside property and conveyed ownership of the residence to her brother, Joe, who resided there until after Clara Delphine (Irvine) Coles died, when he moved into the prior Coles residence with Marian.  Marian inherited ½ interest in the Coles residence from her Aunt Clara, the other half going to her sister, Margaret (Biles) Bryant.  Marian assumed responsibility for taxes and utilities, but the two sisters shared some facility maintenance expenses.  Consistent with the deed to this property when it was conveyed from the Bryants to the Coles, Marian bequeathed her interest in the property to Margaret.


d. “Once when I was little, Grandpa (John Addison Biles) packed me up and took me to the Emery Reunion.  I remember standing in the center of a circle of adults, my neck cocked back as far as it would go and the exclamations [from those adults]: “Doesn’t she look like Sarah” or “Just like Clarence,” etc.  The other memory of that event was a contest – who could throw the big yellow ball the farthest?  I won the ball and was astonished.  I had never owned a ball, but I could sure throw stones (3 people wore a scar on their forehead to prove it, including Uncle Bob).  He was at our house about 1930-32 and had teased me (all of us, really) unmercifully.  I picked up a stone and threw it at him.  Dad never said a word, and he saw the whole affair, and I expected punishment, which never did come!  Nor did I get so much teasing after that.”



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