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Martin Broomall Biles (1919 - )



Biles Generation 11

Descendant # 1.3



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1.   Martin’s parents: Elmore Howard and Anna Elizabeth (Broomall) Biles


2.   Martin’s birth: 1919 at Saint Joseph’s Hospital, San Diego, California.


3a.  Martin’s 1st marriage:


Biles, Martin Broomall & Lee (Kennedy) (2) #.jpg


     a.  To whom: Frances Lee Kennedy (photos) (more info) of Texas and Louisiana.



(1)  Lee’s parents: Bennett Zack and Josey Lee (Watkins) Kennedy


(2)  Lee’s birth: 8 January 1919 at Bonham, Texas.


Lee’s death: September 2002 at a long term care facility in Naples, Florida from congestive heart disease, precipitated by severe emphysema (undoubtedly aggravated by years of heavy cigarette use) and late stage Alzheimer ’s disease.  Was confined to bed for approximately six months before death.


b.  Marriage #1 date & location: 1943 at the Base Chapel, Blytheville Air Force Base, Arkansas.


c.  Children:


(1)  Vicki Lee Biles: Born 3 January 1945.


(2)  Marti Lee Biles: Born 1947.


(3)  John Broomall Biles: Born 29 July 1949.


(4)  Jami Lynn Biles: Born 1951.


3b.  Martin’s 2nd marriage:


Biles, Martin Broomall 2008 and Virginia (Young) Biles  #.jpg


a.  To whom: Virginia (Young) (Burrow) McIntire


(1)  Virginia’s parents:


(2)  Virginia’s birth: 1920 at Norman, Oklahoma.


(3)  Virginia’s 1st marriage was to Glenn Burrow.


(a)  Glenn’s birth: approximately 1910.


Glenn’s death: 1962 at home in Montgomery County, Maryland from a heart attack precipitated by a congenital heart condition.


(b)  Their marriage date & location:


(c)  Their children:


·       Susan Burrow: Born 1946.


·       Kathryn Burrow: Born 1952.



(d)  Biographical notes on Glenn:


·       Was an Air Force pilot who had flown with General Claire Chennault’s famed Flying Tigers (nickname for the 1st American Volunteer Group) that flew Curtis P-40s under the flag of the Chinese Air Force in the early parts of World War II.


(3)  Virginia’s 2nd marriage was to John McIntire.


(a)  John’s birth:


John’s death: At home in Naples, Florida from complications of lung cancer.


(b)  Their marriage date & location:


(c)  Biographical notes on John:


·       Trained as an attorney.  Owned a number of hardware stores and other real estate in Maryland.  Also started a bank in Maryland.


·       Purchased the co-op apartment at 2100 Gulf Shore Blvd North, Naples, Florida while married to Virginia (diagonally across from the apartment purchased in 2001 by Martin).


b.  Marriage #2 date & location: 2003 at Naples, Florida.


4.  Last known state of residence for Martin: Florida



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