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Origin of the surname “Dougall:”







4   Joseph Dougall/Dougal (more info)


1. Biographical notes:


Died 4 Jan ????, age 67, at home on Wawbeck Road (near Tupperlake?), New York.  Three brothers and 3 sisters survived him.


2. Wife: (?)


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. 4 sons reside at Ohio, Herkimer County, New York (on Route 8 perhaps 20 miles northeast of Utica).


b. 1 son resides at Robinwood, Mississippi.


c. Nettie Dugal: Resided at Tupper Lake.


3   Frederick H. Dougall (more info)



1. Biographical notes:


Born 27 June 1864 at Norfolk, New York.  Died 16 November 1933. (Also seen for Fred: b. 1860 at Malone, N.Y., d. 1930 at Malone, N.Y.)


2. Wife: Theodocia May Sampson/Simpson


Born 5 May 1874 at Dickinson, New York.  Died 15 May 1941.  Married Frederick H. Dougall on 16 October 1888.


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. Leo Lewis Dougall: Born 2 March 1889.  Died 3 August 1889.


b. Nellie L. Dougall: Born 22 November 1891.  Died 7 November 1893, age 1 year, 11 months, 15 days.


c. Leon Frederick Dougall: See generation 2, below.


d. Millicent M. Dougall: Born 15 August 1902 at St Regis Falls, Franklin County, New York.  Died Friday 17 March 1995 at Alice Hyde Memorial Hospital, Malone, New York; interred Forest Cemetery, St Regis Falls, New York.  Graduated from St Regis Falls High School.  Married Clyde A. Kelley (more info) (b. 20 May 1901, d. 12 Oct 1979; interred Forest Cemetery) on 9 September 1930 at Nicholville, with Reverend Edwin Claxton officiating.  Millicent and Clyde resided on Duane Street, St Regis Falls, New York and had the following son:


(1. Clyde B. Kelley: (more info) Born 3 November 1931 at St Regis Falls, New York.  Died Thursday, (?) September 2001, age 69, at Alice Hyde Memorial Medical Center, Malone, New York; interred Forest Cemetery, St Regis Falls, New York.  Graduated from St Regis Falls High School.  Served in the US Army Corps of Engineers in France and England following World War II (1949 to 1952), where he helped implement the Marshall Plan to reconstruct European infrastructure.  Following the war was employed (1st) by the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA), then by the St Lawrence Seaway.  In 1959 he went to work in the General Motors Plant at Massena, where he was a pipe fitter for 10 years, then Supervisor of Maintenance until 1986, when he was employed by the United Association of Pipe Fitters.


Married Claire Hunkins on 4 September 1953 at Trinity Methodist Church, St Regis Falls, New York, with Reverend Ralph Fulmer officiating.  Clyde and Claire had the following children: (order uncertain)


(a. Christopher Kelley: Resided in Tennessee.


(b. Craig Kelley: Resided in New York.


(c. Scott Kelley: Died 1956.


e. Florence H. Dougall: (more info) Born 16 January 1911/10.  Died 5 May 1985, age 74, at Alice Hyde Nursing Home, Malone, St Lawrence County, New York; interred Forest Cemetery, St Regis Falls.  Married Arthur H. Fletcher and resided at Malone, New York, where, before retirement, Florence had been employed as a waitress.


2   Leon Frederick Fred Dougall (photos) (more info)


1. Biographical notes:


Born 7 November 1893 at Everton/St Regis Falls, Franklin County, New York at the Corning Hospital, Corning, New York, where he had been a patient for 3 weeks; interred Hope Cemetery, Corning.  Died Tuesday, 30 March 1971, age 77; interred Hope Cemetery.  Was age 22 at marriage.  Employed as a carpenter by Frank N. Smith & Associates, Inc.; retired 1960.  Resided last at Corning, New York.


2. Wife #1: Olive Margaret Wood


Born 18 September 1894 at East Dickinson, New York.  Died 10 February 1967 at Watertown, New York; interred New Calcium Cemetery, Calcium, Jefferson County, New York.  Married Leon Frederick Dougall on Saturday evening, 29 May 1915 at St Regis Falls, New York, with Reverend N. A. Darling of the Methodist-Episcopal Church officiating.  Olive was a school teacher at Waverly, New York before she was married.  She and Leon were divorced about 1927/28, after which Olive moved to Theresa, Jefferson County, New York with her brother, LeRoy, where LeRoy ran a gas station from 1928 to 1929.  Olive and LeRoy moved to Evans Mills in 1929 to run a general store, and Olive ran that store until 1948.


a. Children:


(1. Nellie Pearl Dougall: (more info) Born 4 June 1916 at St. Regis Falls, New York.  Died 11 May 1921 (age 4) (after brother, Harold’s death) at Deferiet, Jefferson County, New York from “a brief illness of indigestion (convulsions due to toxic absorbtion);” interred St. Regis Falls, New York.


(2. Harold M. Dougall: (more info) Born 14 January 1917/18 at St. Regis Falls, New York.  Died Thursday, 30 September 1920 (age 21 months) after a short illness at Deferiet, New York; interred St Regis Falls, Franklin County, New York.  At the time, Harold’s father, Leon, was employed away from home at the St Regis paper mill at Deferiet, Jefferson County, New York.  Consequently, Leon was not able to be there when Harold died.


(3. Raymond Edward Dougall: See generation 1, below.


(4. James “Jim” George Dougall: (more info)


Born 22 November 1926 at Oswego, New York.  Died Saturday, 30 October 1982 (age 55) at the House of the Good Samaritan Hospital’s emergency room from complications of a heart attack; interred Sanford Corners Cemetery, Calcium, Jefferson County, New York.  As a child resided with the Leonard Busler family in Theresa, New York.  Attended Theresa schools, but graduated from Evans Mills High School in 1944.  Served in the US Army in Europe and the Pacific (Philippines) theaters of operation during World War II.


After the War graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1948 and, in 1949 went to work at the Borden Milk Plant in Evans Mills.  Married Mary Julia Maloy “Julia” (photos) (more info) (b. 14 Feb 1931 at Antwerp, N.Y., d. 21 Mar 2007 from complications of a brain tumor), daughter of Robert W. Maloy of Philadelphia, Jefferson County, New York on 6 November 1950 at St. Mary’s Rectory, Evans Mills, with Father McFadden officiating.  Julia graduated from Antwerp High School, Antwerp, Jefferson County, New York and the Mercy Hospital School of Nursing, Watertown, New York.  For a period of time she was employed as a registered nurse at the House of the Good Samaritan Hospital, Watertown.


In 1957 James became Postmaster at the Evans Mills Post Office.  He and Julia resided on Peck Street in Evans Mills and had the following children: (order uncertain)


(1. Peter James Dougall: (photos) (more info) Born 1952.  In 1964 graduated from Evans Mills Elementary School.  In 1970 graduated from Indian River Central High School.  In 1972 graduated from Jefferson Community College with an associate’s degree majoring in education.  In 1974 graduated from Oswego State University with a BA degree majoring in Elementary Education, followed by a masters degree from Oswego State in 1978.


Married Joan Marie Crumb, daughter of Bernard and Kathleen (?) Crumb of New York, on Saturday, 28 December 1974 at St. Helena’s Catholic Church in Sherril with Reverend James Flavin officiating.  They initially resided at 851 Mill Street, Chaumont, Jefferson County, New York.  Joan was a 1970 graduate of Vernon-Verona-Sherrill Central High School and a May 1974 graduate of Oswego State University, Oswego, New York.  She was employed as a substitute teacher and later as a 2nd grade teacher in New York.


Peter and Joan (Crumb) Dougall had the following children:


(a. Alison Marie Dougall: Graduated from Indian River Central School, Philadelphia, New York in 1996.  In 2000 graduated summa cum laude from Cortland State University, Cortland, New York with a BA degree majoring in psychology.  Married William Murray Matteson, son of Alicia Rodriguez of Louisiana in 2000 at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church, Watertown, New York.  William graduated from Indian River Central School in 1994 and from Jefferson Community College in 1998. 


(b. Julie Margaret Dougall.


(2. Katrina “Kay” Ann Dougall: Born 1952.  Graduated from Evans Mills Elementary School and Indian River Central School.  After school was employed at Fort Drum, Jefferson County, New York and resided in Watertown.  Married (1st) Steven Gregory and resided in Tennessee.  Kay and Steve had the following daughter:


(a. Stephanie Gregory.


Kay married (2nd) (?) Arnette?


(3. Renee Jean Dougall: (photos) (more info) Born 1957.  Graduated from Evans Mills Elementary School, Indian River Central School, and Jefferson Community College.  Married Thomas “Tom” McGowan and resided in New York.  Renee and Tom had the following children:


(a. Andrew “Andy” McGowan.


(b. (?) McGowan.


(4. Roxanne Mina Dougall: Born 1959.  Graduated from Evans Mills Elementary School and Indian River Central School.  Married Chris May and resided at Knoxville, Tennessee.


(5. Robert “Bob” Dougall: Born 1966.  Graduated from Evans Mills Elementary School and Indian River Central School.


3. Wife #2: Bertha (Drum) Sallada


Married (1st) (?) Sallada and resided at Mansfield, Pennsylvania.  Had the following daughter:


a. (?) Sallada: Married Robert Jacot and resided at Endwell, New York.


Bertha (Drum) Sallada married (2nd) Leon Frederick Dougall on 7 March 1937 at Mansfield, Pennsylvania.


1   Raymond Edward Dougall:


Born 9 February 1921 at Deferiet, New York.  Died 20 September 2008 at Watertown, New York.  Married Mary Celestia Drake, generation 12, descendent # 3 of the Descendents of Charles Briant Drake.




Notes: (unknowns)


a. Peter Dougall: 61 Queen Palm, Largo, Fl 33778; 315-767-1126 / home: 727-470-9888; had a cottage at Fisher’s Landing on the St. Lawrence River.


b. Alfred A. Dougall.



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