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Note: Though the focus in this web domain is primarily on the ancestors and descendants of George Edgar Drake, who resided near LeRaysville, LeRay Township, Jefferson County, New York, there are other (equally distinguished, but not closely related) Drake families in that general area of northern New York State, and this annex documents one of them.  Others include families headed by Andrew J. Drake of Sackets Harbor, Henry Drake of LeRay, Henry F. Drake of Black River, Josias Drake and Thomas Drake of LaFargeville.  Also note: Andrew J. Drake of Sackets Harbor was the great grandfather of George E. Drake; see paragraph 5.c.(2.(c.(2) of the Josiah Drake (5) page.



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1   John R. Drake


1. Biographical notes:


Born about 1792 in New Hampshire.  Died .  Employed as a farmer in Moira Township, Franklin County, New York.


2. Wife: Mary (?)


Born about 1790 in New Hampshire.  Died .


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. Jonathan A. Drake: Born about 1815 in New Hampshire.  Employed as a farmer in Moira Township, Franklin County, New York.  Married Caroline (?) (b. abt 1816) and had the following children:


(1. Joana T. Drake: Born about 1838 in New York State.


(2. Levi M. Drake: Born about 1839 in New York State.


(3. Lois R. Drake: Born about 1841 in New York State.


(4. Albon M. Drake: Born about 1843 in New York State.


(5. Reuben B. Drake: Born about 1844 in New York State.


(6. Loren M. Drake: (male) Born about 1847 in New York State.


(7. Emily L. Drake: Born about 1849 in New York State.


(8. Perry J. Drake: Born October 1850 in New York State.  Employed as a farmer in Moira Township, Franklin County, New York.  Married (1st) Mary Peck, daughter of Sally Peck (b. abt 1820).  Married (2nd) Addie (?) (more info) (b. Feb 1863 in NYS, d. ), daughter of a father born in New York and a mother born in Canada, about 1897 and had the following daughter:


(a. Dorothy A. Drake: Born February 1899 in New York State.


(9. Ellen Drake: Born about 1853 in New York State.


(10. Irvin Drake: Born about 1857 in New York State.


b. Dexter C. Drake: (perhaps) Born about 1819 in New Hampshire.  Resided in Moira Township, Franklin County, New York.  Married Alvira (?) and had the following children:


(1. Lepha Drake: born about 1841 in New Hampshire.


(2. Rhoda M. Drake: Born about 1843 in New Hampshire.


(3. Willis Drake: Born about 1848 in New Hampshire.


(4. Daniel Drake: Born about 1850 in New Hampshire.


c. Mary Drake: Born about 1828 in New Hampshire.


d. Alzina Drake: Born about 1830 in New Hampshire.


e. Dolly Drake: Born about 1832 in New Hampshire.



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