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Note: Though the focus in this web domain is primarily on the ancestors and descendants of George Edgar Drake, who resided near LeRaysville, LeRay Township, Jefferson County, New York, there are other (not closely related) Drake families in that general area of northern New York State, and this annex documents one of them.  Others include families headed by: Caleb Drake of Gouverneur; Daniel David Drake of Moira; David Belding Drake of Stockholm; Francis Wilson Drake of Orwell; Henry F. Drake of Black River; Joseph Drake of Stockholm; Henry Drake of LeRay; Loren H. Drake of Adams Center; and Thomas Drake of LaFargeville.  Also note: Andrew J. Drake of Sackets Harbor, New York was the great-great grandson Josiah Drake (5) (see paragraph 5.c.(2.(c.(2)); and John Drake of New Haven, New York was the great-great grandson of Nathaniel Drake (4) (see paragraph 6.a.(4.(h.(12)).



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1   Josias Drake


1. Biographical notes:


Born about 1644 in Amsterdam, Holland.  Died about 1701 in New York State.


2. Wife: Aeltje/Alice A. Brouwer


Born about 1648 in New York State; daughter of Adam (Berkhoven) Brouwer and Magdalena Jacobs Verson.  Died about 1707.


3. Children:


a. Casparus Drake.


b. Catharyn Drake.


c. Cornelius Drake.


d. Elizabeth Drake.


e. Josias J. Drake.


f. Sara Drake.


g. John Drake: Married Martha Overfield.  Also seen: married Magdalena Brower (b. 8 Mar 1703/4 in Brooklyn Twp, Kings Co., NY), daughter of Jacobus James Adams (Brower) Brouer (b. 1656, d. 1707) and Annettia Anna (Annetze) Bogardus (b. 1663), and had the following children:


(1. Zephaniah Drake.


(2. William Drake: Born before 1730.  Married Elizabeth Taylor and had the following children:


(a. Harriet Drake.


(b. John Drake: Born Dutch Church, Fishkill Township, Orange County, New York.  Married Catharine Procktor and had the following children:


(1) John Drake: Married Catherine (?) and had the following children:


(a) Hannah Drake.


(b) Meriba Drake.


(c) Sarah Drake.


(d) William Drake.


(2) Elizabeth Drake: Born 30 March 1759.  Died before 23 November 1808.  Married James Brown and had the following children:


(a) James Brown, Jr.


(b) Jedediah Brown.


(c) Nathaniel Brown: Born 1786.  Died 1874.


(d) John Eugene Brown: Born 1790.  Died 1845.


(3) Josias Drake: Born 28 May 1770 in New York State.  Died 3 March 1859, probably in Saratoga County, New York.  Married Mary “Polly” Woolsey (b. 5 Aug 1769 at Ulster Co., NY, d. 24 Jul 1827 in Saratoga Co., NY), daughter of William (b. 1742, d. 1800) and Abigail (Northrup) Woolsey (b. 1742), and had the following children:


(a) Betsey Drake.


(b) Sarah Drake.


(c) Abigail Drake: Born 1792.  Died 1867.


(d) Catharine P. Drake: Born 1794.  Died 1873.


(e) Melinda “Molena” Drake: Born 1796.  Died 1847.


(f) Richard W. Drake: Born 1799.  Died 1879.


(g) Hannah Drake: Born 1802.  Died 1879.


(h) Jane Ann Drake: Born 1805.  Died 1846.


(i) Phebe Drake: Born 1807.  Died 1811.


(j) Polly Drake: Born 1810.  Died 1888.  Married Jonathan H. Calkins and had the following children:


[1. Richard Calkins.


[2. Mary E. Calkins.


[3. Richard D. Calkins: Married Esther Mary (?) and had the following daughter:


[a. Zilpha Calkins: Born May 1869 in New York State.  Died about 1948.  Married Ransom Kincaid Dwyer (b. Jan 1853 in VT, d. about 1930), paragraph 2.b.(1.(b.(2) of generation 1 of the Henry Drake Annex.


[4. Charles Woolsey Calkins.


[5. Dauphin B. Calkins.


[6. Egbert Calkins.


[7. Eugene Calkins.


[8. Jane Eliza Calkins.


[9. Hannah F. Calkins.


(k) Sally Drake: Born 1811.  Died 1811.


(l) Nancy Drake: Born 1815.  Died 1832.


(c. Hannah Drake: Born before 27 May 1739 in Dutch Church, Fishkill Township, Orange (Dutchess) County, New York.  Married Jonathan Washburn.


(d. Polly Drake: Born about 1740.  Married Henry Hagerman.


(e. Josiah Drake: Born about 1740.


(f. Cornelius Drake: Born 9 August 1741 at Dutch Church, Fishkill Township, Orange County, New York.  Died about 1815 at Dorchester, New York (or Christian Co., KY).  Married Sarah Worthington and had the following children:


(1) Francis Drake.


(2) Tabitha Drake.


(3) Rachel Drake: Born about 1765.  Died about 1839.


(4) Sally Drake: Born about 1773.


(5) Priscilla Drake: Born about 1774 at Stillwater Township, Albany County, New York.  Died about 1850 at Warrick County, Indiana.  Married Job Matthews and had the following children:


(a) Nathaniel Matthews.


(b) Priscilla Matthews.


(6) Samuel W. Drake: Born about 1777 at Stillwater Township, Albany County, New York.  Died About 1863 at Mulhenburg County, New York.  Married Jane Waters and had many children.


(7) Phibe Drake: Born about 1781.


(8) Daniel Drake: Born about 1785.  Married Elizabeth Waters.


(3. Josiah Drake: Born about 1732.


(4. Jacob Drake: Born about 1736.  Married Helen (?).


(5. John Drake: Born about 1738 in Mendham.  Died 28 August 1784; interred Succasunna, Morris County, New Jersey.  Married Sarah Perry (b. abt 1735).


(6. Martha Drake: Born about 1739.


(7. Samuel Drake: Born about 1740.


(8. Phebe Drake: Born about 1744.


(9. Benjamin Drake: Born about 1746.


(10. Esther Drake: Born about 1748.


(11. Mary Drake: Born about 1750.



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