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John Drake I of Windsor, Connecticut

John Drake II - Gen 2

Enoch Drake - Gen 3

Nathanial Drake - Gen 4

Josiah Drake I - Gen 5

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Almond Henry Drake - Gen 11

Roxanna Cool - Gen 11


Charles Melvin Drake (1939 - )



Drake Generation 12 in America

Descendant # 7


Drake, Charles Melvin  1985 (30b) #.jpg


1.  Chuck’s parents: Almond Henry and Roxanna (Cool) Drake


2.  Chuck’s birth: 1939 at home on the family farm about two miles from Evans Mills and one mile from LeRaysville on what is now Route 26 in the Town of LeRay, Jefferson County, New York.  Anticipating the birth, his oldest sister, Anna, had come home from her work in Deferiet, New York to help her mother with the birth.


3a. Chuck’s 1st marriage:


a.  To whom: Maria Lana (Blankenship) Everett (photos) (more info) of Clyde, Wayne County, New York.



Drake, Charles Melvin & Maria Lana (Blankenship) wedding (4) #.jpg


(1)  Lana’s birth: 1941 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.


(2)  Lana’s parents: Adolphus and Bessie Bess (Bandy) Blankenship of 1214 East 74th Street, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.


(3)  Lana married 1st: (?) Everett.


(a)  When & where married: directly following high school at Cleveland, Ohio.


(b)  Their divorce date & location: shortly after marriage at Cleveland, Ohio.


(4)  Other biographical notes on Lana:


(a) Lana married (3rd) James Donk; they were subsequently divorced.


b.  When married: 1967 at the Clyde United Methodist Church, Clyde, Galen Township, Wayne County, New York.


c.  Children:


(1. Julie Ann Drake: Born 1969.


(2. Kelley Lynn Drake: Born 1970.


d.  When & where divorced: 1985 at Lyons, Wayne County, New York, just before Chuck’s 2nd marriage. 


3b. Chuck’s 2nd marriage:


a.  To whom: Cheryl Ann Mancini (photos) (more info) of Clyde, Galen Township, Wayne County, New York.


Drake, Charles Melvin & Cheryl Ann (Mancini) 1990  (30f) #.jpg


(1)  Cheryl’s birth: 1956 at Highland Hospital, Rochester, Monroe County, New York.


(2)  Cheryl’s parents: David Peter and Rose Delores (DeJohn) Mancini of Rochester, Monroe County, New York.


b.  When & where married: 1985 at the First United Methodist Church, 340 Main Street, Geneva, Ontario County, New York, where their minister from Clyde had moved.


c.  Children:


(3. Kristy Rose Drake: Born 1990.


(4. Kevin David Drake: Born 1992.


4. Last known state of residence for Chuck: New York



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