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John Drake I of Windsor, Connecticut

John Drake II - Gen 2

Enoch Drake - Gen 3

Nathanial Drake - Gen 4

Josiah Drake I - Gen 5

Josiah Drake II - Gen 6

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Ziba Drake - Gen 8

Almond Drake - Gen 9

George Edgar Drake I - Gen 10

Almond Henry Drake - Gen 11

George Edgar Drake II - Gen 12

Evelyn Tempa Gardner - Gen 12


Cynthia Lou (Drake) Woodard (1951 - )



Drake Generation 13 in America

Descendant # 4.1


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1.  Cindy’s parents: George Edgar and Evelyn Tempa (Gardner) Drake


2.  Cindy’s birth: 1951 at the House of the Good Samaritan Hospital, Watertown, Jefferson County, New York.


3a. Cindy’s 1st marriage:


a.  To whom: Ray Dwayne Narrow, Jr. (more info) of Evans Mills, New York.


(1. Ray’s parents: Ray and Doris (Littlefield) Narrow of Evans Mills, Jefferson County, New York.


(2. Ray’s birth: 1949 at .


b.  Marriage #1 date & location: 1970 at the First United Methodist Church, Evans Mills, Jefferson County, New York, with Cindy’s uncle, Reverend Erwin D. Bennett, and Reverend Charles Blankenship officiating.


c.  Divorce date & location: 1981 at Watertown, Jefferson County, New York.


3b.  Cindy’s 2nd marriage:


a.  To whom: Albert Carl Woodard (photos) (more info) of Clayton, Jefferson County, New York.



(1. Al’s birth name: John Joseph Rutski.


Someone (presumably his biologic parents) dropped him off at a Catholic  Church when he was an infant.  Was taken from there to a Catholic Charities-sponsored orphanage in New York City, where he was adopted at age 2 by the Woodards of Tupper Lake, Franklin County, New York.  Never knew his biologic parents, but came into possession of his adoption papers, which listed his birth name.


(2. Al’s adoptive parents: Carl Albert and Albertine (Russell) Woodard of Tupper Lake, Franklin County, New York.


(3. Al’s birth date and location: 1939 at Rochester/Oswego, New York.


(4. Al’s 1st marriage: Elizabeth Ann Roscoe


(a. Elizabeth’s birth date & location: 1942 at .


(b. Elizabeth’s parents: Her father’s original name was Moroscoe, but at some point he changed it to Roscoe.


(c. Their marriage date & location:


(d. Their divorce date & location: 1986 at Canton, St. Lawrence County, New York.


(e. Their children:


(1) John Carl Woodard: Born 1962.


(2) Robert Charles Woodard: Born 1972.


(f. Elizabeth subsequently moved to Florida.


b.  Marriage #2 date & location: 1988 at their residence in New York.


c.  Child: Aaron Christopher Woodard: Born 1989.


4.  Last known state of residence for Cindy: New York



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