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John Drake I of Windsor, Connecticut

(1600/1 - 1659)


Drake Generation 1 in America


(Gay #1) *


1. Parents: Unknown, but likely William (8) and Philippa (Denys) Drake of Wiscombe, Devon County, England.


2. Birth: England


3. Death: John Drake I's death was described as follows in the Town Records of Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut:


"August 17, 1659.  John Drake Senr dyed accidentaly, as he was Driving a Cart, Loaded with corn, to carry from his house to his son Jacob's the Cattle being 2 oxen and his mare, in the high way against John Griffin's. Something Scar'd the Cattle, and they Set a runing, and he, Labouring to Stop them, by takeing hold on the mare, was thrown down on his face, and the Cart wheele went over him: brake one of his Legs and bruised his body, so that he was taken up Dead, being carried into his Daughters house had Life come again, but Dyed in a Short time and was buried on the 18th day of August '59."


John Drake I left a widow and three sons.  The inventory of his estate was taken September 14, 1659: 324 pounds/13/00.  His will, proved at Hartford, was dated 1659.  In the settlement, Job Drake claimed pay for two journeys to Piscataway (probably in New Hampshire) and other indebtedness of his father.  There was also some disagreement among the heirs that prompted son Jacob Drake to "engageth to issue the trouble amongst them."  Jacob agreed to pay 10 pounds to his brother, Job, out of his "owne proper estate," the other heirs paying in proportion to what they received.  The final settlement of the dispute was signed by widow Elizabeth Drake and all of the Drake sons.


4. Biographical notes:


John Drake I was, likely (see note 3, below), the second son (5th child) of William (8) and Philippa (Denys) Drake of Wiscombe, Devon County, England.  That John Drake was born at his father's estate, called Wiscombe Park, not earlier than 1600/1, since his older brother, Thomas, was born in 1599.  He was certainly less than 12 years old on 21 May 1603, the date of his uncle Richard's will, which included the statement: "To my nephew, John, 2d son of William Drake, 10 pounds at his age of 12."  He was still in England on 4 December 1619 when his father's will stated: "My cousin John Drake of Ashe, Esquire and my brother, Henry Drake of Childehay, Esquire stand bound with me for payment of my debts, and I give them all my houses and lands called Wiscombe Park.  And my lands there, in Wiscombe, to the use of my wife Philippa and my sons, Thomas and John Drake."


References 110 and 127 indicate this is perhaps the same John Drake who was a member of the Council of Plymouth, England (the original company established by King James I in 1606 to attend to the settling of New England).  Although no authentic passenger list exists, some suggest he might have emigrated to New England with his wife and three children (Job, John, Jacob) in the fleet with Governor John Winthrop aboard the "Mary and John," departing Plymouth, England 20 March 1630 and arriving in Nantasket/Boston, Massachusetts on 30 May/2 June 1630.  Whatever the route and timing, his name was on a petition of those who requested to be made freemen on 19 October 1630. His name does not appear on later lists in Boston and details of his life for the next few years are not known.  In his will, dated 13 March 1633, Francis Drake of Esher, Surrey County, England (son of Richard), stated: "To John Drake, my Cozen William Drake's sonne, 20 pounds be sent unto him into New England, in such Comodityes as my Executor shall thinke fitt".  There can be no question as to the identity of this John as the son of William Drake (8), since the wills of both William and his widow, Phillippa, name precisely the same two daughters, Amye and Joane; as did Francis.


In 1637 a John Drake was also listed among the 46 original purchasers and proprietors of Taunton, Massachusetts.  Although no proof exists, this is probably the same John Drake who settled at Boston (Dorchester) in 1630.


According to Matthew Grant's Record of the Church of Windsor, Connecticut, a John Drake (probably the same one) was in Windsor early in 1639.  Fully 23 of the 40 heads of families who came over on the "Mary & John" moved west to Windsor; 13 remained in Dorchester and 4 settled elsewhere in Massachusetts.  On 26 January 1640 he was granted fourteen acres (a home lot with meadow adjoining, 22 1/2 rods wide (363 feet)) upstream on the Connecticut River from the plantation at Windsor and across from the "Rocky Hill" on the West.  Of interest, Matthew Grant, eight generations removed from his descendant, Major General and President of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant, also traveled to Dorchester, Massachusetts in May 1630 on the "Mary and John."  In 1635 Matthew Grant moved to Windsor, Connecticut and was surveyor for that colony for more than 40 years.  He was also, for many of those years, town clerk and responsible for many of the early Windsor records.


Of interest, Windsor records indicate John purchased land from Francis Styles, including "seler house," garden, and fencing.  He purchased from Elias Parkman land on the West side of the "Great River" (Connecticut River) and from John Bissell six acres, more or less, in the "Great Meadow" adjoining Windsor.  In June 1643 and for eight sessions thereafter, John was a member of the jury of the Particular Court.  In December 1645 John was appointed to gather up knapsacks, etc., and deliver them to Mr. Talcotte.  Windsor court records indicate that on 17 October 1648 John Drake "complaines against John Bennett (his neighbor) for saying he had 'intised and drawne away' the affection of his daughter."  As there were three other complaints against Bennett at that session of the court, it would appear that Bennett was substantially out of favor with his neighbors.


5. Wife #1: Elizabeth (?) (d. after 1630)


a. Biographical notes:


Born in England.  Accompanied John Drake I to America in 1630, along with at least 4 of their children (John II; Job; Jacob; and Mary) and was probably the mother of all of his children.  However, this Elizabeth is most likely not the "widow Elizabeth Drake" who survived John and died in 1681, age 100.  Resided last with her son, Sergeant Jacob Drake, at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.


b. Children:


(1. John Drake II (2): (Gay #2) Born 1622 to 1625.  See generation 2.


(2. Sergeant Job Drake (Gay #3)


Born about 1623, probably in England.  Died 16 September 1689 (same day his wife died); will dated 14 September 1689 with son, Job as the Executor; estate valued at 583 pounds.  Married Mary Wolcott (b. abt 1622 at Tolland, England, d. 11/16 Sep 1689 at Windsor, CT), daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Saunders) Wolcott of Windsor, Connecticut (see gen. 9 of the Wolcott Annex), on 25 June 1646 at Windsor.


Windsor records indicate Job Drake was Constable in Windsor Township in 1652 and fence viewer for the south side of the Connecticut River in 1655.  He served on the Jury of the Particular Court for several sessions starting in October 1655 and was chosen to inspect the Windsor/Hartford property line in 1656.  In 1658 he was appointed to take a list of Windsor, and in 1661 he and others were chosen to investigate timber cutting on the common land by Hartford men.  In 1664 Job Drake, having become involved in a church controversy at Windsor, was imprisoned through what he considered to be an illegal action of the church members.  As a result, Job sent a letter to Governor John Winthrop telling of his treatment by the Church and ending with the hope that: "Iff itt please god for toe Incline youre harts for to Consider of my afflicted condition: And how things were transacted you may possebelly ssee causse ffor toe relieue mee.  Youre humble suplycantt, Job Drake."


Of related interest, Mary's father, Henry Wolcott (b. 1578, d. 30 May 1655) had inherited a comfortable estate (Galdon Manor) from his father, John Wolcott, in Tolland, Somerset County, England, where the family had been living as early as 1525.  They were of the Gentleman class of English society.  Up to the time he was past 52 years of age Henry Wolcott lived the life of a country gentleman.  He had, however, identified himself with the Puritan Party in the religious and political life of England, and came to America aboard the "Mary & John" in 1630 to obtain freedom from oppression.  He had married Elizabeth Saunders (b. 1584/9, d. 5/7 Jul 1655), daughter of Thomas Saunders, on 19 January 1606.  Henry Wolcott was in Dorchester, Massachusetts until 1636, when he helped settle Windsor.  He was one of the first magistrates in the Colony of Connecticut and retained that post at Windsor until he died.  Of further interest, the great grandson of Henry and Elizabeth (Saunders) Wolcott was Oliver Wolcott, a signer of the Declaration of Independence (see para (c.(4)(p), below).


Job and Mary (Wolcott) Drake had the following children:


(a. Abigail Drake: (Gay #18) Born 28 September/April 1648 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died there 17 November 1696 (also seen: d. 7 Sep 1690).  Married (1st) Israel Dewey (b. 25 Sep 1645 at Windsor, d. there 23 Oct 1678) on 20/28 August 1668 at Northampton, Massachusetts.  Israel was the son of Thomas Dewey (b. 1603, d. 1648) and Francis (?) Clark, widow of Joseph Clark, who emigrated from England in 1633 and settled at Windsor in 1636.  When Thomas Dewey died, Francis married (3rd), as his 2nd wife, George Phelps (b. 1606).  George Phelps came to America with his brothers, William and Richard, on board the "Mary & John" and had moved to Windsor, Connecticut in the Fall of 1635.  George Phelp's first wife, Phillury Randall (d. 1648) was the daughter of Philip Randall.


Abigail and Israel Dewey had land in Westfield, Massachusetts, but returned to Windsor in 1673.  They had the following children:


(1) Hannah Dewey.


(2) Israel Dewey, Jr.: Born 3 December 1673 at Westfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts.  Died before 24 December 1730.  Mentioned in his grandfather's (Job) will.  Married Mrs. Lydia Holdredge, widow of William Holdredge) and had the following children:


(a) Israel Dewey, III:  Born about 1693.  Married (probably) Margaret (d. 21 Feb 1794, age 98) at East Hampton.  They had 4 children from 1728 to 1745.


(b) Jubez/Jabez Dewey:  Born about 1695 at Stonington, Connecticut.  Died there 1753.  Married (1st) Deborah York (b. 6 Oct 1696, d. Stonington), daughter of William and Mary (Utley) York of Stonington, on 21 July 1714 at Stonington and had the following son:

[1. David Dewey: Born 3 January 1721 at Stonington, Connecticut.  Married Deborah Tracy, daughter of Christopher and Lydia (Parish) Tracy of Preston, Connecticut, on 28 September 1741 and had the following daughter:

[a. Lucy Dewey: Born May 1765 at Stonington, Connecticut.  Died there 23 December 1857.  Married Samuel Davis (b. 28 Feb 1759 at Stonington, d. there 10 Apr 1826) on 15 August 1782 at Stonington and had the following son:

[1] Samuel Davis, Jr.: Born 10 September 1798 at Stonington, Connecticut.  Died November 1859 at North Stonington.  Married Lydia Brown (b. 1 Jan 1797, d. 19 Sep 1853 at N. Stonington) on 18 August 1818 and had the following son:

[a] Elias Davis: Born 15 March 1828 at Bridgewater, New York.  Died 9 August 1912 at Westfield, New York.  Married Harriet Matilda Tyler (b. 19 Apr 1833 at Rochester, N.Y.) in 1850/1 in New York and had the following daughter:

{1. Louise A. Davis: Born 22 August 1855 at Westfield, New York.  Died there 16 January 1922.  Married William Oscar Ball (b. 2 Jul 1854, d. 23 Jul 1926 at Westfield) on 11 June 1879 at Westfield and had the following son:

{a. Herbert Oscar Ball: Born 10 March 1880 at Westfield, New York.  Died 12 November 1971 at DeLand, Florida.  Married Genevra Green (b. 15 Dec 1887 at Mayville, N.Y., d. 15 Feb 1974 at DeLand, FL), daughter of George and Helen Maria (Thompson) Green of Mayville, New York, on 25 September 1924 at Erie, Pennsylvania and had the following daughter:

{1} Genevra Louise Ball: Born 1934 at Mayville, New York.  Married Alfred Edward Caccamise, son of Joseph Peter and Rose (Petrella) Caccamise of DeLand, Florida, on 7 July 1974; no children.


Jubez Dewey married (2nd) Hannah Brown of North Stonington on 21 March 1745.  Jubez and his family lived at Stonington.  He had 11 children from 1715 to 1743.


(c) Elizabeth Dewey: Born 1697 at Stonington, Connecticut.  Married William Bromley of Westerly, Rhode Island on 6 November 1714 and had the following daughter:


[1. Content Bromley: Born 1716.  Died August 1825.  Married Jonas Maine, son of Thomas and Annah (Brown) Maine of North Stonington, Connecticut, on 14 April 1870 and had the following son:

[a. Jabish B. Maine: Born 1 June 1776 at North Stonington, Connecticut.  Died 30 October 1856.  Married Freelove Edwards, daughter of Christopher and Amy (Hall) Edwards of North Stonington, on 15 March 1795.

[1] Clarinda W. Maine: Born 30 March 1808 at North Stonington, Connecticut.  Died 10 June 1888 at Bolton, Connecticut.  Married (2nd) Captain William Hunt, son of William and Jerusha (Kenney) Hunt of Bolton, on 6 May 1839 and had the following daughter:

[a] Sarah C. Hunt: Born 10 December 1849 at Bolton, Connecticut.  Married Charles Wesley Hale, son of Joel and Pluma (Taylor) Hale of West Windsor, Vermont, on 21 April 1870 and had the following son:

{1. Charles Wesley Hale, Jr: Born 13 February 1872 at Bolton, Connecticut.  Married Della M. Presbrey, daughter of Frederick H. and Meriva (Newell) Presbrey of Rockville, Connecticut, on 25 July 1894 and had the following children:

{a. Fiona Presbrey Hale: Born 19 January 1899 at Springfield, Massachusetts.

{2} Charles Wesley Hale, III: Born and died 2 January 1904 at Springfield, Massachusetts.


(3) David Dewey: Born 11 January 1673/6 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut (also seen: b. Westfield, MA).  Died 30 November 1712 at Westfield, Massachusetts.  Married Sarah Loomis in 1698 at Westfield and had the following children:


(a) David Dewey, Jr.: Born 28 June 1700 at Westfield, Massachusetts.  Married Abigail Ashley, daughter of David and Mary (Dewey) Ashley of Westfield, Massachusetts, on 24 October (?) and had at least the following son:

[1. David Dewey, III: Born 20 July 1725.  Married Rebecca Phelps, daughter of Isaac and Mrs. Sarah (Palmer) Phelps of Westfield, Massachusetts, on 24 October 1751 and had at least the following son:

[a. Timothy Dewey: Born 24 January 1755.  Married Asenath Sexton, daughter of Benjamin, Jr. and Abigail (Marshall) Sexton of Westfield, Massachusetts, and had at least the following son:

[1] John Dewey: Born 24 November 1789 at Westfield, Massachusetts.  Married Lydia Bush, daughter of Zaboc and Hannah “Ann” (Taylor) Bush of Westfield, Massachusetts, and had at least the following son:

[a] Henry Dewey: Born 13 April 1812 at Westfield, Massachusetts.  Died 6 August 1895 at Reedsburg, Wisconsin.  Married Mayran “Mary Ann” Doolittle (b. 4 May 1816, d. 5 Sep 1890 at Reedsburg), daughter of Isaac and Lydia (Cook) Doolittle, on 1 May 1836 at Rootstown, Ohio and had the following children:

{1. Jarusha Dewey: Born 7 July 1837, Portage, County, Ohio.  Died 29 January 1915 at Farnham, Virginia.  Married Alfred Leonard and had 2 children.

{2. Clarissy “Clara” Dewey: Born 12 January 1839 at Portage County, Ohio.  Died 6 May 1916 at Reedsburg, Wisconsin.  Married M. P. Dennis and had 3 children.

{3. Eli Dewey: Born 15 February 1840 at Portage County, Ohio.

{4. Nancy Lovina “Mary” Dewey: Born 22 June 1841.  Married Will Allman.

{5. Corporal George J. Dewey: Born 2 August 1843 at Monterey, Wisconsin.  Enlisted 3 September 1861 at Madison, Wisconsin and was assigned to Company E, 7th Infantry during the Civil War.  Killed in action on 10 May 1864 at the Battle of Laurel Hill; interred Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, D.C.  Never married.

{6. Lydia E. Dewey: Born 14 September 1845 at Monterey, Wisconsin.  Died 4 October 1926 at Reedsburg, Wisconsin.  Married, as his 3rd wife, William Henry Young (b. 10 May 1824 at Minden, N.Y., d. 28 May 1914 at Reedsburg, WI), son of John C. and Hannah (Dingman) Young, on 17 December 1862 at Baraboo, Wisconsin and had the following children:

{a. George Young: Born 23 January 1866.  Died 14 April 1944 at Reedsburg, Wisconsin.  Married Gertrude Ethel Mason on 25 November 1897 at East Akron, Ohio and had 5 children.

{b. Charles Young: Born 5 November 1868.  Died 27 January 1874.  Never married.

{c. Winnefred Fay Young: Born 10 November 1876 at Reedsburg, Wisconsin.  Died there 23 January 1963.  Married Albert Ninneman (b. 24 May 1873 at Schoenback, Germany, d. 14 Apr 1952) on 17 December 1895 at Camp Douglas, Wisconsin and had the following children:

{1} Grace Beryle Ninneman: Born 31 July 1896 at Reedsburg, Wisconsin.  Married (1st) Anton E. Bethke (b. 9 Aug 1886 at Reedsburg, WI, d. 16 Mar 1936 at Milwaukee, WI) on 20 June 1912 at Rockford, Illinois and had the following children:


{a} Arnold Bethke: Born 11 October 1913 at Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.  Married Florence Avis Wraatz, daughter of William and Hulda (Templin) Wraatz of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 14 June 1938 and had the following children:


- Frederick J. Bethke: Born 1940 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Married Alice Rockwood in 1963 at Bloomington, Indiana and had the following children:


-- Jennifer Bethke: Born 1969.


-- Audrey Bethke: Born 1972 in New York State.


- Richard J. Bethke: Born 1942 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Married Dorothy Phillips in 1966 and had the following children:


-- Alan Bethke: Twin.  Born 1972.


-- Steven Bethke: Twin.  Born 1972.


- Karl J. Bethke: Born 1946.  Married Katherine Matilla in 1968 and had the following son:


-- Peter Bethke: Born 1969.


- Grace J. Bethke: Born 1948.  Married Davide Tedhunter in 1969.


- Michael J. Bethke: Born 1953.


- Edward J. Bethke: Born 1957.


{b} Myrtle Lucille Bethke: Born 15 October 1915.  Married Robert Filiatrault.


{c} Raymond Wilson Bethke: Born 16 May 1917.  Married Charlotte Jennings.


{d} Francis Eugenia Bethke: Born 1921.  Married Kenneth Grundman.

Grace (Ninneman) Bethke married (2nd) Wilbur Westerman (b. 24 Apr 1879 at Adrian, MI, d. 13 May 1966 at Wood, WI) on 2 January 1941 at Elkator, Iowa.

{2} Vernie Bell Ninneman: Born 11 March 1898.  Married (1st) William Donahue on 29 November 1916 and had 2 children.  Married (2nd) Percy McDonald.

{3} Harvey John Ninneman: Born 14 June 1900.  Married Lucille Debois on 26 March 1925 and had 5 children.

{4} Charles Henry Ninneman: Born 23 August 1902.  Died 16 July 1962 at Inglewood, California.  Married Violet Wilkens and had 3 children.

{5} Hattie May Ninneman: Born 14 September 1903.  Married William Bunch on 16 June 1922/3; no children.

{6} Theodore Gordon Ninneman: Born 1919.  Married (1st) Lorraine Stout in 1937 and had 4 children.  Married (2nd) Catherine Gangler Krieser on 1 August 1955. 

{7. Laura Dewey: Born 22 March 1855 at Reedsburg, Wisconsin.  Died August 1927 at East Akron, Ohio.  Married Will Mason and had 3 children.

{8. Henry Bush Dewey: Born 19 January 1858 at Reedsburg, Wisconsin.  Died December 1891 at Waitsburg, Washington.  Married Harriett Crouch on 2 August 1884.


(b) Charles Dewey: Born 18 July 1703 at Westfield.  Died 5 July 1782 at Hebron, Connecticut.  Married Abigail Root Dewey (his 2nd cousin), daughter of Abijah and Sarah (Root) Dewey of Westfield, on 30 January 1724 and had the following children:

[1. Abigail Dewey.

[2. Ann Dewey.

[3. Sarah Dewey.

[4. Joseph Dewey: Born 10 May 1735 at Hebron, Connecticut.  Died 1778 at Columbia County, New York.  Married Deborah Buel, daughter of Timothy Buel of Hebron, at Hebron on 29 January 1756 and had the following children:

[a. Deborah Dewey:  Born 11 August 1756 at Hebron, Connecticut.  Died April 1837 at Ashtabula, Ohio.  Married George Webster (d. 1800), in 1774 and had the following children:

[1] Cynthia Webster.

[2] Abraham Webster.

[3] Persis Webster.

[4] Wealthy Webster.

[5] Belinda Webster.

[6] George Webster.

[7] Polly Webster.

[8] Philo Webster: Born 25 August 1791 at Delhi, New York.  Died September 1850 at Saybrook, Ohio.  Married (1st) Deborah Heyward (d. Jan 1823), daughter of Thomas and Bethena (Simmons) Heyward of Dutchess County, New York, in 1820 and had the following children:

[a] Bethena Webster: Born 29 March 1821 at Saybrook, Ohio.  Died 27 April 1878 at Montville, Ohio.  Married Anson Shaw, son of Jairus and Chloe (Loveland) Shaw of Rutland County, Vermont, on 8 January 1847 at Munson, Ohio and had the following children:

{1. Helen Frances Shaw: Born 10 December 1847 at Munson, Ohio.  Married Ralza Hl Goodsell (d. 2 Jan 1891), son of Hiram and Sally (Frary) Goodsell, on 29 March 1879 and had the following children:

{a. Helen Frary Goodsell.

{b. Winifred Heyward Goodsell.

{c. Gracia Bethena Goodsell.

{2. Fayette Webster Shaw: Born 22 June 1851 at Newbury, Ohio.  Died 19 January 1926 at Lakewood, Ohio.  Married Sarah Rich, daughter of Horatio Rich, in June 1873 and had the following children:

{a. Anson Webster Shaw.

{b. George Vernon Shaw.

{3. Wilshire Anson Shaw: Born 25 January 1856 at Munson, Ohio.  Died 1 November 1925 at Chardon, Ohio.  Married Elizabeth Carlton (d. 1919), daughter of Guy and Adeline Carlton, in March 1880 and had the following children:

{a. Carlton Wilshire Shaw.

{b. Helen Louise Shaw.

{c. Josephine Laura Shaw.

{d. Guy Anson Shaw.

[b] Nancy Webster:

Philo Webster married (2nd) Celestia Knapp (b. Litchfield Co., CT) and had the following children:

[c] Cynthia Webster.

[d] Wealthy Webster.

[e] Samuel Webster.

[f] Joseph Webster.

[g] Wiltshire Webster.

[9] Lewis Webster.

[b. Joseph Dewey.

[c. Mary Dewey.

[d. Lydia Dewey.

[e. Anna Dewey.

[f. Jerusha Dewey.

[g. Elias Dewey.

[h. Chester Dewey.

[i. Sully Dewey.

[j. Hannah Dewey.

[k. Marcia Dewey.

[5. Charles Dewey, II.

[6. Israel Dewey.

[7. Sarah Dewey.


(c) Nathaniel Dewey: Born at Westfield, Massachusetts.


(d) Israel Dewey: Born at Westfield, Massachusetts.


(e) Deborah Dewey: Born Westfield, Massachusetts.


(4) Joseph Dewey: Born 1674/5; baptized 27 January 1677.  Mentioned in his grandfather's (Job’s) will.


Widow Abigail (Drake) Dewey married (2nd) Andrew Hillyer (b. 4 Nov 1646 at Windsor, CT, d. 22 Jan 1697/98 at Simsbury, CT), son of John and Ann (?) Hillyer of Simsbury, Connecticut, on 17 November 1687 at Simsbury, Connecticut.  It was also Andrew's second marriage; he had first married Hannah Burr (d. after 1688), daughter of Benjamin Burr.  Abigail and Andrew had no children.


(b. Mary Drake: (Gay #19) Born 12 December 1649 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died 19 October 1681/85.  Married, as his 1st wife, Ephraim Colton (b. 9 Apr 1648 at Longmeadow, MA, d. 14 May 1713), son of George and Deborah (Gardner) Colton, on 17/18 November 1670 (note: ref 131 indicates Mary Drake married Thomas Marshall; see below) and resided at Longmeadow, Massachusetts.  About 1696 Ephraim Colton moved to Enfield, Connecticut.


Ephraim and Mary (Drake) Colton had the following children, all born at Longmeadow, Massachusetts:


(1) Lieutenant Ephraim Colton, Jr.: Born 8 February 1672 at Longmeadow, Massachusetts.  Married Mary Noble (b. 1680), daughter of Thomas Noble and Harriet/Hannah Warriner of Westfield, Massachusetts, on 1 February 1699.  Ephraim died 22 September 1753.  He and Mary had the following children:


(a) Mary Colton: Born 25 December 1700.  Died, unmarried, 16 October 1776.


(b) Ephraim Colton, III: Born 9 May 1705.  Married (1st) Sarah Burt (d. 14 Jul 1739), daughter of Lieutenant Jonathan Burt and Lydia Dumbleton, on 16 November 1732.  Married (2nd) Mrs. Elizabeth (Hitchcock) Mighills, daughter of Luke and Elizabeth Hitchcock and widow of Ezekiel Mighills, on 6 July 1742.  Ephraim died on 30 September 1750.  He had 4 children from 1733 to 1789.


(c) Deborah Colton: Born 25 February 1708.  Married Deacon Joseph Hoar (1707-1797) of Brimfield.  Deborah died 8 January 1800.  She and Joseph lived at Brimfield and had 6 children from 1737 to 1746.


(d) Jerusha Colton: Born 22 February 1711.  Married David Burt, son of Lieutenant Jonathan Burt and Lydia Dumbleton, on 28 February 1732.  Jerusha died 29 July 1800.  David married for a second time to Sarah Ely.  Jerusha and David had 2 children from 1733 to 1740.


(e) Unidentified son: Twin.  Born 7 November 1712.  Died 7 November 1712.


(f) Unidentified son: Twin.  Born 7 November 1712.  Died 13 November 1712.


(g) Damaris Colton: Born 18 August 1714.  Died, unmarried, 2 August 1777.


(h) Job Colton: Born 20 July 1717.  Died young.


(i) Samuel Colton: Born 11 December 1718.  Married Mary Hoar of Brimfield, Massachusetts on 19 February 1751.  They had 7 children from 1755 to 1764.


(j) Hannah Colton: Born 21 February 1724.  Married Stephen Keep, Jr., son of Stephen Keep and Sarah Colton, on 12 June 1754.  Stephen died 15 January 1790.  Hannah died 20 October 1805.  They had 6 children from 1755 to 1765.


(2) Josiah Colton: Born 14 May/7 October 1674 at Longmeadow, Massachusetts.  Died young.


(3) Job Colton: Born 14 May 1677/79 at Longmeadow, Massachusetts.  Went to sea and was never heard from again.


(4) Samuel Colton: Born 17 January 1679 at Longmeadow, Massachusetts.  Died 13 March 1744 at New Castle, New Hampshire.  Married (1st) Margaret A. Bliss (b. 1684, d. 19 Jan 1736), daughter of Samuel Bliss and Mary (?) of Springfield, on 16 January 1707.  Married (2nd) (?).  Samuel and Margaret had the following children:


(a) Margaret Colton: Born 19 April 1724 at Longmeadow, Massachusetts.  Married Captain (?) Frost on 29 October 1744 and lived at New Castle, New Hampshire.


(b) Samuel Colton, Jr.: Born 7 September 1727.  Married (1st) Flavia Colton (1741-1763), daughter of Captain Simon Colton and Abigail Burt, on 26 December 1759.  Married (2nd) Lucy Colton (1742-1799), daughter of John Colton and Mercy Stebbins, on 16 October 1765.  Samuel died 5 November 1784.  He and Flavia had 1 child in 1760.  He and Lucy had 8 children from 1767 to 1778.


Ephraim Colton married (2nd) Esther Marshfield (d.  20 Jan 1714) on 26 May 1685 and had 14 children from 1685 to 1714.


Note: Reference 137a (pgs. 178 and 466) suggests this Mary Drake (b. 12 Dec 1649), daughter of Job Drake, married Thomas Marshall (b. 18 Feb 1663), son of Samuel Marshall, instead of Ephraim Colton (b. 9 Apr 1648).  However, their respective ages suggest (and ref 77, p. 21 and 24 (written 41 yrs later) agrees) it is more likely Thomas Marshall (only Thomas Marshall known during this period in Windsor) married Mary Drake (b. 29 Jan 1663), daughter of John Drake (10).  (see p. 109)


(c. Lieutenant Job Drake, Jr.: (Gay #20) Baptized 28 March 1652 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died there 9 November 1711; estate valued at 541 pounds/05/03.  In May 1701 Job was appointed Lieutenant of a company-sized military unit located on the "south side of the riverett."  He married, as her 2nd husband, Widow Elizabeth (Clarke) Cooke (b. 28 Oct 1651, d. 1729), daughter of Daniel (b. 1625, d. 1710), who was Secretary of the Colony, and Mary (Newberry) Clarke (b. 1626, m. 1644, d. 1688) of Windsor, on 13 September 1677 at Windsor.  Elizabeth had married (1st) Moses Cooke of Westfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts (Gay said: Warronock) on 25 November 1669.  Job and Elizabeth had the following children:


(1) Job Drake, III: (Gay #51) Born 26 October 1678 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died 15 October 1712.  Had at least one child:


(a) Job Drake, IV: (Gay #52) Born 18 January 1703/04 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died there 9 December 1789, age 85.  Married Martha Moore (b. 24 Sep 1705, d. 22 Mar 1768), daughter of John and Martha (Farnsworth) Moore, on 16 November 1730 at Windsor and had the following children:


[1. Martha Drake: Born 31 October 1731.  Died 25 July 1765 at Windsor.


[2. Augustine Drake: (Gay #119) Born 7 November 1742.  Died 6 May 1777, age 33, from complications of smallpox.  Married Mary Griswold (d. 26 Jan 1816, age 73) on 13 December 1761 and had the following children:


[a. Mary Drake: Born 3 September 1761.


[b. Elihu Drake: (Gay #221) Born 13 September 1763 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died 17 January 1839.  Married Lucy Allyn (b. 7 May 1767, d. 7 Mar 1833), in December 1784 at Windsor and had the following children:


[1] Augustine Drake: (Gay #421) Born 17 August 1787.  Died 13 April 1826.  Married Abigail Hayden on 19 March 1812.  Abigail married William Howard.


[2] Persis Drake: (Gay #422) Born 29 May 1789.  Died 26 February 1851, age 61.


[3] Elihu Drake, Jr.: (Gay #423) Born 12 August 1791.


[4] James A. Drake: (Gay #424) Born 9 May 1794.  Died 8 March 1838.


[5] Guy Drake: (Gay #425) Born December 1797 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Married Susan Blanchard (d. 12 Oct 1878, age 76 yrs, 7 mo., at Chicopee, MA), daughter of Caleb and Harriet (?) Blanchard of Medford, Massachusetts, on 13 March 1824 at Windsor and had the following children:


[a] Augustine G. Drake: (Gay #738) Born 7 January 1825.


[b] Francis E. Drake: (Gay #739) Born July 1827 at Dover, New Hampshire.  Died October/November 1907.  Married Marcia A. Buckminster (d. Jun 1907) and had the following children:


{1. Edward G. Drake: (Gay #1045) Born 18 April 1852.  Married Adella "Della" Bullens Stebbins (b. 15 Jul 1856), daughter of Albert William and Martha A. (Bullens) Stebbins, and resided in Massachusetts.  Edward and Della had the following son:


{a. Albert Drake. (Gay #1223) Died before 1933.


{2. Frank Augustine Drake: (Gay #1046) Born 20 October 1857.  Married Martha Emma Allen, daughter of Hubbell F. and Sarah A. (?) Allen and resided at Springfield, Massachusetts.  Frank and Martha had the following children:


{a. Frank S. Drake. (Gay #1227)


{b. Anna Drake: (Gay #1228) Born 22 May 1884 at Columbus, Ohio.


{3. Willard B. Drake: (Gay #1047) Born 8 November 1859.  Died 6 December 1859.


[c] Daniel G. Drake. (Gay #740)


[d] Richard G. Drake: (Gay #741) Born August 1842.


[6] Mary Drake: (Gay #426) Born 5 September 1799.  Died 19 June 1838.


[7] Martha Moore Drake: (Gay #427) Born 30 December 1800.  Died 5 November 1855.


[8] Lucy Drake: (Gay #428) Born 1 June 1803.  Died 16 May 1822.


[9] Caroline Drake: (Gay #429) Born 27 July 1806.  Died 30 July 1849.


[10] Wareham Drake: (Gay #430) Born 7 February 1809 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Married Catherine Montgomery Taylor (b. 6 Sep 1807) on 18 May 1828 at Newburyport, Massachusetts.


[a] Caroline Augusta Drake: Born 20 January 1830.  Died 27 October 1835 at Newburyport, Massachusetts.


[11] Laura S. Drake: (Gay #431) Born 29 May 1811.  Died 4 August 1853.


[12] Edward Griswold Drake: (Gay #432) Born 7 January 1814 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died 23 July 1883.  Married Jane H. Warren (b. 22 Mar 1813, d. 17 Oct 1859) on 8 November 1836 at Hartford, Connecticut and had the following children:


[a] Elizabeth Jane Drake: (Gay #742) Born 14 September 1837.


[b] William Henry Drake: Born 27 May 1840.  Died 1845.


[c] Emma W. Drake: Born 18 June 1843.  Died December 1843.


[d] Charles Edward Drake: (Gay #743) Born 18 July 1847 at Cincinnati, Ohio.  Died 23 February 1917 at Columbus, Ohio.  Married Emma Goldenburgh Fosdick (b. 4 Sep 1847), daughter of John and Emeline (?) Goldenburgh, on 24 October 1871 and had the following children:


{1. Emma D. Drake: Born 24 July 1872.  Married William L. Heitman on 28 November 1908 and had the following children:


{a. William L. Heitman, Jr.: Born 17 April 1911.


{b. Frederick C. Heitman: Born 3 March 1914.


{c. Charles Otto Heitman: Born 2 January 1917.  Died 24 January 1917.


{2. Elinor M. Drake: Born 20 November 1878.


{3. Charles Warren Drake: Born 11 August 1880.  Married Frances Furniss (b. 13 Jul 1884) on 25 September 1907.


[e] Emma Warren Drake: (Gay #744) Born 11 October 1852.


[f] Mary Kate Drake: Born April 1856.  Died 1856.


[c. Martha Drake: (Gay #221a) Baptized 20 September 1765.  Died 8 May 1832, age 66.  Married Jedediah Loomis (b. Windsor, CT, d. there 1820), son of Jedediah and Sybil (Case) Loomis, on 18 May 1783 and had the following children:


[1] Norman Loomis: Born 1783.  Died 1 June 1861.  Never married.


[2] Henry Loomis: Born 1785.  Died 9 October 1860.  Never married.


[3] Martha Loomis: Born 1790.  Died 1 June 1858.


[d. Deacon Job Drake: (Gay #222) Born 23 August 1767 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died 10 November 1847; interred Old Windsor Cemetery.  Married Jemima Gillett (b. 28 Dec 1774, d. 18 Feb 1847; interred with Job), daughter of Daniel and Amy (Palmer) Gillett, on 4 october 1796 and had the following children:


[1] Elizabeth Drake: (Gay #433) Born 12 November 1797.  Died 18 December 1884.


[2] Richard Griswold Drake: (Gay #434) Born 13 September 1803.  Died 20 February 1858 in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania; interred Old Windsor Cemetery, Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Graduated Yale College in 1830.  Employed as an attorney.


[3] Frederick Augustine Drake: (Gay #435) Born 11 June 1810 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died there 19 November 1897.  Married Mary H. Seward (b. 6 Aug 1821, d. 3 Apr 1895 at Windsor), daughter of Amos and Sarah (Hubbard) Seward of Guilford, on 18 September 1838 and had the following children:


[a] Mary Seward Drake: Born 20 February 1840.  Died as an infant.


[b] Frederick Richard S. Drake: (Gay #745) Born 31 August 1846 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died 9 March 1888.  Graduated from the University of New York City Medical Department in 1871.  Employed as a physician and medical eduacator.  Married Katherine Fyfe, daughter of William Fyfe of New York City, on 15 April 1874 and had the following children:


{1. Mabel Drake: Born 8 April 1875.


{2. Bertrand DeLancy Drake: Born 3 September 1876.


[c] Son: Born 3 May 1852; died as an infant.


[e. Rhoda Drake: Died 3 March 1839, age 66.  Married Gideon Barber (d. 23 Feb 1826, age 69, at Windsor) of Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut on 22 December 1791 at Windsor and had the following children:


[1] Maria Barber: Baptized 1 March 1795.


[2] Anne Gillet Barber: Baptized 7 May 1797.


[3] Rhoda Barber: Baptized 22 May 1801.


[f. Lucy Drake: Baptized 21 September 1776.


(2) Mary Drake: (Gay #53) Born 29 April 1680 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died 12 September 1717 (also seen: d. 2 Jul 1713).  Married John Porter, Jr. (b. 17 Jan 1674, d. 28 April 1724/2 Jul 1713), son of John and Joanna (Gaylord) Porter, on 23 September 1696/7 at Windsor and had the following children:


(a) John Porter, III: Born 7 March 1699.  Died 2 July 1712.  Married (1st) Sarah Hill (b. 1703, d. 1725), daughter of Jonathan and Dorothy (Hale) Hill, on 27 June 1720 and had 2 children.  John married (2nd) Mary Burr (b. 1691), daughter of Samuel and Mercy (?) Burr, in 1727 and had 2 children.


(b) Mary Porter: Born 10 July 1703.  Married Samuel Pettibone (b. 1698), son of John Pettibone, Jr. and Mary Bissell, on 25 January 1720/21.  Samuel married for a second time to Mrs. Mercy King.  On 7 September 1726 Samuel, living in Simsbury at the time, was appointed guardian of Anne Porter ((f), below), age 11 years and 10 months, after her father, John Porter, Jr., died.  Samuel had 11 children from 1722 to 1746.


(c) Anne Porter #1: Born 2 April 1706.  Died young.


(d) Catherine Porter: Born 14 September 1707.  Married, as his 2nd wife, her 1st cousin, Jacob Drake, Jr., son of Jacob Drake and Hannah Loomis ((3), below), on 10 January 1727 and had 7 children.  Jacob, Jr. had first married Hannah Loomis, who died in 1722.


(e) Lydia Porter: Born 4 May 1711.  Married Deacon John Lee (b. 1717), son of Thomas Lee, on 17 December 1737.  Lydia and John had 5 children from 1742 to 1751.


(f) Anne Porter #2:  Born 13 October 1714.  Married William Wallace.


(3) Jacob Drake: (Gay #54) Born 29 January 1683 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died 20 January 1762; interred Old Cemetery, Bloomfield, Connecticut.  Resided in Wintonbury Parish, Windsor.  Married Hannah Loomis (b. 9 Oct 1685, d. 6 Jul 1722), daughter of Thomas and Hannah (Porter) Loomis, on 28 June 1704 and had the following children:


(a) Jacob Drake, Jr.: (Gay #120) Born 27 May 1705 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died 11 September 1771.  Resided in Wintonbury Parish, Windsor Township, but was referred to as "of West Hartford" when his estate was probated.  Married (1st) Hannah Loomis (d. 1722).  Married (2nd) his 1st cousin, Catherine Porter (b. 14 Sep 1707/9) ((2)(d), above), daughter of John and Mary (Drake) Porter, on 10 January 1727/28 and had 6/7 children, including:


[1. Catherine Drake: (Gay #223) Born 5 July 1729.  Died 16 March 1809 at Colebrook, Connecticut.  Moved from Windsor, Connecticut to Torrington in the spring of 1779, then to Colebrook.  Married Silas Filer (b. b. 1710, d. 12 Apr 1779, age 69), son of Zerubadel and Rachel (Gillett) Fyler, on 10 September 1747 and had the following children:


[a. Abi Fyler: Born 24 May 1748 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Married Josiah Everitt.


[b. Catherine Fyler: Born 17 February 1749/50 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Married Samuel Rowley in 1770.


[c. Silas Fyler: Born 22 March 1752 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Married Lucy Drake on 4 February 1779.


[d. Jane Fyler: Born 3 December 1753 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died 30 March 1789.  Married Ephraim Loomis on 30 October 1783.


[e. Stephen Fyler: Born 21 May 1756.  Died 15 July 1836 at Torrington, Connecticut.  Married Polly Collier in 1779.


[f. John Fyler: Twin.  Born 28 April 1760 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died 17 October 1829, age 65, at Colebrook, Connecticut.  Married Esther Bacon on 29 December 1783 and moved to Colebrook.


[g. Bethesda Fyler: Twin.  Born 28 April 1760 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.


[h. Sabra Fyler: Born 27 April 1764 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Married Juna North on 18 May 1804.


[i. Roman Fyler: Born 12 August 1769 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died 2 April 1828 at Burke, Vermont.  Married (1st) Hannah Barton (d. 1795) on 8 February 1793.  Married (2nd), as her 2nd husband, Sally (Bray) Lyman (d. 1830), widow of Daniel Lyman, on 26 March 1797.


[2. Jacob Drake: (Gay #224) Born 23 March 1732/33 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died 4 November 1806.  Employed as a Baptist Minister.  In 1790 resided at Hillsdale, New York.  In 1792 resided at Exeter, Pennsylvania.  Married Rhoda Drake (d. abt 1775) on 12 April 1764 in Wintonbury Parish, Windsor Township and moved to Columbia County, New York.


[a. Adonis Drake: Born 12 May 1765.  Perhaps married Benjamin Newberry.


[b. Jacob Drake, Jr. #1: Born 20 January 1768; perhaps died young.


[c. Jacob Drake, Jr. #2: Born January 1773 in Columbia County, New York.  Died 5 October 1854, age 82, in Delaware County, Ohio; will dated 4 July 1854; interred Oak Grove Cemetery.  Employed as a Baptist Minister.  Moved to Ohio in 1807.  Married Nancy Keeler (d. 25 Oct 1857, age 83; interred with Jacob) of Susquehanna, Pennsylvania in 1797.  No children.


[3. Aaron Drake: (Gay #225) Born 30 August 1735 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died 27 July 1825.  Moved to Simsbury, Connecticut by 1762.  In 1773 resided on Mountain Grant, Berkshire County, Massachusetts (west of Pittsfield).  Employed as a Baptist Minister at Hillsdale, New York and New Lebanon, New York.  Married Chlotilda "Chloe" Gillett (b. 4 Oct 1735, d. 21 Mar 1813), daughter of Abel and Abigail (Ensign) Gillett, and had (at least) the following children: (order uncertain)


[a. Chloe Drake: (Gay #436) Born 17 May 1758 at Windsor, Hartford County, New York.  Died 1813, within 1 month of her husband.  Married Thaddeus Patchin, Jr. (b. Bapt. 13 Sep 1752 at Wilton, CT, d. 1813), son of Thaddeus and Sarah (Stuart) Patchen, and had (at least) the following son:

[1] Aaron Drake Patchin, MD: Born 1777 at New Lebanon, New York.  Died 1820 at Hoosick Falls, New York.  Married Sarah Royce (b. 1786, d. 1814) and had (at least) the following daughter:

[a] Maria Louise Patchin: Born 1810.  Died 1844.  Married Lucius Ferando Tiffany (b. 1810, d. 1852) and had (at least) the following daughter:

{1. Isabella Patchin Tiffany: Born 1840.  Died 1927.  Married Delos Orlando Cole (b. 1834, d. 1903) and had (at least) the following daughter:


{a. Florence Tiffany Cole: Born 1876.  Married John A. Rathbone in 1904.


[2] Chloe Patchen: Born 1779.  Married Ezra Davis Sackett of Stephentown, New York in 1803.


[b. Sarah "Chloe" Drake: (Gay #437) Born 25 August 1760 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died 19 September 1796.  Married Reuben Harrison.


[c. Anne Drake: (Gay #438) Born 24 December 1762 at Simsbury, Connecticut.  Married Abial Drake.


[d. Lucinda "Lucy" Drake: (Gay #439) Born 20/21 July 1765 at Simsbury, Connecticut.  Died 18 January 1829.  Married Daniel Noble (b. 13 Mar 1763, d. 22 Jan 1837 at Ann Arbor, MI), son of Captain Thaddeus and Sarah (Peet) Noble, and resided at Tully, New York.  Lucy and Daniel had the following children:


[1] Sylvester Drake Noble: Born 24 March 1794.  Married (1st) P. A. Wood.  Married (2nd) E. A. Goodrich.  Married (3rd) M. Whitmore.


[2] Alonzo Ensign Noble: Born 22 January 1796.  Married (1st) A. Brown.  Married (2nd) M. Fish.


[3] Samuel Burrell Noble: Born 22 July 1798.  Married Emily Belding.


[4] Sophronia Maria Noble: Born 13 January 1800.  Died 13 June 1800.


[5] Linnaeus Patchin Noble: Born 1 November 1802.  Married Harriet Edwards.


[e. Lois Drake: (Gay #440) Born 2 December 1768 at Simsbury, Connecticut.  Died 10 November 1854 at Canandaigua, New York.  Married Captain John St. John (b. 13 Nove 1768, d. 5 Dec 1814) on 3 November 1786 and had 5 children.


[f. Abigail Drake: (Gay #441) born 26 March 1771.  Died 5 January 1851.  Married James Powell.


[g. Hannah Drake #1: Born 26 March 1774.  Died 11 June 1774.


[h. Hannah Drake #2: (Gay #442) Born 1 April 1777.  Married Joel/Joseph Hargers.


[4. John Drake: Born 27 Oct 1739.  Died 28 October 1741.


[5. Sarah Drake: (Gay #226) Born 12 December 1741.  Married Benjamin Newberry on 13 October 1763 and moved to Hudson, Columbia County, New York.  Sarah and Benjamin had the following children:


[a. Sarah Newberry: Mentioned in her father's will, dated 14 February 1787.


[b. Abigail Newberry #1: Died 2 March 1773, age 19 months, at Wintonbury, Hartford County, Connecticut.


[c. Josiah Newberry: Died 8 October 1776, age 2 years, at Wintonbury, Hartford County, Connecticut.


[d. Abigail Newberry #2: Mentioned in her father's will, dated 14 February 1787.


[e. Benjamin Newberry, Jr.: Mentioned in his father's will, dated 14 February 1787.


[6. Hephzibah Drake: (Gay #227) Born 20 May 1744.  Married Timothy Munross of New Canaan, Columbia County, New York on 17 March 1774.


[7. Hannah Drake: (Gay #228) Born 13 November 1746.  Married David Schield of New Canaan, Columbia County, New York on 15 September 1776.


(b) Hannah Drake: (Gay #121) Born 3 January 1706/7 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died 9 July 1760 at Simsbury, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Married, as his 1st wife, Benjamin Case (b. 1706, d. 19 Feb 1798 at Simsbury), son of Caleb Case, on 10/11 November 1743 at Simsbury, Connecticut and had the following children: (all mentioned in their father's will, dated 2 Feb 1789):


[1. Zenas Case: Born 30 November 1747.


[2. Hannah Case: Born 27 March 1765.


[3. Benjamin Case: Baptized 12 October 1766.


[4. Rebecca Case: Baptized 30 April 1769.


After Hannah died, Benjamin Case married (2nd) widow Mary (Morton) Loomis, daughter of Thomas and Hannah (Wilcox) Morton, on 13 June 1763.  Mary had 1st married Timothy Loomis on 5 May 1743.


(c) Aaron Drake: (Gay #122) Born 25 November 1710 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died 20/30 May/August 1734/5.


(d) Job Drake: (Gay #123) Born 6/8 November 1714 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died 3 April 1790.  Married Hannah Goodrich, daughter of Jacob and Benedicta (Goodwin) Goodrich, on 27 April 1749 at Wintonbury, Hartford County, Connecticut and had the following children: (all baptized at Wintonbury, Connecticut) 


[1. Job Drake: (Gay #229) Born 15 October 1750 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Moved to Canaan, Columbia County, New York.  Married Hepsibah Wallace, daughter of William and Anna (?) Wallace of East Windsor, on 7 February 1774 in Wintonbury Parish, Windsor Township and had the following children:


[a. Matilda Drake: (Gay #443) Born 15 May 1774.  Married (1st) (?) Adams.  Married (2nd) (?) Woodward of Taunton, Massachusetts.


[b. Sabrina Drake: (Gay #444) Baptized 233 June 1776.  Resided at Manchester, Connecticut.


[c. Mary "Molly" Drake: (Gay #445) Born 14 August 1778.  Resided at Canaan, Columbia County, New York.


[d. Patty Drake: (Gay #446) Born 23 October 1780.  Died 31 March 1847 at the home of Collins Flint at Canaan, Columbia County, New York; interred Flat Brook Cemetery, Canaan, Columbia County, New York.


[e. Hepsibah Drake: (Gay #447) Born 14 February 1784.  Married (1st) Russell Dewey on 26 May 1802 at Windsor, Hartford County, New York.  Married (2nd) Simeon Rockwell of Rodman, New York before 1817.


[f. Sabra Drake: (Gay #448) Born 27 March 1786.  Died 12 December 1865.  Married Asa Bigelow and had the following daughter:


[1] Harriet Aurelia Bigelow: Married (?) Wilcox.


[g. Aurelia Drake: (Gay #449) Married, as his 3rd wife, James Andrews on 21 January 1847 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.


[2. John Drake: (Gay #230) Born 20 October 1751.


[3. Hannah Drake: (Gay #231) Born 4 July 1753.


(e) Asahel Drake: (Gay #124) Born 24 June 1722 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died 8 April 1813 at Bedford, Pennsylvania.  In 1790 resided at Canaan, Columbia County, New York.  Married Damaris Kelsey, daughter of William and Rebecca (Messenger) Kelsey of Hartford, Connecticut, on 7 February 1744/45 and had the following children:


[1. Asahel Drake: (Gay #232) Born 10 October 1745 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died 26 July 1825 at Plymouth, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.  Married (1st) Mary Woodruff on 20 November 1769 at Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  Married (2nd) Naomi Culver (d. 21 Apr 1814).  Had the following children:


[a. Rufus Drake: (Gay #450) Born 16 March 1769.  Died 21 January 1839.


[b. Polly Drake: (Gay #451) Born 11 November 1771.  Married Samuel Allen/Miller and resided at Plymouth, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.


[c. Naomi Drake: (Gay #452) Born August 1773.  Married (?) Skaden and had 2 children, who died without descendants.


[d. Freeman Drake: (Gay #453) Born 22 February 1777/87.  Died 12 May 1862.  Employed as a carpenter and farmer.  Resided at Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania before moving to Lansing, Tompkins County, New York about 1800.  Married Catharine Bloom (b. 12 Aug 1798, d. Mar 1861), daughter of General Henry Bloom, a veteran of the War of 1812, on 16 February 1819 and had the following children:


[1] Henry B. Drake: (Gay #758) Born 16 May 1820.  Married Lucinda Teeter, daughter of Daniel and Catherine (LaBar) Teeter of Lansing, Tompkins County, New York, on 5 February 1845.  No children of their own, but adopted the following children of Henry's deceased brother, Lewis Jefferson Drake:


[a] John Drake: (Gay #1047) Born 31 January 1869 to Lewis Jefferson Drake, paragraph [9], below; subsequently adopted by Henry and Lucinda (Teeter) Drake.


[b] Jennie N. Drake: (Gay #1048) Born 4 January 1871 to Lewis Jefferson Drake, paragraph [9], below; subsequently adopted by Henry and Lucinda (Teeter) Drake.


[2] Caroline Drake: (Gay #759) Born 2 October 1821.  Married Thompson Manning on 25 Mary 1849.


[3] William Drake: (Gay #760) Born 2 April 1823.  Died about 14 October 1906.  Married Mary Elizabeth LaBar, daughter of William and Margaret (Collins) LaBar, on 12 September 1849 and resided at Lansing, Tompkins County, New York.  William and mary had the following children:


[a] Emma Adell Drake: (Gay #1049)


[b] Isabelle Drake: (Gay #1050)


[c] William Henry Drake: (Gay #1051)


[4] Harrison Drake: (Gay #761) Born 2 February 1825.


[5] John F. Drake: (Gay #762) Born 16 November 1827.


[6] Julia Ann Drake: (Gay #763) Born 4 January 1829.  Married William H. Field on 13 April 1851.


[7] Fannie M. Drake: (Gay #764) Born 16 November 1831.  Resided at Forrest City, Tompkins County, New York.


[8] George W. Drake: (Gay #765) Born 16 August 1832.


[9] Lewis Jefferson Drake: (Gay #766) Born 20 July 1836.  His estate was administered by Harriet N. Drake and Newton Robertson.  Had the following children:


[a] John Drake: (Gay #1047) Born 31 January 1869.  Adopted and raised by his Uncle Henry and Aunt Lucinda, see paragraph [1][a], above.


[b] Jennie N. Drake: (Gay #1048) Born 4 January 1871.  Adopted and raised by her Uncle Henry and Aunt Lucinda, see paragraph [1][b], above.


[10] Catherine I. Drake: (Gay #767) Born 13 October 1839.


[e. Cynthia Drake: (Gay #454) Born 2 December 1784.  Married Jeremiah Fuller and had the following son:


[1] Edward Fuller: Resided at Ravenna, Portage County, Ohio.


[f. Hiram Drake: (Gay #455) Born 31 May 1790.  Died 7 January 1856.  Resided at Eaton, Wyoming County, Pennsylvania.  Married (1st) Sarah Ruggles (b. 18 Oct 1794, d. 14 Apr 1829), daughter of Eden and Artemeia (Jackson) Ruggles, on 16 March 1814 and had the following children:


[1] Francis Henry Drake: (Gay #768) Born 2 November 1815.  In 1900 resided at Monroeville, Ohio.  Married Eliza Ann Hubbell (b. 14 Oct 1820 at Hamburg, Erie Co., NY), daughter of Deodatus and Celia (Littlefield) Hubbell, on 20 November 1842 and had the following children:


[a] George Francis Drake: (Gay #1052) Born 6 October 1843.  Married Josephine Antoinette Zahn (b. 25 Dec 1846), daughter of Lewis and Ellen (Lemmon) Zahn, on 27 November 1867 and resided at Monroeville, Huron County, Ohio.  George and Josephine had the following children:


{1. Ella Anna Drake: (Gay #1229) Born 16 August 1868.


{2. Walter Francis Drake: (Gay #1230) Born 24 July 1882.


[b] Byron Hubbell Drake: Born 14 June 1846.  Died 16 July 1846.


[c] Celia Zitella Drake: (Gay #1053) Born 27 December 1848.  Married Heman Thomas (b. 16 Aug 1850 at South Hanson, Plymouth Co., MA), son of Levi and Phebe Crocker (Tillson) Thomas, on 28 November 1876 and had the following children:


{1. Henry Thomas: Born 19 September 1877.


{2. Lewis Francis Thomas: Born 1 November 1886.


[d] Minerva Drake: Born 17 September 1850.  Died 21 August 1851.


[e] Datus Henry Drake: (Gay #1054) Born 6 June 1854.  Married Laura Fish (b. 10 Sep 1856), daughter of Sidney Dole and Harriet Eliza (Sherman) Fish, on 10 October 1878 and resided at Kendallville, Indiana.  Datus and Laura had the following children:


{1. Harry Sidney Drake: (Gay #1231) Born 17 August 1882.


{2. William Datus Drake: (Gay #1232) Born 14 May 1885.


{3. Florence Eliza Drake: (Gay #1233) Born 30 August 1893.


[f] Anna May Drake: Born 14 May 1859.  Died 29 August 1861.


[2] George Washington Drake: (Gay #769) Born 27 February 1818.  Died 10 May 1870.  Married Jemima Wilcox (b. 4 Jun 1827 at Franklin, PA), daughter of Jacob and Martha (Flemings) Wilcox of New Jersey, on 28 January 1847 and resided at Franklin, Venango County, Pennsylvania.  George and Jemima had the following children:


[a] Lewis Cass Drake: (Gay #1055) Born 6 August 1848.


[b] Mary Elizabeth Drake: (Gay #1056) Born 21 February 1853.  Married Royal Gary Kishbaugh (b. 17 May 1848), son of Nathan and Jemima (Kishpau) Kishbaugh of New Jersey, on 4 July 1876 at Centre Moreland, Wyoming County, Pennsylvania and had the following children:


{1. Howard Morton Kishbaugh: Born 28 June 1877.


{2. Archer Artemus Kishbaugh: Born 21 October 1878.


{3. Lewis Nicholas Kishbaugh: Born 15 March 1880.


{4. Ernest Croton Kishbaugh: Born 10 February 1882.


[c] Irving Oscar Drake: (Gay #1057) Born 4 February 1857 at Eaton, Wyoming County, Pennsylvania.  Married Susie Casterlin (b. 16 Mar 1862 at Dallas, Luzerne Co., PA), daughter of Joseph and Mary E. (Rosencrans) Casterlin of Sussex County, NJ, on 6 October 1887 at Orange, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania and had the following daughter:


{1. Lizzie Ethel Drake: (Gay #1234) Born 22 August 1891.


[3] Mary Ann Drake: (Gay #770) Born 6 April 1820 at Plymouth, Pennsylvania.  Died 13 April 1849.  Married (1st) Washington Benedict (b. 24 Jun 1817 at Pittston, PA), son of George Wheezner and Clarissa (Brown) Benedict, on 2 March 1840 at Plymouth; no children.  Washington married (2nd) Tary R. Kishpaugh on 1 January 1850 and had 4 children, all born at Hunsville, Pennsylvania.


[4] Asaph Drake: (Gay #771) Born 19 December 1822.  Died 21 August 1854.  Married Rebecca Lemmon (d. 11 Jan 1859) on 24 September 1842 and had the following daughter:


[a] Jennie Drake: Born 7 April 1843.  Died 2 August 1869.  Resided at Monroeville, Ohio.


[5] Eliza Jane Drake: (Gay #772) Born 3 June 1824.  Died age 3 years.


[6] Solomon/Salmon Drake: (Gay #773) Born 9 April 1827.  Died 3 April 1877.  Married Cynthia Dickey (b. 28 Dec 1823, d. 15 Dec 1890 at Hillsboro, NH), daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Myers) Dickey, on 17 June 1851 and resided at Ridgefield, Huron County, Ohio.  Solomon and Cynthia had the following children:


[a] Eliza Jane Drake: (Gay #1058) Born 5 July 1852.  Married George Klopfenstein (b. 20 Mar 1847 at Bowling Green, OH), son of Peter (b. France) and Henrietta (Moore) Klopfenstein (b. Mogadore, Summit Co., OH), on 5 August 1883 and had the following children:


{1. Ira Lea Klopfenstein: Born 16 August 1885.  Died 3 August 1887.


{2. Mabel Henrietta Klopfenstein: Born 14 May 1888.


{3. Floyd Klopfenstein: Born 25 January 1890.


{4. George Merle Klopfenstein: Born 23 December 1892.


[b] Hiram Dickey Drake: (Gay #1059) Born 7 July 1854.  Married Blanche Killey (b. 4 May 1860 at Marblehead, OH), daughter of Robert (b. Isle of Man) and Mary (Knapp) Killey of Vermont, on 23 March 1887.


{1. Lewis Earl Drake: (Gay #1235) Born 29 December 1888.


{2. Robert Erie Drake: (Gay #1236) Born 27 November 1892.


[c] Charles W. Drake: (Gay #1060) Born 7 May 1856.  Married Lina (Bishop) Fay (b. 15 Apr 1849), daughter of William Augustus and Mary Ann (Cadwell) Bishop, on 24 June 1890.


[d] Emmagene Drake: (Gay #1061) Born 29 April 1858.  Married George James Roe (b. 4 Oct 1854 at Ridgefield, OH), son of Robert (b. Buckingham, England) and Hannah (Davenport) Roe, on 29 December 1881 and had the following children:


{1. Loren Drake Roe: Born 30 December 1884.


{2. Willard Clare Roe: Born 25 January 1886.


{3. Edna May Roe: Born 23 January 1890.


[e] Jay Omer Drake: (Gay #1062) Born 6 March 1861.  Married Emma May Williams (b. 7 Apr 1886 at Milan, Erie Co., OH), daughter of Peter and Sarah A. (Schaeffer) Williams, on 16 December 1885 and had the following children:


{1. Hazel Irene Drake: (Gay #1237) Born 18 February 1887 at Ridgefield, Ohio.


{2. Elnora Drake: (Gay #1238) Born 9 May 1890 at Berlin, Ohio.


{3. Homer Williams Drake: (Gay #1239) Born 15 September 1892 at Berlin, Ohio.


{4. George Hiram Drake: (Gay #1240) Born 7 July 1894 at Berlin, Ohio.


[f] Georgianna Drake: (Gay #1063) Born 3 November 1862.  Married Hervy Cook Roadarmel (b. 26 Dec 1860 at Ridgefield, OH), son of Jefferson and Rebecca (Kelley) Roadarmel of Pennsylvania, on 24 March 1886.


[g] Sterry A. Drake: (Gay #1064) Born 19 March 1864.  Married Blanche F. Adriance (b. 17 May 1866 at Bronson, OH), daughter of Jacob and Maria (Snyder) Adriance of New York.


[h] Ira Drake: Born 4 October 1865.  Died 18 January 1872.


[7] Lorenzo Drake: (Gay #774) Born 21 December 1828.  Married Olive Richardson (b. 19 Apr 1833) of Huron County, Ohio on 6 April 1851 and had the following children:


[a] Mary Ann Drake: (Gay #1065) Born 3 January 1853.  Married Albert D. Lasbang on 29 September 1874 and resided at Niles, Berrien County, Michigan.


[b] Harriet Leonard Drake: (Gay #1066) Born 18 April 1855.


[c] Hiram Asaph Drake: (Gay #1067) Born 22 May 1857.


[d] Almon L. Drake: (Gay #1068) Born 19 February 1859.


[e] Freeman H. Drake: (Gay #1069) Born 22 March 1861.


[f] Lorenzo Drake: Born 7 February 1864.  Died 19 May 1865.


[g] David Charles Drake: (Gay #1070) Born 10 September 1866.


[h] Frank Richard Drake: (Gay #1071) Born 13 December 1868.


[i] Lucy Jane Drake: (Gay #1072) Born 30 May 1871.


[j] Caroline Hulda Drake: (Gay #1073) Born 20 July 1874.


[k] George H. Drake: Born 3 April 1876.  Died 7 April 1876.


Hiram Drake married (2nd) Harriet Hall (b. 16 May 1809, d. 6 Nov 1888), daughter of Abel and Polly (Fisher) Hall, on 25 December 1829.


[g. Henry Drake: (Gay #456) Born 19 July 1793.  Died 18 April 1824.  Never married.


[h. Huldah Drake: (Gay #457) Born 18 September 1799.


[2. Rhoda Drake: (Gay #233) Born 15 August 1747 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Married her cousin, Jacob Drake (b. 23 March 1732/33).


[3. Damaris Drake: (Gay #234) Born 26 December 1752 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut..


[4. Lucy Drake: (Gay #235) Born at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Baptized 22 December 1754 at Wintonbury, Hartford County, Connecticut.


[5. Abial Drake: (Gay #236) Born 6 June 1757 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died 28 March 1813; interred West Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  Married Anna Drake (b. 24 Dec 1762, d. 23 Sep 1851), daughter of Aaron and Chloe (Gillett) Drake, and resided at Austerlitz, Columbia County, New York.


[a. Anna Drake: (Gay #458) Born 23 March 1783 in New York.  Died 7 October 1861.  Married Heman Sprague (b. Ct (also seen: b. Schoharie Co., NY), d. 25 Oct 1864, age 84) and had the following children:


[1] Heman Sprague: Born about 1811 in New York.  Married Mariette/Maryette E. (?) (b. abt 1817 in NYS) and resided at Austerlitz, Columbia County, New York.  Heman and Mariette had the following children:


[a] Lucius Spencer Sprague: Born about 1836.


[b] George E. Sprague: Born about 1839.


[c] Milton Ensign Sprague: Born about 1842 in New York.  Employed as a farmer.  Married Helen (?) (b. NYS) and had the following daughter:


{1. Blanche Sprague: Born about 1867 in New York.


[d] Cyrus W. Sprague: Born about 1856.


[2] Mary Ann Sprague: Born about 1813 in Schoharie County, New York.  Died 9 March 1909, age 96 years, 8 months, 14 days, from complications of old age at Egremont, Massachusetts.  Married Barzilla Benedict (b. abt 1798 in MA) and resided at Lenox, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.  Mary and Barzilla had the following children:


[a] Joel S. Benedict: Born about 1834 in Massachusetts.  Employed as a farmer.  Married Sarah Shead (b. abt 1834 in MA), daughter of Orman and Asenath (?) Shead, on 16 September 1856.


[b] Charles Benedict: Born about 1836 in Massachusetts.


[c] Louisa Benedict: Born about 1839 in New York.


[3] Lovisa Sprague: Born about 1817 in New York.  Married Cyrus H. Woodruff (b. abt 1819 at Stateline, NY (also seen: b. MA), d. ; interred West Stockbridge Cem.) of West Stockbridge, Berkshire County, Massachusetts and had the following children:


[a] Mary Ann Woodruff: Born about 1843 in Massachusetts.  Died 27 May 1852, age 9 years and 11 days, from complications of lung disease at West Stockbridge, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.


[b] Harriet Belinda Woodruff: Born 2 September 1846 at West Stockbridge, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.  Baptized there.


[c] Emma Isabella Woodruff: Born 26 March 1851 at West Stockbridge, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.  Died there 19 January 1852, age 9 months and 18 days from complications of a lung complaint.


[d] Ida Louise Woodruff: Born 25 November 1852 at West Stockbridge, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.  Died 27 June 1944, age 91, at Elgin, Kane County, Illinois; interred Bluff City Cemetery, Elgin, Cook County, Illinois.  Married (?) Bosworth.


[e] Charles Henry Woodruff: Born 20 February 1855 at West Stockbridge, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.  Died 10 May 1911 at Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.  Married Marion F. Eaton, daughter of Lewis S. and Jane (Fay) Eaton on 19 Januar 1887 at Elgin, Kane County, Illinois.


[b. Lovisa Drake: (Gay #459) Born 4 December 1786.  Died 23 September 1851.  Married Henry Chamberlain (b. 18 Jan 1786 at Canaan, CT) in 1806 at Canaan, Litchfield County, Connecticut and had the following children:


[1] Mary Chamberlain: Married (?) Porter of Penn Yan, Yates County, New York.


[2] Helen A. Chamberlain: Married (1st) (?) Blades of Penn Yan, Yates County, New York.  Married (2nd) (?) Crane of Elmira, Chemung County, New York.  Married (3rd) Cornelius Montague and had the following son:


[a] Henry Montague: In 1894 was stationed in the West as a Captain in the US Army.


[3] Ann Chamberlain: Married (?) Wiggins, who was employed as a farmer in Seneca County, New York.


[4] Julia Chamberlain: Married Lyman Stevens of Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York.


[c. Abial Drake, Jr.: (Gay #460) Born 16/17 April 1789.  Married Fanny Mynard (b. 18 May 1791, d. 6 Apr 1867), daughter of Joshua and Zipporah (Bolles) Mynard of New London, Connecticut, in 1809 at Austerlitz, New York and had the following children:


[1] Ulysses Drake: (Gay #775) Born 26 June 1812.  Married Grace Stewart (b. 20 Mar 1818), daughter of Charles and Isabel (Gordon) Stewart of Scotland, on 16 October 1844 at Delhi, New York and had the following children:


[a] Mary Jane Drake: Born 20 April 1846.  Died 16 September 1861.


[b] Homer Ulysses Drake: Born 7 July 1848.  Died 10 September 1861.


[c] Sanford William Drake: (Gay #1074) Born 5 November 1856.  Died 1930; interred Croton Union Cemetery, Treadwell, Delaware County, New York.  Employed as a farmer in Delaware County, New York.  Married (1st) Ella Ward (b. 20 Dec 1856, d. 4 Jun 1894), daughter of Thomas and Maria (Lydecker) Ward, on 4 September 1893.  Married (2nd) Mariah (?) (b. Jul 1879) about 1895 and had at least the following children:


{1. Child: Died young.


{2. Child: Died young.


{3. Florence Drake: Born April 1900.


[2] Louisa Maria Theresa Drake: (Gay #776) Born 20 February 1815 at Croton, Westchester County, New York.  Died 7 February 1862 at Franklin, Delaware County, New York.  Married Alanson Knapp (d. 30 Jun 1848) on 10 October 1838 at Croton and had the following children:


[a] Henry Mynard Knapp: Born 10 October 1840 at South Franklin, Delaware County, New York.  Married Marilla Houghtalling.


[b] Frances Maria Knapp: Born 9 August 1844 at South Franklin, Delaware County, New York.  Married Hartson L. Wheat on 7 December 1864 and had 4 children.


[c] Charles Gorse Knapp: Born 10 October 1847 at South Franklin, Delaware County, New York.  Married Elizabeth A. Gay.


[d] Eleanor Louise Knapp: Born 21 July 1848 at South Franklin, Delaware County, New York.  Died 9 August 1874.  Married Jason Kelly.


[3] Abial Drake: (Gay #777) Born 14 September 1816.  Died 7 October 1891.  Married Cordelia Elizabeth Wheat (b. 8 Oct 1818, d. 28 Nov 1887), daughter of Silas and Eunice (Dowey) Wheat of Connecticut, on 7 January 1846 and had the following children:


[a] William Abial Drake: (Gay #1075) Born 29 January 1848.  Married Julia Marvin (b. 8 Dec 1851), daughter of George and Martha (Ells) Marvin of Walton, New York, on 10 September 1873 at Walton, Delaware County, New York and had the following children:


{1. Martha Marvin Drake: Born 3 July 1874.


{2. Nellie Ells Drake: Born 26 July 1876.


{3. Dorothy Lois Drake: Born 27 July 1890.


[b] Dwight Benson Drake: (Gay #1076) Born 11 November 1850.  Married Emily Treadwell (b. 25 Dec 1846), daughter of Charles and Margaret (Merrick) Treadwell, on 7 January 1880 and had the following children:


{1. Mary Margaret Drake: Born 26 November 1881.


{2. Grace Cordelia Drake: Born 21 February 1884.


[c] Ella Emilie Drake: (Gay #1077) Born 27 October 1853.  Employed as an artist in New York City.  Never married.


[d] Frances Lemira Drake: (Gay #1078) Born 4 March 1857.  Married Reverend Harold James Frothingham (b. 5 May 1858 at Spencer Academy, Indian Territory), son of Reverend James and Chloe Dexter (Hazeltine) Frothingham, on 21 May 1884 and had the following children:


{1. Ruth Hazel Frothingham: Born 20 October 1886.


{2. Harold U. Frothingham: Born 11 June 1900.  Died 2 March 1901.


[4] Anna Drake: (Gay #778) Born 11 November 1818.  Died 11 March 1892.  Never married.


[5] Amy Drake: (Gay #779) Born 9 April 1821.  Married Colonel Sylvester Wheat, son of Captain William and Maria (Bolles) Wheat, in 1854 at Croton, Westchester County, New York.


[6] Francis Drake: (Gay #780) Born 8 September 1823.  Married Eunice Rogers (b. 4 Oct 1820) of Sidney, Delaware County, New York, daughter of Rufus and Polly (Cunningham) Rogers, on 8 July 1854 at Croton, Westchester County, New York and had the following children:


[a] Emma Augusta Drake: (Gay #1079) Born 6 June 1856.  Died 24 November 1884.  Married Dr. George Addison Silver (b. 16 Apr 1861 at Hightstown, Mercer Co., NJ) of Windsor, New Jersey, son of David and Catherine Vannest (Cubberley) Silver, on 27 December 1882.


[b] Burton Harris Drake: (Gay #1080) Born 11 January 1861.  Married Delia Eliza Cramer (b. 15 Jul 1857), daughter of Luther H. and Loraine (Jackson) Cramer of Meredith, Delaware County, New York, on 2 December 1879 and had the following children:


{1. Emma Eunice Drake: Born 3 May 1885.


{2. Frank Luther Drake: Born 6 May 1890.


{3. Harry Burton Drake: Born 23 April 1892.


[7] Helen Fanny Drake: (Gay #781) Born 4 July 1831.  Married Albert Payne (b. 23 Nov 1856), son of Isaac and Lucretia (Barnes) Payne, on 23 April 1856 and had the following children:


[a] Fanny Louise Payne: Born 3 March 1857.  Married 11 June 1879.


[b] Eleanor Lucretia Payne: Born 19 November 1858.  Died 19 January 1868.


[c] Charles M. Payne: Born 5 October 1860.  Died 25 October 1861.


[d] Mary Emma Payne: Born 13 November 1862.  Married 13 February 1889.


[e] Arthur Melvin Payne: Born 11 February 1865.  Graduated 1894 from Hamilton College.


[f] Howard Cantine Payne: Born 4 November 1866.  Died 2 April 1883.


[g] Luella Caroline Payne: Born 9 August 1868.  Died 22 June 1869.


[h] Walter Albert Payne: Born 10 March 1872.


[d. Lucy Drake: (Gay #461) Born 17 March 1792.  Married Elisha Lord and had the following son:


[1] Albert Lord: Died 18 September 1854.  Had the following children:


[a] Daughter.


[b] Reverend A. E. Lord: Resided at Hinsdale, New York.


[e. Aaron Drake: (Gay #462) Born 2 March 1798.  Married (1st) Sabrina Ingesoll (b. 19 Apr 1801, d. 3 Jul 1822) on 29 December 1817 at Amber, New York.  Married (2nd) Lodeema Brackett (b. 4 Oct 1800) on 14 May 1823 and had the following children:


[1] Mary Ann Drake: (Gay #782) Born 19 January 1824.  Married Elijah Waldo Rising (b. 8 Oct 1823) on 4 October 1843 at Somerset, New York and had the following children:


[a] Mary Augusta Rising: Born 30 June 1844.


[b] Sarah Lodema Rising: Born 15 April 1848.  Married John Harman on 3 November 1865.


[c] Ellen Phidelia Rising: Born 12 November 1853.


[2] Aaron Alonzo Drake: (Gay #783) Born 17 September 1825.  Married Julia E. Holt (b. 1829) on 18 March 1852 at Somerset, New York.


[a] Frank D. Drake: (Gay #1081) Born 12 August 1860.


[b] Lincoln A. Drake: (Gay #1082) Born 8 December 1863.


[c] Millie F. Drake: (Gay #1083) Born 17 February 1869.


[d] Edward A. Drake: (Gay #1084) Born 9 February 1890.


[3] Sabrina Melinda Drake: (Gay #784) Born 22 June 1827.  Died 29 April 1848.  Married Raphael Lombard (b. 1820) on 13 November 1845 at Somerset, New York and had the following daughter:


[a] Sabrina Melinda Lombard: Born 19 March 1848.  Married William England and had 8 children.


[4] Sophronia Elethere Drake: (Gay #785) Born 25 October 1829.  Married Zelan Dibble (b. 1820) on 27 May 1849 at Richfield, Michigan and had the following children:


[a] Alonzo Dibble: Born February 1851.  Died 1889.  Never married.


[b] Mary Dibble: Born October 1858.  Married Quincy Stark and had 1 child.


[5] Lucinda Abigail Ensign Drake: (Gay #786) Born 4 November 1831 at Somerset, New York.  Married George L. F. Robinson (b. 27 Sep 1832), son of William C. and Fanny (?) Robinson, on 22 January 1852 at Glendale, Massachusetts.


[f. Abigail Ensign Drake: (Gay #463) Born 2 March 1798.  Died 2 February 1820 at Fabius, Ontario County, New York.  Married Roland Carter of Tully, New York on 5 February 1818 at Canaan, New York.


(4) Sarah Drake: (Gay #55) Born 10 May 1684/86.  Died 20/21 January 1747/48.  Married Major General Roger Wolcott (b. 4 Jan 1679, d. 17 May 1767, age 89), son of Simon Wolcott and Martha Pitkin, on 3 December 1702 at Windsor, Connecticut.  In 1711 he went on the expedition against Canada.  He was second in command in 1745 during the taking of Louisburg.  General Wolcott eventually became Lieutenant Governor, then Governor of the Connecticut Colony.  Sarah and Roger had the following children:


(a) Roger Wolcott, Jr.: Born 14 September 1704.  Was Judge of the Superior Court.


(b) Elizabeth Wolcott: Born 10 April 1706.


(c) Alexander Wolcott #1: Born 20 January 1707/08.  Died 8 October 1711.


(d) Samuel Wolcott: Born 9 January 1709/10.  Died 27 December 1717.


(e) Alexander Wolcott #2, M.D.: Born 7 January 1711.  Married (3rd) Mary Richards of New London, Connecticut in 1745.  Employed as a surgeon.  Alexander died 25 March 1795.


(f) Sarah Wolcott #1: Born 10 December 1712.  Probably died young.


(g) Sarah Wolcott #2: Born 31 January 1715.  Died 5 January 1735.


(h) Hepzibah Wolcott: Born 23 June 1717.


(i) Josiah Wolcott: Born 6 February 1718/19.


(j) Erastus Wolcott #1: Twin.  Born 8 February 1721.  Probably died young.


(k) Epaphras Wolcott: Twin.  Born 8 February 1721.(l) General Erastus Wolcott: Born 21 September 1722.


(l) Erastus Wolcott #2: 21 September 1722.  Was a general officer in the military.


(m) Ursula Wolcott: Born 30 October 1724.  Married Judge Matthew Griswold (b. 1714, d. 1799) of Lyme, who eventually became Governor and Chief Justice of Connecticut.


(n) Mariann Wolcott: Born 1 January 1729.


(o) Child: Died in 1729.


(p) Oliver Wolcott:  Youngest of this large family.  Married Laura Collins of Guilford, Connecticut.  Rose to distinction in many State posts, including Lieutenant Governor and Governor of Connecticut; was a Brigadier General during the Revolutionary War; and was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.  Note: Not mentioned by Gay, reference 77.


(d. Elizabeth Drake: (Gay #21) Born 14 November 1654.  Died 20 February 1679.  Married Nicholas Buckland (b. 21 Feb 1647, d. 24 Aug 1728), son of Thomas and Temperance (Denslow) Buckland, and had the following children:


(1) Daughter.


(2) Daughter.


(3) John Buckland.


(4) Nicholas Buckland, Jr.


(5) Elizabeth Buckland.


(e. Joseph Drake: (Gay #22) Born 16 April 1657 at Windsor.  Died 22 May 1664.


(f. Hepsibah Drake: (Gay #23) Born 11/14 July 1659 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died 22 January 1685, age 25 years, 5 months, at Salem, Massachusetts.  Married Thomas Packer of Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts on 23 August 1681 and had the following children:


(1) Susanna Packer #1: Born about 1681.  Died 21 October 1683, age 1 year 10 months.


(2) Susanna Packer #2: Born 1 February 1684/85 at Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts.  In 1689 was named to inherit property in the will of her paternal grandfather, Job Drake.


(g. Hester/Esther Drake: (Gay #24) Born 10 October 1662 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died 19 February 1701/02 (also seen: d. 1691/92).  Married Thomas Griswold (b. 29 Sep 1658, d. 18 Sep 1689), son of George and Mary (Holcomb) Griswold, on 11/16 August 1681 at Windsor and had the following children:


(1) Captain Thomas Griswold, Jr.: Born 10 December 1682.  Died 7 March 1753; interred old cemetery at Poquonock, Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Married Abigail Sackett (b. 1690) of Westfield, Massachusetts, daughter of John Sackett and Deborah Filley, on 5 September 1725. 


(a) Phineas Griswold: Born 15 November 1725 at Windsor.  Married Hepzibah Griswold, daughter of Benjamin Griswold and Esther Gaylord.  Hepzibah married for a second time to John Perkins.  Phineas and Hepzibah had 2 children from 1750 to 1754.


(b)  Thomas Griswold, III: Born 25 January 1728/9.  Married Rhoda Tudor (1734-1832), daughter of Reverend Samuel Tudor, Jr. and Mary Smith.  Thomas died 27 October 1806.  He and Rhoda had no children.


(2) Samuel Griswold #1: Born 15 December 1684.  Died young.


(3) Samuel Griswold #2: Born 7 August 1685 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died 16 May 1777 at Simsbury, Hartford County, Connecticut.   Married (1st) Deborah Holcomb (b. 1690, d. 1715), daughter of Benjamin and Sarah (Eno) Holcomb, on 5 March 1713 at Simsbury and had the following children: 


(a) Susannah Griswold: Born and died 15 January 1714 at Simsbury, Hartford County, Connecticut.


(b) Samuel Griswold, Jr.: Born 12 December 1715.  Moved to Preston, Nova Scotia, Canada and had 2 children from 1746 to 1751.


Samuel married (2nd) Elizabeth Gaylord (b. 1693, d. 1764), daughter of Nathaniel and Abigail (Bissell) Gaylord and had 5 children, including the following daughter:

(c) Elizabeth Griswold:  Married Haynes Woodbridge of Simsbury, Connecticut in 1742 and had 6 children.


(4) Hezekiah Griswold: Born 18 February 1687. (not mentioned in ref 77)


(5) Hester Griswold: Born 1 January 1689 at Windsor.  Married Daniel Gunn (b. 1687) of Westfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts, son of John Gunn and Mary Williams, on 15 October 1712.  Hester and Daniel had the following children:


(a) Hester Gunn: Born 7 December 1713.


(b) Azubah Gunn: Born 23 March 1716.


(c) Mary Gunn: Born 10 January 1719.


(d) Alexander Gunn: Born 1 April 1726.


(e) Daniel Gunn, Jr.: Born 2 August 1730.


(h. Job Drake #2: Only mentioned in reference 131.


(3. Sergeant Jacob Drake (Gay #4)


Born about 1626, probably in England.  Died 6 August 1689; will proved 11 November 1689 with inventory of 223 pounds/02/02.  Of interest, the sickness that caused so many deaths in Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut in 1689 resulted in the death of 3 Drake brothers, 2 of their wives, and one brother-in-law. 


Jacob immigrated to America with his parents at age 4 aboard the "Mary & John."  Married Mary Bissell (d. 11 Sep 1689 at Windsor (also seen: d. 6 Aug 1689)), daughter of John Bissell, Sr. of Windsor, on 12 April 1646/9.  Matthew Grant's record has this statement following the date of the marriage: "now 74.  it is 25 yer and never had child his mother that lived with him a wido m(  )ny y(  ) hir husband Jacob's father dyed agust 18(  )."  Another reference states: "and now, October 7, 1681, Jacob's mother died at 100 years of age, having lived a 'widow 22 years'."


Jacob Drake purchased a dwelling house and home lot on 5 December 1656 from Anthony Hawkins, which was bounded on the West by the Common Street.  He purchased from John Bissell two parcels of land on the east side of the "Great River" (Connecticut River).  In 1653 Jacob was appointed to "goo the bounds" with Hartford men; also appointed for that purpose in 1654.  He was a "fence viewer" on the north side of the river in 1655, Constable in 1656, and "List Maker" in 1660.  He served on the jury of the Particular Court in March 1659/60, September 1662, and December 1662.  In 1676 Jacob Drake contributed 8 shillings to the poor in the other colonies and received 10 shillings for making a pair of stocks.



(4. Elizabeth Drake (Gay #5)


Born about 1621, probably in England.  Widow Elizabeth (Drake)(Gaylord) Elderkin died 8 June 1716, age 95, at Norwich, Connecticut.  The Norwich Vital Records state: "Elisabeth Elderkin ye Wife of John Elderkin aged 95: years deceased ye 8th day of June anno 1716."  Married (1st), as his 2nd wife, William Gaylord, Jr. (b. 1616/18 in England, d. 14 Dec 1656) of Windsor on 9 February 1653.  William had married (1st) Ann Porter (d. 1653) on 24 February 1641 and had the following children:


(a. Anne Gaylord.


(b. Hannah Gaylord.


(c. John Gaylord.


(d. William Gaylord, III.


(e. Hezekiah Gaylord.


Elizabeth and William had the following children:


(g. Josiah Gaylord: Born 13 February 1654/5.  Died 24 January 1726/7 at Norwich, Connecticut.


(h. Nathaniel Gaylord: Born 3 September 1656.  Married Abigail Bissell (b. 23 Nov 1658, d. 23 Sep 1723) on 17 October 1678 and had 10 children (including Elizabeth, p. 67, para (3)).  Died 26 April 1720.


At death William Gaylord's estate was valued at 423 pounds/00/09.  His brother, John Gaylord, stated: "My brother expressed these words to me and my wife before his decease - - - that he had with his wife 40 pounds and he would be as good as his word to make it up four score to her."  After paying William's debts, Elizabeth and the seven children received 383 pounds/06/06.


Elizabeth (Drake) Gaylord married (2nd) John Elderkin (b. 1612/16 at Fenns, Lincolnshire, England, d. 13 Jun 1687) of New London and Norwich, Connecticut on 1 March 1660 at Windsor.  Of interest, at that time Massachusetts Bay Colony records referred to her as "elisabeth Drake widow."  John Elderkin immigrated to America in 1637 and married (1st) Abigail (?).  He was employed as a contractor and master builder of churches, mills, houses, bridges, and vessels, traveling widely in that capacity.  In 1661 he settled at Norwich, Connecticut.  Elizabeth and John had the following children:


(i. Anne Elderkin: Born January 1661.


(j. John Elderkin, Jr.: Born April 1664.  Married Abigail Fowler, daughter of William Fowler of Milford, Connecticut, in 1685 and had the following son:


(1) John Elderkin, III: Born 7 May 1694 at Norwich.  Died 1736.  Married Susannah Baker on 26 August 1714 and had the following children:


(a) Colonel Jedediah Elderkin: Prominent lawyer in Windham, Connecticut.  Was a Representative for 17 years, a soldier throughout the Revolutionary War, and a member of the convention that ratified the U. S. Constitution.


(b) John Elderkin, IV: Born 3 February 1719; died relatively young.  Married Rebecca Allen of Norwich in 1742 and resided at Groton, Connecticut.  John and Rebecca had at least 2 sons.


(c) Dr. Joshua Elderkin: Graduated from Yale College.  Was an ardent patriot during the American Revolutionary War.


(d) Susannah Elderkin: Born 12 August 1722.  Died 1797.  Married Jabez Bigelow of Norwich/Hebron, Connecticut.


(k. Bashua/Bathsheba Elderkin: Born November 1665.


(l. James Elderkin: Born March 1670/71.


(m. Joseph Elderkin: Born December 1672.


(5. Mary O. Drake (Gay #6)


Born about 1625, probably in England.  Died 12 June 1683 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Married John Gaylord (b. abt 24 Feb 1621 at Crewkerne, Somersetshire, England, d. 31 Jul 1689 at Windsor), son of William Gaylord and fellow passenger on the "Mary & John," on 17 November 1653/55 at Windsor (brother of her sister, Elizabeth's 1st husband; see Para. (4., above).  John Gaylord was appointed Sergeant of the Train Band on 7 June 1660 and was Constable for Windsor in March 1658/9.  Mary and John had the following children:


(a. John Gaylord, Jr. #1: Born 16 June 1656.  Died young.


(b. Mary Gaylord: Born 19 January 1663.  Married Matthew Loomis (b. 4 Nov 1664, d. 12 Apr 1688) on 6 January 1686.


(c. John Gaylord, Jr. #2: Born 23 June 1667.  Appointed Administrator of his father's estate on 11 November 1689.


(d. Elizabeth Gaylord: Born 19 February 1670.


Following Mary's death, John Gaylord married (2nd) Mary Clark on 13 December 1683 at Windsor.


(6. Samuel Drake (only mentioned in ref 110)


Born 1623/25 in England.  Died 1686; will dated 30 May 1676; probate complete 2 June 1686.  Married Ann Barlow, daughter of John Barlow, on 13 September 1650.  Moved to Fairfield, Connecticut about 1650 and received a grant of land from the free holders of that settlement.  On 8 February 1677 this Samuel Drake sold 3 parcels of land in Fairfield to his second son, Samuel.  Accompanied by all of his family, except son Samuel, he became one of the first 10 proprietors of East Chester, New York in 1664 and was owner of "Nonesuch Estate."  Samuel and Ann had the following children:


(a. John Drake: Born 1655 in Fairfield Township, Fairfield County, Connecticut.


(b. Samuel Drake, Jr.: Born in Fairfield Township, Fairfield County, Connecticut.  Married Ruth (?).


(c. Captain Joseph Drake: Born 1663.  Died 1732.  Married Mary Shute on 31 December 1685, with clergyman Morgan Jones officiating.  Served as a Lieutenant and Captain in a foot company in 1700.  Was a vestryman of Saint Paul's Church and a member of Connecticut's Colonial Assembly from 1713 to 1715.  Joseph and Mary (Shulte) Drake resided at Eastchester, New York and had the following children:


(1) Jasper Drake: Married Esther (?) in 1705.


(2) Uriah (Joseph) Drake, Jr.: Born 18 August 1686.  Married Sarah (?).


(3) John Drake: Settled in Peekskill Hollow, New York.  Married Bellania (?).


(4) Mary Drake: Born 1 November 1691.  Married William Fowler.


(5) Sarah Drake: Born 20 June 1695.  Married Joe Sherwood.


(6) Samuel Drake: Born 3 November 1697/8.


(7) Scarsdale Drake: Died 13 January 1774.  Married Mary Guion.


(8) Benjamin Drake: Married Mary (?) and had the following children:


(a) Moses Drake: Died during the American Revolutionary War.  Resided in Dutchess County, New York.


(b) Benjamin Drake, Jr.


(c) Colonel Joseph Drake:  Died 1836, age 99.  Resided at New Rochelle, New York.


(9) Anna Drake.


(10) Rebecca Drake.


(11) Daughter.


(d. Mary Drake: Married Joseph Jones.


(e. Ruth Drake.


(f. Sarah Drake.


(g. Daughter.


Note: Surnames for spouses of Ruth, Sarah, and the unnamed daughter are (no order intended): Headley, Lofell, and Slatter.


(7. Timothy Drake: Only mentioned in reference 131.


6. Wife #2: Elizabeth (?)


John Drake's second wife, Elizabeth, is a puzzle in many respects.  Apparently she was born in England in 1581 and married John in England before he immigrated to America.  However, records of his marriage and the baptisms of his children have not been located in England.  According to Massachusetts Bay Colony vital records, "Widdow eliz drake dyed octor 7 1681."  The Windsor, Connecticut church records corroborate that statement, indicating she died at the home of her son, Jacob, on 7 October 1681 "at 100th year of age."


Further support for her age comes from Governor Winthrop's Medical Journal.  In 1666 that document (p. 655) identifies "widow Elizabeth Drake" as 84 years old, which is in substantial agreement with the church record (84+15=99).  But if those sources are correct, Elizabeth would have been approximately 20 years older than John and suspiciously old to be the mother of John's children, who were born between about 1621 and 1637.


A logical conclusion from this is that John's wife, Elizabeth, who survived him by 22 years, was very much his senior in age and almost certainly not the mother of his children.  This is supported by John's will, which left to Elizabeth the lifetime use of "Howsing and Lands that I have in possession ffor to make use of as she and her ffriends shall think will be fore her best advantage."  It would seem strange that John would not specify one of his sons to advise her instead of her friends unless the children were not hers and not particularly close to her.  In addition, she is not referred to in the will or in an agreement to settle the estate as mother of any of the children.  That raises the possibility that John I lost his first wife (unknown name) during their early years in New England.  Mutual need might have brought him together with a maiden lady or childless widow named Elizabeth Rogers, a very common occurrence in colonial New England; life was simply too tough at that time for people to comfortably get along on their own.


The surname Rogers for this wife of John Drake I is derived from a family history that was prepared in 1731 by Matthew Rockwell (b. 1707/08), great-grandson of John Drake I (John's daughter Mary (Drake) Gaylord had daughter, Elizabeth Gaylord, who married Deacon Samuel Rockwell and had son was Matthew Rockwell).  That history, published in full in reference 117a and summarized in reference 3c, named his great-grandmother as Elizabeth Rogers.  It should be noted that Matthew Rockwell was an educated man and in a position to know such family details.  Most of his family history has been verified, and unverified statements have been accepted as almost certainly correct.





1.  ROBERT DRAKE:   Born 1580 in Devon County, England.  Moved to Colchester, Essex County, England before emigrating to Exeter, New Hampshire before 1643, along with three sons and a daughter.  Moved to Hampton, Connecticut about 1651. (ref 87b)


2.  SAMUEL DRAKE:   Was at Fairfield, Connecticut in 1650 and was a representative to the General Court in 1662.  Moved to East Chester, Connecticut in 1665.


3.  THOMAS DRAKE:   Son of William and Margaret (Westofer) Drake of Yardley, Colyton Parish, Devon County, England.  Born 13 September 1635.  Baptized 1635 at Saint Andrews Church, Colyton.  Emigrated to New England approximately 1653.  Moved to Weymouth, Massachusetts approximately 1654 and married Jane Holbrook there in 1655.  Died at Weymouth in 1691. (ref 64)


4.  FRANCIS DRAKE:  Was at Portsmouth, Rhode Island in 1661.  Soon after moved to New Jersey.  Was employed as a surveyor.


5. James Drake: By one account son of John and Sarah (Bryant) Drake, who purchased land in 1725 in Bertie Precinct, North Carolina.  By another account James was the son of Francis Drake (b. England; immigrated to America in 1733) and grandson of Reverend Bamfield Drake.


James Drake married (1st) Sophia Valentine (b. 1730 in NC, d. 1766 in Nash Co., NC) about 1752 and had the following children:


a. Albrittain Drake: Born 1755 in Edgecombe/Nash County, North Carolina.  Died 14 November 1835 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.  Veteran of the American Revolutionary War.  In 1808 moved to Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.  Married Ruth Collins (b. 12 Nov 1765, d. 4 Mar 1847 at Weir, Muhlenberg Co., KY) in 1785 and had 7 sons and 1 daughter, including:


(1. John Drake: Born 1788 in Tennessee.  Died 1863 in Robeson County, North Carolina.  Married (1st) Elizabeth Alford (b. 1789, d. 1823) and had 4 children.  Married (2nd) Margaret McLauchlin and had 5 children.


(2. Sophia Valentine Drake: Born 5 January 1789 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina.  Died 19 May 1875 in Wilson County, Texas.  Married Wiley Alford (b. 1778, d. 1834) and had 13 children.


(3. Silas Drake: Born 4 November 1791 in Robeson County, North Carolina.  Died 1858 in Muhlenberg, Kentucky.  Married Martha Wells (b. 1790, d. 1870) and had 7 children.


(4. Mosley Collins Drake: Born 5 May 1795.  Died 1885.  Married Lourana C./Susana Wells (b. 1795, d. 1874) and had 11 children.


(5. James Perry Drake: Born 15 September 1797.  Died 1868/76.  Married Priscilla Buell (b. 1800) and had 2 children.


(6. Benjamin Michael Drake: Born 11 September 1800 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina.  Died 8 May 1860 in Louisiana.  Married Susannah Priscilla Magruder (b. 1811, d. 1892) and had 6 children.


(7. William Drake: Sixth son.  Born 14 December 1804 in North Carolina.  Died 19 March 1868/70 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.  Married Arminda Rice (d. 20 May 1880) and had the following children:


(a. Ruth M. Drake: Born 1842 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.  Died 24 October 1857.


(b. Albert J. Drake: Born 1844 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.


(c. William W. Drake: Born 1844 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.


(d. John Rice Drake: Born 19 January 1847 at the home of his grandfather, Albrittain Drake in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.  Died 31 January 1917.  Married Honora "Nora" Carr (b. 1857), daughter of John H. Carr, who married the daughter of Colonel James W. Drake, on 30 October 1878 and had the following children: (order uncertain)


(1) Sally Carr Drake: Author of a history of the founding of Drakesboro, Kentucky. Graduated from Potter College in 1903.  Married Thomas "Tom" Anthony Isaac (b. Carmathen, South Wales, Great Britain) on 22 April 1908 and resided in her parents' residence at Drakesboro.  Sally and Anthony had the following children:


(a) John Drake Isaac: Died 1939.  Married Mary Ellen Landrum and had the following son:


[1. Paul Anthony Isaac: Resided in New York State.  Retired at Richmond, Virginia.


(b) William Thomas "W.T." Isaac: Married Mae Elizabeth Beeler and resided at Danville, Kentucky.  William and Mae had the following children:


[1. Thomas Dow Isaac: Graduated from Centre College.  Part owner of a radio station in Danville, Kentucky.  Resided at Oak Hill Farm, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.  Married (?) and had 3 sons.


[2. Beeler Drake Isaac "Drake": Married (?) and resided at Fort Walton Beech, Okaloosa County, Florida.  Subsequently moved to Danville, Kentucky.  Beeler and his wife had the following children:


[a. Andrew Drake Isaac: Married Julie Don Ogden, daughter of Stephen Ogden, and had the following children:


[1] Brook Cherith Isaac: Born about 2004 in Florida.


[2] Sophia Drake Isaac: Born about 2012 in Florida.


Andrew and Julie (Ogden) Isaac also adopted the following daughter:


[3] Angelina Grace Isaac "Grace": Born about 1917.


[b. Steven/Stephen Isaac.


[c. Timothy Isaac. 


(2) John Richard Drake, MD: Graduated from the University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky.  Employed as a physician.


(3) William Perry Drake: Graduated from the University of Kentucky.  Employed as an attorney.


(4) Estelle Drake: AB degree from Western Kentucky College in 1916.


(e. Margaret A. Drake: Born 1849 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.


(f. Arminda S. Drake: Born 1852 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.


(g. Susan L. Drake: Born 1856 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.


(h. Edmund Drake: Born 1856.  Died 1888.


b. Sarah Drake: Born 1756/57.  Died 1833.


c. Silas Drake: Born 1765.  Died 1839.  Settled in Mississippi.


d. James Drake: Born about 1758.  Died 1820.


e. Lydia Drake: Born 1760.  Died 1819.


f. Milbrey/Milbery Drake: (female) Born 1762.  Died 1809.  Married (?) Wheless.


g. Elizabeth Drake: Born 1765.  Married (?) Collins.


James Drake married (2nd) widow Heartwell (Hodges) Davis and had the following children:


h. John Hodges Drake: Born 1774/67.  Died 1859.  Married Frances Williams.


i. Benjamin Drake: Born 1776.  Died 1833.  Married Cecelia Taylor.



*  Note 1: References throughout are to the numbers assigned to people by Alice M. Gay in The Descendants of John Drake of Windsor Connecticut, published in 1933.


Note 2: Many of the Drakes of southwestern New England, New York, and the middle and western States are descended from this man.  Among the distinguished descendants of John Drake I and his wife, Elizabeth, were six Governors of Connecticut.


Note 3: In reference 3d, Robert Charles Anderson presents a compelling argument that John Drake I is probably not the son of William Drake of Wiscombe Park, England.  There are four elements to his argument:


1. John, the son of William of Wiscombe, was not named in the wills of 4 immediate members of his family in England from 1647 to 1678, suggesting he was not alive during that period.

2. One should expect more resemblance between the first names used by the Drakes of Ashe and the names used by the family of John Drake of Windsor, Connecticut.

3. If the two Johns (Dorchester, MA and Taunton, MA) are, indeed, the same person, as other scholars have presumed, there should have been more official record of them during the period 1630 and 1639.

4. John Drake I does not appear to have the social status one would expect of a person who may have lived for a time in the household of a servant of Queen Elizabeth I and King James, to say nothing of his relation to a well-established and relatively wealthy family in England, the Drakes of Ashe.


Mr. Anderson suspects John, son of William, died soon after arrival in North America, which would account for the paucity of colonial records of this family.  Though his argument is compelling, the fact is we don't know, conclusively, the origin of John Drake I.  William of Wiscombe did move to North America, and there were very few Drakes there at the time he emigrated.  Thus, William of Wiscomb is portrayed, with proper caveats, as John's likely father in this record because that relation has not been disproved; other distinguished, and hopefully scrupulous, scholars have done the same; and little would be served by not properly recognizing the possible link to the Drakes of Ashe.



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