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John Drake I of Windsor, Connecticut

John Drake II - Gen 2

Enoch Drake - Gen 3

Nathanial Drake - Gen 4

Rebecca Barber - Gen 4


Josiah Drake I (1710/11 - 1808)


Drake Generation 5 in America


Gay #81 *


1. Parents: Nathaniel and Rebecca (Barber) Drake of Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.


2. Birth: 18 April 1710/11 at Windsor, Connecticut.


3. Death: 6 November 1808, age 97 years and 8 months at Ashfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts.


4. Wife: Hannah Wilson, Josiahís second cousin


a. Birth: 19 October 1713


b. Marriage: 7 May 1735


c. Death: 16 April 1790


d. Parents: John and Mary (Marshall) Wilson


e. U.S. Census Records relating to Hannah (Wilson) Drake


1790: There were 77 Wilson, 8 Marshal, and 19 Marshall households recorded in Connecticut.


5. Children:


a. Josiah Drake, Jr: (Gay #166) Born 28 July 1737.See generation 6.


b. Joel Drake (Gay #167)


Born 30 January 1738/9 at Windsor, Connecticut, Joel married Althea Cross.He was a Surveyor of Highways in East Windsor in 1773.He and Althea were admitted by letter to the church at Vernon, Connecticut on 6 August 1780.They moved to Castleton, Vermont before 1786, and lived in the West school district.He was one of the owners of the grist mill at Hydeville, then called Castleton Mills.They were both admitted to the Congregational Church in Castleton on 27 December 1789.Althea died 19 September 1834, age 93.Joel died in Castleton, Vermont on 12 February 1813, age 73.


1790 U.S. Census: Joel was the head of a household in Castleton, Rutland County, Vermont.Household included 2 males over 16 years old and 2 females.


1800 U.S. Census: Head of a household in Castleton, Vermont.Household included 1 male 26 to 45 years old (Joel, Jr.), 1 male over 45 (Joel), 1 female 26 to 45 (Miriam), and 1 female over 45 (Althea).


1810 U.S. Census: Head of household in Castleton, Vermont.Household included 1 male 16-26 years, 1 male 26-45, 1 male over 45, 1 female 16-26, and 1 female over 45.


The following children of Joel and Althea were baptized in East Windsor:


(1. Eli Drake: (Gay #334) Born 15 April 1765 at East Windsor, Connecticut.Baptized 21 April 1765.Married in 1787 to Armitta Buel (b. 7 Jun 1768 at Fort Edward, N.Y., d. 12 Dec 1843), daughter of Ephraim Buel.Eli died 22 April 1821 at Castleton, Vermont and is buried there with Armitta in the old cemetery.


1790 U.S. Census: Eli was the head of a household in Castleton, Rutland County, Vermont.Household included 1 male over 16 (Eli), 3 males under 16, and 1 female over 16 years old (probably his wife).


1800 U.S. Census: Head of household in Castleton, Vermont.Household included 4 males under age 10, 1 male 10 to 16, 1 male 26 to 45 (Eli), 2 females under age 10, 1 female 16 to 26, and 1 female 26 to 45 (probably his wife).


1810 U.S. Census: Head of household in Castleton, Vermont.Household included 2 males under 10 years, 1 male 10-16, 4 males 16-26, 1 male 26-45, 3 females under 10, 1 female 10-16, 1 female 16-26, and 1 female 26-45.


1820 U.S. Census: Head of household in Castleton.Household included 2 males from 10 to 16 years old, 1 male 26-45, 1 male over 45, 1 female 10-16, 2 females 16-26, and 1 female over 45.


Eli and Armitta had the following children:


(a. Lyman Drake: (Gay #617) Born at Castleton, Vermont.Married Laura Lee (b. 1780, d. 18 Dec 1837), daughter of Colonel Noah and Dorcas (Bird) Lee.Lyman became a "freeman" in 1810.He died 26 September 1858, age 69.Lyman and Laura had the following children:


(1) Henry L. Drake: (Gay #916) Born in 1822.Died at Dansville, Illinois.


(2) Colonel Edwin Laurentine Drake: (Gay #917) Born 29 March 1819 at Greenville, Greene County, New York.Married (1st) Philena Adams (b. 18 May 1821, d. 28 Mar 1854 at Port Chester, N.Y.), daughter of Captain Milton and Lodice (Mather) Adams of Marlboro, Vermont.In 1850 they were living in Chicopee, Massachusetts (ref 77 #917).A pioneer in oil exploration and production in America, Edwin moved to Titusville, Pennsylvania, purchased shares in the Pennsylvania Rock Oil Company, and in 1857 drilled the first artesian well for oil, known as "Drake's Well."His foremost contribution to the oil industry was the use of pipe driven into bedrock to prevent the overburden of clay and quicksand from filling in drilled holes.


Edwin married (2nd) Laura Clarissa Dowd (b. 5 Jun 1835), daughter of Captain Alfred Giles and Harriet (Scranton) Dowd.Edwin died 20 November 1880 at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.He and Philena had the following children.


(a) Arthur M. Drake: Died age 7.


(b) George L. Drake:Died 19 September 1856.


Edwin and Laura had the following children:


(c) Alfred Lee Drake: (Gay #1146) Born 1857.Married Alice V. Carey and had two children.


(d) Charles Henry Drake: (Gay #1147) Born 1861.


(e) Mary Laura/Louisa Drake: (Gay #1148) Born 1865.Married Harry O. Emory.


(b. Alvin B. Drake: (Gay #618) Born in Castleton.Married 5 November 1815 at Castleton to Grace Ransom (d. 16 Feb 1842, age 52).Became a "freeman" in 1812.Alvin died at Castleton on 13 December 1841, age 51.Alvin and Grace had the following children:


(1) Robert R. Drake: (Gay #918) Born 4 October 1816 at Castleton.Married 29 February 1844 to Nancy E. Tottingham (b. 26 Apr 1816), daughter of Joseph Tottingham of Pittsford, Vermont.Robert was a merchant in Pittsford.He and Nancy had the following children:


(a) Ellen A. Drake: (Gay #1149) Born 2 June 1845.Married Herman P. Schuyler on 23 June 1870.


(b) Robert Henry Drake: (Gay #1150) Born 8 March 1847.


(c) Charles Edward Drake: Born 25 September 1849.Died 26 October 1850.


(d) Emilie H. Drake: (Gay #1151) Born 1 May 1852.


(e) Gracie Drake: Born 1 March 1854.Died 15 March 1854.


(f) James Buchanan Drake: Born 20 August 1856.Died 24 October 1857.


(g) Norman T. Drake: (Gay #1152) Born 16 September 1858.


(2) Mary Ann Drake: Died 12 December 1833, age 15.


(3) Jane Drake: Died 29 August 1827, age 17.


(4) John H. Drake. (Gay #919)


(c. Alpheus H. Drake: (Gay #619) Born at Castleton, Vermont.Became a "freeman" in 1812.Married 1 July 1817 to Harriet M. Mead.Administration of his estate was granted to Read Mead on 5 July 1822.


(d. James W. Drake: (Gay #620) Married 30 November 1830 to Lucy Sanford (b. 13 Apr 1808 at Castleton, d. at LaGrange, AR), daughter of David and Abigail (Sturtevant) Sanford.Lucy married (2nd) Dr. Jesse Everett.


(e. Julius Octavus Drake: (Gay #621) Born 1795.Married 6 February 1816 at Castleton to Sally Tomlinson, daughter of Cyrus and Mary Tomlinson.Julius died at Castleton Corners, Vermont on 1 June 1853, age 58.He and Sally had the following children:


(1) Emeline Drake: (Gay #920) Married in February 1838 to George Eaton.


(2) Robert Emmett Drake: (Gay #921) Born 21 December 1817.Married Sarah Jane Craditt (b. 25 May 1829, d. about 1907), daughter of Henry Craditt (formally McCraditt).Robert died 23 November 1886.He and Sarah had the following children:


(a) James Charter Drake: (Gay #1153) Born 15 July 1850 in Kendall County, Illinois.Later lived in Leoni, Jackson, and Grand Rapids, Michigan.Died 30 September 1917.Married Alice Henrietta Bloss (b. 18 Oct 1845 near Baldwinsville, N.Y.) on 25 December 1873 and had the following children.


[1. George Frederick Drake: (Gay #1253a) Born 5 October 1874.Married Mabel Dunham, daughter of Wallace Dunham, on 20 December 1906 and had the following daughter:


[a. Helen Volera Drake: Born 11 September 1907.


[2. Lillian May Drake: (Gay #1254) Born 28 September 1878.Married (1st) Levi Hills and had the following children:


[a. Alice Hills.


[b. Ruth Hills.


[c. Georgia Hills.


[d. Harold Hills.


Lillian married (2nd) (?) Horbeck and had the following daughter:


[e. Madge Horbeck.


[3. Floyd Emmett Drake: (Gay #1255) Born 30 January 1882.Married Eva Wellman.


[4. Nettie Ethel Drake: (Gay #1256) Born 17 January 1886.Married Fred Shader and had the following children:


[a. Margaret Shader.


[b. Robert Shader.


[c. Cleo Shader.


(b) Emergene Adella Drake: Born 20 August 1852.Died 7 September 1853.


(c) Ella Augusta Drake: (Gay #1154) Born 20 August 1855 at Leoni, Michigan.Married Charles Henry Freeland (b. 19 Mar 1855 at Leoni, MI), son of Audsen Jackson and Matilda (Welsh) Freeland, on 1 January 1877 at Hamlin, Michigan and had the following children:


[1. Benjamin Jay Freeland: Twin.Born 24 March 1888.


[2. Edith May Freeland: Twin.Born 24 March 1888.


(d) Edith May Drake: (Gay #1155) Born 1 August 1858 at Leoni, Michigan.Died 24 September 1880 at Leoni.Married William Byron Webb, son of Edward K. and Permella (Adset) Webb, on 3 July 1876 at Eaton Rapids, Michigan and had the following son:


[1. Frank George Webb: Born 22 May 1879.


(e) Harry Emmett Drake: (Gay #1156) Born 26 May 1861.Married Priscilla (Palmer) Rafferty on 20 June 1891 and had the following children:


[1. Henry Joseph Drake: Born 22 May 1892.


[2. John Drake.


[3. Emma Drake.


[4. Anna Drake.


[5. Bessie Drake.


(3) Sarah Ann Drake: (Gay #922) Born 4 June 1820 at Castleton.Married 12 March 1844 at Fair Haven, Vermont to Ransom Beecher (b. 22 Jan 1821 at Putnam, N.Y.), son of Isaac and Minerva (Gorham) Beecher (see (g), below).Sarah died 17 December 1814 at Rockford, Illinois.She and Ransom had the following children:


(a) Edgar Willis Beecher: Born 9 September 1844.Died 2 September 1872.


(b) Editha Beecher: (Gay #1157a) Born 6 December 1846 at Kendall, Illinois.Married William Hollenbeck (b. 19 Jan 1840 at Schoharie, N.Y.), on 27 November 1867 at Winnebago, Illinois and had the following children:


[1. William Ransom Hollenbeck: Born 21 September 1868 at Rockord, Illinois.Married Jennie A. McLeish (b. 18 Jul 1866 at Burritt, Il) on 24 March 1892 at Burritt and had the following children:


[a. Ransom Beecher Hollenbeck: Born 29 June 1893 at Rockford, Illinois.


[b. Lila May Hollenbeck: Born 2 July 1896 at Rockford, Illinois.


[c. Thelma Burnidette Hollenbeck: Born 4 October 1898 at Rockford, Illinois.


[d. Norma Bernice Hollenbeck: Born 9 September 1902 at Rockford, Illinois.


[e. Charles William Hollenbeck: Born 24 October 1904 at Rockford, Illinois.


[2. Frank Augustus Hollenbeck.


[3. Effie Blanche Hollenbeck.


(c) Inez Beecher: (Gay #1157b) Born 30 May 1855 at Winnebago, Illinois.Married William Tennessee Speaker (b. 12 Jun 1851 at Leaf River, Il) on 4 April 1878 and had the following children:


[1. Clifford Beecher Speaker: Born 4 October 1881 at Mt. Morris, Illinois.Married Lulu May Marquart (b. 23 Apr 1886 at Grand Junction, IA) on 15 November 1909 at Des Moines, Iowa and had the following children:


[a. Clifford Drake Speaker: Born 25 August 1913 at Parkrose, Oregon.


[b. Bonnie Rose: Born 9 April 1915 at Parkrose, Oregon.


[2. Sarah Faith Speaker: Born 15 September 1883 at Mt Morris, Illinois.Married Charles Irwin Jackson (b. 13 Aug 1883 at Humboldt, IA) on 28 June 1913 and had the following son:


[a. Charles William Jackson: Born 15 January 1915 at Manson, Iowa.


[3. Ethel Gertrude Speaker: Born 4 December 1889 at Manson, Iowa.Married William Austin Goode (b. 29 Jun 1882 at Bowling Greene, KY) on 19 June 1915 at San Diego, California.


[4. Lelia Speaker:Born 15 November 1891 at Manson, Iowa.Married Chester Wallace Duncan (b. 30 Aug 1891 at Weatherby, MO) on 28 January 1915.


(4) Eliza Drake: Born 11 July 1822.Died 6 April 1834, age 12.


(5) Polly Maria Drake: (Gay #923) Born 6 April 1826 at Castleton.Married in 1846 to Selah Hart Langdon (b. 6 Apr 1806, d. 31 Mar 1884), son of Ebenezer and Polly (Stocking) Langdon.Polly (Drake) Langdon died 20 February 1875.She and Selah had the following children:


(a) John Jay Langdon: Born 3 August 1850.Married Maria P. Morgan (b. 9 May 1858) on 17 July 1875 and had the following children:


[1. Lena M. Langdon: Born 16 July 1876.


[2. Minnie Langdon: Born 9 April 1878.


[3. Henry N. Langdon: Born 21 May 1880.


[4. Laura L. Langdon: Born 7 November 1882.


(b) Julius Langdon.


(c) Fannie Augusta Langdon: Born 17 July 1856.Married (1st) Truman J. Gault (b. 22 Nov 1835, d. 27 Nov 1891) in Oct 1888.Married (2nd) S.L. Lawrence (b. 29 Mar 1830, d. 14 Feb 1911) on 17 April 1895.


(d) Joseph Langdon.


(e) Edward H. Langdon: Born 14 December 1864.Married Alice G. Graham (b. 21 Dec 1864) on 9 Feb 1888.


(6) Althea Drake: (Gay #924) Died 22 September 1858, age 25.


(7) Mary Jane Drake: (Gay #925) Born 11 June 1827.Married 10 November 1850 in Kendall, Illinois to Dr. Daniel Ira Beecher (b. 13 May 1828 in Pembroke, N.Y.), son of Isaac and Minerva (Gorham) Beecher of Fairfield, Vermont and brother of Ransom Beecher, (c) above.Mary died 10 January 1883.She and Daniel had the following children:


(a) Elva Isadore Beecher: Born 9 November 1851 at Kendall, Illinois.Died 6 September 1857 at Bolivar Missouri.


(b) Minerva Beecher: Born 26 October 1853.Married Till (?) Hilton on 18 January 1880.


(c) Francis Daniel Beecher: Born 31 January 1857 at Bolivar, Missouri.Died there 10 October 1857.


(d) Laura Bell Beecher: Born 6 October 1859 at Winnebago, Illinois.Died 5 September 1876.Married Andrew Huff on 16 February 1876.


(8) Grace Cordelia Drake: (Gay #926) Born 6 September 1833 at Castleton.Married 14 March 1854 at Castleton to Robert Jay Humphrey of Poultney, Vermont.Grace died 30 June 1878.She and Robert had the following children:


(a) William F. Humphrey: Born 16 April 1856.Married Ida Franc Goff (b. 24 Jul 1857 at Prattsburg, Steuben Co., N.Y.), daughter of David Hiram and Ann (Beau) Goff of Yorkshire, England, on 4 May 1881 at Geneva, New York and had the following son:


[1. Robert Elroy Humphrey: Born 23 October 1886 at Geneva, New York.Married Marjorie Louise Guilford (b. 27 Apr 1884) in November 1902 and had the following daughter:


[a. Eleanor Francis Humphrey: Born July 1903.


(b) Eva E. Humphrey: Born 9 June 1858.Died as an infant.


(c) John C. Humphrey: Born 21 October 1860 at Middle Granville, New York.Died 16 February 1910 at Geneva, New York.Married Carrie Hopson Monroe (b. 18 Nov 1862 at Poultney, VT) on 9 May 1887 and had the following children:


[1. Clarence Monroe Humphrey: Born 2 August 1889.


[2. Molly Goodrich Humphrey: Born 3 August 1891.


[3. Robert J. Humphrey: Born 25 March 1895.


[4. Harriet Field Humphrey: Born 19 May 1898.


[5. William Francis Humphrey: Born 17 September 1904.


(d) Ada Humphrey: Born 1 August 1862.Died while an infant.


(e) George H. Humphrey: Born 2 July 1863.Married Lettie Ransom and had the following children:


[1. Alice Humphrey.


[2. Maude Humphrey.


[3. Grace Elizabeth Humphrey.


(f) Flora Humphrey: Born 19 February 1866.Died as an infant.


(g) Louis H. Humphrey: Born 12 September 1867.


(h) Charles W. Humphrey: (Gay #1158) Born 1 January 1870.


(i) Albert Drake Humphrey: Born 15 June 1871.Died 5 January 1891.


(j) Harold J. Humphrey: Born 2 January 1876.Married (1st) Minnie Chapin (b. June 1875 at S. Poultney, VT).Married (2nd) Winnifred Ryan (b. 23 Dec 1878 at Hornell, N.Y.), daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Clancy) Ryan.


(9) Francis Augustus Drake: (Gay #927) Born 27 January 1835 at Castleton.Married 18 February 1857 to Mary Abaline Craditt (b. 28 Jan 1838 in Jackson, MI), daughter of Henry and Hannah (Emery) Craditt of New York and New Jersey.Francis died 28 January 1888.He and Mary had the following children:


(a) Emery Julius Drake: (Gay #1159) Born 4 February 1858 at Jackson, Michigan.Married Jennie Ella Jackson (b. 21 Jan 1865 at Union, IL, d. 19 Dec 1912), daughter of George Washington and Matilda J. (Thompson) Jackson of New York, on 16 April 1885 at Oakland, California and had the following children:


[1. Nelia Abaline Drake: (Gay #1257) Born 19 September 1886.


[2. Helen Mildred Drake: (Gay #1258) Born 31 August 1891.


(b) Ernest Middleton Drake: (Gay #1160) Born 4 June 1866 at Jackson, Michigan.Married Alice Grace Glinn (b. 11 Nov 1869 at Stockton, CA), daughter of William Newton and Victoria Elizabeth (Tripp) Glinn of Mercer, Pennsylvania, on 31 December 1888 at Oakland, California and had the following daughter:


[1. Irma Drake: (Gay #1259) Born 15 May 1898 at Oakland, California.


(c) Joseph Herbert Drake: Born 22 March 1869.Died unmarried in Oakland, California on 22 November 1889.


(d) Merton Byron Drake: (Gay #1161) Born 31 May 1879 at Eaton Rapids, Michigan.Married (?) and had the following children:


[1. Byron Drake: (Gay #1260) Born 21 November 1904 at Oakland, California.


[2. Howard Drake: (Gay #1261) Born 1909 in Glendale, California.


[3. Deyo Drake: (Gay #1262) Born 12 April 1915 at Mountain View, California.


(10) Julia Octavia Drake: (Gay #928) Born 23 February 1837 at Castleton.Married 22 February 1855 to Richard E. Thomas (b. 24 Dec 1833) of Poultney, Vermont, son of John H. and Sarah Esther (Taylor) Thomas.Julia died 19 March 1915 at Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.She and Richard had the following children:


(a) Jennie May Thomas: Born 17 August 1856.Died 1 March 1860.


(b) George Henry Thomas: Born 17 July 1858.Married Anna S. Esser on 7 October 1883 and had the following children:


[1. Julia Grace Thomas: Born 2 April 1885.


[2. Zay Barbara Thomas: Born 10 December 1889.


[3. Lester Frank Thomas: Born 19 June 1892.


(c) Frank Nelson Thomas: Born 3 March 1862.Died 17 November 1893.


(11) Unidentified daughter: Died as an infant.


(12) William H. Drake: (Gay #929) Born 17 March 1842 at Castleton.Married 13 February 1865 to Abigail Minerva Wheeler (b. 18 Aug 1847, d. 9 Aug 1910), daughter of Jacob and Mary (Reed) Wheeler.William died 17 February 1892.He and Abigail had the following children:


(a) Emmett Francis Drake: (Gay #1162) Born 12 January 1866 at Castleton, Vermont.Married Rosella Holmes (b. 11 Feb 1858), daughter of George and Elmina Abigail (Cobb) Holmes of Hubbardton, Vermont, on 12 February 1890 at Hubbardton and had the following children:


[1. Olive Lena Drake: (Gay #1263) Born 12 December 1890 at Castleton, Vermont.


[2. Burton Clarence Drake: (Gay #1264) Born 6 November 1892 at Castleton, Vermont.


[3. Abbott Wilbur Drake: (Gay #1265) Born 22 December 1894 at Poultney, Vermont.


(b) Eli Julius Drake: (Gay #1163) Born 22 May 1867.


(c) Clayton James Drake: (Gay #1164) Born 20 August 1868.Lived in Anacortes, Washington.Married May McGregor on 20 May 1912 and had the following daughter:


[1. Ailene Frances Drake: (Gay #1266) Born 3 March 1913.


(d) Lena Belle Drake: (Gay #1165) Born 22 June 1875.Married John S. Harrington (b. 12 Jan 1875) on 4 September 1895 and had the following children:


[1. William John Harrington: Born 24 September 1899.


[2. Gerald Earl Harrington: Born 2 April 1909.


(e) Thomas Enoch Drake: (Gay #1166) Born 6 April 1878.Was a farmer and lived in Castleton, Vermont.Married Mattie Viola Batease (b. Wells, VT), daughter of Ira V. and Sarah C. (Wescott) Batease, on 20 February 1907 and had the following children:


[1. Enoch Thomas Drake: (Gay #1267) Born 25 April 1908.


[2. Mattie Violet Drake: (Gay #1268) Born 18 November 1909.


[3. Abigail Minerva Drake: (Gay #1269) Born 31 January 1912.


[4. Jane Ann Drake: (Gay #1270) Born 22 January 1914.


[5. Wesley Rowe Drake: (Gay #1271) Born 4 September 1916.


[6. Julius Aaron Drake: (Gay #1272) Born 6 February 1919.


[7. Calvin Coolidge Drake: (Gay #1273) Born 12 January 1924.


(f. Solomon Drake. (Gay #622)


(g. Eli Drake. (Gay #623)


(h. Almira Drake: (Gay #624) Married Jonathan C. Stevens in 1840.


(i. Althea Drake: (Gay #625) Married Charles Abrams, son of Daniel Abrams of Greenville, Greene County, New York.Althea and Charles had the following children:


(1) John Abrams.


(2) Charles Abrams, Jr.


(3) Mary Abrams.


(j. Laura Drake: (Gay #626) Married 9 May 1819 to Richard A. Carrington.


(k. Caroline Drake: (Gay #627) Married a Barney.


(l. Mary Drake. (Gay #628)


(2. Miriam Drake: Baptized 15 February 1767.Living with her parents in Castleton, Vermont at the time of the 1790 and 1800 U.S. Censuses (p. 169).Died at Castleton 23 January 1808, age 41.


(3. Joel Drake, Jr.: (Gay #335) Born 25 September 1769.Baptized 16 November 1776.Married 26 May 1814 at Castleton, Vermont to Phebe Parsons (b. 17 Feb 1775, d. 26 Feb 1849, age 74), daughter of Ludlam and Mary Parsons of Castleton.Joel died 25 September 1855.He and Phebe had the following son:


(a. Albert Parsons Drake: (Gay #629) Born 22 September 1815.Married (1st) 7 April 1840 to Olive A. Wyatt (b. 12 Jul 1817, d. 25 Sep 1855).They lived in Castleton.Albert married (2nd) Lucy Luzine Jones (b. 17 Jun 1834, d. 25 Feb 1886), daughter of William Jones.Albert died 23 June 1878.References list no children.


c. Rueben Drake (Gay #168))


Born 19 May 1741 at Windsor, Connecticut, Reuben married Elizabeth Rockwell, daughter of James Rockwell.Reuben served in the following offices in East Windsor:Surveyor of Highways (1790-1793); Hayward (1795-1796); and Tythingman (1792).He moved to Redfield, Oswego County, New York and was the "Pathmaster" there in 1801.Reuben died at Redfield in February 1825.Elizabeth died in Redfield in August 1823, age 79.


1790 U.S. Census: Reuben was the head of a household in East Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.Household included 3 males over 16 (Reuben, Rodolphus, James) and 2 females (Elizabeth, Jemima). (ref 35n)


1800 U.S. Census: Not head of a household in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, or Vermont censuses.There was a Reuben Drake in Ulster County, N.Y. during the 1800 Census, but he was also there during the 1790 Census.This Reuben was either not counted or not living in his own household.(ref 35o, 35p)


Reuben and Elizabeth had the following children:


(1. Rodolphus Drake: Born 10 September 1767.Baptized 13 September 1767 in East Windsor, Connecticut.One of his interests was mathematics, and he served on the Board of Education in Redfield in 1820.Rodolphus died at Redfield, unmarried, on 6 October 1847.


(2. James Drake: (Gay #336) Born 18 December 1769 at Windsor, Connecticut.Baptized 24 December 1769 in East Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.Married at Windsor on 17 August 1799 to Sally Simons (d. 21 Dec 1846 at Redfield, age 73).


1820 U.S. Census: James was head of a farming household in Windsor which contained 1 male between 10 and 16 years old; one male between 16 and 26 years old; one female under age 10; and 1 female between ages 26 and 45 years old.


James Drake died in December 1855 at Redfield.He and Sally had the following children:


(a. Reuben Drake: (Gay #629a) Born 15 January 1801 at Redfield, Oswego County, New York.Married 9 February 1832 at Redfield to Sophronia Ranney (b. 30 Mar 1807, d. 18 Feb 1885), daughter of Willett and Betsey (Robbins) Ranney.Reuben was educated at Redfield and at the age of 19 taught school.He was also a Postmaster in 1834.In 1845/6 Reuben was a member of the General Assembly of New York.He moved to Minnesota in 1862.Reuben died 5 February 1895 at Wabasha, Minnesota.He and Sophronia had the following children:


(1) Ellen Drake: (Gay #930) Born 1 December 1832 in Redfield.Died 23 April 1863 at Beaver, Minnesota.


(2) Jeannette Drake: (Gay #931) Born 8 August 1836 in Redfield.


(3) Brayton Drake: (Gay #932) Born 18 November 1838 in Redfield.


(4) Margaret Drake: (Gay #933) Born 25 April 1842 in Redfield.Married a Buckingham and lived in Minneiska, Minnesota.


(b. Edwin Drake.


(c. Andrew Jackson Drake:Married Eunice Davis.Andrew was employed as the inspector of Common Schools in Redfield in 1837 and died at Redfield 9 December 1838, age 23.He and Eunice had the following son:


(1) Andrew Jackson Drake, Jr.: Born 22 July 1838.Married 28 March 1860 at Adams Center, Jefferson County, New York to Sarah Sargeant (b. 1837, d. 1918).Andrew served in Company I, 10th New York Heavy Artillery.Later he was a farmer.Andrew and Sarah had the following daughter:


(a) Eva Drake: Born at Sackets Harbor, Hounsfield Township, Jefferson County, New York.Died 1916.Married (?) Lepper.


(d. Mary Drake.


(3. Jemima Drake: Baptized in 1776 at East Windsor.


d. Levi(y) Drake (Gay #169)


Born 6 August 1743 in Windsor, Connecticut, Levi married Sarah Lindsay, daughter of John and Abigail Lindsay at Stafford, Connecticut on 9 June 1773.Levi died 2 February 1829.Sarah died 30 November 1834, age 85.They are both interred in the Stafford Springs Cemetery.Levi's estate was probated and distributed 18 February 1829; Sarah's estate was probated in December 1834.


1790 U.S. Census: Levi was the head of a household in Stafford, Tolland County, Connecticut.Household included 2 males over 16 (Levi, Roswell), 5 males under 16 (Salmon, Justus, Zeba, Aaron, Alge), and 2 females (Sarah, Sally).


1800 U.S. Census: No record found.


1810 U.S. Census: Spelled "Levi."Head of household in Stafford, Connecticut.Household included 1 male under 10 years, 1 male 16-26, 1 male over 45, 1 female 16-26, and 1 female over 45.


1820 U.S. Census: Spelled "Levi."Head of household in Stafford, Connecticut.Household included 1 male 26-45, 1 male over 45, 1 female 26-45, and 1 female over 45.Two were engaged in agriculture.


Levi and Sarah had the following children, all born at Stafford, Connecticut:


(1. Captain Roswell Drake: (Gay #337) Born in Connecticut.Married Esther (?).In 1812 was a Lieutenant in the 133rd Regiment.By 1815 had achieved the grade of Captain.Resigned from the military in 1817.In 1836 lived in Gates, Monroe County, New York.


1820 U.S. Census:Roswell was head of a household of six members at Guilford, New York.


1850 U.S. Census:Roswell was 76 years old and employed as a farmer in Williamson, Wayne County, New York.Other members of the household included his wife, Esther, age 74 (b. CN); Ansell Cornwall (b. CN), age 60 and a farmer; Lucy A. Cornwall, age 43 (b. N.Y.); and Sarah A. Cornwall, age 2.


(2. Justus Drake #1: Born 18 March 1775.Died 30 March 1775.


(3. Salmon (Solomon) Drake: (Gay #338) Born 20 October 1776 at Stafford, Connecticut.Married (1st) to Rachel Bartlett (b. 7 Feb 1780, d. 22 Jun 1802 at West Stafford), daughter of Samuel and Rachel (Johnson) Bartlett, in 1801 at West Stafford, Connecticut.Married (2nd) on 6 May 1809 to Nancy Gary (Garey) (b. 21 Dec 1788, d. 6 Apr 1850), daughter of Gilbert and Nancy Anna (Dana) Gary of Asford, Connecticut.Gilbert (b. 1760 in Lebanon, Conn., d. 1 Apr 1838 at Cherry Valley, N.Y.) had been a veteran of the Revolutionary War.Gilbert's wife, Nancy Anna Dana (b. 31 Dec 1760 at Mansfield, CN, d. 6 Apr 1850 at Cherry Valley) was the daughter of Captain James Dana, also a Revolutionary War veteran.


Salmon was a veteran of the War of 1812.He died at Cherry Valley, Otsego County, New York on 12 February 1853.Salmon and Rachel had one child:


(a. Joel Bartlett Drake: (Gay #630) Born 21 June 1802 at West Stafford, Connecticut.Married 13 November 1825 at West Stafford to Mary Nelson (b. 28 Oct 1788 at Stafford, d. 26 Sep 1869), daughter of George Nelson.Joel died at Cherry Valley, Otsego County, New York on 18 June 1884.He and Mary had the following children:


(1) George Nelson Lindsley Drake: (Gay #934) Born 15 November 1826 at Cherry Valley, Otsego County, New York.Married 18 July 1849 at Middlefield, New York to Jane A. Ferns (b. 25 Dec 1830 at Middlefield).George served in the Civil War and was killed 10 May 1864 in the battle of the Wilderness at Spottsylvania.George and Jane had the following children:


(a) Georgianna Drake: (Gay #1167) Born 19 October 1850 at Cherry Valley, Otsego County, New York.Died 1 August 1872 at Fly Creek, New York.Married George D. Chapman on 17 October 1869.


(b) Alphonso Grosvenor Drake: (Gay #1168) Born 13 April 1853 at Cherry Valley, Otsego County, New York.Married Mary Joslyn of Hartwick, New York on 2 September 1879 and had the following children:


[1. Florence Drake: Born 23 October 1882 at Hartwick, Otsego County, New York.Died 29 September 1889 at Fly Creek, New York.


[2. Ethel Drake: (Gay #1274) Twin.Born 15 June 1890 at Hartwick, Otsego County, New York.


[3. Mabel Drake: (Gay #1275) Twin.Born 15 June 1890 at Hartwick, Otsego County, New York.


(c) Lenora Franeelia Drake: (Gay #1169) Born 5 June 1858 at Cherry Valley, Otsego County, New York.


(2) Alonzo Drake:Born in April 1828.Died 1 April 1829.


(3) Mary Louisa Drake: (Gay #935) Born 4 April 1830 at Cherry Valley, Otsego County, New York.Married 1 January 1855 at Cherry Valley to Platt Banker Shearer (b. 5 Sep 1823 at Oppenheim, N.Y., d. 24 Jul 1888 at Oneonta, N.Y.).Mary died at Oneonta 1 February 1900.She and Platt had the following children:


(a) George Benton Shearer: Born 20 February 1857.Married Carrie W. Gartsee Steere (b. 6 Jan 1861 at Oakesville, N.Y.) on 29 October 1879 at Laurens, New York and had the following children:


[1. Henry Platt Shearer: Born 31 July 1882 at Oneonta, New York.Emeline R. Bartow on 22 May 1904.


[2. Louise Gartsee Shearer: Born 6 October 1883 at Oneonta, New York.


[3. Carl Leslie Shearer: Born 4 October 1885 at Oneonta, New York.Married Jennie May Shove (b. 18 May 1884) on 4 September 1907.


[4. Flora Inez Shearer: Born 9 July 1887 at Oneonta, New York.


[5. Carrie Ruthie Shearer: Born 16 October 1888.


[6. George Benton Shearer: Born 11 January 1890 at Oneonta, New York.


[7. Helen Mayre Shearer: Born 26 December 1899.


(b) Flora Allenia Shearer: Born 5 March 1861 at Cherry Valley, Otsego County, New York.Married Dr. Dorman Baldwin (b. 12 Sep 1848 at N. Blenheim, N.Y.) on 12 September 1905 and resided in Jamestown, North Dakota.


(c) Seymour Bartlett Shearer: Born 23 March 1864 at Cherry Valley, Otsego County, New York.Later resided in Los Angeles, California.


(d) Mary Elmina Shearer: Born 4 August 1869 at Cherry Valley, Otsego County, New York.Later resided in Oneonta, New York.

Salmon and Nancy (Gary) Drake had the following children:


(b. Electa/Electra Drake: (Gay #631) Born 25 February 1810 at West Stafford.Died 9 June 1889 at Cooperstown, Otsego County, New York.Married (1st) Samuel Francis on 1 January 1828 and had the following child:


(1) Harriet Francis: (Gay #936a) Born 25 February 1829.Married 4 March 1848 at Cherry Valley, Otsego County, New York to Martin Webster (b. 29 May 1829 at Cherry Valley, d. 14 Apr 1901 at Cooperstown).Harriet died 19 October 1909 at Cherry Valley.She and Martin had 7 children.


Electa (Drake) Francis married (2nd) Wells Henry (b. 13 May 1808 at Cherry Valley, d. 9 Jul 1864 at Cherry Valley) on 6 May 1833 and had the following children:


(2) Elizabeth Henry: Born 16 April 1834.Married David Hamilton.Died 9 March 1867.


(3) Augustus Henry: Born 17 February 1836.Died 30 March 1839.


(4) Danvers "Daniel" Dana Henry: (Gay #936b) Born 13 October 1838/39 at Cherry Valley, Otsego County, New York.Died 26 May 1904 at Oneonta, Otsego County.††† Married (1st) 14 January 1864 at Cooperstown, Otsego County, New York to Susan Victoria Clinton (b. 12 Feb 1846 at Cooperstown, d. 24 Oct 1869 at Clintonville, shortly after dau. Nellie's birth), daughter of Andrew Beers and Hannah (Montgomery) Clinton.Danvers and Susan (Clinton) Henry had the following children:


(a) Eva/Eve Clinton Henry: Born 24 April 1866 at Cooperstown, Otsego County, New York.Died 11 June 1920 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio; interred there in Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland.Member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.Married Dr. Wilmer Austin Tims (b. 12 Oct 1863 at Bloomfield, Trumbull Co. OH (also seen: Knox Co., OH); d. 19 May 1922, age 58, at Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH; interred there in Lake View Cem.), son of Andrew and Minerva (Hewitt) Tims, on 30 April 1895 in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.Dr. Tims graduated in 1888 from the Cleveland Homeopathic College.Subsequently was Professor of Anatomy at the Cleveland College of Physicians and Surgeons, as well as Treasurer of the Huron Road Hospital.Eva and Wilmer resided at 1488 E. 105th Street, Cleveland and had the following children:


[1. Child: Died 27 November 1896 as an infant; interred Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.


[2. Wilmer Clinton Tims: Born 5 August 1899 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.Died 11 December 1970 at Painsville, Lake County, Ohio; interred Main Cemetery, Ashtabula County, Ohio.Veteran of World War I; served in the US Army.Married (1st) Bernice Margaret Wiseley on 25 April 1919 in Cuyahoga County.Married (2nd) Dorothy Harper Hayes on 18 October 1936 in Westfield Township, Chautauqua County, New York.


(b) Emma Henry: Born 10 January 1868 at Kortright, New York.Married Charles Goss (b. 24 Apr 1865 at Hiram, OH) on 19 August 1900 at Niagara Falls, New York.


(c) Nellie Henry: Born 12 August 1869 at Clintonville, New York.Died there 11 June 1878.


Following Susan's death, Danvers Dana Henry married (2nd) in 1878 at Davenport, Delaware County, New York to Della A. Banner (b. 1854, d. 1929; interred Davenport Cem., Davenport, NY), daughter of Elbert and Anna B. Banner.Danvers and Della (Banner) Henry had the following daughter:


(d) Effie D. Henry: Born 11 December 1883.Married Burt Winnie of Charlotteville, New York at Davenport, New York and had the following children:


[1. Danverse Henry Winnie: Born 22 November 1905 at Davenport, New York.


[2. Ruth Winnie: Born 13 July 1906 at Oneonta, New York.


(5) William Harrison Henry: Born 10 July 1840.Served in the Civil War.Died 28 September 1896 at Bath, New York.


(6) Ann Henry: (Gay #936c) Born 1 March 1842 at Cherry Valley.Married 5 November 1858 at Cherry Valley to Westle J. Hamilton (b. 14 Feb 1832, d. 11 Mar 1897 at Cooperstown).Ann died at Cooperstown on 3 November 1887.She and Westle had the following children:


(a) Kittie E. Hamilton: Born 1 November 1860 at Cherry Valley, New York.Married Edward Webster (b. 19 Jan 1859 at Cooperstown, N.Y.) on 29 September 1884 at Middlefield, New York and had the following daughter:


[1. Eunice Webster: Born 27 January 1888 at Cooperstown, New York.


(b) William Hamilton: Born 16 October 1864 at Cherry Valley, New York.


(c) Sheridan Hamilton: Born 17 June 1866.Married Katherine Groer on 28 February 1898 at Jersey City, New Jersey and had the following son:


[1. Sheridan Hamilton: Born 22 June 1907 at Jersey City, New Jersey.


(d) Wells Hamilton: Born 27 March 1869 at Cherry Valley, New York.


(e) George Hamilton: Born 12 January 1872 at Cherry Valley, New York.


(f) Walter Hamilton: Born 15 February 1875 at Cherry Valley, New York.Married Mary McMonigal (b. 3 Feb 1887 at Holyoke, MA) on 3 April 1907 at Granby, Massachusetts.


(g) Joseph Hayes Hamilton: Born 11 March 1877 at Cherry Valley, New York.Died there 15 April 1879.


(7) Mary Henry: Born 2 July 1843.Died 22 September 1849.


(8) Nancy Emily Henry: (Gay #936d) Born 25 August 1845 at Cherry Valley.Married 17 October 1866 to Myron Dougherty McIlwain (b. 10 Feb 1842).Nancy died 14 March 1902 at North Kortright, New York.She and Myron had the following children:


(a) Jessie Snyder McIlwain: Born 26 May 1867.


(b) John Henry McIlwain: Born 1 February 1869.


(c) Mary Elizabeth McIlwain: Born 8 October 1870.Married Alva Odell (b. 25 Jan 1863 at N. Kortright, N.Y.) on 11 November 1890 and had the following children, all born in North Kortright, New York:


[1. Frederick Dayton Odell: Born 2 February 1892.


[2. Hazel Augusta Odell: Born 7 December 1893.


[3. William Ralph Odell: Twin.Born 1 September 1896.


[4. Charles Raymond Odell: Twin.Born 1 September 1896.


[5. Alice Emily Odell: Born 11 March 1900.


[6. Marion Dorothy Odell: Born 5 May 1906.


(d) Orrin Granger McIlwain: Born 3 September 1872.Married Margaret Ellsworth (b. 20 Oct 1879 at Hobart, N.Y.) on 8 February 1899 and had the following children:


[1. Edna May McIlwain: Born 19 November 1899.


[2. Elsa Marguerite McILwain: Born 15 May 1902.


[3. Inez Ruth McIlwain: Born 31 August 1904.


[4. Mildred Dorine McIlwain: Born 25 July 1906.


(e) William Danverse McIlwain: Born 14 June 1874.Married Lena Hand (b. 9 Mar 1883) at Delhi, New York and had the following children:


[1. Maurice John McIlwain: Born 4 July 1901.


[2. Ethel Frances McIlwain: Born 9 February 1903.


(f) Anna Maria McIlwain: Born 18 April 1876.Married Edmund Leal Graff (b. 24 Aug 1870) on 31 December 1902 at N. Kortright, New York and had the following daughter:


[1. Harriet Emily Graff: Born 22 November 1903.


(g) Lydia Scott McIlwain: Born 18 July 1878.Married Robert Henderson Mackey (b. 18 Feb 1875) on 3 September 1902 at N. Kortright, New York and had the following children:


[1. Frances Emily Mackey: Born 3 August 1905.


[2. Myron Ferdinand Mackey: Born 13 April 1907.


[3. Robert Mackey: Born 23 June 1908.


(h) Fannie Electa McIlwain: Born 17 September 1880.


(i) Alice Adella McIlwain: Born 12 April 1882.


(j) Charles Edward McIlwain: Born 25 April 1885.


(k) Robert Monteith McIlwain: Born 20 March 1887.Died 10 December 1894.


(9) Eunice Henry: (Gay #936e) Born 12 May 1847 at Troy, New York.Married 8 October 1865 to Jerry Duly (b. 4 Mar 1842 at Jersey City, N.J.).Eunice died 3 May 1903 at Jersey City.She and Jerry had the following children:


(a) George Walter Duly: Born 10 January 1875 at Jersey City, New Jersey.


(b) Maxwell Duly: Born 30 July 1881 at Jersey City, New Jersey.


(10) Marion Francis Henry: Born 27 April 1850.Married 24 December 1868 to George Orrin Granger.


(c. William Drake: (Gay #632) Born 12 June 1812 at Sharon, New York.Married 22 February 1835 at Sharon Springs to Nancy Ann Bond (b. 26 Oct 1817 in VT, d. 17 Apr 1885 at Kingsland, MI), daughter of Calvin and Nancy Ann (Wood) Bond.William died 9 February 1894 at Kingsland, Michigan.He and Nancy had the following children:


(1) Eliza Ann Drake: Born 6 January 1836 at Sharon, New York.Died 16 September 1850 at Jackson, Michigan.


(2) Nancy Emily Drake: Born 7 July 1837 at Sharon.Married 16 August 1856 at Jackson City, Michigan to Winfield S. Wellman (b. 7 Nov 1825 at Elery, Lorain County, OH).Nancy died 4 October 1896.


(3) Charlotte Drake: Born 28 October 1838 at Sharon.Died 12 November 1838.


(4) Calvin William Drake: Born 7 March 1840 at Cherry Valley.Died 20 January 1842.


(5) William Salmon Drake, Jr.: Born 19 March 1842 at Cherry Valley.Died 30 March 1842.


(6) Mary Ellen Drake: (Gay #937) Born 22 February 1844 at Onondaga, Michigan.Married 23 August 1863 at Mason, Michigan to William Ellsworth Henry (b. 16 Feb 1838) at Leone, Jackson County, Michigan.Mary died 9 March 1903 at Aurelius, Michigan.She and William had the following children:


(a) Carrie May Ellsworth: Born 3 August 1864.Married John Henry Hyatt (b. 15 Sep 1863 at Benton, Yates Co., N.Y.) on 6 October 1885 at Aurelius, Michigan and had the following children:


[1. Hazel May Hyatt: Born 24 June 1889 at Eaton Rapids, Michigan.


[2. Roy Henry Hyatt: Born 5 July 1891 at Eaton Rapids, Michigan.


[3. Frederic Hyatt: Born 9 March 1906 at Brookfield, Michigan.


(b) William Albert Ellsworth: Born 29 June 1866 at Onondaga, Michigan.Married Charlotte Cross (b. 11 Dec 1871 at Liberty, OH) on 28 November 1890 at Mason, Michigan and had the following children:


[1. Meda Belle Ellsworth: Born 29 August 1894 at Eaton Rapids, Michigan.


[2. Lewis Ellsworth: Born 5 March 1898 at Eaton Rapids, Michigan.


[3. Nellie May Ellsworth: Born 13 January 1904 at Hamlin, Michigan.


(c) Albert Ellsworth: Born 14 March 1869 at Onondaga, Michigan.Married Maude E. Battley (b. 2 Jan 1873) at Onondaga, MI) on 2 Mar 1892 at Mason, Michigan and had the following children:


[1. Lysle Dayton Ellsworth: Born 30 June 1893 at Onondaga, Michigan.


[2. Harold Battley Ellsworth: Born 28 April 1897 at Aurelius, Michigan.Died 18 April 1899.


[3. Muriel Marie Ellsworth: Born 23 Oct (?) at Aurelius, Michigan.


[4. Marian A. Ellsworth: Born 7 June 1903 at Onondaga, Michigan.


(d) Frederick Lewis Ellsworth: Born 19 September 1879 at Aurelius, Michigan.Married Augusta J. Lundberg (b. 11 Mar 1880) on 24 December 1902 at Aurelius, Michigan and had the following children, all born at Aurelius, Michigan:


[1. Vern Lewis Ellsworth: Born 10 November 1905.


[2. Ivan William Ellsworth: Born 1 January 1907.


[3. Carl Augustus Ellsworth: Born 10 November 1908.


(7) Salmon Drake: (Gay #938) Born 14 November 1846 at Aurelius, Michigan.Married 25 April 1871 at Eaton Rapids, Michigan to Effie Olive Stoddard Follett (b. 2 Nov 1847 at Mendon, St. Joseph County, MI).Salmon and Effie had the following children:


(a) Julia Eliza Drake: (Gay #1170) Born 28 January 1872 at Eaton Rapids, Michigan.Married Charles Clay Lease (b. 7 Aug 1866 at Fremont, OH) on 9 November 1890 at Eaton Rapids and had the following children, all born at Eaton Rapids, Michigan:


[1. Fannie May Drake: Born 2 March 1892.


[2. Donald Ortho Drake: Born 12 December 1894.


[3. Jesse Vern Drake: Born 13 February 1899.Died 16 March 1900 at Fremont, Ohio.


[4. Roscoe Charles Drake: Born 9 December 1902.


[5. Louella Effie Rowena Drake: Born 6 December 1905.


[6. Everett Onley Drake: Born 17 August 1908.


(b) Jennie Effie Drake: (Gay #1171) Born 19 June 1873 at Eaton Rapids, Michigan.


(c) Minnie May Drake: (Gay #1172) Born 20 August 1876 at Eaton Rapids, Michigan.


(d) Mabel Ann Drake: Born 22 December 1878 at Eaton Rapids, Michigan.Died there 5 November 1880.


(8) Esther Rosetta Drake: (Gay #939) Born 29 June 1852 at Jackson, Michigan.Married 17 November 1871 at Kingsland, Michigan to William Griffith (b. 6 Dec 1850 at Liberty, OH).Esther died 10 December 1876 at Dimondale, Michigan.


(d. Albert Drake: (Gay #633) Born 8 January 1816 at Cherry Valley.Married 2 May 1838 at Cooperstown, New York to Elizabeth Nash (b. 2 May 1814 at Cooperstown, d. 13 Sep 1887 at Cherry Valley (Sharon?)), daughter of Ezra and Elizabeth (Sherman) Nash.Albert died at Sharon, New York on 26 January 1882.He and Elizabeth had the following children:


(1) Cornelia Ann Drake: (Gay #940) Born 8 August 1839 at Sharon.Married 19 November 1864 to William R. Barrett (b. 4 Jan 1838 at Canajoharie, d. 1 Jun 1892 at Canajoharie).Cornelia and William had the following children:


(a) Albert Barrett: Born 15 January 1870.Married Ida May Dillenbeek (b. 20 Jan 1878 at Palatine, N.Y.), daughter of Joshua and Mary (Warren) Dillenbeek, on 1 November 1894 at Palatine, New York.


(b) Garey Edward Barrett: Born 7 August 1872 at Canajoharie, New York.Died 13 December 1892.


(c) Isabella Barrett: Born 17 January 1874 at Canajoharie, New York.


(d) Charles Wheeler Barrett: Born 9 February 1883.


(2) Melvin David Drake: (Gay #941) Born 17 July 1841 at Cherry Valley, New York.Married 25 June 1865 at Cherry Valley to Elizabeth Ferguson (b. 26 Jan 1839 at East Springfield, N.Y.), daughter of James K. and Eliza Ann (Roosa/Rose) Ferguson of East Springfield.Melvin and Elizabeth had the following children:


(a) Jane/James Sanford Drake: Born 27 April 1867 at Tonia, Michigan.Died 6 December 1867 at East Springfield, New York.


(b) Adelaide Roosa Drake: (Gay #1173) Born 31 January 1870 at East Springfield, New York.Married Howard Farwell Welch (b. 8 Oct 1866 at Boston, MA) on 7 May 1888 at Richfield Springs, New York.


(c) Harriet Ferguson Drake: (Gay #1174) Born 4 February 1873 at East Springfield, New York.


(3) Edwin Joel Drake: (Gay #942) Born 15 August 1844 at Sharon.Served in the Civil War.Died 15 December 1864 at City Point, Virginia.


(4) Walter Knelan Drake: (Gay #943) Born 13 December 1847 at Sharon.Married 8 May 1872 at Center Valley, New York to Ellen Engell (b. 29 Jul 1853 at Center Valley, d. 1911), daughter of Adam and Eliza (Planek) Engell.Walter's homestead was the old Drake homestead, seven miles from Cherry Valley and half a mile from Leesville, Town of Sharon.Walter and Ellen had the following children:


(a) Florence Engell Drake: Born 15 September 1873 at Center Valley, New York.Died 14 November 1874.


(b) Lillian Engell Drake: (Gay #1175) Born 31 July 1880 at Center Valley, New York.Married Bertrand Albert Browne on 29 July 1903 at Sharon Springs, New York and had the following daughter:


[1. Iona Lillian Browne: Born 10 May 1904 at Yonkers, New York.


(c) Delpha Alvira Drake: (Gay #1176) Born 13 July 1884.Married Paul Bernhard Mertching (b. 23 July 1873 at Brandenburg, Germany), son of August and Karoline Mertching, in October 1901 at Sharon Springs, New York.


(5) Helen Elizabeth Drake: Born 14 April 1852 at Sharon.Died 17 May 1916.


(6) Albert Nash Drake: Born 4 February 1853 at Sharon.Married 18 November 1875 to Mary E. Keller (d. 31 Mar 1881) of Spout Brook, New York.Albert died 11 May 1905.He and Mary had the following son:


(a) Peter E. Drake: Born 3 March 1881.


(7) Mary Violetta Drake: (Gay #944) Born 29 June 1855 at Sharon, New York.Married 5 February 1874 to Wesley C. Ough (b. 20 Apr 1854) of Sprout Brook, New York.Mary and Wesley had the following children:


(a) Helen Elizabeth Ough: Born 16 October 1880 at Sharon New York.Married Gifford J. McFree (b. 9 Feb 1879, d. 27 Apr 1908) of Cherry Valley on 17 January 1900 and had the following son:


[1. Wesley McFree: Born 1 July 1901.Died 19 January 1902.


(b) Angie C. Ough: Born 29 November 1881 at Sharon Springs, New York.Married Romaine Hone (b. 20 Mar 1881) of Sharon Springs on 17 December 1902 and had the following children:


[1. Raymond Wesley Hone: Born 30 December 1903.


[2. Blanche S. Hone: Born 22 November 1905.


(c) Blanche S. Ough: Born 23 April 1890 at Sharon, New York.


(e. Sarah Anna Drake: (Gay #634) Born 23 February 1823 at Cherry Valley.Married 10 February 1840 to Joseph Babcock Barber (b. 10 Jan 1814 at Granby, CN, d. 27 Jan 1880 at Palermo, age 66), son of Thomas and Eunice (Babcock) Barber.Sarah died 22 December 1882 (age 59) at Palermo, New York.She and Joseph had the following children:


(1) Josie Rosetta Barber: (Gay #945a) Born 10 March 1841 at Cherry Valley.Married 25 July 1860 at Camden, New York to Evan Theodore Roberts (b. 4 Feb 1838 at Utica, N.Y.), son of Owen and Catherine (Jones) Roberts.Josie died 7 June 1870 at St. Joseph, Michigan, age 29.She and Evan had 2 children.


(2) B.W. Gorham Barber: Born 10 February 1843 at Cherry Valley.Was killed by Indians on the frontier at the close of the Civil War.


(3) Eunice Adelaide Barber: Born 6 January 1845 at Oneida Castle, New York.Was a resident of Ithaca, New York.


(4) Sarah Emily Barber: (Gay #945b) Born 13 March 1847 at Clinton, New York.Married 26 November 1871 at Gilbert Mills, New York to Nicholas Robert Bell (b. 19 Feb 1847 at Roosevelt, N.Y.), son of Robert and Jane (Cline) Bell.Sarah and Nicholas had the following children:


(a) Howard Robert Bell: Born 14 October 1878 at Gilbert Mills, New York.Married Ida Rosetta Snyder (b. 25 Nov 1876) at Syracuse, N.Y.), daughter of Henry and Mary Eva (Halles) Snyder, on 27 February 1903 at Gilbert Mills.


(b) Bertha Emily Bell: Born 17 March 1883 at Syracuse, New York.Married Dr. John Charles Benz (b. 18 Oct 1872 at Oswego, N.Y.), son of George S. and Sophia (Copple) Benz, on 29 November 1909.


(5) Joseph Wallace Barber: Born 6 August 1849 at Clinton.Married 26 November 1889 at Atchison, Kansas to Olive L. FitzPatrick (b. 7 Jul 1859).They resided at Vinemouth, Alabama.


(6) William Thomas Barber: Born 17 February 1851 at Clinton.Died 28 June 1873, age 22, and is buried at Fulton, New York.


(7) Cyril Danverse Barber: (Gay #945c) Born 29 March 1853.Married 25 January 1882 at Whitehall, Michigan to Mary Estelle Bush (b. 27 Jun 1862), daughter of Reverend John L. and Sophia Bush.Cyril and Mary had the following daughter:


(a) Gladys Sophia Barber: Born 27 July 1883 at Whitehall, Michigan.Married Frank R. Joslyn (b. 14 Jan 1880) of Maneelona, Michigan on 11 June 1902 and had the following children:


[1. Malcom Frank Joslyn: Born 4 May 1903 at Maneelona, Michigan.


[2. Kathleen Merieede Joslyn: Born 12 August 1906 at Alanson, Michigan.


(8) Ellen Carolyn Barber: (Gay #945d) Born 11 October 1854 at Camden, New York.Married 18 August 1872 at Parish, New York to Arthur Francis Clement (b. 4 Oct 1848 at Lowell, MA), son of Benjamin and Phidelia (Bachelor) Clement.Ellen and Arthur had the following children:


(a) Eugenia Mae Clement: Born 1 June 1873.Married Milo Albert Graves (b. 19 Apr 1874 at Palermo, N.Y.), son of Albert and Mary (Post)Graves, on 29 June 1898 at Hastings, Hew York and had the following children, all born in Mexico, New York:


[1. Howard Milo Graves: Born 26 March 1903.


[2. Dorothy Eugenia Graves: Born 30 December 1905.Died 1 January 1906.


[3. Donald Arthur Graves: Twin.Born 3 June 1908.


[4. Wesley Albert Graves: Twin.Born 3 June 1908.


(b) Gertrude Blonde Clement.


(c) Bertha Gertrude Clement.


(9) Charles Wesley Barber: Born 1 March 1856 at Camden.Married 18 October 1881 to Mary Grace Bauder, daughter of Ezra and Nancy Bauder of Syracuse, New York.


(10) Rancis Asbury Barber: Born 17 April 1858 at Camden, New York.Died 30 November 1862.


(11) Mary Estella Barber: Born 4 August 1860 at Camden.Died 3 September 1861.


(12) Lillian Ayers (Agnes) Barber: (Gay #945e) Born 7 July 1862 at Camden.Married 11 November 1885 at Chicago, Illinois to John Chase McNeal (b. 8 Oct 1864 at Barnstead, N.H.), son of Dr. Woodbury and Adelaide (Moulton) McNeal.Lillian and John had the following children:


(a) John Wallace McNeal: Born 6 September 1886 at Chicago, Illinois.Died 11 May 1888.


(b) Earl McNeal: Born 17 March 1888 at Chicago, Illinois.


(c) Ruth McNeal: Born 15 March 1891 at Lincoln, Nebraska.


(d) Ida Lillian McNeal: Born 6 August 1893 at Chicago, Illinois.Died 22 October 1894.


(13) Anna Maude Barber: (Gay #945f) Born 17 April 1865 at Camden.Married 16 October 1884 at Oswego, New York to Edwin Sumner Colman (b. 25 Nov 1863 at Milton, N.Y., d. 2 Nov 1891 at New Rochelle, N.Y.), son of Sumner O.F. and Anna (Newman) Colman.Anna and Edwin had the following children:


(a) Edwin Sumner Colman, Jr.: Born 10 December 1885 at Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York.


(b) Harry Hudson Colman: Born 26 September 1887 at Chicago, Illinois.


(f. Salmon Drake, Jr.: (Gay #635) Twin. Born 25 March 1824 at Cherry Valley.Married 29 September 1846 to Mary S. Leaming (b. 17 Oct 1826 at Springfield, N.Y.), daughter of William and Frances Leaming of England.Salmon served in the Civil War and died 27 February 1865 at Bermuda Hundred Hospital, Point-of-Rocks, Maryland.He and Mary had the following children:


(1) Marion Frances Drake: (Gay #946) Born 27 November 1847/48 at Cherry Valley.Married 20 December 1867 to Andrew Burton (b. 1 Dec 1846).


(2) William Leander Drake: (Gay #947) Born 24/27 February 1849/50 at Cherry Valley.Married 16 November 1870 to Isabel Farling (b. 4 Sep 1849) of Troy, New York.William was the President of Troy Stove Works.He died in March 1916 at Troy.William and Isabel had the following children:


(a) Mary Ellizabeth Drake: (Gay #1177) Born 23 January 1872 at Troy, New York.Married Frederic Wetmore (b. 1 Aug 1872) on 7 June 1899 and had the following son:


[1. Harlow Wetmore: Born 19 June 1903/5 at Troy, New York.


(b) William Oliver Drake: (Gay #1178) Born 2 March 1874/3 at Troy, New York.In 1911 became City Engineer for the City of Corning, New York.Married Anna M. Griffith (b. 18 Aug 1876 at Elmira, N.Y.), daughter of David H. and Elizabeth (Thomas) Griffith, on 16 October 1907 at Elmira, New York.


(3) Ida Mary (Nancy) Drake: (Gay #948) Born 15 March 1852 at Cherry Valley.Married 20 October 1868 to George Webster (b. 16 Sep 1848) of Cooperstown, New York.Ida died 22 December 1912.She and George had the following children:


(a) Louis Elmer Webster: Born 25 July 1871 at Cooperstown, New York.Married Anna Fay of New York City on 5 November 1892 and had the following son:


[1. Edward Garey Webster: Born 18 September 1893.


(b) William Howard Webster: Born 12 October 1877 at Cooperstown, New York.Married Maria Shannon of New York City on 27 April 1908 at New York City.


(4) Wallace Drake: (Gay #949) Born 27/29 August 1854.Married in August 1875 to Annetta Bastian.Wallace died in April 1920 at Cherry Valley.


(5) Emma Sabina Drake: (Gay #950) Born 27 March 1856 at Cherry Valley.Married 27 March 1881 to William Bumstead (b. 20 Feb 1848 at Troy).Emma died in May 1921 at Troy.She and William had the following children:


(a) Bertha May Bumstead: Born 13 July 1884 at Troy, New York.Died 22 October 1918.


(b) Ethel Frances Bumstead: Born 6 April 1888.


(c) Howard William Bumstead: Born 7 July 1890 at Troy, New York.


(d) Mary Naomi Bumstead: Born 7 December 1892 at Troy, New York.


(6) Percival Eugene Drake: (Gay #951) Born 29 May 1858 at Cherry Valley.Married 25/27 May 1879 at Troy to Mary Jane Farling (b. 9 Sep 1858).Percival and Mary had the following children:


(a) Charles Belding Drake: (Gay #1179) Born 12 September 1880.Married Harriet Elizabeth Warren (b. 15 Jul 1872 at Wolcott, VT), daughter of George Edward and Mary Rhoda (Hakes) Warren, on 12 September 1906 and had the following son:


[1. Warren Anderson Drake: Born 6 February 1908 at New York City.


(b) Ida Belle Drake: (Gay #1180) Born 1 September 1882.Married James Breecher of Troy, New York on 19 January 1904.


(c) Florence Eugenia Drake: (Gay #1181) Born 5 August 1884.


(d) William Henry Drake: (Gay #1182) Born 19 August 1887.


(e) Elsie Vivian Drake: (Gay #1183) Born 7 April 1889.


(f) Mary Estella Drake: (Gay #1184) Born 21 May 1891.


(g) Eugene Percival Drake: (Gay #1185) Born 13 July 1893.


(7) Mary Estella Drake: (Gay #952) Born 26 July 1860.Married 12 September 1880 at Cherry Valley to Edward Seymour McFarran (b. 15 Jul 1860, d. 11 Jul 1918).


(8) Thomas Ashton Drake: (Gay #953) Born 4 June 1862.Married in September 1883 to Mary Shaffer.Thomas and Mary had the following son:


(a) Leroy Drake: Born November 1885.


(9) Salmon Danverse Drake, III: (Gay #954) Born 25 October 1864 at Cherry Valley.Married 10 February 1890 at New York City to Margaret Seymour McFarran (b. 28 Nov 1860 at New York).Salmon died 21 September 1893 at Troy, New York.


(g. Nancy Emily Drake: (Gay #636) Twin. Born 25 March 1824 at Cherry Valley.Married 20 February 1847 at Oneida Castle, New York to Walter Hinkley Dana (b. 24 Apr 1823 at Cobleskill, N.Y., d. 1 May 1879 at Utica, N.Y.), son of Alvin and Ruth (Gibson) Dana.Nancy died 20 December 1854.She and Walter are buried at Camden, New York.The had the following children:


(1) George Walter Dana: Born 26 October 1848 at Oneida Castle, New York.Died 6 November 1849.


(2) Emily Alice Dana: Born 13 February 1852 at Clinton, New York.Died 14 April 1853.


(3) Nancy Emily Dana:Born 12 December 1854 at Camden, New York.Married 20 December 1881 at Utica, New York to George Edward Tournay (b. 13 Jul 1853 at Hythe, England), son of William and Sarah (Marshall) Tournay.Nancy and George had the following children:


(a) Irving Dana Tournay: Born 21 January 1884 at Deerfield, New York.


(b) William Edward Tournay: Born 10 October 1887 at Utica, New York.


(c) Arthur Stanley Tournay: Born 24 March 1891 at Utica, New York.


(h. Danvers Dana Drake: (Gay #637) Born 27 March 1830 at Cherry Valley.Died 1 October 1892 at Ovid, New York, unmarried.


(4. Private Justus Drake #2: (Gay #339) Born 7 March 1782 at Stafford, Connecticut.He was a Private during the War of 1812.At the time of the 1820 U.S. Census he was the head of a family of 9 in Guilford, New York (ref 77).By the time of the 1850 U.S. Census he was 68 years old, had a wife named Sally (b. in CN, age 69), and resided in Norwich, Chenango County, New York (ref 77).Justus died at Oxford, Chenango County, New York on 19 May 1865.According to the Surrogate's records of Chenango County in 1865, Justus and Sally had the following children:


(a. Sally Drake: (Gay #638) Born approximately 1796 (age 69 subtracted from 1865 Surrogate's record).Married Simeon Sanders and lived at Smithville, Chenango County, New York.This conflicts with the 1850 U.S. Census, below, which listed her as 45 years old, making her birth approximately 1805.


1850 U.S. Census: Age 45 and living in the household of Justus Drake.Other members of the household included: Simeon Sanders, Jr. (age 28, b. in CN, laborer); Franklin Sanders (age 17, b. in N.Y., farmer); Leonard Sanders (age 17, b. in N.Y.); and Maria Sanders (age 7, b. in N.Y.), probably Sally's children.


(b. Justus M. Drake, Jr.: (Gay #639) Born approximately 1798 (age 67 subtracted from 1865).Lived at Humphrey, Cattaraugus County, New York.


(c. Zeba Lyman Drake: (Gay #640) Born approximately 1800 (age 65 subtracted from 1865).Married Laura Hudson.In 1850 they were living in Norwich, New York (ref 77).Zeba was age 50, and Laura was age 45, which conflicts with the Surrogate's Records.In 1865 Zeba lived at Oxford, New York.Zeba and Laura had the following children:


(1) Lucina Drake: (Gay #955) Born approximately 1838.


(2) Francis Drake: (Gay #956) Born approximately 1840.


(3) Zeba Lyman Drake, Jr.: (Gay #957) Born June 1842.Married Emma Adelia Bennett (b. 1843, d. 22 Dec 1920) on 13 May 1864.Lived a number of years in Oxford, New York.At the time of the 1870 U.S. Census Zeba was 27 years old and living in Oxford married to Emma, age 26.In 1923 Zeba L. Drake was living with his youngest daughter in Union, New York.They had the following children:


(a) Ellen Drake: (Gay #1186) Born 14 September 1865.Married Fred Fox.


(b) Carrie Drake: (Gay #1187) Born 27 July 1868.Married a man named Delstine.


(c) Clarence Edward Drake: (Gay #1188) Born 1878.Died 15 September 1922.


(d) Anna Louise Drake: (Gay #1189) Born 18 October 1880.Married a man named Burleson.


(e) Ernest Leon Drake: (Gay #1190) Born 26 June 1883.


(f) Three additional children died very young.


(4) Lester Drake: (Gay #958) Born approximately 1844.


(5) Harriet Drake: (Gay #959) Born approximately 1846.


(6) Delia Drake: (Gay #960) Born approximately 1848.By 1870 Delia had married John Sexton (age 23) and had the following children:


(a) Harriet Sexton: Age 4.


(b) George Sexton: Age 2.


(7) Charles Drake: (Gay #961) Born in 1850.At the time of the 1880 U.S. Census Charles was 30 years old and residing in Oxford, New York with his wife, Josephine (age 29) and the following children:


(a) Flora L. Drake: Age 5.


(b) Lillie M. Drake: Age 3.


(c) Fanny Drake: Age 8 months.


(8) Emma Drake: (Gay #962) Born approximately 1853.


(9) Mary Drake: (Gay #963) Born approximately 1856.


(10) Nelson Drake: (Gay #964) Born approximately 1858.


(d. Roswell A. Drake: (Gay #641) Born approximately 1802 (age 63 subtracted from 1865).Lived at Norwich, New York.


(e. Sylvester R. Drake: (Gay #642) Lived at Butternuts, Otsego County, New York.


(f. Lorinda Drake: (Gay #643) Born approximately 1805 (age 60 subtracted from 1865).This conflicts with the 1850 U.S. Census, which listed her as 33 years old and living at Norwich, New York.She married Simon May of Guilford, New York.In 1850 they had the following children:


(1) Franklin May:Age 14.


(2) Anna G. May: Age 5.


(g. Lodice Drake: (Gay #644) Born approximately 1807 (age 58 subtracted from 1865).This conflicts with the 1850 U.S. Census which listed her as 30 years old (ref 77).Married a Sanford and lived at Sanford, Broome County, New York.In 1850 Lodice was living with Lorinda (Drake) May, (6) above.


(5. Zeba Drake: (Gay #340) Born 8 October 1784.Married Anna Willis (?) (b. Apr 1785/8, d. 11 Dec 1877) of Mansfield, Connecticut.In 1851 he was a farmer in Stafford, Connecticut.Zeba died at Stafford on 9 May 1851.


1810 U.S. Census: Zeba was the head of a household in Stafford, Connecticut.Household included: 1 male 26-45, 1 female under 10, and 1 female 16-26.


1820 U.S. Census: Head of household in Stafford, Connecticut.Household included: 2 males under 10, 1 female under 10, 1 female 10-16, and 1 female 26-45.


1830 U.S. Census: No record found in Connecticut.


1840 U.S. Census: Head of a household in Tolland Township, Tolland County, Connecticut.


1850 U.S. Census: No record found in Connecticut.


Zeba and Anna had (among others) the following children:


(a. Almira Drake: (Gay #645) Born in 1818.Married 2 February 1834 to Orson Smith.Almira died in 1852.She and Orson had the following children:


(1) Orson A. Smith, Jr.: Born in 1834.Died in 1837.


(2) Zeba D. Smith: Born in 1837.Died in 1863.


(3) Amanda Smith: Born in 1842.Died in 1914.


(b. Julia Ann Drake: (Gay #646) Born 26 August 1824.Died 12 October 1826.


(6. Aaron Wilson Drake: (Gay #341) Born 25 August 1787.Married 31 March 1809 to Tirzah Kellogg (b. 14 Apr 1791 at Warren, MA, d. 11 Nov 1878 at Monson, MA), daughter of Medad and Anna (Brooks) Kellogg.Aaron was employed as a farmer in Stafford, Connecticut and was called "of Ellington" when his estate was probated in 1832.Aaron died on 30 May 1825.Tirzah married (2nd) 20 February 1827 to Elijah T. Bosworth, son of Joseph Bosworth of Roxbury, Massachusetts.


1820 U.S. Census: Aaron was the head of a household in Stafford, Connecticut.Household included: 2 males under 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 26-45, 2 females under 10, and 1 female 26-45.


Aaron and Tirzah had the following children:


(a. Colonel Levi Drake: (Gay #647) Born in March 1810.Married 21 August 1833 to Mary G. Ward (b. 11 Oct 1814, d. 15 Jan 1899), daughter of Eliphaz and Lydia (Grover) Ward.Levi died 16 November 1846 and is buried with his wife at Tolland.He and Mary had the following children:


(1) Jane Adela Drake: (Gay #965) Born 30 October 1834.Married Laurestin Taylor.Jane died at New Haven, Connecticut.She and Laurestin had at least 1 son:George Edward Meade Taylor.


(2) Martha Maria Drake: (Gay #966) Born 23 April 1836 at Tolland.Married 15 March 1855 at Rockville, Connecticut to Gardner Webster (b. 13 May 1831, d. 15 Jun 1909), son of Milton and Sarah (Eddy) Webster.Gardner was a farmer.Martha died 2 February 1916 at Tolland, a well respected member of her church and community.She and Gardner had the following children:


(a) Jennie Eveline Webster: Born 20 November 1858.Died 22 May 1860.


(b) Alice Maria Webster: Born 22 January 1860.Married John L. Steel of Tolland, Connecticut.


(c) Ida Augusta Webster: Born 10 February 1864.Died August 1910.Married David Amos Brown on 24 March 1886.


(d) Adelena Gertrude Webster: Born 19 January 1866.Died 24 April 1873.


(e) Eva May Webster: Born 11 January 1869.Married Walter Pearson on 21 April 1897, resided in Harford, Connecticut, and had the following children:


[1. Mildred Inez Pearson: Born 7 March 1898.Married Edward Mason and had one daughter.


[2. Everett Webster Pearson: Born 4 July 1904.Married Mildred Champion and had one son.


(3) Alzina Evelyn Drake: (Gay #967) Born 31 January 1838.Married William Ruddy and lived in Holyoke, Massachusetts.Later they moved to California and had 6 children, including:


(a) Ernest Ruddy: Lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


(4) Charles Drake: (Gay #968) Born 21 November 1839/40 at Tolland.Married (1st) 27 July 1863 at Tolland to Mary Frances Webster (b. 28 Aug 1844, d. 15 Jun 1874), daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Webster.†† Married (2nd) Helen Smith (d. in Mar 1919 at Excelsior, MN) of Holyoke, Massachusetts.Served in the Civil War.Charles died 30/31 May 1894/7 at Manchester, Connecticut.He and Mary had the following children:


(a) Minnie G. Drake: (Gay #1191) Born 2 July 1864 at Somers, Connecticut.Married Edwin E. Norman of Boston, Massachusetts and had three children.


(b) Levi Henry Drake: (Gay #1192) Born 7 May 1868 at Holyoke, Massachusetts.In 1919 was employed as an electro plater in Ansonia, Connecticut.Married Annie A. Clancy (b. 16 Nov 1868 at Holyoke) on 7 September 1895 at Holyoke and had the following children:


[1. Louis Irving Drake: Born 22 February 1899 at Holyoke, Massachusetts.Died August 1901 at West Cornwall, Connecticut.


[2. Vera Electa Drake: Born 11 March 1904.Died 19 March 1904 at West Cornwall, Connecicut.


[3. Three additional sons also died young.


(5) Henry Drake: (Gay #969) Born 2 November 1841.Married (1st) 9 October 1861, age 19, to Ellen E. Adams, age 14, of Willington.Married for a second time, but there were no reported children.Henry served in the Civil War and died 6 January 1900.


(6) Lucy Evelyn Drake: Born 28 September 1843.Died 5 July 1850.


(7) James S. Drake: (Gay #970) Born 4 June 1845.Enlisted in the Connecticut Volunteers on 14 July 1862 to participate in the Civil War.Was killed 4 December 1864 (age 19 years, 5 months) while a prisoner of war at Florence, South Carolina.


(8) Levi Drake, Jr.: (Gay #971) Born 13 May 1847 at Tolland.Married 25 May 1871 to Julia Pease, daughter of George and Elizabeth (McFall) Pease.Levi was a merchant and lived at 49 Kenyon street, Hartford.He died 9 July 1922 while on Summer vacation at Templeton, Massachusetts.Julia was still living in 1933.Levi and Julia had the following daughter:


(a) Edith Drake: Born 11 August 1878 at Manchester, Connecticut.Married Reverend Henry Quimby, Rector of St. Johnís Church in Lowell, Massachusetts, and had the following daughter:


[1. Edith Salisbury Quimby: Born 2 June 1904.Died 19 September 1904.Interred in Cedar Hill Cemetery, Hartford, Connecticut.


(b. Lester H. Drake: (Gay #648) Born 12 September 1812 at Tolland, Connecticut.Married 7 April 1833 to Phoebe Lucena (Lurena) Owen Eaton (d. 28 Nov 1908, age 91) of Mansfield, Connecticut.Lester died 17/24 December 1863.He and Phoebe had the following children:


(1) Sabra Sophia Drake: Born 21 September 1834.Died 17 August 1837.


(2) Adeline M. Drake: Born in 1836.Died 20 August 1837.


(3) Martha S. Drake: Born in 1838.Died 25 October 1838.


(4) Mary A. Drake: (Gay #972) Age 12 at the time of the 1850 U.S. Census for Tolland, Connecticut.Married Silas Ryder (b. 29 Oct 1832), son of Zelotes and Lydia (Bill) Ryder of Tolland.Mary died in 1933, age 95.She and Silas had the following children:


(a) Carrie L. Ryder: Born 1861.Married Frank Wood.


(b) Ellen M. Ryder: Born 13 December 1865.Married John Bowers and had the following son:


[1. Frank Bowers.


(c) Ada F. Ryder: Born 1968.Married a man named Kennedy.


(d) Marian Ryder: Married Robert Doyle and lived at Tolland, Connecticut.


(5) Roxanna Julia Drake: (Gay #972a) Born in 1840.Married 11 July 1861 to Joseph Webster (b. 1 Mar 1833), son of Milton and Sarah (Eddy) Webster of Stafford, Connecticut.Roxanna died 5 February 1872.She and Joseph had the following children:


(a) Lillian Irene Webster: Born 22 December 1864.Married Oscar Spencer.


(b) Jennie Verneda Webster: Born 22 June 1867.Married (1st) Frank Rood and had three children.Married (2nd) Clarence Risley.


(c) Estella Roxanna Webster: Twin.Born 4 February 1872. Died 25 July 1872.


(d) Adella Julia Webster: Twin.Born 4 February 1872.Died 1 August 1872.


(6) Elizabeth L. Drake: (Gay #973) Born 2 October 1848.


(7) George Drake: Born 14 January 1854.Died unmarried.


(c. Sophia Ann Drake: (Gay #649) Born 26 October 1814.Married 30 November 1837 to Asahel Milton Smith of Somers.Sophia died in October 1848.She and Asahel had six children.


(d. Frances Drake: (Gay #650) Born 20 October 1816.Died in May 1835, unmarried.


(e. Tirzah Arona Drake: (Gay #651) Born 23 June 1820.Married 21 April 1839 to Henry Symonds (d. 9 Feb 1858, age 40, at Vernon) of Vernon, Connecticut.Tirzah and Henry are buried at Talcottville.They had the following children:


(1) Frances H. Symonds.


(2) Leonora A. Symonds.


(f. China (Phina) Arvilla Drake: (Gay #652) Born 24 September 1822.Married 2 June 1841 to Joseph Nelson Moulton of Wales, Massachusetts.China and Joseph lived in North Amherst, Ohio and had ten children.


(g. Bethia Ameretta Drake: (Gay #653) Born 5 February 1824.Married 27 November 1845 to Samuel Park Strong (b. in Oct 1823) of Andover, Connecticut.


(7. Alge L. Drake: (Gay #342) Born approximately 1790.Married Zipha (?) (b. approx. 1798).At the time of the 1850 U.S. Census, Alge was 60 years old and employed as a laborer in Warren, Herkimer County, New York; Zipha was age 52, and both were born in Connecticut (ref 77).In 1855 he was living in Roseboom, New York.Alge and Zipha had the following children:


(a. Chester Drake: (Gay #655) Lived in Corning, New York.Had the following children:


(1) Elizabeth Drake: Married a Webster and lived in Cooperstown, New York.


(2) Nellie Drake: Married a Bleu and lived in Corning, New York.


(b. Alonzo Drake: (Gay #656) Born in New York approximately 1832 (age 18 in 1850).Married a Heuse.


(c. Almira Drake: (Gay #657) Born in New York approximately 1834 (age 16 in 1850).Married a Hucklebone.


(d. Elizabeth Drake: (Gay #658) Married Addison Sherman.She and Addison lived in Roseboom, New York and had a daughter: Mrs. Jesse Snyder.


(8. Sally Drake: (Gay #343) Married William (Elisha) Ellis.


e. Jonah Drake (Gay #170)


Born 6 August 1747 at Stafford, Connecticut, Jonah married Sarah Ward, daughter of John and Abigail (Walker) Ward on 9 October 1768 at Stafford.They resided there several years; their first two children were probably born there.The third was born at Union, Connecticut.Jonah was admitted to the church in Union 5 June 1774, and he served in the Revolutionary War while living there.On 16 March 1805 Jonah sold his home to Lydia Drake of Belchertown and Mary Drake of Deerfield, Massachusetts.Sarah died at Belchertown, Massachusetts on 4 October 1828, aged 88.Jonah died at Deerfield on 20 October 1831, aged 86.


1790 U.S. Census: Jonah was the head of a household in Belchertown, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.Household included 1 male over 16 years old (Jonah) and 5 females.


1800 U.S. Census: Head of household in Belchertown, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.Household included 1 male under 10 years old, 1 male over 45, 1 female 16 to 26, and 1 female over 45 years old.


1810 U.S. Census: No record found.


1820 U.S. Census: Head of household in Belchertown, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.Household included: 1 male over 45, 1 female 26-45, and 1 female over 45.One member of the household was engaged in agriculture.


1830 U.S. Census: No record found.Probably living with one of his children.


Jonah and Sarah had the following children:


(1. Abigail Drake: (Gay #344) Born 1 March 1770.Married Caleb Hannum.


(2. Penelope Drake: (Gay #345) Married Nathan Washburn.


(3. Lydia Drake: (Gay #346) Born 1776.Married Simeon Fiske.


(4. Molly Drake: (Gay #347) Born 17 April 1780.Married Joseph Fiske.


(5. Hannah Drake: (Gay #348) Born 27 February 1781.Married 28 December 1802 at Belchertown, Massachusetts to William N. Moores.They lived in Belchertown and had the following children:


(a. Emily Moores: Born 24 August 1805.


(b. Harrison Moores: Born 8 March 1808.


(c. Arabella Moores: Born 26 November 1809.


(d. Sophia Allen Moores: Born 20 December 1811.


(e. Mary Ann Almira Moores: Twin.Born 20 December 1814.


(f. Mary Ann Eloira Moores: Twin.Born 20 December 1814.


(g. Julia Ann Moores: Born 28 February 1817.Died 12 September 1843, age 26.


(h. Nancy Josephine Moores: Born 12 March 1819.


f. Moses Drake (Gay #171)


Born 2 April 1749.Died 8 March 1816, age 67.The 1800 U.S. Census lists a Moses Drake and his son, Moses, Jr., as heads of households in Westfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts (ref 34c).The Moses, Sr. household included 1 male over 45, 1 female 10 to 16, 2 females 26 to 45, and 1 female over 45.Another Moses Drake was the head of a household in East Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.That household included 1 male over 45 and 1 female over 45.


g. Aaron Drake (Gay #172)


Born 13 April 1751.Died 16 January 1777.


6. U.S. Census Records:


1790: None found.


1800: None found


7. Biographical notes:


Born 18 April 1710/11 at Windsor, Connecticut, Josiah might well have been named for his maternal grandfather, Josiah Barber.


On 22 December 1757 Josiah Drake purchased seventy acres of land in Stafford, Connecticut (about 20 miles northeast of Windsor) and resided in that town for a number of years.On 29 December 1757 he sold his land and house, also one-half interest in a saw mill and grist mill on Hockanum River, called Drake's Mill.


It seems probable Josiah accompanied his son, Josiah Drake, Jr., to Buckland, Massachusetts (straight up the CN River and about 15 miles west of Greenfield, Connecticut in Franklin County) about 1744, and is the "Deacon Drake" whose death is entered on the records of the Congregational Church at Ashford, Massachusetts as 6 November 1808, aged 97 years, 8 months.A Josiah Drake (probably Josiah, Jr.) of Stafford, Connecticut is recorded as having stated he was of "the Baptist Church, at Stafford, under the care of Noah Alden" and prayed in May 1767 to be exempted from taxes for his support of the established ministry.


Note:Religious intolerance may well have been a principle reason for Josiah's north and westward migration.He seems to have shared similar Baptist beliefs with his brother, Nathaniel, Jr. and Nathaniel's sons: Nathaniel III, Shubael, and Simeon.


*Note: References throughout are to the numbers assigned to people by Alice M. Gay in The Descendants of John Drake of Windsor Connecticut, published in 1933.



REFERENCES: 1,77,107,136



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