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John Drake I of Windsor, Connecticut

John Drake II - Gen 2

Enoch Drake - Gen 3

Nathanial Drake - Gen 4

Josiah Drake I - Gen 5

Josiah Drake II - Gen 6

Josiah Drake III - Gen 7

Ziba Drake - Gen 8

Almond Drake - Gen 9

George Edgar Drake I - Gen 10

Almond Henry Drake - Gen 11

Ekard Almond Drake - Gen 12

Dorothy Elizabeth Cowen - Gen 12


Katherine Elizabeth (Drake) Bird (1951 - )



Drake Generation 13 in America

Descendant # 2.3


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1.  Kathy’s parents: Ekard Almond and Dorothy Elizabeth (Cowen) Drake


2.  Kathy’s birth: 1951 at the House of the Good Samaritan Hospital, Watertown, Jefferson County, New York.


3a. Kathy’s 1st marriage:


Photo Substitute


a.  To whom: John Charles Seaman (photos) (more info)


(1)  John’s parents: James Adrian and Miram June (Fickes) Seaman, who owned and operated a family farm on route 26 (Martin Street Road) outside West Carthage, Jefferson County, New York.


(2)  John’s birth: 15 April 1952 at West Carthage Hospital, West Carthage, Jefferson County, New York.


John’s death: At home in Salcha, Alaska from a heart attack at 1:45 AM on Monday, 14 April 1997; interred Birch Hill Cemetery (VFW section), Fairbanks, Alaska.  Complaining of feeling strange and having a pain in the arm that day, John got out of bed to go to the bathroom and collapsed while walking back to bed.


b.  Date & location: 1973 at Grace Episcopal Church in Carthage, Wilna Township, Jefferson County, New York.  John’s brother, James Sterling Seaman of Fairborn, Ohio, was his Best Man.


c.  Children:


(1)  Michael Sterling Seaman: Born 10 October 1975.


(2)  Aimee Elizabeth Seaman: Born 1977.


(3)  Katie Marie Seaman: Born 1980.


3b. Kathy’s 2nd marriage:


Photo Substitute


a.  To whom: Robert George Bird (photos) of North Pole, Alaska.



(1) Bob’s parents: 


(2) Bob’s birth date and location: 1947 at Cleveland, Ohio.


b. Marriage #2 date & location: 2005 at the New Hope Methodist-Presbyterian Church, 2371 Bradway Road, North Pole, Alaska.


4.  Last known state of residence for Kathy: Alaska



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