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Lorenzo Dow Drake (1925 - 1977)


Drake Generation 12 in America

Descendant # 5


Drake, Lorenzo Dow 1956, 25 Aug & Ann Marlene (Gates)(Richards) wedding 8 (96) #.jpg


1.  Lorenzo’s parents: Almond Henry and Roxanna (Cool) Drake


2.  Lorenzo’s birth:  24 October 1925 at home on the family farm about two miles from Evans Mills and one mile from LeRaysville on what is now Route 26 in the Town of LeRay, Jefferson County, New York.


Lorenzo’s death:  13 January 1978, age 52, at the  House of the Good Samaritan Hospital, Watertown, Jefferson County, New York from a stroke and brain hemorrhage, perhaps precipitated by a blow to the head several months before while working part time at Dobbins Auto Salvage in Adams, New York.  While walking between two vehicles being salvaged, a part flew up and struck Lorenzo in the back of the head.  The autopsy revealed damage to his brain stem, supporting the head trauma theory.  Lorenzo's son, Terry, came home from work in the late afternoon and was unable to wake his father.  Terry immediately called for an ambulance, and Lorenzo was rushed to the hospital.  Holes were drilled in his skull to relieve pressure on the brain, but he never regained consciousness, and died a few days later.


Of interest, Lorenzo's daughter, Sue, reported she was unaware of any symptoms preceding the attack.  However, Lorenzo's brother, Ekard, said he saw a general lack of energy in Lorenzo's demeanor in the weeks preceding the attack and confronted him one day with the question: "What the hell is wrong with you?", to which Lorenzo replied: "I don't know, but I suspect that by the time the doctors figure it out, I'll be dead!"  Of related interest, Sue said Lorenzo had been diagnosed as having bone cancer (leg; shin area) a few weeks before the attack, and that problem may have been preceded by skin cancer; treatment had not begun.  Interment was in the George Edgar Drake plot in the newer portion of the Evans Mills Cemetery, Evans Mills, LeRay Township, Jefferson County, New York.


3.  Lorenzo’s formal education:




School Name, Location, Diploma/Degree



LeRaysville Elementary School, LeRaysville, Jefferson County, New York.



Evans Mills Elementary School, Evans Mills, Jefferson County, New York.



Evans Mills High School, Evans Mills, Jefferson County, New York. 



Union Academy of Belleville, Belleville, Jefferson County, New York; state diploma.


4.  Lorenzo’s marriage:


a.  To whom: Ann Marlene (Gates) Richards of West Carthage, Jefferson County, New York.


Note: known initially as "Marlene," then, after her 2nd marriage, as "Ann"


(1)  Ann’s parents: Raymond J. and Lucille Agnes (Marcott) Gates, resided for many years at Black River, Jefferson County, New York.  Lucy resided last in ˝ of a duplex house at 54 N. Main Street, West Carthage, New York.


(2)  Ann’s birth: 1932 at


Ann’s death: 9 May (Sunday, Mother's Day) 1999 in Florida from complications of breast cancer, which metastasized to her spine, brain, and other organs.  Survived about 1 month after diagnosis.  She had lost use of her left arm about 1 year before, and her physicians thought the paralysis was precipitated by nerve problems in her spine.  However, X-Ray imagery of the spine also captured part of her lung, revealing the true cause.  She received a couple of radiation treatments, but died about 1 week after the last one.  Cremated remains were spread at Westcott Beach State Park, Henderson, Jefferson County, New York; no gravestone. 


(3)  Ann’s formal education:




School Name, Location, Diploma/Degree



West Carthage Elementary School, West Carthage, Jefferson County, New York.



West Carthage High School, West Carthage, Jefferson County, New York.


(4)  Ann married (1st): Searl Eugene Richards (photos) (more info)


(a)  When & where married: 15 May 1951 at Carthage, New York.


(b)  Children:


[1. Michael Searl Richards: (photos) Generation 1, paragraph 1 of the Richards Annex.  Graduated from South Jefferson Central High School outside Adams, Jefferson County, New York.  Worked for the New York State Lottery.  Married (1st) Pat (?) and had the following son:


[a. Justin Michael Richards: 1974.


Mike married (2nd) Linda (?) and had the following children:


[b. Kevin Dow Richards: 1980.


[c. Eric James Richards: 1981.


[2. Sue Marie Richards: (photos) Generation 1, paragraph 2 of the Richards Annex.  Graduated from South Jefferson Central High School outside Adams, Jefferson County, New York.  Married (1st) James Robert Bovee and had two children, including:


[1. Christian Matthew Bovee: 1978.



[2. Nicholas Charles Bovee: 1980.



James and Sue (Richards) Bovee were subsequently divorced.  Sue married (2nd) Paul James Youngers and in 2013 resided in South Carolina.


(c) When & where annulled: 17 May 1956 by interlocutory decree.


(5)  Other biographical notes on Ann:


a. While Ann's 1st husband, Searl Richards was stationed in France in the early 1950s on an unaccompanied tour of duty in the US Air Force, Ann and her two young children, Mike and Sue, resided with Ann's mother, Lucille "Lucy" Agnes (Marcott) Gates, at 54 North Main Street, West Carthage, Jefferson County, New York.  Ann's brother, Charles Clifford Gates, resided in the other half of that duplex structure, 56 North Main Street.  Of interest, 54 North Main Street was adjacent across a narrow driveway to the home of Ekard Almond Drake (Lorenzo Drake’s older brother) at 52 North Main Street.  Following the assignment in France, Searl was reassigned to duty in Colorado.  In route to Colorado he returned to West Carthage to, presumably, reunite with his family and move them west.  However, on the morning he and Ann were to leave for Colorado, Searl told Ann that he wanted to separate from her and the children and proceed alone.  Ann and the children continued to reside with Ann's mother until she remarried in August 1956.  Her marriage to Searl was formally annulled in May 1956.


For obvious reasons Ann did not talk about Searl with her children.  Ann's daughter, Sue, didn't even know Searl's name until she applied for her driver's license and needed it to complete the application.


b. Ann's best friend before marriage (and after) was Ercile Leona (LaRock) Whiting (photos), wife of Gwynne Whiting (photos) who was Ann's Maid of Honor when married to Lorenzo.  In later live Ercile resided in Texas and several times per year would visit Ann in Florida.


c. Ann's boy friend had a brother who resided at Apopka, Orange County, Florida, where he was proprietor of a business.  That's why Ann moved to Florida following her separation from Lorenzo.


b.  When & where married: Saturday, 25 August 1956 at the First Presbyterian Church, 505 State Street, Carthage, Jefferson County, New York, with Reverend Myles D. Blanchard, pastor of the United Christian Church, officiating.  Lorenzo’s twin brother, George, was Best Man.


c.  Children:


(1)  Denice Lorraine Drake: Born 1957.


(2)  Terry Duane Drake: Born 4 May 1959.  Died 21 July 2001.


(3)  Peter Dow Drake: Born 1960.


(4)  James Jeffrey Drake: Born 1966.


Drake, Ann Marlene (Gates)(Richards) family reunion - numbered (96) #.jpg


Ozan, Van 2011, 11 Jul & Shannon Leann (Drake) wedding with extended family (96) #.jpg


d. Separation: 1976; Lorenzo died before they could be divorced.


5.  Lorenzo’s employment history:




Employer, location, job title



Student/farm chores/then shared farming responsibilities with his parents at their residences near Belleville and Adams, Jefferson County, New York.



Farmer; after marriage took over his parents’ farm on Allendale Road outside Adams, New York.



Truck driver for G.L. Thomas & Sons (Agway) in Adams.



Dairylea Corporation, Adams, Jefferson County, New York; cheese maker.



Dobbins Auto Parts, Adams, Jefferson County, New York; part time.



South Jefferson Central School District; Adams, Jefferson County, New York; school bus driver.


6.  Lorenzo’s addresses:







Residing with parents on family farm on what is now Route 26 between Evans Mills and LeRaysville, Town of LeRay, Jefferson County, New York.



Residing with parents on family farm on Taylor Settlement Road (Ikes Crossing) outside Adams, Jefferson County, New York.



Residing with parents on family farm on Route 178 (Allendale Road) about one mile outside Adams, Jefferson County, New York.  Parents moved into the village of Adams when Lorenzo married.



Family farm (conveyed from parents) on Route 178 (Allendale Road) about one mile outside Adams, Jefferson County, New York.


7.  Lorenzo’s organizational affiliations:




Organization, offices held








8.  Other biographical notes on Lorenzo:


a. Lorenzo had a twin brother, George Edgar Drake.


b. Lorenzo was exempted from service during World War II because he was needed at home to operate the family farm.



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