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Origin of the surname “Gailey:”







5   John Gailey


1. Biographical notes:


Born about 1810 in Ireland.  Died .


2. Wife: Margaret (?)


Born about 1815 in Ireland.  Died .


3. Children:


a. John Gailey, Jr.: Born 1828 in Ireland.  Died 1910 in Orleans Township, Jefferson County, New York.  Married Josephine M. Howland (b. 22 Jan 1829 in Ireland, d. 10 Aug 1910 in Orleans Twp) and had the following children:


(1. John Gailey, III: (perhaps) Born May 1858.  Resided in Clayton Township, Jefferson County, New York.  Married Ada S. (?) (b. Sep 1870 in WI).


1900 US Census: John Gailey, age 42 (b. May 1858), perhaps the brother of "Bert" Gailey, was also heading of a farming household in Clayton Township, New York.  He had been married to Ada S., age 29 and b. Sep 1870, for 9 years.  John and his mother were born in New York, his father was born in Ireland.  Ada was born in Wisconsin and her parents were born in New York State.  The household also included Franklin Smith, age 47 (b. Dec 1852), a servant.


(2. William Robert “Bert” Gailey: (also seen: Albert “Bert” Gailey) Born 21 December 1859, probably at Stone Mills, Jefferson County, New York (west of Evans Mills & Interstate Route-81).  Died 23 May 1940 at Stone Mills; interred Stone Mills Cemetery.  Married Harriette Ellen Cool (Para 4.d. of gen 3 of the Cool Annex) on 4 February 1884 and resided at Stone Mills, Jefferson County, New York.  Bert was employed as a farmer.  The Cool Annex contains more details and their known descendants.


(3. Florence May/C. Gailey: Born 27 March 1866 at Stone Mills, New York.  Died 15 March 1949 in Pamelia Township (also seen: Watertown, NY); interred N. Watertown Cemetery (Section OG).  Married Warren A. Rogers, paragraph 4.a.(3. of generation 4 of the Cool Annex.


(4. Charles Gailey: Born about 1870.  Not married in 1910.


1860 U.S. Census: John Gailey, age 32 and employed as a farmer, was head of a household at Stone Mills, Orleans Township, New York State.  His real estate was valued at $8,000 and his personal property was valued at $700.  Other members of the household included his wife, Josephine, age 32; son, Eussen, age 5; son Ozial, age 4; and son, John, age 2.  John, Sr. was born in Ireland.  All others were born in New York State.


1910 U.S. Census: John Gailey, age 86 and born in Ireland (as were his parents), was head of a household in Orleans Township, Jefferson County, New York.  Though no indication of a wife, he had been married for 55 years and had living with him a son, Charles, age 40 and single.


b. Patrick Gailey: Born about 1838 in Ireland.


c. Margaret Gailey: See generation 4, below.


d. Ellen Gailey: Born about 1843 in Ireland.


e. Peter Gailey: Born about 1846 in Ireland.


4   Margaret Maggie Gailey:


Born about 1841 in Ireland.  Married Walter E. Cool, paragraph 4.g. of generation 4 of the Cool Annex.



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