Catherine (Getman) Burdick Pedigree

Delia (Getman) Burdick Pedigree

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Origin of the surname “Getman:”







4    (?) Getman


A. Biographical notes:


The Getmans of Point Peninsula, Lyme Township, Jefferson County, New York came from Germany in the early 1800s and were living on the Point by at least 1820.  In addition to the two Getman sisters, who married Nelson Burdick, the following Getmans apparently had the same parents.


B. Wife: (?)


C. Children: (order uncertain)


1. Anna Getman: Married Jeremiah Waite, a prosperous farmer residing a few miles north of Watertown, New York.  Anna and Jeremiah had the following children:


a. Henry Waite: Accidentally killed when he was run over by the tractor he was operating.


b. Belle Waite: A Christian Science Practitioner.


c. Rose Waite: Married Leonard Tucker and had the following children: (order uncertain)


(1. Daisy Tucker.


(2. Clara Tucker.


(3. Frank Tucker.


2. John Getman: Resided on a farm adjacent to his brother, Henry Getman, below (houses within a mile of each other).  However, in the thirty years Lewis Carlisle Burdick knew them, the brothers never met – perhaps the result of a falling out at an earlier time. John had the following daughter:


a. Kate Getman: Married Alonzo Becker, who operated one of the best (most productive) farms on Point Peninsula.  Kate and Alonzo had the following children:


(1. Florence Becker: Married Charles Roseboom.


(2. Laura Becker: Resided on the family farm after her parents died.


(3. John Becker: Ran the family farm after his parents died.


3. Henry Getman: Resided on a farm adjacent to his brother, John, above (within a mile of each other), though he did not see John for 30 years.  Married Eunice (?) and had the following children:


a. Fred Getman: Resided alone on the family farm for years and was found dead there from complications of starvation in 1933.


b. Myra Getman: Crippled when she was accidentally dropped as an infant by her brother, breaking her back.  She was bed-ridden for 42 years and apparently never left the house in which she was born.  Made a doll quilt for her nephew, Lewis “Lew” C. Burdick, when he was young.  Lew still had that quilt in later life.


4. Catherine Getman. See generation 3, below.


5. Delia Getman. See generation 3, below.


3    Catherine Getman


Married, as his 1st wife, Nelson Burdick, generation 3 of the Burdick Annex.


3    Delia Getman


Married, as his 2nd wife, Nelson Burdick, generation 3 of the Burdick Annex.



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