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Special thanks to the following people for their extensive research and documentation, which was used in compiling the information in this annex:


1. Marian Elizabeth Biles.


2. Dr. George Lemar and Ruth Francis (Bryant) Rubright.



Origin of the surname “Gurney:”


The American Gurneys descend from the ancient Gournay tribe that accompanied Rollo into Normandy, France.  Two of the Lords of Gournay who had helped William “The Congueror” defeat the Saxons in England, Hugh and Hugh, Jr., were each granted by William, as recompense for that help, some of the conquered English lands in Norfolk.  Many subsequent generations of Gournay families created the pool of Gurneys that eventually helped populate America.


Gurney Reunions






9    John Gurney (?)


A. Biographical notes:


Immigrant ancestor, probably from Southwark (near London Bridge), England.  Born 29/19 September 1615 in England.  Lived early at Braintree, Massachusetts.  His children settled in Weymouth, Massachusetts.  Died 1663.


B. Wife: (?)


C. Children: (at least the following sons)


1. Richard Gurney: See generation 8, below.


2. John Gurney: Moved from Weymouth Massachusetts to South Abington (then Bridgewater), Connecticut about 1690.  Died there 1715.  Had the following son:


a. Nathan Gurney: Had numerous children, among them:


(1. Noah Gurney: Born May 1735.  Married a daughter of Samuel Pool and had six sons and one daughter, including:


(a. Asa Gurney: The oldest child.  Married Mary Hershey/Hersey, daughter of Joseph Hershey, and had the following son:


(1) David Gurney: Born 1782.  Died 1862.  Only son.  With Charles Dyer created the first tack machines in America.  Married Anna Ellis and had the following children:


(a) Ruth Gurney: Married Orange Wilkes.


(b) Mehitable Gurney: Married S.D. Wilkes.


(c) Davis Gurney.


(d) David Brainard Gurney: Born 10 September 1815 in South Abington, Massachusetts.  Entered his father’s tack business.


(e) Mary Gurney: Married James Corthell.  Married Thomas Drake.


(f) Rosanda Gurney.


(2) Asa Gurney, Jr. (perhaps): Of Cummington, Massachusetts.  Married Lucy Bryant (b. 26 Feb 1796).  See Bryant Annex generation 7, paragraph 3.d.(4).


8    Richard Gurney


A. Biographical notes:


Born about 1630 in England, though probably later, since the interval of only 15 years between his birth and that of his father seems unlikely.  Died October 1691.  Later resided at Weymouth, Massachusetts.


B. Wife: Rebecca Taylor


Daughter of John and Rebecca (?) Taylor.


C. Children:


1. John Gurney: See generation 7, below.


2. Richard Gurney, Jr.: Born 18 January 1656.  Died October 1719.  Never married.


3. Zechariah Gurney: Born about 1660.  Married Mary Benson and had at least the following children, who produced the first Gurneys in Old Abington, Massachusetts: (order uncertain)


a. Zechariah Gurney, Jr.


b. Joseph Gurney.


c. Nathan Gurney.


(1. Noah Gurney.


4. Joseph Gurney: Born 22 February 1664/5.  Died 14 December 1739 at Weymouth, Massachusetts.  Never married.


5. Mary Gurney: Born 9 September 1667.  Died 14 February 1736 at Weymouth, Massachusetts.  Never married.


6. Benjamin Gurney: Married Rebecca Staples and had at least the following son:


a. Benjamin Gurney, Jr.


(1. Benjamin Gurney, III.


(a. Asa Gurney.


(1) Rush Gurney.


(a) John Wesley Gurney.


[1. Homer Gurney.


[a. Harriet L. Gurney: Resided in Massachusetts.


7. Peter Gurney: Died December 1676 during King Philip’s War.


8. Sarah Gurney: Died 9 December 1729.  Married (1st) before 1675 to John Vinson (d. 20 Sep (?)).  Married (2nd) John Canterbery in 1721.


7    John Gurney


A. Biographical notes:


Born about 1654 at Weymouth, Massachusetts.  Probably lost at sea.  Resided at Weymouth and Little Comfort, Massachusetts. 


In the summer of 1693 a crude sawmill was erected on the Schumatuscacant River, in the East end of what is now Whitman, Massachusetts.  John Gurney’s father-in-law, Joseph Green, apparently sent John there to run the sawmill, which Joseph Green and John Porter, both of Weymouth, had jointly built as a means of opening up the territory and enhancing the value of the lands which they owned there.  It was an early land promotion scheme and the builders, who owned large parcels of land, hoped to attract some settlers.  This area was technically in the Northeast corner of the original township of Old Bridgewater, which later became South Abington, Massachusetts, and is now Whitman.  The mill and the community which it developed around it was called “Little Comfort.”


In January 1695 John Gurney purchased from his father-in-law (or at least swapped Weymouth land for) about 95 acres at Little Comfort (Plymouth County deed 14:154).  It included a 5-acres house lot where he built his home on the south side of South Avenue, across from the mill, an 80 acre parcel including some good farmland in the vicinity of the present Plymouth and Pleasant streets in Whitman, and 10 acres of swamp land adjacent to the Schumastuscacant River, called Bear Meadow.


John probably left Little Comfort and returned to Weymouth, Massachusetts, from where he took to the sea, and in 1702 was listed as the Captain of the 40-ton  brigantine, “John,” a coastal boat registered out of Boston.  John and his boat were never heard from again; it is presumed they were lost at sea.


After John Gurney’s disappearance, his five children inherited his estate, which they later sold to their cousins Joseph, Zechariah, and Nathan Gurney, children of Zechariah Gurney.  That estate was divided into six parts.  John Gurney’s oldest son, Richard, received a double share which was usual in those days.  Richard sold his one third share to his cousin, Joseph Gurney, on 23 May 1719 (Plymouth Co. deed 14:215).  Daughters Elizabeth and Mary and their husbands, sold their combined one third share to their cousin, Zechariah, Jr., on 2 February 1720/1 (Plymouth Co. deed 27:85).  David Gurney sold his one sixth share to his cousin, Nathan Gurney, on 14 February 1727 (Plymouth Co. deed 37:85).  John Gurney, Jr. probably sold one sixth share to his cousin, Nathan Gurney (or at least to cousin Zechariah or Joseph Gurney, since the three brothers divided up the property amongst themselves and settled on it).


B. Wife: Elizabeth Green


Born 5 October 1664 at Weymouth, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Whitman) Green.  Of interest, Joseph Green’s will of 8 September 1691 mentions “my daughter, Elizabeth Gurney.”  Widow Elizabeth (Green) Gurney married (2nd), as his (2nd) wife, Timothy Cooper of Easton, Massachusetts on 16 October 1706 and resided there.  Timothy’s 1st wife was Elizabeth’s cousin, Elizabeth Whitman.


C. Children:


1. Elizabeth Gurney: Born 5 May 1689 at Weymouth, Massachusetts.  Married Ephraim Randall of Easton, Massachusetts and resided there.


2. Mary Gurney: Probably born at Little Comfort.  Married Daniel Owen of Easton and resided there.


3. Richard Gurney: Probably born at Little Comfort.


4. David Gurney: Probably born at Little Comfort.  Later moved to Easton, Massachusetts.


5. John Gurney III: See generation 6, below.


6    John Gurney, Jr.


A. Biographical notes:


Born May 1699 in Weymouth, Massachusetts (per Weymouth Vital Records).  After his father disappeared at sea, John was raised by his mother’s childless great aunt, Mary (Whitman) Pratt, wife of John Pratt of Hartford, Connecticut.


Cyrus Nash reported that about 1724/5 John Gurney left Weymouth, Massachusetts on horseback for Connecticut.  He settled in Hartford and was employed as a farmer.


B. Wife: Sarah Hubbard


Born 10 November 1696 at Hartford, Connecticut, daughter of Samuel Hubbard.  Married John Gurney, III on 2 October 1728.


C. Children:


1. Sarah Gurney: Born 13 July 1729.  Married Silas Andrews.


2. Elizabeth Gurney: Born 27 February 1730.  Baptized at the Second Church in Hartford.


3. John Gurney, III: See generation 5, below.


4. Lydia Gurney: Born 6 December 1734.  Married John Center.


5. Bazaleel Gurney: Born 28 November 1737.  Married (?) and had at least the following son:


a. Nathan Gurney: Born 25 September 1768 at Hartford, Connecticut.  Died 1856 at Genesco, Illinois.


5    John Gurney, III:


A. Biographical notes:


Born 13 January 1732 at Hartford, Connecticut.  Died 20 March 1824 at Stanton Hill, New York.  Was a Quaker.  By at least 1779 moved from Hartford to Charlotte Precinct (now called Stanfordville), Dutchess County, New York, since that is when he sold his late father’s farm in Hartford.  John was listed in the 1790 US Census in Coxsackie Township, Albany County, New York and was still of Coxsackie in 1798 at the time of his son, Benjamin’s wedding.  


B. Wife: Judith Hoag


 Born 24 May/March 1744/3 in Amesbury, Massachusetts (also seen: Oblong, N.Y.), daughter of Benjamin, Jr. and Lydia (Jones) Hoag.  Married John Gurney at the Oblong, New York Monthly Meeting (Quaker meeting house) on 21 April/7 June 1762. 


C. Children: (order uncertain)


1. Abraham Gurney: Born 9 April 1763.  Died 6 November 1852 at age 89 years, 2 months, and 2 days.  Married Rosanna Palmer.


1790 US Census: In Washington Township, Dutchess County, New York.


1800 US Census: In Stanford, Dutchess County, New York.


Abraham was of Claverack, New York in 1826 at the time of his son John’s marriage.  He and Rosanna (Palmer) Gurney had the following children who, according to Quaker records in Warren County, New York, lived and died in Pleasant Valley, New York:


a. Joshua Gurney.


b. Joseph H. Gurney: Born about 1795 in Dutchess County, New York.  Died 13 March 1863 at age 67 years, 9 months, and 10 days.  Married Abigail Hazard (b. about 1796. d. 26 Mar 1862, age 66 yr, 11 mo., 15 days), daughter of Tideman and Elberta (Harrald) Hazard.  Joseph and Abigail (Hazard) Gurney had at least the following children:


(1. William Benedict Gurney: Married (1st) Ann Robeson.  Married (2nd) Mar Alston.


(2. Ann Gurney.


(3. Elberta Gurney: Born 21 August 1828.  Married a man named Robeson, perhaps the brother of his brother’s second wife, Ann Robeson.


(4. Mary J. Gurney: Born 30 August 1831.  Died 11 August 1848.


c. John A. Gurney: Married Phebe Ann Barton, daughter of Joseph and Rosanna (?) Barton of Hudson, New York, at Hudson on 5 October 1826.


d. David Gurney: Lived and died in Pleasant Valley, New York.


e. Enoch Gurney.


f. Mary Gurney: Married a man named Steadwell.


g. Rachel Gurney.


h. Judith Gurney: Married a man named Fowler.


i. Sarah Gurney: Born 10 February 1803.  Died 17 May 1851, age 49 years, 3 months, and 7 days.  Married Watts Esmond.


j. Ann Gurney: Married a man named Smith.


k. Patience Gurney: Married a man named Titus.


2. David Gurney: See generation 4, below.


3. Sarah/Sara M. Gurney: Married Townsend Carman.


4. Lydia Gurney: Married Anthony Youmans and resided at Rennersville, New York.


5. John Gurney: Born 30 November 1766/7.  Was a Quaker of Stanfordville, Dutchess County, New York.  John died 6 May 1850, age 83.  Married Judith Carman (b. 16 Oct 1772, d. 28 Mar 1862 at age 89) at Coeymans, Albany County, New York on 23 February 1791.  Both are interred in the Friends Burial Ground, Stanfordville, New York.  John and Judith had at least the following children at Stanfordville:


a. Henry Hull Gurney: Born approximately 1802.  Died 19 September 1882.  Married Rachel H. Arnold (d. 20 Mar 1868) and had at least the following children:


(1. Benjamin Gurney: Of Kewanee, Illinois.  Married Caroline Elizabeth Hull.


(2. Thomas A. Gurney: Of Wappingers Falls, New York.


Henry H. and Rachel (Arnold) Gurney are both interred in the Friends Burial Ground, Stanfordville, New York.


b. Thomas W. Gurney.


c. Phoebe Gurney: Married a man named Mead.


d. Ruth Gurney: Married Hezekiah C. Post, son of Jonathan Post, on 27 January 1820 at the Friend’s Meeting House in Stanford, New York.


e. Lydia Gurney: Married Thomas Arnold of Stanford, New York on 25 January 1821 at the Friend’s Meeting House in Stanford.


6. Benjamin Gurney: Born 23 April 1773, probably in Stanfordville, Dutchess County, New York.  Died 9 April 1851, age 78, in New Baltimore, Green County, New York; interred Stanton Hill Cemetery, County Road 51, near New Baltimore.  Was a Quaker.  Employed as a farmer.  Married Martha Bedell (b. 10 Jan 1780 at Hempstead, Nassau Co., N.Y., d. 10 Feb 1856, age 76 yr., 1 mo., 0 days in New Baltimore: interred with Benjamin), daughter of Jeremiah and Miriam (Gildersleeve) Bedell, Jr., on 28 November 1798 in Hudson, Colorado County, New York and had the following children:


a. Mariam Gurney: Born 10 October 1799.  Died 31 March 1887; interred Stanton Hill Cemetery, New Baltimore, Greene County, New York.  Married Daniel Bedell (b. 1800, d. 1856) and had the following children:


(1. Benjamin S. Bedell: Born 1827.  Died 1828.


(2. Margaret Bedell: Born 1830.  Died 1845.


(3. Child.


b. Catherine Gurney: Born 8 May 1801.  Married John Gue (b. 28 Dec 1786, d. 6 Oct 1839), son of Joseph and Patience (Horton) Gue, on 30 September 1826 at Coeymans, Albany County, New York.  Present at their Quaker wedding were Benjamin Gurney, Henry Gurney, Jacob Gurney, Sarah Gurney, and Anna Gurney.  John Gue was a farmer, a lifelong Quaker of the Hicksite Branch (somewhat more liberal doctrines) and an abolitionist.  Catherine (Gurney) Gue was also a Quaker and a woman’s suffregist.  They moved from New Baltimore, New York to Farmington, New York, where John Gue died.  Catherine subsequently moved to Cedar County, Iowa in the 1850s and died there on 27 March 1876 at the home of her daughter in West Branch, Iowa.


c. Jacob B. Gurney: Born 18 March 1811.  Died 2 April 1889.  Married (1st) (?).  Married (2nd) Mary B. Hoag (b. 24 Jun 1811, d. 24 Nov 1861), daughter of Elihu and Lydia (Burling Nelson) Hoag of New Baltimore Green County, New York, on 19 November 1834.  Jacob and Mary had at least one daughter:


(1. Emily Jane Gurney: Born 17 May 1836 at New Baltimore, New York.  Married 16 October 1856 to Edwin M. Carhart.


d. Jeremiah Gurney: (more info) Born 17 October 1812 in Greene County, New York (also seen: b. 15 Nov 1812 at Coeymans, Albany Co., NY).  Died 21 April 1895, age 83, at Coxsackie, Coxsackie Township, Greene County, New York; interred Stanton Hill Cemetery, New Baltimore, Greene County, New York.  Jeremiah was a pioneer in the science of photographer and well known in that field.  Was tutored in the art of daguerreian photography by Samuel F. B. Morse, who learned directly from Louis Daguerre.  Founder and proprietor of "J. Gurney & Son," New York County, New York.


1850 US Census: Jeremiah, age 36 (b. NYS) and employed as an artist, was heading a household in the western half of Ward 15, New York County, New York.  The household also included his wife, Phebe Gurney, age 30 (b. CT); son, Benjamin Gurney, age 14 (b. NYS); daughter, Martha Gurney, age 11 (b. NYS); Lavina DuBois, age 60 (b. MA); Charlote DuBois, age 33 (b. CT); and Julia Coyle, age 30 (b. Ireland).


1860 US Census: Jeremiah Gurney, age 46 (b. NYS) and employed as a photographer, was heading a household in the 9th District of Ward 17, New York County, New York.  The household also included his son, Benjamin Gurney, age 26 and employed as a photographer; daughter, Martha Gurney, age 22 (b. NYS); Charlotte DuBois, age 48 (b. VT); Sarah Parr, age 26 (b. Ireland) and employed as a servant; and Bridget M. Knold, age 26 (b. Ireland) and employed as a servant.


1870 US Census: Jeremiah Gurney, age 56 and employed as a photographer, was heading a household in the 1st Election District of the 18th Ward of New York County, New York.  He resided alone.


1892 NYS Census: Jeremiah Gurney, age 79, resided with Mattie Faris (sp), age 46, in the 4th Election District of Coxsackie Township, Greene County, New York.


Jeremiah married Phebe/Phoebe Ann Dubois (interred Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY), daughter of Lavinia (?) Dubois (b. abt 1790 in MA) of New York City (who also had daughter, Charlotte DuBois (b. abt 1817 in CT/VT) and had the following children:


(1. Benjamin "Ben" Gurney: Born 1 April 1833 in New York, New York County, New York.  Died 10 April 1899 at East Orange, Essex County, New Jersey; interred Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York.  Employed as a photographer.  In 1895 resided in East Orange Township, New Jersey.  Married Sarah Maria Benson (b. 26 May 1836 at NY City, d. 5 May 1920 at Manhattan, NY; interred Woodlawn Cem., Bronx, NY) and had the following children:


(a. Maud Gurney: Died age 1 month; interred with her maternal grandfather in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York.


(b. Grace Gurney: Born 10 June 1865 at Manhattan, New York.  Died 25 July 1959 at Newtown, Fairfield County, Connecticut; interred Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, New York.  Married Dr. Walter Eyre Lambert, who was employed as an ophthalmologist and surgeon.  In 1895 resided at 53 Glenwood Avenue, East Orange Township, New Jersey.


(2. Martha "Mattie" Gurney: Born October/November 1839 in New York.  Died ; interred Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York.  Married (?) Faris (sp), and in 1895 resided at Coxsackie, Greene County, New York.


e. Henry Gurney (perhaps): Married Mary Collins.


f. Mary Gurney (perhaps): Married Abner Hoag.


g. Anna Gurney (perhaps): Married John Griffin.


7. Jacob Gurney: Born 16 June 1777.  Died 17 March 1855; interred Stanton Hill Cemetery, New Baltimore, Greene County, New York.  Married Hannah Nelson (d. 3 Jan 1856, age 82 years, 7 months, and 22 days).  Interred in the Quaker Burying Ground, Stanton Hill, Town of North Baltimore.


8. Elizabeth Gurney: Married Stephen Thorn/Thorne.


9. Mary Gurney: Married Nicholas Ager/Jeger.


10. Eunice/Eunise Gurney: Married William Wilson and resided at New Baltimore, New York.


11. Joseph Gurney: Born 3 September 1788.  Died 6 August 1873, age 84 years, 11 months, and 3 days; interred Stanton Hill Cemetery, New Baltimore, Greene County, New York.  Married Sarah Underhill (b. 1785, d. 13 Jul 1849, age 64), daughter of Edward and Jerusha Underhill.  Joseph and Sarah are both interred in the Quaker Burial Ground at Stanton, New Baltimore Township, New York.


12. Rachel Gurney. (perhaps)


13. Phebe Gurney. (perhaps)


4    David Gurney


A. Biographical notes:


Born 25 October 1764/5 according to Quaker records of Oblong, New York (probably at Hartford, CT).  Was a farmer.  In 1822 moved from Scholharie to Crumhorn Mountain, Maryland Township, Otsego County, New York from Schoharie County, New York (where he was in 1850), one of Maryland Township’s earliest settlers.  Bought a farm and resided there until his death in 1837 at age 73; interred Crumhorn (also known as Hubbard) Cemetery.  Was a Quaker, as was his wife.


1800 US Census: David headed a household in Scholharie County the contained 1 male under age 10; 1 male age 26 to 45 (b. 1755-1774, which fits); 1 female under age 10; 2 females age 10 to 16; and 1 female age 26 to 45.  No other Gurneys or Thorns found.


B. Wife: Elizabeth Thorn/Thorne


Born 1772.  Died 1858, age 80 at Maryland Township.


C. Children:


1. Benjamin Gurney: See generation 3, below.


2. John D. Gurney: Born August 1795.  Died 25 February 1856, 60 years 6 months old; interred in the Crumhorn Cemetery, which is a short distance off Hubbard Hill Road.  Perhaps had wife, Jane (?) (d. 1845), who is interred beside this John and his brother, Abram and Abram’s wife, Betsey.


3. Abram Gurney: Born September 1798.  Died 12 March 1875, 76 years 6 months old; interred in the Crumhorn (or Hubbard) Cemetery.  Married Betsy Haynes (d. 13 July 1859, age 60; interred with her husband).


a. Jane Gurney (perhaps): Died 1845.  Interred in same plot in Crumhorn Cemetery as Abram and Betsey (Haynes) Gurney.


b. Catherine “Kate” Gurney: Married Edwin Ham and had the following children:


(1. (Male) Ham: Married (?) and had the following children:


(a. (Male) Ham: Married (?) and had the following daughter:


(1) Iva Loreen Ham: Married (?) Steele and had the following children:




4. Jesse “Jess” Gurney: Born 25 July 1804 in Rensselaer County, New York.  Was a Quaker in his religious beliefs and a Republican in his political beliefs.  Prominent farmer in Maryland Township, Otsego County, New York.  In 1872/3 was in Maryland Township farming 143 acres and was also referred to as a lumberman.  Died there 11 April 1887 at age 83.  Interred in the Rose Burying Ground in the Village of Maryland, New York.  Married Polly Hotchkins/Hotchkiss (b. 5 Sep 1805/6 at Maryland, N.Y., d. 5 Nov 1885 in Maryland Twp, age 78; interred Rose Burying Ground), who was a member of the Christian Church and had the following children:


a. Samuel H. Gurney:


Born 29/28 March 1828 in Maryland Township, New York.  Eldest son.  Educated in the public schools, and afterwards attended Harwick Seminary.  Remained home with his parents until age 21.


Married Eliza Boardman (b. 16 Apr 1836), a native of Maryland Township, on 13 November 1856.  Eliza was the daughter of Levi Y. (b. Columbia Co., N.Y.) and Hannah (Goddard) (b. Maryland Twp, d. age 60) Boardman.  Levi Boardman (d. age 80), who had moved to Maryland Township at age 8, was a prominent farmer in Maryland Township, owning several farms there.    He also served as Supervisor of Maryland Township as early as 1846.  The Boardmans had three children: Edward Boardman (soldier who lost an arm at Chancellorsville, later lived in Philadelphia, d. at age 52); Levi Boardman, Jr., who was a farmer in Maryland Township and died at age 41; and the youngest, Eliza Boardman.


Samuel H. Gurney was a leadng merchant in the village of Schenevus, where he was in the hardware business in 1850 and a few years thereafter, when he sold out and purchased a dry goods store about 1857, which eventually became a general store. Served as Postmaster for several years; was Justice of the Peace for 16 years; two terms as Town Supervisor; was Justice of Sessions; and served on the School Board.  Samuel died in the village of Schenevus in 1889/99.  Samuel and Eliza (Boardman) Gurney had the following daughter:


(1. Florence Eliza Gurney: Born 10 December 1869 in Schenevus.  Married Leon D. Smith (b. 17 Jan 1870 at Bainbridge, N.Y.) on 16 February 1889.  Leon was editor of the Schenevus “Monitor.”  Florence and Leon had one son:


(a. Frederick “Fred” Gurney Smith: Born 1 March 1890. 


b. Milton Gurney: Born 1832.  Resided at Laerens, New York, where he was a Postmaster, a Justice of the Peace, and operated “Gurney & Tucker,” a dry goods store.


c. John J. Gurney: Born 1833.  Included in 1859 military list.  In 1872/3 was farming 72 acres in Maryland Township.


d. Chester Gurney: Born approximately 1837 (22 years old in 1859 per military list).  In 1872/3 was an express carrier in Schenevus.


(1. Sanders Gurney (perhaps): In 1872/3 was an express carrier in Schenevus.


e. Eliza Ann Gurney: Twin.  Born 3/5 November 1839/40.  Died 12 June 1908.  Married Gilbert Melville McKnown, who was at one time a merchant in Westville, New York.  Apparently they had no children.


f. Mary A. Gurney: Twin.  Born 3 November 1840.  Died 1911.  Married Steward Elliot Butler on 28 May 1862.


g. Lucy Gurney: Born 1844.


h. Jane Gurney: Married a Barnes.


i. Albert Gurney.


5. Prudence Gurney: Married Amos Adams and had the following son:


a. Amos Adams, Jr.


Note: As stated above, David and Elizabeth (Thorn) Gurney were Quakers.  There was a Quaker preparatory meeting at Maryland, New York (Crumhorn Mountain), and it was part of the Butternuts Monthly Meeting.


3    Benjamin Gurney


A. Biographical notes:


Born approximately April 1792 in Albany County, New York.  In 1824 purchased a 120-acre farm in Maryland Township, Otsego County, New York and moved there with his wife and their first three children.  Was a Democrat in political belief and a Quaker in religious belief.  Had five additional children in Maryland Township.  Benjamin died there 21 September 1869, age 77 years and 5 months; interred Crumhorn Cemetery on Hubbard Hill Road outside Maryland, New York.  Each of their eight children grew to maturity in Maryland Township:


B. Wife: Meriba Sisson


Born 1795, daughter of Rhode Island parents.  Died 25 September 1869, age 75; interred with Benjamin.


C. Children:


1. David Sisson Gurney: See generation 2, below.


2. Isaac B. Gurney: Born 23 May 1820 in Albany County, New York.  Died 9 April 1851, age 30 years 8 months.  Married Mahala Tallmadge (b. 1823, d. in PA, age 64) and operated his father’s farm.


a. Martha Gurney: Died 1851, age 3.


b. Meriba Gurney: Married Edwin Ezra Hubbard, a nephew of Harrison Hubbard.  Of interest, Harrison Hubbard was the paternal gr-great grandfather of Marlin Elizabeth (Bryant) Drake.  Edwin Hubbard came to Otsego County, New York from Connecticut in 1798 (age 4) with his father, mother, and a sister.


c. Maria Gurney.


3. Lydia A. Gurney: Born 16 December 1823 in Albany County, New York.  Married Lemuel Ackley and resided at Mt. Vision.  Died after 1869.


4. Clarissa Gurney: Born in Maryland Township, Otsego County, New York.  Married Stephen Saxton and resided at Westford.  Died after 1869.


5. William H. Gurney (perhaps): Born approximately 1828 in Maryland Township, Otsego County, New York.  Died 1902, age 74.  Married Elizabeth (?), who died 25 September 1886, age 57 years 9 months.  Both are interred in the Crumhorn Cemetery in the Benjamin Gurney plot.


6. Hiram Gurney: Born 1833 in Maryland Township, Otsego County, New York.  Also, 1859 military list says he is 26 years old.  Died 26 December 1863, age 30 years 8 months.  Interred in the Crumhorn Cemetery in the Benjamin Gurney plot.


7. Cook Gurney: Born approximately January 1831 in Maryland Township, Otsego County, New York.  Died 13 November 1863, age 32 years 11 months.  Interred in the Crumhorn Cemetery in the Benjamin Gurney plot.


8. John E. Gurney (perhaps): Born 1826 in Maryland Township, Otsego County, New York.  Died 4 March 1859.  Interred in the Crumhorn Cemetery in the Benjamin Gurney plot.


2    David Sisson Gurney (photos)


A. Biographical notes:


Born 23 November 1816 in Albany Co., New York.  Died 26 April 1897 at Maryland, New York; interred in Crumhorn Cemetery (also known as Hubbard Cemetery) on the Hubbard Hill Road, Maryland Township, Otsego County, New York.  (Note: The Crumhorn Cemetery is right beside the highway and easy to reach.  It is only a few miles north of Route 7 on a road that leaves Route 7 below (west) the Village of Maryland.)


David was nearly eight years old (1824) when his parents settled in Maryland Township, Otsego County, New York.  Remained at home until age 20.  Employed as a farmer and stock raiser in Maryland Township, and for years made hop raising a specialty.  Started by purchasing a 40-acre farm and added to it over time, until he owned more than 300 acres.  Was Town Assessor for twelve years, Commissioner of Highways for four years, and held other government posts.  In retirement David lived on the original Gurney homestead with his son, Isaac.


B. Wife: Eunice Elvira Pratt (photos)


Born 12 March 1820 at Middlefield, Otsego County, New York.  Died 9 July 1884, age 64 at Maryland, New York.  Married David Sisson Gurney in 1840 at Maryland, New York. Eunice was the daughter of Stephen and Drusilla (?) Pratt of Middlefield Township, New York.  The Pratts were engaged in farming and were the parents of ten children, including Jeremiah Pratt, a farmer in Middlefield, and Rebecca (Pratt) House, wife of John House, a farmer of Hartwick, New York.  All of their children were born at Maryland, Otsego County, New York.


C. Children:


1. Mariette/Marietta E. Gurney: See generation 1, below.


2. Maria Anne Gurney “Anne”: Born 29 May 1846.  Married Francis “Frank” M. Thorn/Thorne (b. 31 Jan 1844), perhaps son of James Thorne, of Portlandville, Otsego County, New York and probably had the following children:


a. Clara Belle Thorn: Born 8 September 1870.


b. Maude M. Thorn: Born 24 December 1871.


c. David J. Thorn: Born 28 September 1875.


(1. Paul T. Thorn: Born 21 April 1897.


(2. Kent M. Thorn: Born 18 February 1899.


(3. Clara M. Thorn: Born 23 January 1904.


(4. Lela J. Thorn: Born 22 December 1905.


(5. Francis H. Thorn: Born 18 April 1911.


d. Ella M. Thorn: Born 11 May 1877.


3. Stephen P. Gurney: Born 25 August 1847.  Died 1930.  Married DeEtta J. Todd (b. 10 Aug 1848, d. 1917) and resided at Earlville, Madison County, New York.  Both are interred in the new part of the Earlville Cemetery.  (Another source says Stephen married Maud (?))


4. Clara Gurney: Born 15 July 1852.  On 27 February 1872 married George E. Platt (b. 31 Jul 1849 in CT) of Milford, Maryland Township, Otsego County, New York and son of Andrew H. Platt of Connecticut.  Clara and George had two sons, including:


a. H. Leslie Platt “Leslie”: Born 7 April 1877.  Died relatively young.  Was sent to Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York, where he resided with the Chaulor Flint family.  Married (?) Flint, a registered nurse in New York and the sister of Methodist Bishop Flint (who had a son who was a Methodist Minister in Binghamton, Broome County, New York).  Leslie and his wife had a daughter.


b. Frederick “Fred” L. Platt: Born 16 November 1885/4 at Milford, Maryland Township, Otsego County, New York.  Was a President of a bank.  Married “Euna” (?), who corresponded with Frances Eliza (Bryant) Harrison.


5. Isaac B. Gurney: Born 23 May 1856.  According to his sister, Mariette, was “my mother’s favorite.”  Married Ella (?) (b. 19 May 1856) and resided on his parents’ farm at Portlandville, Maryland Township, Otsego County, New York.  Isaac and Ella had the following children:


a. Ralph D. Gurney: Born 5 February 1885.


6. Leslie D. Gurney: Born 15 February 1860.  Resided at Portlandville, Maryland Township, Otsego County, New York.  Farmed property adjacent to his brother Isaac, which had been a portion of his father’s farm.  In May 1921 resided at Portlandville, New York.


7. Lester Gurney.


1    Mariette/Marietta E. Gurney



Born 4 June 1844 in Maryland Township, Otsego County, New York.  Died 20 May 1921 at Binghamton, Broome County, New York.  Married Orris Willougby Bryant, generation 8 of the Ancestors of Courtney Smith Bryant, on 5 May 1867.



Note 1: Lincoln Oris Bryant said on 16 May 1970: "We used to go to a Guerney Family Reunion every summer at Wells Bridge, New York – south of Oneonta, on route 7."  Wells Bridge is in Otego Township, Otsego County, New York.


Note 2: The following additional, unidentified names and dates were in Mariette E. (Gurney) Bryant’s birthday book:


a. Ella Gurney: Born 17/19 May 1856. (very close to Isaac, 5 above)

b. Mary L. Gurney: Born 8 December 1864.

c. Grace E. Gurney: Born 12 October 1883.

d. Laura H. Gurney: Born 24 December 1887.

e. Maude V. Gurney: Born 14 February 1888.

f. Claude Gurney: Born 14 December 1895.

g. Leon Gurney: Born 12 January 1898.

h. Ophelia House Pratt: Born 25 August 1843.

i. Ella Ruth Jones: Born 26 September 1900.

j. Ann M. Bryant: Born 11 November 1843.

k. Fred L. Platt: Born 16 November 1885.

l. Frank West Crossfield: Born 23 November 1852.

m. Ann Noonan Platt: Born 26 November 1885.

n. Maxine Hosmer: 20 January 1915.

o. Oris Dewitt Brewer: Born 29 January 1908.

p. Jennie Bryant: Born 9 March 1881.

q. Eunice Pratt Gurney: Born 12 March 1820 – 84

r. Minnie Crossfield: Born 20 March 1864.

s. H. Leslie Platt: Born 7 April 1877.

t. Lurena Belle Crossfield: Born 27 April 1889.

u. Rosemond Hosmer: Born 20 May 1913.

v. George Platt: Born 21 May 1911.

w. Keith Crossfield: Born 27 May 1894.

x. Grace Platt: Born 11 June 1875.

y. Leon N. Clark: Born 24 December 1877.

z. Robert W. Jones: Born 27 December 1891.



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