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Special thanks to the following people for their extensive research and documentation, which was used in compiling the information in this annex:


1. Dr. George Lamar and Ruth Frances (Bryant) Rubright.



Origin of the surname “Hardman:”









4   John Hardman (photos)


1.  Biographical notes:


Born 31 January 1833.  Died October 1870; murdered (thrown down mine shaft) by the Molly McGuires (more info) because he was a member of the mine’s management team; interred at Minersville, Pennsylvania.  Went to Washington, D.C. to enlist in the Union Army to participate in the Civil War, but before he could enlist the War ended, so John started home.  On the way he purchased a Boston rocker at Minersville and carried it on his back to Mt. Pleasant.


As mentioned above, John was a supervisor (fire boss) in the coal mines at Mt. Pleasant.  In that capacity it was his responsibility to inspect the mines every Sunday before the next work week began, and also in that capacity he was hated by the Irish laboring class who were employed by the mine owners (of English ancestry), to accomplish the dirtiest, hardest, most dangerour, and lowest paying jobs in the mines.


The Irish underclass was represented by a violently militant, secretive organization called the Molly McGuires, which was named after an Irish woman in England who had gained fame for fighting in justice against her people.  During one such Sunday inspection by John Hardman he was murdered (pushed down mine shaft) by members of the Molly McGuires.  Riots and tensions between labor and management ensued, and, thereafter, mine managers always went into the mines in the company of other managers and security staff.


2.  Wife: Esther Ormes/Orme (photos) (more info)


Born 14 October 1840 at Manchester, England.  Died 19/18 July 1895 at Frackville, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania; interred there in the Odd Fellows Cemetery.  Daughter of John (b. 8 October 1812 in Manchester?, England) and Elizabeth Betty Black Bess (?) Ormes/Orme (b. 20 Jan 1812 in England, d. 1855 from cholera; interred at sea).  Of interest, John and Elizabeth Ormes/Orme also had a son, James Ormes/Orme (b. 19 Sep 1832, d. 21 Feb 1870) and a daughter, Elizabeth Ormes/Orme (b. 14 Jul 1852).  Esther emigrated to America with her parents at age 14 (about 1855).  Kept house for her father at (1st) Shenandoah, then Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania.


On 10 September 1856 Esther married (1st) John Hardman as he was about to depart for Washington, D. C. to enlist in the Union Army.  This marriage apparently did not please her father, because when Esther returned to her father’s home after the marriage, he told her to get her things and leave (“she’d made her bed, etc.”).  Perhaps this was due in no small measure to John Hardman’s affiliation with mine management, which John Ormes/Orme and other miners hated.


As mentioned above, John Hardman returned from Washington much sooner than expected.  He and Esther settled in Mt. Pleasant and had the following children: (order uncertain)


a. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Hardman: (photos) Born 14 July 1857.  Died 4 January 1935.  Employed as personal maid to Mrs. John Wanamaker.  Married George Hamilton, who was a coachman for John Wanamaker.  No children.


b. James Hardman: Born 19 April 1858.  Died 14 September 1859.


c. Sarah Hardman: Born 1 January 1860.  Died 7 March 1938.  Married William Boyer and had the following children:


(1. William “Bill” Boyer, Jr.: (photos) Married Frances (?) (photos).  In 1931 both were in the Belgium Congo.


(2. Esther Boyer: Married Charles Heid and had a daughter.


(3. Maud Boyer: Married Elwood Dawson and had the following son:


(a. Elwood Dawson, Jr.


d. Mary Margaret Mamie Hardman: See generation 3, below.


e. Esther Hardman: Born 16 July 1862.  Died 8 September 1870 from scarlet fever.


f. Estella/Estelle “Stella” Hardman: (photos) Born 9 May 1871.  Died 25 May 1935.  Married Charles Rheim and had the following son:


(1. Charles Rheim, Jr.: (photos) Married Verna Burchill (dau. of Clayton B. Burchill, gen. 4, Para. 3.g.(1. of the Burchill Annex) and had the following children:


(a. Charles Rheim, III.


(b. John Rheim.


(c. Mary Rheim.


g. William Hardman: Born after his father’s death.


After John was murdered by the Molly McGuires, Esther moved with her 4 young daughters (and a baby on the way) to a little 4-room house on Lawton’s Hill at Pottsville, Pennsylvania.  There she opened a candy shop in the front room and on Saturday nights sold ice cream.  Eventually Esther (Ormes/Orme) Hardman married (2nd) (?) Oates (d. from punctured lung while inspecting his iron works; interred Minersville, PA), who she met through their mutual affiliation with the local Episcopal Church.  He was quite wealthy (owned the local iron works) and had the following daughter from his first marriage:


·       Emily Oates: Married Charles Dougherty of Reading, Pennsylvania, who owned and operated a taxi cab service. 


Esther and her 5 children moved into the Oates house in Pottsville, where she and Mr. Oates had the following daughter:


h. Laura/Lora Bella Oates: Born 10 August 1874.  Married Thomas “Tom” Carr of Frackville and had the following children:


(1. Stella Carr: Married Jack Stewart and had the following children:


(a. Peggy Stewart.


(b. George Stewart.


(2. Thomas Carr, Jr.


After the accidental death of her 2nd husband, Mr. Oates, Esther (Ormes/Orme) (Hardman) Oates married (3rd) widower Edward “Eddie” Davis (photos), who had the following children from a previous marriage:


·       Margaret Davis.

·       Edward “Eddie” Davis, Jr.

·       John Davis.

·       Charles “Charlie” Davis?


Edward and Esther (Ormes/Orme) (Hardman) (Oates) Davis had the following daughter:


i. Emma Davis: Born 23 February 1883.  Married Herbert Hoover and had the following children:


(1. Marian Hoover.


(2. Elvira Hoover.


(3. Son.


(4. Daughter.


Of interest, Edward Davis’s 1st wife died, leaving money to her children.  The Davis children argued at the diner table over who should get how much of their inheritance.  Their step-mother, Esther, died from a stroke suffered while trying to calm these arguments.  She was interred at Frackville.  Edward Davis eventually married again.  When he died his remains were interred at Shenandoah.


3   Mary Margaret Mamie Hardman:


Born 10 September 1864.  Died 22 October 1937.  Married Samuel Seal Burchill, generation 3 of the Burchill Annex.

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