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Cool Ancestry:


†††† (?) Kuhl - Gen 6 of the Cool Annex

†††† John Cool/Kuhl - Gen 5 of the Cool Annex

†††† Jonathan Cool - Gen 4 of the Cool Annex

†††† Truman J. Cool - Gen 3 of the Cool Annex

†††† Lorenzo Dow Cool - Gen 2 of the Cool Annex

†††† Sarah Ellen (Cool) Montei - Gen 6 in America and Gen 1a of the Cool Annex

†††† Anna Maxine (Montei) Heiss - Gen 7 in America

†††† Raymond Paul Heiss - Gen 7


Mildred Anne (Heiss) Breitner (1931 - )



Cool Generation 8

Descendant # 3.2


Photo Substitute


1.Mildredís parents: Raymond Paul and Anna Maxine (Montei) Heiss


2.Mildredís birth: 1931 at Carleton, Ash Township, Monroe County, Michigan.Baptized there in the Carleton Evangelical United Brethren Church.


3.Mildredís marriage:


a.To whom: Glen Owen Breitner (photos) (more info)

(also seen: Glenn)


(1)Glenís parents: Joseph and Ethel (Seymore) Breitner of Carleton, Michigan.


(2)Glenís birth: 1929 at Carleton, Ash Township, Monroe County, Michigan.


Glen's death: 12 February 2016; interred Michigan Memorial Park, Flat Rock, Wayne County, Michigan.


b.Marriage date & location: 1949 in the Evangelical United Brethren Church, Carleton, Monroe County, Michigan with Mildred's uncle, Reverend Orin Bailey, officiating.Reverend Bailey told the couple: "I've tied the knot so tight you'll never get apart!"Another of Mildred's uncles, Reverend J.D. Montei, Jr. sang solo during the ceremony accompanied by Mrs. Arthur (Hilda) Weinert on the piano.


Mildred's wedding gown was made from a white nylon parachute donated by the brother-in-law (Bruce) of her Aunt Pauline (Montei) MacArthur Ė Bruce MacArthur.Bruce had been a pilot during World War II.




(1. Glen Raymond Breitner: Born 1950.


(2. Gary Allen Breitner: Born 1956.


(3. Cindy Sue Breitner: Born 1959.


4.Last known state of residence for Mildred: Michigan



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