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Irvine ancestor:


     John Irvine, I - Gen 1

     Anna (Welch) Irvine - Gen 1


George H. Irvine (1775 - 1844)


Irvine Generation 2



1.  George’s parents: John, I and Anna (Welch) Irvine


2.  George’s birth: March 1775 in Milton Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.


George’s death: 23 March 1844 at Asylum, Monroe Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania; interred Liberty Corners Cemetery, Monroe Township.


3.  George’s marriage:


a. To whom: Margarette Reed (photo)



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Born 26 March 1780 in Pennsylvania, daughter of William, Jr. and Mary (Murray) Reed, in Northumberland County (probably Sunbury, where her family lived for a while after the Revolutionary War), Pennsylvania.  In support of that theory, Margaret’s next younger sister, Jane, was born at Sunbury before her family moved to the Chillisquaque area of Pennsylvania.  Margaret died 17 February 1872 (age almost 92) at Asylum, Monroe Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania; interred with George at near-by Liberty Corners Cemetery.


A devout Christian, Margaret was a member of the Presbyterian Church for more than 73 years and was one of the few who belonged to that denomination when its meetings were first held in the Old Court House at Towanda, before moving to Monroeton, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. 


b. Marriage date & location: 19 February 1801 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.


c. Children:


(1. John Irvine: Born 17 December 1801.  Died 16 October 1881.


(2. William Irvine #1: Born 9 October 1803.  Died 1 August 1804; interred Northumberland County, Pennsylvania before his parents moved to Monroeton, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


(3. James Reed Irvine:


Born 22 November 1805.  Died 29/28 May 1891 on the Liberty Corners, Bradford County, Pennsylvania farm he cleared and improved.  Built his cabin on it in 1829.   Following his father's death (1844), James and others in the family moved to what was later known as Chilisquaque County, Pennsylvania.  Was employed as a pilot on the Susquehanna River for 49 years and was also engaged in lumbering.  In his words: “I made my first visit to Towanda in 1814, where there were but seven houses.  These were William Means’, Andrew Irvine’s, Adam Conley’s, Henry Mercur’s, Jesse Woodruff’s, Harry Spalding’s, and Ebenezer Gregory’s.”


Married Sarah Bull (b. 21 Jun 1810, d. 13 Jul 1885, age 75, at Liberty Corners), daughter of Francis (d. 22 Jan 1863) and Mary Elizabeth (Lambert) Bull (b. 29 Sep 1789 inDerby Co., England, d. 26 Dec 1851), on 16 May 1833.  Francis and Elizabeth Bull immigrated to America from England in 1801, settling in Elkland Township, Sullivan County, Pennsylvania and in 1831 moved to Liberty Corners, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  James and Sarah had the following children:


(a. Elizabeth Margaret Irvine: Born 8 April 1834.  Died 2 February 1906.  Married Hiram Gordon Stevens and had the following daughter:


(1) Stella M. Stevens: Born 17 March 1857.  Married Leonard Irvine on 14 November 1877 and had the following children:


(a) Edith Irvine: Born 11 August 1878.


(b) Howard Irvine: Born 13 June 1884.


(c) Lester Irvine: Born 29 September 1887.


(b. Samuel "Sam" Irvine: Born 3/5 April 1840.  Occupied the family homestead until his death, 8 September 1896.  By one account married Ellen E. Kellogg of Monroeton, Bradford County, Pennsylvania on 14 November 1863.  By another married Addie Elton in Dec (?) and had the following children:


(1) Bessie Irvine: Twin.  Born 5 October 1873.  Died 1874.


(2) Ann “Annie” Irvine: Twin.  Born 5 October 1873.  Married George Shiner on 5 October 1893 and had the following daughter:


(a) Ruth Shiner: Born 20 December 1894. 


(4. Mary "Polly" Irvine: (photos)


Born 22 August 1807 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.  Died 18 April 1901, age 94.  Married (1st) Peter Arnout (b. Northumberland Co., PA) (brother of Martha Arnout, who married Mary’s older brother, John Irvine) and had the following son:


(a. Levi G. Arnout: (photos) Born 6 March 1832 in Monroe Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Married Mary Jane Emery (b. 10/11 Dec 1831 in PA, d. 1 Oct 1890 in Bradford Co., PA), daughter of Jacob Ross and Sarah Ann (Ennis) Emery, on 15 March 1855 and resided at Liberty Corners, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Levi and Mary had the following children:


(1) Julia M. Arnout: Born 24 November 1858 in Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died 14 May 1927 in Asylum Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Married John J. Elliott (b. 12 Aug 1862 in Asylum Twp, Bradford Co., PA, d. there 12 Apr 1949), son of James Edward and Lydia J. (Frisbie) Elliott, on 26 December 1887 in Bradford County, Pennsylvania and had the following son:


(a) Fred Arnout Elliott: Born 15 September 1889 at Liberty Corners, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died there 24 February 1933.  Married Jennie C. Kinsley (b. 1900, d. 1991) on 23 August 1916 in Pennsylvania and had the following children:


[1. Julia Viola Elliott: Born 16 September 1920 in Asylum Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died 25 November 2014 at Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Worked at the telephone office in Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Married Nathan Lee Benjamin (b. 19 Apr 1919 at Towanda, Bradford Co., PA, d. there 13 Aug 1989) about 1942.


[2. Howard Kinsley Elliott: Born 27 February 1924 at Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died 26 October 2000 at Liberty Corners, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


[3. L. Wilbur Elliott: Born 16 February 1932 in Asylum Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania (after his father died).  Died 14 February 2017 in Athens Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Married Marjorie J. Wood (b. 1931, d. 2010) on 20 January 1951 at Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


(2) Cora Mae Arnout: Born 7 May 1860 in Pennsylvania.  Died 25 May 1935 in Asylum Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


(3) Eliza M. Arnout: Born 5 September 1865 in Pennsylvania.  Died 10 May 1950 at Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Resided at 167 Cayuta Street, Sayre, Pennsylvania.


(4) Jennie E. Arnout: Born 15 March 1871 in Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died 4 January 1951.


After Peter died, Mary (Irvine) Arnout married (2nd) Robert Bull (photos) of Asylum, Bradford County, Pennsylvania; no children.  Robert Bull was, by reliable account, an uncommonly tall (6 feet, 3 or 4 inches) and uncommonly strong man.  For example, one day Robert Bull’s wagon wheel got locked with Mr. Tom McGuire’s, and Mr. McGuire, a high spirited (meaning: hot tempered) Irishman gave Robert Bull a heated piece of his mind.  "Uncle Robert picked him [Mr. McGuire] up by his collar and set him over the fence, then picked the wagon wheel up off the other and went on."


(5. Samuel “Sam” Irvine: Born 18 January 1810.  Died 16/14 June 1888/89, age 78, at home in Warren County, Pennsylvania.  Moved to Warren County (western PA) at the age of 22.  Married (1st) his 1st cousin, Margaret/Margarette C. Irvine (d. 6 Dec/Nov 1870, age 66), daughter of James "Jimmy" Irvine of Warren County, Pennsylvania, and had the following children:


(a. Thomas “Tom” J. Irvine: Born 28 November 1835.  Died 6/17 October 1885/7 (age 51) while helping a neighbor move a house.  Married Adelaide “Adda” Frisbie on 26 October 1861 and resided at 1512 Penn Avenue East, Warren, Pennsylvania.  Tom and Adda had the following daughter:


(1) Ida Irvine: Born 16 November 1863.  Married Charles “Charlie” Price on 19 September 1880 and had the following children:


(a) Alta S. Price: Born 25 April 1882.  Died 24 May 1903.  Married Levern Page on 24 May 1900.


(b) Millie Price: Born 5 October 1885.  Married Horace Hazeltine on 15 December 1904.


(c) Kate M. Price: Born 6 March 1891.


(d) Susie M. Price: Born 9 March 1894.


(e) Ernest J. Price: Born 10 October 1899.


(b. Benjamin F. Irvine: Born 14 September 1837.  Died 15/18/29 January 1878/77, age 40.  Never married.


(c. Martin V. Irvine: (more info) Born 11 February 1839 at Russell (formerly Pine Grove), Pennsylvania.  Died 13 January 1901, age 61.  Married Patricia “Pattie” M. LaFevre/Fever of Garland, Pennsylvania on 16 October 1866 at Pittsfield, Pennsylvania and had the following children:


(1) Gertrude E. Irvine: Married Clyde L. Wright on 11 May 1887.


(2) Clyde L. Irvine: Died 27 January 1876, age 5.


(3) Edith M. Irvine: Married G. Edward Beale on 13 October 1900.


(4) S. Roy Irvine: Married Martha Allan on 23 June 1905.


(d. Mary Ann Irvine “Ann”: Born 31 July 1840.  Died 13/14 January 1887, age 78.  Married H. W. Littlefield on 2 March 1865 and resided at Painesville, Ohio.  Ann and H. W. had the following children: (order uncertain)


(1) Son: Died young.


(2) Son: Died young.


(3) Guy I. Littlefield: Married Jane D. Irvine on 15 December 1887 and had the following children:


(a) Will F. Littlefield:


(b) Hubert L. Littlefield.


(c) John Irvine Littlefield.


Of interest, Ann (Irvine) Littlefield wrote: "I think father went to Warren County the year he was 21.  How long after that it was that he married, I do not know.  I can't tell anything about the time mother's sister, Hester, and her brothers, John and Thomas, died.  Margaret A. Sweney was a daughter of Hugh and Hester A. Phillis Sweney."  "Joseph Walker Phillis was a son of James and Anna Irvine Phillis."  "My grandfather, James [Jimmy] Irvine [son of John Irvine (1)], settled in Warren County in 1801 or 1800."


(e. Eliza Jane Irvine “Jane”: Born 25 March 1842.  Died 11 August 1901/1891.  Married (?) Ford and had the following children:


(1) Irvine S. Ford.


(2) Mabel/Mable Ford.


(f. Charles W. Irvine: Born 5 February 1844.  Died 30 August 1877, age 44 (also seen: d. 25 July 1870).


(g. Margaret H. Irvine: Born 3 March 1846.  Died 9 September 1901/1891.  Married (?) McMillin and had the following daughter:


(1) Anna McMillin: Married Ross Porter and resided at 6920 Kelly Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


(2) Edith McMillin: Resided in California.


(h. Son: Died young from complications of polio.


(i. Son: Died young from complications of polio.


Presumably following the death of his 1st wife, Margaret C. (Irvine) Irvine, in late 1870, Samuel Irvine married (2nd) Margaret's sister, Mary Irvine.


(6. William Welch Irvine "Welch" "Uncle Billy": (more info)


Born 5 April 1812 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.  Died 23/22 October 1897, age 85, at home near Liberty Corners, Bradford County, Pennsylvania; interred Liberty Corners Cemetery.  Moved with his parents to Bradford County, Pennsylvania in December 1913.  Later occupied a part of the original Irvine family homestead (where his father's hewn log cabin was located).  Worked for the general interest of the family until nearly age 30, when he engaged in farming and lumbering on the homestead.  Was referred to by ancestors as "Uncle Billy."  Member of the Methodist-Episcopal Church and was, politically, a Democrat.


Married Eliza "Liza" E. Hollon (b. 23 Apr 1822, d. 29 Sep 1914), daughter of Jeremiah and Elizabeth "Betsey" (Orcutt) Hollon, on 16 October 1842 and had the following children:


(a. Robert M. Irvine: Born 24/28 June 1846 at Monroe, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died 5 March 1893.  Spent his boyhood working on the family farm and attending common schools.  Then Robert took up farming on the portion of the old Irvine homestead (Liberty Corners) his father acquired.  Married Myra Dell Marcy "Dell," daughter of Charles and Elizabeth (DuBois) Marcy (the former of Monroe and the latter of N.Y. State), both of German extraction, on 15 March 1871 and resided near Liberty Corners, Bradford County.  Of interest, Maud L. (Bull) Crimmins (Para. (7.(e.(2), below) wrote that Myra's maiden name was Hollon.  Robert and Myra had the following children:


(1) Alice A. Irvine: Born 2 November 1872.  Married Albert Kelly of Durrell, Pennsylvania and resided there.  Alice and Albert had children.


(2) Jennie May Irvine: Born 20 July 1876/75.  Married Steven D. Benjamin of Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and had at least the following son:


(a) Audley Irving Benjamin: Born 8 November 1903.  Died 26 October 1970.  Married Grace Lillian (sp) Wellever and had at least the following children:


[1. Thomas Benjamin: Born 27 February 1924.  Died 5 November 1982.


[2. Audley Eugene Benjamin: Born 5 July 1925.


[3. Helen Marie Benjamin: Born 1 January 1928 at Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Married Carl Landmesser (b. 1924) on 10 October 1948 and resided at Macedonia (RD Towanda), Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Helen and Carl had the following children:


[a. Keith Edward Landmesser: Born 11 February 1950.  Married (?) and had the following children:


[1] Daughter.


[2] Daughter.


[b. Lynne Audley Landmesser: Born 23 June 1951.  Married (?) and had the following son:


[1] Son.


[c. Karen Denise Landmesser: Married (1st) (?).  Married (2nd) and had the following children:


[1] Daughter.


[2] Daughter.


[3] Daughter.


[4. Donald Benjamin: Born 31 October 1926.  Died 24 December 1926.


[5. Steven Dean Benjamin: Born 15 May 1929.


[6. Jennie Jane Benjamin: Born 20 June 1931.


[7. Kenneth Dale Benjamin: Born 23 September 1933.  Died 9 June 1957.


[8. Janice Grace Benjamin: Born 9 May 1936.  Died 14 April 1990.


(3) Frederick "Fred" E. Irvine: Born 11 May 1879.  Died 16 March 1905; killed in a railroad accident in Virginia while transporting lumber.  No wife mentioned in his death notice.


(b. George P. Irvine: Born 24/27 July 1850.  Died 24 July 1851.


(c. Edward "Ed" "Eddie" C. Irvine: Born 31 May 1853.  Died 20 October 1911.  Resided at Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Over the years was employed in several stores in Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania: in C. P. Welles' store, then the Dye & Bresee hardware store, then in A. M. Baker's grocery store, and later in G. M. Clark's shoe store.  Married Herluise Vangorder and had the following children: (order uncertain)


(1) Blanche Irvine: Married Clarence Benjamin on 2 January 1907.


(2) Wayne Irvine: Graduated from Towanda High School in 1907.  Married (?) McCabe and resided at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


(3) Miles Irvine: Graduated from Towanda High School in June 1909.  Married Carried (?) on 22 September 1915.


By one account, Edward Irvine had a brother, Leonard Irvine, who resided at Sayre, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  A Leonard S. Irvine, son of James Welch Irvine, resided at Sayre, but he was this Edward's 2nd cousin.


(d. Walter W. Irvine:


Born 3 July 1855.  Died about 1925.  Employed as a farmer.  Resided at Liberty Corners (also seen: Evergreen), Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Married (1st) Lina F. Kram (b. 7 Apr 1860, d. 4 Jan 1906) on 15 June 1893 at the home of Walter's brother, Edward.  Lina was the daughter of William and Mary (Eilenberger) Kram of Monroe Township, who came to Bradford County, Pennsylvania from Northampton County, Pennsylvania in 1862.  Before marriage Lina (Kram) Irvine taught for more than 15 years in Bradford County public schools, including Towanda High School.  No children.


Walter W. Irvine married (2nd, relatively late in life) Rachel Hatch (b. 20 Sep 1887), daughter of Robert and Irene (Lee) Hatch, on 21 August 1908/7; no children.  After Walter's death, Rachel (Hatch) Irvine married (2nd) Fred Robinson (d. 1955) and resided on part of the old Irvine homestead for another 50 years.


(e. Alice Viola Irvine: Born 16 April 1858.  Died 19 November 1865/4.


(7. Anna/Anne "Annie" Irvine: Born 23 February 1814.  Died 9 April 1881, age 67 years, 1 month, 17 days.  Married Joseph "Joe" Bull on 29 May 1842 and resided at Liberty Corners, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  They had at least the following children:


(a. James "Jim" A. Bull: Born 22 April 1846.  Died 16 March 1910.  Married Ann Sill on 17 December 1868.  According to his niece, Maud L. (Bull) Crimmins, Jim resided near Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and "had a parrot who swore."


(b. Margaret Bull.


(c. Florence "Flora" "Flo" M. Bull: (photo) Born 13 February 1854.  Died 3 September 1940.  Resided with her brother, Frank and his wife on a farm owned by Frank's wife on Route 4, Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Was a good friend of Stella (Stevens) Irvine, wife of Leonard S. Irvine of Sayre, Bradford County.


(d. Elizabeth Bull.


(e. Francis "Frank" P. Bull: Born 15 February 1859.  Married Mary Cook (d. Mar 1924 from (officially) "acute indigestion," though relatives suspected the cause was a second, more severe stroke, on 17 December 1884 and resided on the Cook homestead, built and developed by Mary's parents and bequeathed to Mary by them.  Of interest, Mary's mother's maiden name was Hollon and Mary had a sister referred to as "Aunt Et Plummer."  Mary had a minor stroke in 1923, which affected her left hand and the left side of her face.  At some point she was quoted as saying: "Many a time I have sewed till eleven o'clock at night by the light of a pitch-pine knot."  Frank and Mary had the following children:


(1) Harry C. Bull: (photos) (more info) (middle name could be Cook) Born 6 February 1885.  Married Ethel Norton (d. Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre, PA) on 26 November (?).  Fixed up and resided in his Aunt Flora's house, which Flora inherited from her parents.  Operated a hotel at Laquin.  Harry and Ethel had the following son:


(a) Francis LaRue Bull "LaRue": Married (?) and had the following children:


[1. Child.


[2. Gertrude Bull: Married (?) Yern.


(2) Maud L. Bull: (photos) (more info) (middle name could be LeRue) Born 19 October 1890.  Married Robert "Rob" A. Crimmins (photos), a catholic Irishman, and resided at Liberty Corners, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Of interest, Rob's father was 83 years old in January 1935 and resided at King of Prussia, Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia).  Rob also had a brother, William Crimmins (b. abt 1902).


Maud inherited from her mother the farm her parents' (Cook homestead; RD 4 Box 151, Towanda) had worked for many years, and she moved in soon after the death of Maud's mother, though her father and Aunt Flora still resided there.  Maud and Robert adopted a daughter.


(8. George Irvine, Jr.: Born 11 November 1816.  Died 5 September 1890; interred with both wives in the Monroeton Village Cemetery, Monroeton, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Resided on part of his family's original homestead.  Married (1st) Jane Sweet (b. 23 May 1823, d. 11 Dec 1859), daughter of Eleazer and Amy (Wilcox) Sweet of Monroeton, on 7 April 1842 and had the following daughter:


(a. Emily C. Irvine: Born 9 July 1843.  Died September 1921.  Married Orlando Goff on 3 February 1874 and had the following daughter:


(1) Amy L. Goff: Born 11 June 1881.  Married Gilbert Elliott on 31 March 1903 and had the following children:


(a) Zelma Elliott: Married Myron Kilmer and resided at Waverly, New York.


(b) Francis Elliott: Married Dorothy (Northrup) Class.


George Irvine, Jr. married (2nd) Eunice Heverly (b. 6 Feb 1822, d. 14 Aug 1903), daughter of John and Almira (Kellogg) Heverly of Overton, Pennsylvania, on 24 October 1860.


(9. Rebecca Jane Irvine "Jane": Born 28 June 1819 (also seen: b. 15 Oct 1815); reportedly the 1st child born in the original borough limits.  Died 10 June 1886 (also seen: d. 5 Jul 1902) at Warren, Pennsylvania.  Resided at Liberty Corners with her niece, Florence Bull.  Never married.


4.  Other biographical notes on George:


Having already helped move his half brother, Andrew, to Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, George followed Andrew in December 1813 because the land in Bradford County was superior for farming to that of Northumberland County, and, in addition, George was not in line to inherit the family property in Northumberland County.  He loaded a lumber wagon drawn by a four-horse team and moved with his family, by way of Williamsport and Muncy (then Pennsborough), up Lycoming Creek (which he crossed 36 times on the way) to Bradford County.  Their first night in the County was spent at Spalding's Tavern in Canton.  Then they came down Towanda Creek to Monroe, arriving after dark on 17 December 1813.  They took up interim residence in a log cabin erected by the Fowlers on W. W. Decker's property, about where Monroeton was later.


George contracted with Bartholomew LaPort, sub-agent of the Asylum Land Company, for 200 acres in Monroe Township (now Liberty Corners - the Chillisquaque area) and, in the Spring of 1814, began to clear it.  He first, with the aid of his brother, Andrew and son, John, had to cut a road through the forest to his property.  In the next year they built a log cabin, and cleared the land sufficiently to take up residency there in June 1815. He was the first settler between Fowlertown and John Benjamin's property in Asylum, a distance of about six miles.  It was a deep, wild woods; no neighbors within sight or within ear shot.


At that time the country was very wild and dangerous, full of panthers, bears, and wolves that would come within a short distance of the house and fill the night with terrifying sounds.  Horses, sheep, hogs, and other livestock had to be kept in strong pens to survive predation.  Anecdotally, one day George's sons, James and Samuel Irvine, did not return from their work until nine o'clock at night and the sheep had not been brought in, so they at once started to search for them.  They were eventually found at the foot of the mountain some ¾ mile from the cabin.  As James was following the sheep along the path, all at once the sheep stopped and gathered around him for protection.  Directly in front of them was a panther preparing to attack.  In the dark he searched the ground with his foot for something to use as a club.  Finding such a tree limb he quickly picked it up and threw it at the panther.  Luckily, the panther ran off into the woods, passing Sam, who, thinking it was one of the sheep, took after it.  Fortunately Sam did not move quickly enough to grab the passing animal and only learned what it was when he reached his brother.  It was not uncommon to lose livestock to the variety of predators that lived in the woods.


On another occasion John and his brother, James Irvine, were picking huckleberries and did not return home until early evening, when, a short distance from the house, they saw their dag flushing an animal from the brush.  Anxious to know what it was, they followed the chase and found a treed panther.  James ran for the gun.  John, the older boy, took aim and brought the panther down, but it was only wounded.  Their dog clinched the panther in his teeth, but was quickly overcome by the beast.  While James fought for their dog with a club, John reloaded and was finally able to finish the job.  The panther had sunk its fangs and claws into the dog so securely that they had to be torn away after it death.


With the aid of his sons and after years of hardship and work, George Irvine was finally able to clear his large farm from the forest and pay for it.



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