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John Irvine/Erwin, I ( - 1796)


Irvine Generation 1



1.  John’s parents: (?)


2.  John’s birth: in Northern Ireland


John’s death: 11 February 1796 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.


3a. John’s 1st marriage


a. To whom: (?)


b. Marriage date & location: In England.


c. Children: (probably more)


(1. General William Irvine, MD


Born in Enniskillen, Fermanagh County, Ireland on 3 November 1741.  Died 1804.  Had been a surgeon in the British Navy.  In 1763 he emigrated to America and settled in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, where he practiced medicine until 1774, when he was appointed one of the Representatives in the Provisional Convention, which met in Philadelphia in that year.  In January 1776 William Irvine was appointed Colonel in the 6th Battalion (later the 7th) of the Pennsylvania regulars.  On 8 March 1782 he was ordered to Fort Pitt to protect the frontier from British and Indian invasion.  He was also employed in settling the boundary dispute between Pennsylvania and Virginia.  In 1794 William was appointed to lay out the towns of Erie, Warren, Waterford, and Franklin, Pennsylvania.  He was a member of the convention to form a constitution for the state of Pennsylvania and was Commander-in-Chief of Pennsylvania troops during the whiskey insurrection.  In Warren County, Pennsylvania the village of Irvine was named in his honor.


William married Anne Callender, daughter of Robert Callender of Middlesex (near Carlisle), Pennsylvania, who was an Indian trader and commanded a company of Pennsylvania Militia at Braddock’s defeat.  William and Anne had at least the following children:


(a. Callender Irvine: Born at Carlisle, Pennsylvania in 1774.  Died 1840 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Was President of the Hibernia Society of Pennsylvania and of the State Society of the Cincinnati.  On the death of his father, Callender took his place as commander of the Pennsylvania militia in Philadelphia.  Callender and his wife had the following child:


(1) William A. Irvine, MD: Born 28 September 1803 and resided at Warren County, Pennsylvania.  Died 7 September 1886.  Married (?) Dimean, daughter of Stephen Dimean, a “planter” of Mississippi.


(b. Elizabeth Irvine: Married Dr. (?) Reynolds, a United Irishman of ‘93, who came to America and practiced medicine in Philidelphia.


3b. John’s 2nd marriage:


a. To whom: Anna Annie Welch


Died 15 June 1780 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, probably from complications of the birth of her son, Welch Irvine.


b. Marriage date & location:


c. Children:


(2. George Irvine: Born in March 1775 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.


(3. Welch Irvine:


Born 15 June 1780 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, where his parents had camped after fleeing the Indians.  Was employed as a farmer and boat builder on the west branch of the Susquehanna River for several years in Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


Married Mary M. Kester (b. 4 Feb 1793, d. 16 Nov 1849), a native of Union County, Pennsylvania and of German descent, on 15 July 1810.  With Mary and their child followed his two brothers, Andrew and George, from Lewisburg Township to Monroe Township, Pennsylvania in December 1814 and located on the farm subsequently owned by E. T. Park at Fowlertown.  The following year Welch settled in the wilderness beyond where his brother, George, had built a cabin.  He cleared and improved a 100 acre farm, where he died 12 February 1850, just 3 months after Mary.  The first few years were most trying, and Welch was frequently required to work for neighbors to provide for the pressing needs of his family.


Welch and Mary (Kester) Irvine had the following children:


(a. John B. “Big John” Irvine: Born 22 June 1813.  Died 6/16 August 1860.  Employed in the foundry business in Towanda for a number of years and resided on Holland Hill.  Married Catharine/Katharine White on 25 February 1841 and at some point moved to White Deer Hollow on West Branch.  John and Catharine had the following children:


(1) Roxy M. Irvine: Died before 1916.


(2) Juliette Irvine: Died before 1916.


(3) George Irvine: Died before 1916.


(4) Mary Irvine: Died before 1916.


(5) Lemuel Irvine: Died before 1916.


(6) Guy Irvine.


(7) Andrew Irvine: Died before 1916.


(8) Frances Irvine.


(b. George K. Irvine: Born 18 April 1815.  Migrated to Mississippi when he was young.  Later moved to Dunn County, Wisconsin, where he died 20 March 1901.  No marriage recorded in the Welch Irvine Bible.


(c. Guy C. Irvine: Born 25 August 1816.  Occupied and worked the Irvine family homestead farm.  Was, politically, a Republican and frequently held Monroe Township offices.  Died 15 April 1886.  Married Deborah A. Hollon (b. 9 Dec 1817, d. 18 Jan 1891), daughter of Jeremiah and Betsey (Orcutt) Hollon of Liberty Corners, on 24 February 1841 and had the following children:


(1) Lyman Welch Irvine: Born 8 January 1842/3.  Died 17 December 1896.  Lived on and worked his family’s homestead farm.  At Murfreesboro during the Civil War was in the Quartermaster Department.  Married (as her 1st husband) Lorania H. Van Gorder (b. 7 Jan 1844, d. 3 Mar 1913) and had the following children:


(a) Zilpha Irvine: Born 27 April 1873.  Married Clark A. Dodson of Shickshinny, Pennsylvania.


(b) Deborah E. Irvine: Born 12 January 1877.  Married Henry Wood and, in August 1914, resided at 24 Rees Street, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  Possessed the Welch Irvine Bible.


Lorania H. (Van Gorder) Irvine married (2nd) (?) Edsell


(2) Charles G. Irvine (also seen: Charles Nelson Irvine): Born 9 August 1845/6 on the old Welch Irvine homestead in Monroe Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Spent his youth helping on the farm and attending the common school, as well as the Monroe graded school.  At age 21 Charles went into business for himself, then he worked for his father on the family farm for 7 years, and after that purchased and operated his own farm.  He married (1st) Alice Ann Goff (b. 1 Aug 1850, d. 19 Sep 1888), daughter of Wells and Mary A. (Shiner) Goff of Monroe, on 26 January 1874.  Alice taught at the Irvine school at Liberty Corners, where they resided, and she was a member of the Methodist Church there.  Charles and Alice had the following children:


(a) Carrie Deborah Irvine: Born 14 November 1875.  Married Bufton S. Streevy of Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


(b) Guy Carlton Irvine: (more info)


Born 28 March 1879 at Liberty Corners, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Attended the old Susquehanna Collegiate Institute at Towanda and then pursued farming.  He also held the offices of school director and road supervisor for many years.  Politically, Guy was a Republican.


Married Maude Louise Gale (b. 18 January 1889, d. 21 Sep 1965; interred Liberty Corners Cemetery), daughter of George W. and Louise (Lindley) Gale of Liberty Corners, at Liberty Corners on 2 March 1916 (application same day) with Reverend D. D. Campbell officiating.  Guy and Maude had the following children:


[1. Charles Carleton Irvine: (more info)


Born 6 January 1911 at Liberty Corners, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died 12 December 1959; interred Liberty Corners Cemetery.  Attended school at Liberty Corners.  In adulthood was a farmer, and he also worked for the Erie Railroad and on state highways.  He was an excellent hunter and fisherman, and he had an impressive physique.


Charles married Helen Elizabeth Wood (b. 5 Dec 1913), daughter of John William and Mary Louise (Vargason) Wood of Liberty Corners, on 12 January 1935.  Helen attended Towanda High School for 3 ½ years, later working for the Wreath Factory in New Albany, Pennsylvania.  Charles and Helen had the following children:


[a. Marilyn Joyce Irvine: Born 1935.  Married Thomas Waluk of Rummerfield, Pennsylvania.


[b. Ronald Guy Irvine:


Born 1937.  Graduated from Towanda High School in 1954.  Was a farmer, and for a time, was employed by the Towanda silk mill.  Resided at Rummerfield, then Wysox, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


Married Nancy Louise Cook, daughter of Robert, Jr. and Cidney (McCabe) Cook of East Towanda, who graduated from Towanda High School in 1956.  Ronald and Cidney had the following children:


[1] Gerald Robert Irvine: Born 1958.


[2] Ronald Charles Irvine: Born 1959.


[3] James Lee Irvine: Born 1961.


[4] Daughter: Born 1964.


[c. Robert John Irvine:


Born 1938.  Graduated from Towanda High School, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and then served in the US Navy.  In 1958 was stationed at Lakehurst, New Jersey.  After leaving the Navy resided in Pennsylvania.


Married Marion Y. Miller, daughter of Franklin H. Miller of Frenchtown, in 1958 at the Methodist Church in Frenchtown, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Reverend Roy Rogers officiated.  Marion also graduated from Towanda High School and was employed at the Bern Furniture Store in Towanda at the time of her marriage to Robert.  Robert and Marion had the following daughter:


[1] Terrie Lynn Irvine: Born 1963.


[d. Donald Dean Irvine: Born 1948.


Note: the earliest known ancestor of the Wood family was John Wood (d. 3 Jul 1753 at Elizabeth, N.J.), who served several enlistments in the Revolutionary War from New Jersey.  That John Wood came to Bradford county, Pennsylvania from Port Jervis in 1812 and lived for a time with his son, John Wood, Jr. near Acla’s Pond on the road between the old brick school and Rob Wood Mountain in Asylum Township.  John Wood, Sr. finally moved in 1842 to Standing Stone, Bradford County, where he died.  He was interred in the Standing Stone Cemetery, but his grave is now unmarked.


[2. Alice Goff Irvine: Born 1 February 1914.  Married Carleton Bream Biesecker of Columbus, Ohio.


[3. George Willis Irvine:


Born 27 April 1918.  Graduated from Towanda High School in 1936 and was employed by the Rural Electrification Association, then the Wrisley Construction Company of Monroeton, and then worked for Farm Bureau Construction.  Entered the Army Air Corps on 20 August 1943 and served during World War II in the Pacific area of operations as an electronics technician.  Discharged 26 February 1946 and returned to the Wrisley Construction Company, subsequently shifting to employment with the Sylvania Electric Corporation at Towanda.  Resided in a home he built himself overlooking Monroe Borough from the Berwick Turnpike in Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


George married Ruth Banning Hinman “Banning” (b. 5 May 1919 at Camden, N.J.) (more info), daughter of Professor Earl Edward and Lula (Warner) Hinman of Monroeton on 30 August 1941.  She graduated from Towanda High School in 1937 and from Madame Sardoni’s Beauty School, Scranton, Pennsylvania in April 1940.  For the next 16 months she was employed as a beautician in Milady’s Beauty Shop, Sayre, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  From 1943 to 1945, while George was in the Service, Ruth was employed as a telephone operator at Langhorne, Pennsylvania.


Banning is descended from Sergeant Edward Hinman, bodyguard for King Charles I of England, who immigrated to America, settling at Stamford, Connecticut before 1650.  John Hinman, a descendant of Edward, moved from Woodbury, Connecticut to Wysox, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1791.  His son, John B. Hinman, moved to Monroeton, where Ruth was born several generations later.


George Willis and Banning (Hinman) Irvine had the following children:


[a. Dennis “Denny” Paul Irvine: (photos) (more info)


Born 1946.  Married Doris Marie Biles (photos) (more info) (b. 1950), descendant #6.3 of generation 11 of the Descendants of John Addison Biles, on 23 October 1971 at Monroeton, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and had the following children:


[1] Kimberly Ann Irvine: 1977.


[2] Holly Michelle Irvine: (more info) Born 1981.


[3] Todd Matthew Irvine: Born 1983 at Memorial Hospital, Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


 [b. Stephen George Irvine: Born 1950.  Resided at Monroeton, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


Ruth Banning (Hinman) Irvine married (2nd) Alfred Wrisley of RD #1 Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania at the First Methodist Church, Towanda.


[4. Infant: Died at birth.


Charles G. Irvine married (2nd) Sarah “Sadie” Frutchey (b. 14 Aug 1852 at Terrytown, d. 14 Aug 1939), daughter of F. Wilson (more info) and Mary (Hanna) Frutchey of Frenchtown, on 18 March 1891 at Asylum.  Sarah was educated in the Terrytown school and was a member of the Methodist Church.  She also kept house for her brother for a number of years.  Of interest, F. Wilson Frutchey purchased the Hiram Stone farm (site of the “Queen’s House” in 1866.  Wilson Frutchey subsequently sold this property to George Hensel in 1869 and moved to Durell Creek.


Of related interest: Eleanor “Ellen” (Place) Frutchey (photos) was a good friend of Ada Lucy Irvine, sister of John Milton Irvine.


(d. Catharine M. Irvine: Born 27 November 1819.  Married John White of Monroeton, Bradford County, Pennsylvania on 4 June 1840.  Died 4 August 1841.


(e. James Welch Irvine:


Born 6 March 1825 in Monroe Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died 9 October 1903.  Began farming at age 19 and remained with it for 47 years.  During that period James also taught school in Smithfield, Pennsylvania as early as 1843 and, on and off, taught for 12 years, having as many as 80 pupils.  In 1866 James became a clerk in Taylorsville, then of Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Then James moved back to Liberty Corners, Bradford County, where he operated a general store, dealing extensively in Syracuse chilled plows, and did some farming at the same time.  He was a member of the Methodist-Episcopal Church and, politically, was a Republican.  From 1872 to 1886 James was also the Postmaster at Liberty Corners.


James married Almira “Myra” Wynkoop Hollon (b. 6 Oct 1828, d. 12 Dec 1922), daughter of Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Orcutt) Hollon of Liberty Corners, on 8 January 1851 and had the following children:


(1) Leonard S. Irvine: Born 9 September 1853.  First tried farming, but then operated a store at Liberty Corners.  Married Stella May Stevens (b. 19 Mar 1857 at Liberty Corners, d. 7 Sep 1930; interred Liberty Corners), daughter of Hiram Gordon and Elizabeth Margaret (Irvine) Stevens, on 14 November 1877 and had the following children:


(a) Edythe Louise Irvine: Born 11 August 1878.  Married Frank Calvin Cook of Sayre, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


(b) Howard Stevens Irvine: Born 13 June 1884.  Resided at Trenton, New Jersey.  Married Ethel B. Williver (b. 6 Oct 1887) of Trenton, New Jersey on 1 September 1915 and had the following son:


(a) Howard Leonard Irvine: Born 19 June 1916.  Attended the New Jersey State Teachers College.


(c) Lester Bertrand Irvine: Born 26 September 1887.  Served in the Rainbow Division during World War I.  Afterwards resided in the western states.


(2) Mary E. Irvine: Born 20 May 1859/60.  Died 19 July/August 1865/66.


(3) Alice Irvine: Twin. Born 1 July 1864.  Inherited her parents’ farm after the death of her mother, subsequently selling it to Adaline Benjamin.  Alice married O. Delos Davis “Delos” on 6 June 1888 and had the following son:


(a) Irvine D. Davis: Born 2 April 1889.  Resided in Seattle, Washington.


(4) Addie M. Irvine: Twin. Born 1 July 1864.  Died 6/10 April 1872.


(f. Maria Ann Irvine: Born 8 April 1828.  Died 27 April 1903.  Married Harry Benjamin of Asylum, Bradford County, Pennsylvania on 20 April 1848 and had the following children:


(1) Mary A. Benjamin: Died young.


(2) Eliza A. Benjamin: Died young.


(3) James W. Benjamin: Died young.


(4) Hattie E. Benjamin: Died young.


(5) Adaline M. Benjamin: Born 16 November 1851.  Died 22/23 May 1882.  Married Rodolph J. Bennett on 30 November 1871 and had the following children:


(a) Hattie Bennett: Born 1 June 1875.


(b) Laura Bennett: Born 26 June 1877.


(c) May Bennett: Born 18 February 1880.


(6) Guy C. Benjamin: Born 22 April 1855.  Married Cassie M. Neiley on 5 April 1883 and had the following children:


(a) Roland N. Benjamin: Born 8 March 1888.


(b) Adaline Benjamin: Born 26 October 1890.


(7) Edwin I. Benjamin: Born 5 January 1861.  Married Florence Decker on 3 November 1886 and had the following children:


(a) Maud Benjamin: Born 13 May 1887.


(b) Nancy G. Benjamin: Born 25 January 1889.


(c) Atla Benjamin: Born 2 September 1908.


(d) Laura P. Benjamin: Born 26 September 1903.


(8) William H. Benjamin: Born 21 September 1863.  Married Adelia (or A’Delia) Woolsey on 30 September 1903 and had the following daughter:


(a) Geraldine Benjamin: Born 1905.


(9) Melvin K. Benjamin: Born 25 January 1866.  Married Zelma Elliott on 12 December 1887 and had the following son:


(a) Earl Benjamin: Born 16 September 1888.


(10) Franklin W. Benjamin: Born 15 July 1867.  Died 25 September 1891.


3c. John’s 3rd marriage:


a. To whom: Mollie/Molly Fullerton


b. Marriage date & location:


c. Children:


(4. Andrew Irvine


Eldest son of John and Mollie Fullerton Irvine.  Born 28 May 1789/87 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.  Died in Warren County, Pennsylvania on 4 January 1853.  In 1812 Andrew and his brother, Guy C. Irvine, passed through Towanda (then called Meansville), Bradford County, Pennsylvania while returning from service in the War of 1812.  At that time Towanda was remarkable for the three streams of water that converged there than anything else.  The center stream, between Bridge and Pine Streets, caught Andrew’s eye as a good location for a tannery.


In the spring of 1813 Andrew moved to Towanda and purchased ½ acres of land from William Means (for whose family the town was named), on which he erected a 2 ½ story log structure and operated a tannery.  Andrew became known as "Irvine the Tanner."  In the upper room he cooked his meals and slept, using the lower room for a shop.  His lot was next to and north of the Patten block on the river side of Main Street.  His log house stood about 35 feet below Main Street in back of the old Tidd hotel site.  The tannery was situated on the creek, north and east of the log house.


In 1828 Andrew constructed the first brick house in Towanda.  He was noted for his good judgment and sterling integrity, so from 1824 to 1826 he was county treasurer, and filled the post again from 1830 to 1831.  In 1836, reportedly induced in part by the prosperity of his younger brother, Guy, he sold his property in Towanda and moved to Warren County, Pennsylvania.  Shortly after leaving, however, his house in Towanda burned.


In Warren County Andrew bought land and engaged extensively in farming and lumbering.  His land also included several productive oil and gas wells.  Andrew was a Presbyterian and, politically, was a Democrat.  He was also affiliated with the Union Lodge FAM # 108, which met at Myersburg, resigning on 7 February 1849.


In September 1814 Andrew Irvine married Catherine McAffee (b. 1791 in Bradford Co., PA; d. May 1862 at Warren Co., PA) of Turbot, Pennsylvania and had the following children, all born at Towanda:


(a. Jane D. Irvine: Born 15 October 1815; said to be the 1st child born at Towanda.  Died 1884, unmarried.  Marian B. (Parker) Melvin said her Aunt Jane wrote a history of the Irvine Family.


(b. Mary Ann Irvine: Born 1815 (if not a twin of James, above, one would think this must be 1816).  Died April 1876, unmarried.


(c. Benjamin Franklin “Frank” Irvine:


Born 12 August 1820 at Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died 10 September 1878 at Irvine’s Mills, Cattaraugus County, New York.  Attended public schools at Towanda, Pennsylvania until his parents moved to Warren, where he completed school.  Worked in his father’s tannery and engaged in lumbering on the Allegheny River.  In 1842/3 moved to what became “Irvine’s Mills” in Cattaraugus County, New York, where he bought approximately 5,000 acres of land, much of it heavily timbered, and erected several saw mills, prompting a village to spring up that eventually bore his last name.  Politically, Benjamin was a Democrat.


Married Rebecca Leonard (b. 12 Jul 1830 at Warren Co., PA (though another source said age 80 in 1914)), daughter of Levi, Jr. (b. 22 Feb 1807; d. 12 Sep 1879) and Elizabeth (Cargill) (b. 25 Dec 1805 in Maine; d. Nov 1902) Leonard of Limestone, New York (and granddaughter of Levi Leonard, who was born at Montrose, PA, but later moved to Warren, where he d. in 1823), on 1 January 1847.  Rebecca had attended public schools in Ellicottville and Great Valley, New York and finished at the Ellicottville Seminary.  After Benjamin died Rebecca resided with her daughter, Mary, at 48 E. Corydon Street, Bradford City, Pennsylvania.


Benjamin and Rebecca (Leonard) Irvine had the following children, all born at Irvine’s Mills, New York:


(1) Mary A. Irvine:


Born 5 May 1848 at Irvine’s Mills, New York.  Educated at Union School in Tonawanda, New York.  Resided at home until marriage on 4 May 1869 to Harper G. Andrews of Bradford City, Pennsylvania, son of Robert Harper Andrews (b. 1800 at Plymouth, CN) and his second wife, Julia Wilmoth (b. 1808 at Great Bend, PA; d. there 1878).


Harper G. Andrews was born 14 February 1846 at Windsor, New York.  He died 30 August 1904 at Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Was educated in Binghamton, New York public schools and finished with a course at a commercial college.  Enlisted 25 July 1862 (at age 16) as a drummer in Company B of the 137th Regiment, New York Volunteers.  He was honorably discharged as a 1st Lieutenant 14 April 1865, having seen hard service with the armies of Grant, Rosecrans, Thomas, and Sherman, receiving several promotions for bravery on the field of battle.


Following the Civil War Harper and Mary A. (Irvine) Andrews settled in Limestone, New York, where Harper was in the mercantile business before getting into lumbering.  In 1896 Harper and Mary moved to Bradford County, Pennsylvania, where they had the following children:


(a) Rebecca Irvine Andrews: Born 27 January 1870 at Irvine’s Mills, New York.  Died young.


(b) Robert Irvine Andrews: Born 10 May 1877.  Died young.


(c) Benjamin Franklin Irvine Andrews: Born 18 September, 1879.  Died young.


(2) Guy C. Irvine: Born 21 March 1850 at Irvine’s Mills, New York.  Died 23 January 1912 at Bradford City, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Was a lumberman.  Married Mildred Beardsley of Limestone, New York (b. 14 Nov 1850); no children.


(3) Andrew Irvine: Born 29 May 1854.  Died 26 November 1855.


(4) Leonard Clarence Irvine: Born 27 March 1856.  Was an accountant and never married.  Died 4 February 1897 at Gardeau, McKean County, Pennsylvania.


(5) Jerome Nelson Irvine: Born 27 October 1857.  Died in infancy.


(6) Benjamin Franklin Irvine, Jr.: Born 30 September 1859 at Irvine’s Mills, Cattaraugus County, New York.  Died 10 August 1910.  Was a tobacco merchant.  Married Mary Clark (b. 31 Mar 1874 at Farmer’s Valley, PA; d. Mar 1905).  Benjamin and Mary had the following daughter:


(a) Rebecca Lydia Irvine:  Born 16 May 1902 at Bradford City, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


(7) Dewitt Clinton Irvine: Born 23 February 1866.  Died in infancy.


(d. Rosanna Irvine: Born 1823.  Died 1826.


(e. Infant: Died unnamed.


(f. Catherine Irvine: Youngest daughter.  Married Nelson Parker, a well known lumberman in Warren County, Pennsylvania.  Catherine and Nelson had the following children: (order uncertain)


(1) Kate I. Parker: Married (?) Berry.


(2) Marian B. Parker: Died 26 October 1914.  Married (?) Melvin and (in 1913) resided at 333 East Main Street, Bradford City, Pennsylvania.  Marian and (?) had the following son:


(a) John P. Melvin: Partner with his brother, Thomas, in the law firm “Melvin & Melvin” in Bradford City, Warren County, Pennsylvania.


(b) C. C. Melvin: Treasurer of Warren County, Pennsylvania.


(c) M. F. Melvin.


(d) Thomas J. Melvin: Partner with his brother, John P., in the law firm “Melvin & Melvin” in Bradford City, Warren County, Pennsylvania.


(e) Kate I. Melvin: Married (?) Berry. 


(g. Guy C. Irvine: Born 1833.  Was a wealthy farmer in Warren County, Pennsylvania.  Died January 1903, unmarried.


(h. Thomas Jefferson Irvine: Born 1834.  Resided in Warren County, Pennsylvania.  Married Ursula Brand (b. 1837) and had the following children: 


(1) Andrew Irvine.


(2) Alice Irvine.


(3) Anna Irvine.


(4) Edward Irvine.


(5) Katherine Irvine.


(6) George Irvine.


(5. James “Jimmy” Irvine: Born about 1773.  Died 12 March 1849, age 76.  Order of birth unknown; placed here arbitrarily.  Referred to as “Uncle Jimmy” by Mrs. Marion B. Melvin (d. 26 Oct 1914) in an August 1913 letter to Theresa “Tess” H. Patterson.  Settled in Warren County, Pennsylvania about 1800/1801 - thought to be the first of his family to do so.  Married Hester Wynn (d. 23 Oct 1848, age 79) and had the following children: (order uncertain)


(a. Margaret/Margarette C. Irvine: Born 1804.  Died 6 November 1870, age 66.  Married as his 1st wife, her cousin, Samuel “Sam” Irvine.


(b. Mary Irvine: Presumably following the death of her sister, Margaret, in 1870, married her cousin and Margaret’s husband, Samuel “Sam” Irvine.


(c. Hester A. Irvine:


(d. John Irvine: Died of typhus fever at about the same time as his brother, Thomas J. and sister, Anna.


(e. Eliza Irvine: Born 11 February 1811.  Died 29 May 1870.  Married her cousin, Samuel Wynn (b. 17 Dec 1804, d. 22 May 1883), son of Thomas Wynn, in 1837 and had the following children:


(1) James “Jim” Irvin Wynn: Born 13 October 1836.  Died 5 May 1912.  Married Rachel Mary Todd (b. 13 Oct 1841, d. 12 Mar 1901 (by another account about 1908/9)) and had the following children:


(a) Carrie Belle Wynn: Born 12 October 1861.  Died December 1863.


(b) Flora Adelaide “Ada” Wynn: Born 18 May 1865.  By one account the oldest child.  Married Dr. James Frank Mayne/Maine and had 1 child.


(c) Gernsey Wynn: (male) Married (?) Carpenter (d. about 1913).  No children.


(d) Irvin L. Wynn: Born 5 January 1871.  Married Frances Ripley (b. 20 Mar 1870, d. 28 May 1911) on 30 August 1890.


(2) Hetty Ann Wynn: Born 7 March 1838.  Died about 1911.  Married William Bates on 16 October 1863; no children.


(3) Sarah Jane Wynn “Jane”: Born 1 November 1839.  Living in November 1914.  Married William Mott Matthews and had 2 sons and a daughter.


(4) Thomas Peter Wynn: Born 3 November 1841.


(5) Charles William Wynn: Born 25 June 1843.  Died 3 January 1912.  Married (1st) Alice Abbott, daughter of Francis Abbott, and had the following daughter:


(a) Mary J. Wynn: Married Dr. R. N. Davis.


Charles William Wynn married (2nd) widow Martha (Stewart) (?).


(6) Andrew Jackson Wynn “Jackson”: Born 6 August 1846.  Died 30 April 1910.  Married Ellen Eastman.


(7) William Penn Wynn: Born 8 June 1848.  Died 22 August 1886.  Never married.


(8) Mary Lucinda Wynn: Born 29 July 1851.  Living in November 1914.  Married William Tousler and resided at Rural Route, Bear Lake, Warren County, Pennsylvania.  Mary was said to be the historian of the family.  She and William had 2 daughters.


(9) Margaret Belle Wynn: Born 8 April 1854.  Living in November 1914.  Married Jefferson M. Jobes and had 2 daughters.


(f. Thomas J. Irvine: Died of typhus fever at about the same time as his brother, John, and sister, Anna.


(g. Anna Irvine: Died of typhus fever at about the same time as her two brothers, Thomas J. and John.  Married James Phillis and had the following son:


(1) Joseph Walker “J. W.” Phillis: Married Aldula Chandler and had the following children:


(a) Gemella E. Phillis: Married D. J. Taft, but Gemella died less than 2 years later.  No children.


(b) Harriet Josephine Phillis: Married, following her sister’s death, widower D. J. Taft and had 3 daughters and 1 son.  They resided at Ashland, New York.


(c) Grant Phillis: Died in a sawmill accident.  Married in New York State and had 4 children.


(d) Son: Died young.


(2) Hester Ann Phillis: Was the recipient of her grandfather’s (James Irvine’s) family Bible, which contained family records.  Married Hugh Sweeney and resided in Iowa.  Hester and Hugh had the following daughter:


(a) Margaret A. Sweeney.


(3) Margaret Phillis: Never married.


(4) Thomas J. “T.J.” Phillis: Married (1st) Jane Watt, daughter of Rosana Lime Watt, and had the following children:


(a) Emma Jane Phillis.


Following Jane’s death, Thomas J. Phillis married (2nd) (?) and resided in Iowa.


(6. Daughter: Married (?) Watt and moved to northern Indiana.


(7. Matthew Irvine: Younger brother of Gen William Irvine and Andrew Irvine.  Came to Pennsylvania as a boy.  Studied medicine at Carlisle and Philadelphia under his brother, William, but left his studies to join General George Washington’s army of rebellion.


(8. Guy C. Irvine: Youngest child.  Followed his brother, James, to Wyoming County, Pennsylvania.  Marian B. Melvin said she had heard that Guy walked from the Brokenstraw to Towanda to borrow money from his mother to go into the lumber business, but she would not let him have it.  However, her 3rd husband (Guy’s stepfather) gave him the funds he needed.  When Guy returned the money, he came on horseback dressed in fine clothes with a tall hat.


Guy was very prosperous.  At one point was considered the richest man in Warren County, Pennsylvania.  According to Marion B. Melvin, “he lost heavily by endorsing for others, but left quite a prosperity.”  He married (?) Cotton from the Brokenstraw area and had 3 sons and the following daughter:


(a. Rachel Irvine: Married (?) Bachof. 


4.  Other biographical notes on John:


Born in Ireland of Scottish ancestry, earlier generations of his ancestors having settled in a little village of approximately 1300 people called Irvinestown (also Loutherstown), which is about nine miles from Enniskillen, on the banks of the Lough Eine.  John was Justice of the Peace and Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Fermanagh.  Of interest, among the physicians of the village was Dr. Gerard Irvine, and among the merchants was a William Irvine.


Apparently emigrated from Ireland to North America with his parents, a wife, and some children.  Was farming in Milton, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania in 1778 when he and his family (with their household goods) and others in the local community (which included the Reeds, MacManus, and other affiliated families of Scotch ancestry) fled down the Susquehanna River in canoes to what is now Cumberland County, Pennsylvania for safety from the Indians, who were allied with the British during the Revolutionary War.  That flight was referred to as "the great runaway."  John later returned to Northumberland County, but without his second wife, Anna, who died in June 1780 while still in Cumberland County, very close to the date her son, Welch Irvine, was born.


John eventually had 3 wives and a total of 22 children.  Of interest: there is a tradition in the Irvine family that one of John Irvine’s wives was the widow Morrison.



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