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Irvine ancestors:


     John Irvine, I - Gen 1

     George Irvine - Gen 2

     John Irvine, II - Gen 3

     John Milton Irvine - Gen 4

     Jane Delphine (Biles) Irvine - Gen 4


Raymond (NMI) Irvine (1885 - 1984)



Irvine Generation 5

Descendant # 1


Irvine, Raymond 1910 (1) #.jpg


1.  Ray’s parents: John Milton and Jane Delphine (Biles) Irvine, the latter being paragraph 4.C.6.f. of the Alexander Patterson Biles page.


2.  Ray’s birth: 23 January 1885 on the old Irvine homestead at Homets Ferry, Wyalusing Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


Ray’s death: 5 August 1984 at Corning, New York; interred Camptown, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


3.  Ray’s formal education:




School Name, Location, Diploma/Degree








4.  Ray’s marriage:


a.  To whom: Clara Meister (photos) (more info)


Irvine, Raymond 1907-09 with Frances & Clara (Meister) Irvine (1) #.jpg


(1)  Clara’s parents: Charles and Frances (Peters) Meister of Green Bay, Wisconsin.


(2)  Clara’s birth: 8 February 1884


Clara’s death: 1 June 1976, age 92.


(3)  Clara’s formal education:




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(4)  Clara’s employment history:




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(5)  Clara’s addresses before marriage:







Resided with her parents at Green Bay, Wisconsin.





(6)  Other biographical notes on Clara:


b.  Marriage date & location: 26 June 1912 at Green Bay, Wisconsin.


c.  Children:


(1. Frances Clara Irvine: Born 18/19 May 1914.


(2. Emma Freda Irvine: Born 2 June 1916.


5.  Ray’s employment history:




Employer, location, job








6.  Ray’s addresses:












7.  Ray’s organizational affiliations:




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8.  Other biographical notes on Ray:

Raymond was barely 7 years old when his mother died.  Because Ray was old enough not to require constant care and attention, like his younger siblings, his grandmother, Emma (Stevens) (Place) Irvine, who was not well at the time, felt she could help raise him, and she did.


In February 1906 Raymond was writing to his family from Oostburg, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin (middle western shore of Lake Michigan).  In January 1912 it appears he resided at Granville Summit, Pennsylvania. 


Raymond was employed as a telegraph operator for the Pennsylvania Railroad for about 15 years, then took up farming at RD #2, Homet’s Ferry, Wyalusing Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  His farm had on it a large, free-flowing spring of cold water – common at that bend of the Susquehanna River, which, before the days of mechanical refrigeration, provided cooling for the milk that dairy farmers produced.


In 1954 Raymond decided to retire from farming.  To that end he sold his farm to his nephew, Irvine Clarence Biles, anticipating a continuous flow of income for many years to come.  However, in 1961 Irvine resold the property and moved his family to Arizona, apparently failing, egregiously, to fulfill his contract with Raymond.  As a consequence, Raymond and Clara struggled financially the remainder of their lives. 


Raymond and Clara were both members of the Wyalusing Methodist Church and the Wyalusing Grange.  In 1957 they moved to Lindley, New York, where their daughter lived, and they resided there until they died.



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