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Special thanks to George Edgar Drake for his enthusiastic support, encouragement, and diligent collection and preservation of most of the information, documents, and photos available in this annex.



Origin of the surname “Loadwick:”







4   Isaiah Loadwick


1.  Biographical notes:


2.  Wife: Laura Ladd


3.  Children: (order uncertain)


a. Fred C. Loadwick: See generation 3, below.


b. Bert Loadwick: Resided at Oswego, New York.


c. Edward Loadwick: Resided at Calcium, Jefferson County, New York.


3   Frederick "Fred" C. Loadwick (photos) (more info)


1.  Biographical notes:


Born 11 October 1864 in Hounsfield Township, Jefferson County, New York.  Died Thursday, 8 December (also seen: 28 Dec) 1927, age 63, at home from complications of two cerebral hemorrhages; interred LeRaysville (Sheepfold) Cemetery.  Employed as a farmer, initially on the Ives farm in Hounsfield Township, but later in LeRay Township.  Following marriage resided (1st) on the Ives farm in Hounsfield Township, Jefferson County, New York and (2nd) on a farm on Pleasant Street Road near LeRaysville.  When their property was expropriated by the federal government to expand Pine Camp in the fall of 1941, moved to Adams in southern Jefferson County, New York.


1910 US Census: Fred C. Loadwick, age 45, was heading a household in LeRay Township, Jefferson County, New York.  The household also included his wife, Carrie E., age 46, with whom he had been married 25 years and had 3 children, all of whom were still alive; his daughter, Velma A., age 23 and single; and his son, Warren E., age 14.


2.  Wife: Carrie E. Fowler (photos)(more info)


Born 1 January 1864 in a log cabin in Pamelia/Lorraine Township, Jefferson County, New York, daughter of Ashabel/Ashbill and Lovisa M. (Waful) Fowler.  Died Monday, 6 October 1947 at 11 PM (age 83) at the home of her daughter, Velma, at Burrville, Jefferson County, New York, where she had resided since August; interred Adams Rural Cemetery, Jefferson County, New York.  Before health forced her to move live with her daughter, Carried resided in Adams, Jefferson County, New York.  Married Fred C. Loadwick on 18 February 1885 at the residence of F. E. Ives on Arsenal Street Road.


3.  Children: (perhaps others)


a. Velma A. Loadwick: (photos) (more info) Born about 1887.  Before marriage resided at LeRaysville, Jefferson County, New York and was employed as local (Burrville) correspondent/reporter for the Watertown Daily Times, largest newspaper in Jefferson County.  Married DeWitt W./C. Nichols (photos) (more info) of Adams/Burrville, Jefferson County, New York (perhaps son of Ralph C. Nichols) on 6 February 1911 at her parents residence.  Perhaps married (1st or 2nd) Earl Fleming.  Velma and DeWitt had the following children: (order uncertain)


(1. Ernest Warren Nichols: (more info) Married Catherine Mary Martin, daughter of John S. Martin of 1406 Dewey Street, Watertown, on 20 August 1938 at the Stone Street Presbyterian Church, Watertown.  Catherine graduated 1934 from Watertown High School, accomplished 1 ˝ additional years of post graduate work there, 2 additional years of training at the Watertown Collegiate Center, and graduated from Oswego Normal School.


(2. Rena A. Nichols: (more info) Married John Whattam of Three Mile Bay, Jefferson County, New York at the home of DeWitt Nichols, Burville.


(3. Marion E. Nichols: (more info) Graduated 1936 from Watertown High School.  Married Carl P. Staplin of Rutland Township and resided there.  Carl attended Rutland Township schools and subsequently was employed as a farmer in partnership with his father.


(4. Lillian W. Nichols: (more info) Graduated 1938 from Watertown High School.  Married Donald Neuroth, son of Henry and Helen (?) Neuroth of Redwood, New York, on 8 November 1941 at the Burville Congregational Church, Burrville, Jefferson County, New York.  Donald graduated from Theresa High School, Theresa, Jefferson County.  They operated the “Friendship Farm” on Route 37.  Lillian and Donald had the following children: (order uncertain)


(a. Donald E. Neuroth: In 1981 resided in New York.


(b. Carol Neuroth: Married Douglas Johnston and in 1981 resided in New York.


(c. David H. Neuroth: In 1981 resided in Connecticut.


(a. Diane Neuroth: Married Lawrence Dowe in 1981 and resided at Copenhagen, New York.


(5. Charles F. Nichols: (more info) Graduated from Watertown High School and was subsequently employed by the W. W. Conde Hardware Company in Watertown.  Married Ruth Hannahs, daughter of George and Sadie (Morse) Hannahs of Burrville, on 8 October 1940 at the Hannahs residence.  Ruth graduated from Watertown High School and the New York State College for Teachers at Albany, New York.  Before marriage taught history for 8 years at Adams Center High School.


b. Laura Loadwick: See generation 2, below.  Youngest daughter of her parents.


c. Warren Eddie Loadwick: (photos) (more info) Born about 1896.  Resided on the Watertown to Copenhagen Road, Jefferson County, New York.  Married Bessie “Bess” V. Dixon (photos), daughter of William “Will” J. and (?) (Pitcher) Dixon of near Pamelia Four Corners (a farmer, who also had sons, Floyd H. and Kenneth Dixon, and daughter, Florence Dixon), on 7 January 1915 at the Dixon residence near Pamelia Four Corners, Jefferson County, New York (of interest, Bessie’s parents were married exactly 30 years earlier).  Warren and Bessie resided on the Loadwick homestead (where Warren grew potatoes), except for a short period when they resided at Felts Mills when Warren was working for the Sherman Paper Company.  In 1975 Bess resided at Adams, Jefferson County, New York.  Warren and Bess had the following children:


(1. Millard Loadwick: (more info) Graduated from Evans Mills High School.  Resided with his parents at Pamelia Four Corners.  Joined the U.S. Army on 6 April 1942 and was a veteran of World War II.  Married, as her 2nd husband, Mrs. Agnes (Duncan) Youngs, daughter of E. G. Duncan of 801 Hurley Street, Waycross, Georgia, on 23 June (?) at the Waycross Baptist Church, Waycross, Georgia.


(2. Ruth Loadwick: Married James Shoultz.  Resided and worked in Carthage, Jefferson County, New York.


2   Laura Loadwick:


Born 1891.  Died 1977.  Married Ernest Felt Bowman, generation 2 of the Bowman Annex on 6 January 1909.



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