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3   George Narrow


1. Biographical notes:


2. Wife: Myrtle Maitland


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. Edward "Eddie" E. Narrow: (more info) Born 9 September 1919 at Evans Mills, Jefferson County, New York.  Died 7 April 1999, age 79, at Samaritan Medical Center, Watertown; remains were cremated.  Of 25279 Indian Point Road, Chaumont.  Was employed 50 years as a machinist for the New York Air Brake Corporation, Watertown, retiring in 1982.  Married (1st) Erva M. Schultz and had the following children: 


(1. Elbert E. Narrow: Married his step-sister, Carol Russell, and in 1999 resided in New York.


(2. Ernest E. Narrow: In 1999 resided in New York.


(3. Eric E. Narrow: Born 31 January 1954.  Died 11 April 2011 at Watertown, Jefferson County, New York; interred Sanford Corners Cemetery.  Graduated Evans Mills Elementary and Indian River Central High Schools, Jefferson County.


(4. Eleck E. Narrow: In 1999 resided in Texas.


(5. Erwin E. Narrow: In 1999 resided in Texas.


(6. Elmer E. Narrow: (more info) Married Sharon Ann Angus, daughter of John Angus of Lafargeville, Orleans Township, Jefferson County, New York.  Sharon graduated from Clayton Central School and, prior to marriage, was employed on the Howard Schultz farm at Perch River, New York.  In 1999 resided in New York.


(7. Earl E. Narrow: In 1999 resided in Washington.


(8. Esther E. Narrow: Married Gary Thompson and in 1999 resided in Florida.


(9. Ernestine E. Narrow: Married James Hogancamp and in 1999 resided in New York.


(10. Eva E. Narrow: Married William “Willie” Taylor and in 1999 resided in Texas.


(11. Eddie E. Narrow: Died 21 June 1997.


(12. Ellis “Skeeter” E. Narrow: (more info) Born 14 April 1948 at Evans Mills, Jefferson County, New York.  Died at home Sunday, 1 March 1998, age 49, from complications of cancer; cremated remains interred Glenwood Cemetery, Watertown.  Graduated from Indian River Central School, Philadelphia, Jefferson County.  Was employed as a mechanic at Northrop Motor Company, then until 1985 as a foundry machinist at the New York Air Brake Corporation, when he became a long distance truck driver for Richard Beutel.  In 1989 became taxicab driver in Watertown.  Retired in 1995.  Resided at 906 Water Street, Watertown, Jefferson County, New York.


Ellis and (?), who was not from the Watertown, New York area, had the following daughter:


(a. Daughter.


Ellis married Carol E. Johnson of Watertown in 1969 at the First Presbyterian Church in Watertown and had the following daughter:


(b. Betty-Jean Narrow:  Married (?) Maclachlan.


Ellis and Carol (Johnson) Narrow were subsequently divorced.  Later Ellis resided with Robin Arruda for about 20 years, and they had the following children: (Ellis did not initially accept paternity, so their birth certificates do not specify a father, and they were given their mother's surname.  However, several years before his death, Ellis was recorded as their father.)


(c. Christopher Lee Arruda.


(d. Natasha Sue Arruda.


Edward and Erva were divorced.  Edward married (2nd) Catherine Russell (d. 22 Mar 1974) on 15 May 1972.  Following Catherine’s death, Edward married (3rd) Margaret (Mullin) Russell on 29 November 1974 at Calcium, Jefferson County, New York.  Margaret (Mullin) (Russell) Narrow had the following children from her 1st marriage:


(13. Jane Russell: Married Douglas Ayen and in 1999 resided in Arizona.


(14. Carol Russell: Married her step brother, Elbert Narrow, and in 1999 resided in New York.


(15. Edward Russell: In 1999 resided in New York.


b. Ray Dwayne Narrow: See generation 2, below.


c. Gertrude Narrow: Married (?) Hartman and resided in Ohio.


d. William Narrow: Died before 1999.


e. George Narrow: Died 28 September 1984.  Married Olive M. White (more info) (b. 20 Feb 1915 at Watertown, N.Y., d. 14 Sep 1998, age 83 at Samaritan Keep Home, Watertown), daughter of William and Lottie (Bates) White, on 25 December 1933 in Bethany Methodist-Episcopal Church, Watertown.  George and Olive had the following children: (order uncertain)


(1. Darlene Narrow: Resided in New York.


(2. Martha Narrow: Married Bill Davis and in 1998 resided in Florida.


(3. Carol Narrow: Died 26 October 1994.


f. Mildred Narrow: Died before 1999.  Married (?) Crossman.


2   Ray Dwayne Narrow (photos) (more info)


1. Biographical notes:


In 1999 resided in New York.


2. Wife: Doris E. Bevens (more info)


Born 10 September 1927 in Theresa Township, Jefferson County, New York; daughter of Robert Roy "Roy" and Dora E. (Littlefield?) Bevens.  Died 28 July 2011 at Samaritan Medical Center, Watertown, Jefferson County; interred Evans Mills Cemetery, Evans Mills, LeRay Township, Jefferson County.  Graduated 1944 from Evans Mills Highs School.  Married Ray Narrow, Sr. on 20 July 1946 in the Episcopal Church, Theresa, Jefferson County.


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. Ray Dwayne Narrow, Jr.: See generation 1, below.


b. William J. Narrow.


c. Daughter.


1   Ray Dwayne Narrow, Jr.



Born .  Married (1st) (?).  Married (2nd), as her 1st husband, Cynthia Lou Drake, descendant #4.1 of generation 13 of the Descendants of Almond Henry Drake.  Married (3rd) Carole (?) and had the following son:


1. Kyle R. Narrow.



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