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Origin of the surname “Shores:”







3   Samuel Shores


1.  Biographical notes:


Died about 1825, age 70, on the farm he settled in Bradford County, Pennsylvania; interred Post Cemetery, but no marker remains.


Was a native of New Jersey.  Served in the Revolutionary War.  Moved from Sussex County, New Jersey to Wysox, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1795 and settled 1st on the Piollet flats, where he lived 2 years.  Samuel was a respected and well known hunter.  The abundance of game in the Pennsylvania wilderness convinced him to purchase land in the nearby hills, settling the farm subsequently owned by J. F. Patterson.  He erected a log house on what came to be known as Shores Hill and moved in with his family.  In the ensuing years he harvested innumerable deer, bear, panthers, and other wild animals from the wilderness, generally keeping his larder full of venison by hunting before breakfast.  The remainder of the work day he and his sons cleared nearly the whole of a large farm.


2.  Wife: Polly Stephens


Also a native of New Jersey.  Died 1835, age 78; interred Post Cemetery, but no marker remains.


3.  Children:


a. William Shores: Died at Shores Hill; interred Post Cemetery.  Was a blacksmith.  Married Anna Post.  His descendants moved to Illinois.


b. Joshua Shores: See generation 2, below.


c. Betsey Shores: Interred Post Cemetery.  Married John Post of Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


d. Sarah Shores: Interred Post Cemetery.  Married Isaac Vargason and resided at Wysox, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


e. Caleb Shores: Died at home on the family farm.  Married Anna Horton, daughter of Richard Horton of Sheshequin, and had at least the following son:


(1. Dorcas Shores: Married James Lent.


(2. Ethlinda Shores: Married Curtis D. Fergason.


(3. Jemima Shores: Married Lewis B. Gillett.


(4. David Shores.


(5. Abram Shores.


(6. Richard M. Shores: Married Mary (?), who subsequently married Richard’s younger brother, Urbin.


(7. Lovina Shores: Married Joseph R. Horton.


(8. Josephine Shores: Married William Post.


(9. Urbin C. Shores: Interred Wysox Cemetery, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Was a farmer.  Inherited and worked his parents’ farm.  Married, as her 2nd husband, Mary (?) Shores, who had previously been married to Urbin’s older brother, Richard.


(10. Nathaniel Shores: Died in Illinois.  Married Tabitha Horton.


(11. Anthony King Shores: Interred Hornbrook.  Married and resided at Sheshequin.


(12. Polly Shores: Interred Post Cemetery.  Married William Rippeth and resided at Wysox.


f. Nathaniel Shores:


g. Anthony K. Shores:


h. Polly Shores:


2   Joshua Shores


1.  Biographical notes:


Resided on Shores Hill, where he died at age 100 years, 3 months, and 15 days; interred Post Cemetery.


2.  Wife: Margaret Post


3.  Children: (10 total, including)


a. Clarinda Shores: See generation 1, below.


b. Darwina Shores.


1   Clarinda Shores:


Born 13 June 1836/7.  Married William Smith Biles, paragraph 4.C.1.e of the Alexander Patterson Biles page, which is generation 7 of the Ancestors of John Addison Biles.



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