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4   John Steele


1. Biographical notes:


Born 26 October 1834.  Died 12 April 1916.


2. Wife #1: Bridget Walsh


a. Children:


(1. James Steele: Born 4 October 1863.  Died 4 November 1941.


(2. Nellie Steele: Born 11 June 1865.  Married (?) Keats.


(3. John Steele, Jr.: Born 16 April 1869.  Died 19 September 1935.  Married Margaret (?) (d. 3 Mar 1951) and had the following children:


(a. Cecil Steele: Died before 1980.  Married Agnes (?) and resided in Canada.


(b. Della Steele: Married Jewel Anderson and resided in Canada.


(c. Marjorie Steele: Married Norbert Gerow and resided in New York.


(d. Cassie Steele: Died before 1980.  Married Harold Smith and resided in Canada.


(e. Nellie Steele: Married (?) Valcore and resided in New York.


(f. Ross Steele: Died before 1980.  Married Ida (?) and resided in Canada.


(g. Emmard Steele: Died before 1980.  Married Janet (?) and resided in Canada.  They had the following daughter:


(1) Hazel Steele: Died before 1980.  Married (?) McCharles.


3. Wife #2: Mary Jane Potting: Died in child birth, as did the child.


4. Wife #3: Cinderella Orilla Peters


a. Biographical notes:


Born 29 October 1861.  Died 18 May 1930.  Married John Steele on 24 May 1878.


b. Children:


(1. William Steele: Born 11 February 1879.  Died 30 October 1952.  Married Eliza Kennedy (d. 10 Sep 1952) on 27 November 1901.  They had the following children:


(a. Lionel Steele: Died before 1980.


(b. Evelyn Steele: Married Percy McGinnis and resided in Canada.


(2. Alfred Steele: Born 7 October 1880.  Died 17 May 1940.  Married Harriett Kennedy (b. 21 Mar 1884, d. 21 Sep 1961) on 13 October 1903.  They had the following children:


(a. James Steele: Married Eileen (?) and resided in Ontario, Canada.


(b. Albert “Bert” Steele: Married Isabelle (?) and resided in Canada.


(c. Ruth Steele: Married (?) Mainprize and resided in Canada.


(d. Victor Steele: Died before 1980.  Married Helen (?) and resided in Canada.


(e. Clifford Francis Steele: Born 2 October 1923.  Killed in action in Holland on 21 October 1944, during World War II.


(3. George Steele: Born 9 July 1882.  Died 30 August 1962.  Married Lillian Botting (b. 29 Mar 1879, d. 21 Apr 1949) on 15 November 1904.  They had the following children:


(a. Leta Steele: Married (?) Sylvester and resided in Canada.


(b. Pearl Steele: Married (?) Fox and resided in Canada.


(c. Marion Steele: Married (?) Hart and resided in Canada.


(d. Lena Steele: Born 29 March 1921.  Died 13 October 1922.


(4. Hattie Steele: See generation 3, below.


(5. Thomas “Tom” Steele: Born 2 February 1886.  Died 28 August 1957.  Married Ethel Allison (b. 20 Feb 1887, d. 4 Aug 1935) on 18 November 1914.  They had the following children:


(a. Elmer Steele: Died 4 September 1977.


(b. Jean Steele: Resided in Canada.


(c. Helen Steele: Married Jack York and resided in Canada.


(d. Boyce Steele: Married Joan (?) and resided in Canada.


(e. Boyd Steele: Married Minnie (?) and resided in Canada.


(6. Joseph Steele: Born 17 April 1888.  Died 8 February 1973.  Married Ellen Reynolds (b. 15 Feb 1887, d. 9 Aug 1972) on 12 November 1913.  They had the following children:


(a. Claude Steele: Married Edith (?) (d. 13 May 1980) and resided in Canada.


(b. Clinton Steele: Married Laura (?) and resided in Canada.


(c. Ross Steele: Married Helen (?) and resided in Canada.


(7. May Steele: Born 25 April 1890.  Died 23 November 1961.  Married Will Storey (b. 3 May 1887, d. 27 Jun 1956) on 25 November 1908.  They had the following children:


(a. Floyd Storey: Married Helen (?) and resided in Canada.


(b. Veda Storey: Married Ethebert Ramsey and resided in Canada.


(c. Neil Storey: Married Phyllis (?) and resided in Canada.


(d. Audrey Storey: Married Gerald Matthews and resided in Canada.


(e. John Storey: Married Phoebe (?) and resided in Canada.


(f. Cassie Storey: Married Russell Brown and resided in Canada.


(g. Cecil Storey: Married Evelyn (?) and resided in Canada.


(h. Ruby Storey: Married George Doughty and resided in Canada.


(i. Ida Storey: Married (?) Gee and resided in Canada.


(8. Stanley Steele: Born 16 December 1892.  Died 9 May 1935.  Married Jennie Cox (b. 19 Jan 1900, d. Apr 1960).  They had the following children:


(a. Eileen Steele: Died before 1980.


(b. Jessie Steele: Married Charles Mack and resided in South Dakota.


(c. Desmond Steele: Married Doris (?) and resided in New York.


(d. Edmund Steele: Married Jean (?) and resided in Wisconsin.  


(9. Margaret Steele: Born 17 February 1895.  Died 16 February 1971.  Married George E. Cronk (b. 24 Dec 1898, d. 5 Jan 1965) on 28 August 1918 and had the following son:


(a. Irvin Cronk: Married Ruby (?) and resided in Canada.


(10. Albert “Bert” Steele: Born 1 December 1896.  Married Carolyn Patrick (b. 6 Nov 1899) on 22 December 1920 and resided at 123 Franklin Street, Brownville, New York 13615.  They had the following children:


(a. Dorothy Steele: Married Donald Donegan and resided in New York.


(b. Helen Steele: Married Gary Thompson and resided in New York.


(c. Eleanor Steele: Married Edward Yackel and resided in Florida.


(d. Mary Steele: Married Larry Ball and resided in Colorado.


(e. Paul Steele: Married Joyce (?) and resided in Florida.


(f. Roy Steele: Married Marian (?) and resided at 718 Greenleaf Drive, Richardson, Texas 75080.


(11. Ethel Steele: Born 8 June 1899.  Died 29 October 1956.  Married Raymond P. Wagar (b. 1 Aug 1892, d. 6 Feb 1973) on 16 September 1925 and had the following children:


(a. Margaret Wagar: Born 24 February 1927.  Died 10 June 1939.


(b. Madeline Wagar: Married Art Howes and resided in Canada.


(c. Irene Wagar: Married Glenn Campsall and resided in Canada.


(12. Ida Steele: Born 25 August 1901.  Died 27 June 1973.  Married Harold D. Peters (b. 18 Dec 1899, d. 13 Jan 1965) on 27 June 1921 and had the following children:


(a. Muriel Peters: Married John Wood and resided in Canada.


(b. Carolyn Peters: Married Glenn Lawlor and resided in Canada.


(13. Charles “Charlie” Steele: Born 25 March 1905.  Died 24 October 1964.  Married (1st) Doris (?) and had the following children: 


(a. Philip Steele.


(b. Barbara Steele.


Charles married (2nd) Mariane LaSalle (b. 1 May 1907) on 15 October 1942 and resided at 147 Driving Park Avenue, Rochester, New York 14613.  Charles and Mariane had the following children:


(c. John Steele: Married Eileen (?) and resided in New York.  John and Eileen had the following children: (order uncertain)


(1) Laurie Steele.


(2) Ciara Steele.


(d. Robert Steele: Married Nabuko (?) and resided in Virginia.


(e. Mary Ann Steele: Married Gary Hanson and resided in New York.  Mary Ann and Gary had the following children: (order uncertain)


(1) Georgana Hanson.


(2) Sara Hanson.


3   Hattie Steele


Born 8 March 1884.  Died 23 April 1957.  Married, Frederick Charles Bovee, generation 3 of the Bovee Annex on 14 April 1909.



Of interest: David Steele (d. before 1980), a cousin of this family had the following children:


1. Raymond “Ray” Steele: Married Martha (?) and resided at Point Salubrious, Chaumont Township, Jefferson County, New York 13622 (College Heights Apartments).  In later years spent winters with daughter, Michelle in Florida and summers with daughter in Chaumont, New York.  (By one account was a 1st cousin of Richard John Bovee.)  They had the following children:


a. Michelle Steele: Married Raymond (?) and resided in Florida.


b. Daughter: Resided in New York.


(1. Mrs. Cheryl Smith:  Resided in New York.


2. Howard “Howd” Steele:  Died in Dayton Beach, Florida.  Married Loretta (?) and resided in New York before retiring to Florida.



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