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John Drake I of Windsor, Connecticut

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John Charles Seaman - Gen 13 


Michael Sterling Seaman (1975 - 2018)


Mayflower Descendant


Drake Generation 14 in America

Descendant # 2.3.1


Seaman, Michael Sterling 2018 (age 43) (21) #.jpg


1.  Mike’s parents: John Charles and Katherine Elizabeth (Drake) Seaman


2.  Mike’s birth: 10 October 1975 (8 pounds, 15 ounces; 22 inches) at Loring Air Force Base Hospital, Loring Air Force Base, Maine.


Mike's death: Thursday evening, 1 March 2018 at home in the Village of North Pole (8 miles southeast of Fairbanks), North Star Borough, Alaska from a heart attack.  He had felt what he thought was heart burn and indigestion for several days prior to the attack, but did not seek medical attention.


3.  Mike’s marriage:


a.  To whom: Amber Dee Slay


(1)  Amber’s parents: Larry Slay and Tammy (Roach) McKinstrey


(2)  Amber’s birth: 1978 in Oregon.


b.  When/where married: 1996 at St. Jude’s Episcopal Church, Fairbanks, North Star Borough, Alaska.


c.  Children:


(1) Sterling Ag Seaman: Born 2000.


(2) Tzion La’el Seaman: Born 2003.


(3) Remember Hope Seaman: Born 2005.


(4) Gentleriver Seaman: Born 2007.


(5) Silas Jonathan Seaman: Born 2008.


(6) Corbin Nathaniel Seaman: Born 6 May 2010.


(7) Andromeda Pi Seaman: (female) Born 2012.


(8) Reuben Matthias Seaman: Due May 2014.


(9) Nynaeve Seaman: (female) Born 2017.


4.  Last known state of residence for Mike: Alaska



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