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     (?) Kuhl - Gen 6 of the Cool Annex

     John Cool/Kuhl - Gen 5 of the Cool Annex

     Jonathan Cool - Gen 4 of the Cool Annex

     Truman J. Cool - Gen 3 of the Cool Annex

     Lorenzo Dow Cool - Gen 2 of the Cool Annex

     Martha Hazel-Mae (Cool) Slater - Gen 6 in America and Gen 1c of the Cool Annex

     Harold Alberto Slater - Gen 6 in America and Gen 1 of the Slater Annex


Emma Anne (Slater)(Rockwood)(Mickna) Kinman (1915 - 1988)


Cool Generation 7

Descendant # 2


Kinman, Emma Ann (Slater)(Rockwood)(Mickna)  (60a) #.jpg


1.  Emma’s parents: Harold Alberto and Martha Hazel-Mae (Cool) Slater


2.  Emma’s birth: 1 March 1915 at her grand parents' residence at Ward's Corners in LeRay Township (between Evans Mills and LeRaysville), Jefferson County, New York. (note: 1932 marriage license with Perry Rockwood records Emma's birth as 1 Mar 1914)


Emma's death: 5 May 1988 in Nevada; interred Maple Grove Cemetery, Evans Mills, Jefferson County, New York in the William Smith Palmer, Jr. grave site.


3.  Emma’s formal education:




School Name, Location, Diploma/Degree

Nursing school


4a. Emma’s 1st marriage:


Photo Substitute


a.  To whom: Perry Leonard Rockwood (photos) (more info)


(1) Perry’s parents: Lance and Rose (Griffin) Rockwood.


(2) Perry’s birth: 21 September 1908 at Dexter, Brownville Township, Jefferson County, New York.


Perry's death: 11 September 1967 at Los Angeles, California.


b.  Marriage date & location: Saturday, 15 October 1932 at Watertown, Jefferson County, New York.  Marriage license issued the same day says Emma was age 18 (b. 1 Mar 1914), but she was actually age 17.


c.  Child:


(1. Virginia Ellen (Rockwood) Hopkins: Born 22 September 1933.


d.  Divorce date & location: Separated in June 1933, before their daughter, Virginia, was born, and they were divorced shortly thereafter.


4b. Emma’s 2nd marriage:


Mickna, Joseph J. & Emma Ann (Slater)(Rockwood) (60a) #.jpg


a.  To whom: Joseph J. Mickna (photos) (more info)



(1)  Joe’s parents: Michael and Annie (Smolen) Mickna.


(2)  Joe’s birth: 3 April 1908 in South Hadley Falls Township, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.


Joe's death: 28 August 1996 at Tucson, Pima County, Arizona; interred South Lawn Cemetery, Tucson, Pima County, Arizona.


(3)  Other biographical notes on Joe:


1920 US Census: Joseph Mikna, age 11 (birth location unknown; parents b. Austria), was an "inmate" in Holy Family Institute, Holyoke City, Hampden County, Massachusetts.


1930 US Census: Joseph Mickna, age 22 (b. MA; parents b. Poland) and single, was a soldier assigned to Fort Davis, Cristobal District, Panama Canal Zone.


1940 US Census: No record found.


(a) Was a Private, First Class (PFC) in the US Army stationed at Pine Camp, Jefferson County, New York (adjacent to LeRay Twp, Jefferson Co., NY) when he met Emma.


(b) Joe married (2nd) Margurite Lorine "Loraine A." Hopkins, daughter of Frank Rogers and Mary Ella (Stephens) Hopkins.


b.  Marriage date & location: 1934.


c.  Divorce: Separated, but apparently still married, at the time of the 1940 US Census.


d.  Child:


(1. Marty Grace (Mickna)(Boyd) Fraser: Born 1936.

(birth name: Martha Grace Fraser; she formally changed her name to Marty about 2005)


4c. Emma’s 3rd marriage:


Photo Substitute


a.  To whom: Luna Birlan Kinman (photos) (more info)



(1)  Birl’s parents: Dee L. and Olive "Ollie" A. (V?) Kinman.


(2)  Birl’s birth: 17 August 1899 in Stevens County, Texas.


Birl's death: 9 March 1990 in Kootenai County, Idaho.


(3)  Other biographical notes on Birl:


1930 US Census: L. Birl Kinman, age 30 (b. TX), single, and employed as a laborer on a stock farm, resided in the household headed by his father, Dee L. Kinman, age 66 (b. TX) and not employed, in Uvalde County, Texas.


1940 US Census: Birl Kinman, age 40 (b. TX), single, and employed as a prospector in the mining claims industry, was heading a household at Arivaca, Pima County, Arizona.  He had completed 7th grade.  The household also included his mother, Olive Kinman, age 74 (b. TX) and widowed, who had completed 8th grade; lodger, Matt Chism, age 47 (b. TX), married, and employed as a cowboy on a cattle ranch, who had completed 8th grade; and lodger, Effie Chism, age 44 (b. TX), married, and employed as a seamstress in a factory, who had completed 3 years of high school.  On 1 April 1935 Birl and his mother resided in Reeves County, Texas.  Matt and Effie resided at San Angelo, Texas.


b.  Marriage date & location: .


5.  Emma’s employment history:




Employer, location, job

Licensed Practical nurse


6.  Emma’s addresses:





LeRaysville, LeRay Township, Jefferson County, New York

Sackets Harbor, Hounsfield Township, Jefferson County, New York

Tucson, Pima County, Arizona


7.  Other biographical notes on Emma:


1940 US Census: Harold Slater, age 55 (b. NYS) and employed as a decorator for a contractor, was heading a household in LeRay Township, Jefferson County, New York.  He had completed 8th grade, and his residence was valued at $1,200.  The household also included his wife, Martha Slater, age 45 (b. MI), who had completed 2 years of high school; son, Fenton Slater, age 21 (b. NYS), single, and employed as a farm laborer, who had completed 2 years of high school; daughter, Roxiellen Slater, age 11 (b. MI); son, Frederick Slater, age 6 (b. NYS); granddaughter, Virginia Rockwood, age 6 (b. NYS); granddaughter, Martha Mickna, age 3 (b. NYS); and daughter, Emma Mickna, age 25 (b. NYS) and married, with no occupation recorded.  They resided in the same house on 1 April 1935.



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