Janice Louise (Waite) Riordan Pedigree

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Origin of the surname “Waite:”







5   George Waite


1. Biographical notes:


Born .  Died .


2. Wife: Annis (?)


Born .  Died .


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. Willard Wesley Waite: See generation 4, below.


4   Willard Wesley Waite (photos)


Waite, Willard Wesley 1958 & Hilda Belle (Sawyer) at Janice's wedding (70) #.jpg


1. Biographical notes:


Born .  Died .  Moved nearly every year.  Worked on the vegetable farms (so-called "muck" farms) near Oswego, New York for a while then moved to Sackets Harbor, Tylerville, and several other locations.


2. Wife: Hilda Belle Sawyer (photos)


Born ; daughter of Jay Sawyer (photos).  Died .


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. Donna Lee Waite: (photos) Died ; interred Barnes Corners Cemetery.  Had the following daughter:


(1. Daughter.


b. Janice Louise Waite: See generation 3, below.


c. Willard "Sonny" Wesley Waite, Jr.


d. Jerry David Waite.


e. Laura Mae Waite: Married and had several children.


f. Shirley Lee Waite: Died at about 24 hours.


g. Carolyn Kay Waite:  Married (1st) (?) Baxter and had the following son:


(1. Brian Baxter.


Carolyn (Waite) Baxter married (2nd) Roy Riley and had the following daughter:


(2. Sarah Riley: Married twice.


h. Mary Waite: Married James "Jim" Peter Dopking and had the following children:


(1. Charles Edward Dopking: Born 1966.  Died 2013.  Married Susan Corkery and had the following daughter:


(a. Sabrina Dopking.


(2. Cherl Lynn Dopking: Married Louis Fobear and had the following children:


(a. Natosha Fobear.


(b. Michael Fobear.


(3. Scott James Dopking: Married Kimberley Ann Hazen and had the following children:


(a. Rachel Mary Dopking.


(b. Ryan Scott Dopking.


(c. Rebecca Ann Dopking.


(4. Kimberly May Dopking: Married Brian VanDyk and had the following children:


(a. Kylie VanDyk.


(b. Halliegh VanDyk.


(c. Landon VanDyk.


i. Amos Jay Waite.


3   Janice Louise Waite:


Born 1938 in Worth Township, Jefferson County, New York.  Married John William Riordan, paragraph 4.c.(3.(a.(1)(a)[1. of generation 3 of the Briant Annex in 1958.


See Briant Annex for More Info



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