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·          The people who link us to some of our many affiliated families are listed below in alphabetic order and are organized as follows, left to right: (birth surname), 1st name, middle initial(s)/name(s), (any prior marriage surname(s) for females), current married surname for married females


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(Acton), Elizabeth McCrea Pedigree

(Adams), Eleanor Stevens Pedigree

(Adams), Mary Ennis Pedigree

(Adams), Nellie Blackman Pedigree

(Adams), Sarah Ann Stevens Pedigree

(Ahern), Wilbert Harrell Pedigree

(Alaimo), Louis, Jr. Pedigree

(Aldridge), Mary Sarah (Mine) Chadwell Pedigree

(Allen), Miriam Simons Pedigree

(Allen), Wilamenia McKee Pedigree

(Allis), Mary Ellen Mills Pedigree

(Anderson), Nancy Ellen (Schweigert) Biles Pedigree

(Andress), Sarah E. F. Chadwell Pedigree

(Andrews), Harper G. Pedigree

(Andrews), Jane Gray Cowen Pedigree

(Andrews), Lewis Calvin Pedigree

(Andrews), Margery Gilbert Pedigree

(Andrews), Samuel Leslie Pedigree

(Angelo), Maria Christina Musso Pedigree

(Angle), Theresa C. Biles Pedigree

(Antage), Christiana Drake Pedigree

(Arnout), Martha Irvine Pedigree

(Atkinson), Charles E. Pedigree

(Atkinson), Thomas O. Pedigree

(Aubin), Troy Anthony Pedigree

(Auld), Beth Pedigree

(Auros), Minna Slater Pedigree

(Austin), Charles Chase Pedigree

(Austin), Mary Alice Covey Pedigree

(Austin), Sadie (Fisher) Froome Pedigree

(Avery), Hannah Mills Pedigree

(Avery), Ida A. Dye Pedigree

(Ayerst), Albert J. Pedigree

(Babcock), Mary Simons Pedigree

(Backus), Doris Ruth Giltz Pedigree

(Bacon), Marietta (Eilenberger) Pedigree

(Badding), Judith Marie Drake Pedigree

(Bafford), Charles Anthony Pedigree

(Bailey), Elizabeth Spence Pedigree

(Bailey), Orin Pedigree

(Bailey), William Newton Pedigree

(Baker), Edward Marshall Pedigree

(Baker), Ella A. Watson Pedigree

(Baldwin), Chandler Taylor Pedigree

(Baldwin), Rebecca Lindsley Pedigree

(Bandy), Bessie Dora Blankenship Pedigree

(Banks), Sarah Graves Pedigree

(Barber), Rebecca Drake Pedigree

(Barnes), Lucia Van Allen Pedigree

(Barns), Leslie Edwin Pedigree

(Barns), Martha Gilbert Pedigree

(Bartholomew), Larry Edward Pedigree

(Bates), Evelyn Joan Waters Pedigree

(Bawden), Mary Lang Pedigree

(Baxter), Mary Waffle Pedigree

(Beals), Myrta L. Hudson Pedigree

(Beardsley), Sarah Catherine Meekins Pedigree

(Becker), Adam Pedigree

(Bedell), Julie Lynne Rubright Pedigree

(Bedore), Elmer Melridge Pedigree

(Beebe), Bruce Addison Pedigree

(Beebe), Luella L. Palmer Pedigree

(Belding), Mary Dickinson Pedigree

(Belting), Elizabeth Grace MacArthur Pedigree

(Benedict), Rebecca Crofut Pedigree

(Benedict), Thankful Whitney Pedigree

(Benjamin), Cynthia Louise Drake Pedigree

(Bennett), Arnold Pedigree

(Bennett), Ruth Evelyn Gardner Pedigree

(Bennett), Sarah Ann Cool Pedigree

(Benton), Lucy Crittenden Pedigree

(Benware), Leo Garnet Pedigree

(Berkhof), William Bruce Pedigree

(Bidlack), Sarah H. Verbeck Pedigree

(Biles), Bessie Ross Pedigree

(Biles), George Pedigree

(Biles), John Addison Pedigree

(Billet), Christiana Drake Pedigree

(Billings), Carl Walbert Pedigree

(Bird), Robert George Pedigree

(Birrittella), Nancy Anne (Dibernardo) Kinney Pedigree

(Bisbee), Gideon, Jr. Pedigree

(Bishop), Charles Ray Pedigree

(Bishop), Diane Marian Smith Pedigree

(Bishop), Mary Johnson Pedigree

(Black), Elizabeth H. Pierce Pedigree

(Blackman), Dorothy Adelaide White Pedigree

(Blackmer), Experience Bramhall Pedigree

(Blair), Coulson Bruce Pedigree

(Blaisdell), Timothy Holmes Pedigree

(Blanchard), George Phillip Pedigree

(Blankenship), Maria Lana (Everett) Drake Pedigree

(Blatchley), Betsy Goodrich Andrews Pedigree

(Bliss), Mary Holcomb Pedigree

(Boaz), Jane Kathleen Biles Pedigree

(Bockus), Donna Lynn Smalley Pedigree

(Bogenschutz), Thomas M. Pedigree

(Bonanno), Marianne Patricia (Caster) Cool Pedigree

(Bonk), Ryan Pedigree

(Booth), Joan Holford Pedigree

(Booth), William & Elizabeth (Booth) Broomhall) Pedigrees

(Borland), Dwight M. Pedigree

(Botsford), Mary Gazelle Rubert Pedigree

(Bousquet), Dena Rock Pedigree

(Bovee), James Robert Pedigree

(Bovee), Melissa Anne Drake Pedigree

(Bowen), David Pedigree

(Bowles), Claude Earl Pedigree

(Bowman), Connie Wilson Pedigree

(Bowman), Margaret Maria Cool Pedigree

(Boyd), Emerson Lee, Sr. Pedigree

(Boyle), Catherine Campbell Pedigree

(Brace), Margaret Octavia Beebe Pedigree

(Bradshaw), Robert Ray Pedigree

(Braisted), Mary Catherine Harrison Pedigree

(Braman), Daniel J. Pedigree

(Bramhall), Sarah Elizabeth Biles Pedigree

(Brannaka), Nora June Bailey Pedigree

(Braverman), Barry Jeff Pedigree

(Breed), Rebecca Hunting Pedigree

(Breitner), Glen Owen Pedigree

(Brennan), Kermit J. Pedigree

(Brenon), Sharon Lynn Burdick Pedigree

(Brewster), Hannah Starr Pedigree

(Brey), Donald Pedigree

(Breyette), Martin Pedigree

(Briant), Mary Arvilla Drake Pedigree

(Bridge), Shawn Pedigree

(Brinkman), Katherine Margaret Montei Pedigree

(Brisson), Rachel Hare Pedigree

(Brondstatter), Rachel Bennett Pedigree

(Broomall), Anna Elizabeth Biles Pedigree

(Brotherston), Euphemia Alison Brown Pedigree

(Brougham, Elizabeth Pettit Pedigree

(Brown), Anna Kindedine Cool Pedigree

(Brown), Bernice Schell Pedigree

(Brown), Cephas Pedigree

(Brown), Joseph Field Pedigree

(Bruce), Orsamus Bushnell Pedigree

(Bruen), Mary Baldwin Pedigree

(Bryan), Elizabeth Dixon Stansfield Pedigree

(Bryant), Courtney Smith Pedigree

(Bryant), Lieutenant John Pedigree

(Buckley), Mary Ann Rock Pedigree

(Buel), Martha Holcomb Pedigee

(Bulkeley), Maud Holford Pedigree

(Bull), Sarah Irvine, Joseph, & Robert Pedigrees

(Bump), Cornelius Pedigree

(Bunnell), Mary Biles Pedigree

(Burchill), Adella Kate Rubright Pedigree

(Burdick), Hannah Schofield Pedigree

(Burdick), Lewis Carlisle Pedigree

(Burhans), Emma DeEtte Wagoner Pedigree

(Burt), Maude Ethel Young Pedigree

(Burke), Samuel Woodson, III Pedigree

(Burwell), Ariane Pedigree

(Bushnell), Judith Wright Pedigree

(Buttolph), Mehitable Holcomb Pedigree

(Button), Kelli Dean (Fish) Honeywell Pedigree

(Byrns), Irene Helena Briant Pedigree

(Cadwalader), Thomas Pedigree

(Cady), Charlotte Andrews Pedigree

(Caffroy), Linda Suzanne Rubert Pedigree

(Caldwell), Blessie Shipman Pedigree

(Calkins), Zilpha Dwyer Pedigree

(Camp), Almeda Biles & Calvin Pedigrees

(Campany), Peter B. Pedigree

(Campbell), Daniel J. Pedigree

(Campbell), Etta Mae Marshall Pedigree

(Card), Caroline Victoria Rohlfs Pedigree

(Carlisle), Ella Sarah Burdick Pedigree

(Carman), Arthur Stanley Pedigree

(Carter), Lillian Rebecca Biles Pedigree

(Case), Adaline B. Clintsman Pedigree

(Casey), Anne MacArthur Pedigree

(Caster), James Harding Pedigree

(Celento), Shanna Kinney Pedigree

(Chadwell), Emma Henrietta Watkins Pedigree

(Chaffee), Alice Johnson Pedigree

(Chamberlain), Theresa Biles Pedigree

(Chapin), Mary Drake Pedigree

(Chapin), Persis Pease Pedigree

(Cheney), Herman Oliver Pedigree

(Child), Eugene A. Pedigree

(Christie), Carrie A. Gardner Pedigree

(Christman), Elizabeth Eve Cool Pedigree

(Churchill), Frederick C. Pedigree

(Churchill), Ruth Cole Pedigree

(Clapp), Naomi Farr Pedigree

(Clark), Carol Ann Biles Pedigree

(Clark), Minnie Mahaley Quick Pedigree

(Clark), Rebecca Winans Pedigree

(Clark), Stuart Pedigree

(Clarke), Martha A. Hulbert Pedigree

(Clendenen), Helena May Kennedy Pedigree

(Clintsman), Elnora E. Drake Pedigree

(Cobb), Ralph Emerson & Ernest Pedigrees

(Cocagne), Nellie A. (Drake) Pedigree

(Cole), Joanah Bryant Pedigree

(Cole), Vernon Lee Pedigree

(Coles), Fred John Pedigree

(Collins), Lois M. Cowen Pedigree

(Colwell), Carrie Pedigree

(Combs), Ambrose Pedigree

(Conrad), Gary Wayne Pedigree

(Cook), Elizabeth May Broomall Pedigree

(Cook), Paulina Cool Pedigree

(Cool), Lorenzo Dow Pedigree

(Coolbaugh), Moses Pedigree

(Cooper), Jack Rodney Pedigree

(Cornell), Jesse Pedigree

(Cornick), Mary Ann Gale Pedigree

(Cote), Laurence Pedigree

(Covey), Emma Irene Locksmith Pedigree

(Cowen), Dorothy E. Drake & Margaret K. Smith Pedigrees

(Cowles), Pansy Estella Froome Pedigree

(Cox), Robert Lee Pedigree

(Cox), Sanford Pedigree

(Crafton), Melinda & Paige Grinnell Pedigrees

(Crittenden), Lucy Ostrom Pedigree

(Crofut), Hannah Holcomb Pedigree

(Cross), Chloe Drake Pedigree

(Crossett), Mary Drake Pedigree

(Croudace), Alistair Michael Pedigree

(Cuffe), Brian F. Pedigree

(Cummings), George Philip Pedigree

(Cummins), Elizabeth Transue Pedigree

(Curtis), Deborah Lee Sono MacArthur Pedigree

(Curtis), Zerviah Bryant Pedigree

(D’Olier), Anne Michele Cheney Pedigree

(Dailey), Robert Earl Pedigree

(Dalton), Catherine Marcott Pedigree

(Danen), Maria Moore Pedigree

(Danforth), Addah L. Baker Pedigree

(Danielson), John Edward Pedigree

(Darrow), Norma Grace Rubert Pedigree

(Davidson), Alberta Pedigree

(Davis), Arlene Wilson Pedigree

(Davis), Ruth Nellie Poinsett Pedigree

(Dawson), Alicia Cummins Pedigree

(Day), Viola Bruce Pedigree

(Dean), Patricia Warren Biles Pedigree

(DiBernardo), Joseph Pedigree

(Decker), Margaret Maria Kerrick Pedigree

(Decker), Solomon Pedigree

(Degges), Ronald J. Pedigree

(Degnan), John Herbert Pedigree

(DeJohn), Rose Delores Mancini Pedigree

(Delano), Diane Lillian Roberts Pedigree

(Denny), Mary Kennedy Pedigree

(DeNormandie), Clarissa Biles Pedigree

(Denys), Philippa Drake Pedigree

(Depew), James Van Campen Depew Pedigree

(Depue), Cora Arnold Pedigree

(Depue), Milton Moses Pedigree

(Depue), Nicholas Pedigree

(Derby), Elizabeth Lombard Pedigree

(Derocher), Brent Pedigree

(DeRosa), Michael John Pedigree

(DeVito), John A., Jr. Pedigree

(DeVos), Shawn Pedigree

(Diament), Franklin Nixon Pedigree

(Dibble), Amelia Holdridge Pedigree

(Dibernardo), Joseph Pedigree

(Dick), Ralph Pedigree

(Dickinson), Lucy Allis Pedigree

(Diekz), Connie Lynn Honeywell Pedigree

(Dischert), Jacob John Pedigree

(Dodge), Florence Neiley Pedigree

(Dolor), Rowlna Cuffe Pedigree

(Domingo), Jaime Phillips Pedigree

(Donaldson), Janary Shipman Pedigree

(Dougall), Raymond Edward Pedigree

(Dowd), Eliza Biles Pedigree

(Doxtater), Alan John Pedigree

(Dragoon), Joan Marie Rock Pedigree

(Drake), Caleb of Gouverneur Ancestors & Descendants

(Drake), Daniel David of Moira Ancestors & Descendants

(Drake), David Belding of Stockholm Ancestors & Descendants

(Drake), Francis Wilson of Orwell Ancestors & Descendants

(Drake), George Edgar Pedigree

(Drake), Henry of LeRay Ancestors & Descendants

(Drake), Henry F. of Black River Ancestors & Descendants

(Drake), Josias Ancestors & Descendants

(Drake), John of New Haven Ancestors & Descendants

(Drake), Loren H. of Adams Center Ancestors & Descendants

(Drake), Thomas of LaFargeville Ancestors & Descendants

(Dransfield), Mae Merrick Pedigree

(Drawdy), Raleigh Albert Pedigree

(Drews), Pearl Esther Drake Pedigree

(Dudley), Polly Mather Pedigree

(Duffany), Helen H. Van Allen Pedigree

(Dutton), Maud Booth Pedigree

(Dye), Warren A. Pedigree

(Easton), Phillipe/Philipa Chapin Pedigree

(Eaves), Mary Jane Drake Pedigree

(Eddy), Minnie Clarissa Wooster Pedigree

(Edwards), Elizabeth Ann Harper Pedigree

(Edwards), Willard Pedigree

(Eglin), Eileen Barbara Pedigree

(Ehlers), Anna Margreta Brinkman Pedigree

(Eilenberger), Roland Douglas Pedigree

(Ellefson), Benjamin Alan Pedigree

(Eller), George Pedigree

(Ellingworth), Alice Priscilla (Kinney) Watson Pedigree

(Elliot), John Pedigree

(Ellis), Margaret Lee Slater Pedigree

(Ellsworth), Martha Stiles Pedigree

(Emerson), Laura Estell (Hinman) Newcomb Pedigree

(Emery), Eliza Kerrick Pedigree

(Ennis), Sarah Ann Emery Pedigree

(Ensworth), Grace Bennett Pedigree

(Enterkin), Donald Wayne Pedigree

(Esper), Craig Robert Pedigree

(Evans), William Jason Pedigree

(Fagala), Linda Grinnell Pedigree

(Farr), Norah Biles Pedigree

(Feickert), Mary Joan Palmer Pedigree

(Fellows), Mary A. True Pedigree

(Felt), Maria Bowman Pedigree

(Ferguson), Elizabeth Harrison Jones Pedigree

(Ferguson), Katherine Palmer Pedigree

(Fernandez), Wayne Pedigree

(Fields), George S. Pedigree

(Fikes), William George Pedigree

(Finn), Jane A. Fraser Pedigree

(Finnegan), Judith Bryant Pedigree

(Finney), Charles Pedigree

(Fish), Mary Jane Cowen Pedigree

(Fisher), Daniel Pedigree

(Fitch), Abigail McLean Pedigree

(Flander), Reuben W. Pedigree

(Ford), Sheri Palmer Pedigree

(Forepaugh), Mary Amanda Lownie Pedigree

(Fowler), Carrie E. Loadwick Pedigree

(Fowler), John H. Pedigree

(Fox), John Pedigree

(Fox), Nancy Elizabeth Burke Pedigree

(Frantz), Daniel Ranslow Pedigree

(Fraser), Julia Bryant Pedigree

(Fraser), Lynn Earl Pedigree

(Frazier), Nellie M. Backus Pedigree

(Freeman), Charles Pedigree

(Freeman), Deborah Lynn Burdick Pedigree

(Freeman), Dorothy Williams Pedigree

(Fritz), Rose Bertha Mathilda Drews Pedigree

(Froome), Mabel Alice Cowen Pedigree

(Frutchey), Reuben Pedigree

(Frutchey), Sarah (Irvine) Pedigree

(Fry), Charles William Pedigree

(Frye), Karen E. Freeman Pedigree

(Fuller), Nirum Ackley Pedigree

(Fulmer), Lisa Gail Biles Pedigree

(Gage), Joanna Marchant Pedigree

(Gailey), Margaret (Cool) Pedigree

(Gaisford), Susannah Hodges Pedigree

(Gale), Elizabeth (Macey) Hussey Pedigree

(Galloway), Lisa Schweigert Pedigree

(Galusha), Alice Perrine Pedigree

(Gamble), Mehitable Drake Pedigree

(Gard), Anna E. & Hannah M. Biles Pedigrees

(Gardiner), Tabitha Avery Pedigree

(Gardner), Evelyn Tempa Drake Pedigree

(Gaskamp), Renee Brandy Degges Pedigree

(Gates), Ann Marlene (Richards) Drake Pedigree

(Gates), Fred Woodworth Pedigree

(Gauguie, Debra Biles Pedigree

(Getman), Gaylord Carl Pedigree

(Gilbert), Charles Henry Pedigree

(Gilbert), Huldah Wilson Pedigree

(Gilbert), Irene Chamberlain Pedigree

(Gilbert), Susannah Gamble Pedigree

(Giltz), Richard Peter Pedigree

(Glick), Wesley Windle, Jr. Pedigree

(Glover), Gloria Shipman Pedigree

(Godolphin), Margaret Denys Pedigree

(Gold), Linda Bryant Pedigree

(Goldsborough), Jean Gasquet Pedigree

(Gonzales), Lois Ann Grinnell Pedigree

(Goodell), Rhoda Ann Andrews Pedigree

(Goodfriend), Karen L. Benjamin Pedigree

(Goodwin), Angie Mae Andrews Pedigree

(Goodwin), Susan Denise Grinnell Pedigree

(Gordon), Florence Mary Rock Pedigree

(Gordon), Jennie Biles Pedigree

(Gordon), Max Hyman Pedigree

(Gordon), Robert & Barbara (Gordon) Kennedy Pedigrees

(Gorham), Temperance (Sturgis) Baxter Pedigree

(Gormley), Mary Frances White Pedigree

(Gorsline), Gertrude Anna Smith Pedigree

(Gourlay), Grace V. Brace Pedigree

(Gossett), Virginia M. Drake Pedigree

(Grace), Ruth Lavinia Cool Pedigree

(Graves), Jemima Allis Pedigree

(Graves), Lydia Stowell Pedigree

(Gregory), Corey Pedigree

(Gregory), Persis Crofut Pedigree

(Gregory), Phoebe Benedict Pedigree

(Grenville), Amye Drake Pedigree

(Gretz), Ronald George Pedigree

(Griffith), Albert M. Pedigree

(Griffith), Ernest Edric Pedigree

(Grinnell), Allan Jay Pedigree

(Groves), Lucy Maria Thompson Pedigree

(Guernsey), Rhoda Goodell Pedigree

(Gurney), Mariette E. Bryant Pedigree

(Gustin), Pearl (Bailey) Kaylor Pedigree

(Guyett), Raymond Joe Pedigree

(Haap), Charles Pedigree

(Hagan), Mary A. & Cecelia Alice Drake Pedigrees

(Halbert), Susannah & Anna Bryant Pedigrees

(Haley) Loren Pedigree

(Haley), Nathan Pedigree

(Hall), Clara L. Dye Pedigree

(Hall), Derlyze Breitner Pedigree

(Hall), Mary Lee Bishop Pedigree

(Hallin), William Michael Pedigree

(Hamersma), Marie E. Cool Pedigree

(Hammond), Beatrice Jerome Pedigree

(Harbille), Deborah Allen (Owen)(Purcell) Drake Pedigree

(Hardman), Mary Margaret Burchill Pedigree

(Hare), Esther P. Drake Pedigree

(Hare), James Edward Pedigree

(Harford), Florence Slater Pedigree

(Harkcom), Anne Pedigree

(Harold), Ora Jane Hunt Pedigree

(Harper), Mary E. Thomas Pedigree

(Harper), Robert Edwin Pedigree

(Harris), Henry Benjamin, III Pedigree

(Harrison), Lee Ray Pedigree

(Hart), Charles Henry Pedigree

(Hartshorne), Thomas, Jr. Pedigree

(Haverly), Elizabeth Lott Pedigree

(Haviland), Clarence David Pedigree

(Heater), Wesley Robert, Jr. Pedigree

Heath, Fred Calif Pedigree

(Heiler), Wayne D. Pedigree

(Heiss), Raymond Paul Pedigree

(Helmer), Grace E. Gardner Pedigree

(Hendershot), Clarence Pedigree

(Henson), Alice Irene Harper Pedigree

(Herman), Annie & Hannah Place Pedigrees

(Hermans), Jessie Benton Watson Pedigree

(Hewett), Jill Louise Johnson Pedigree

(Hickam), Butch Pedigree

(Hicks), Grace F. Cool Pedigree

(Hicks), Mary Jane Waful Pedigree

(Hill), Beatrice S. Bowles Pedigree

(Hillis), David Alexander Pedigree

(Hine), Barbara Jane Van Patten Pedigree

(Hinman), Florence M. (Newcomb) Mather Pedigree

(Hirschey), Lee Treffarn Pedigree

(Hodge), Katherine B. Hill Pedigree

(Hodge), Leona Lee Pedigree

(Hodges), Rebekah Matthews Pedigree

(Hogan), Muriel Elouise (Soluri)(Stevenson) Palmer Pedigree

(Holcomb), Elizabeth Ellsworth Pedigree

(Holcombe), Martha McKee Pedigree

(Holdridge), Ethelyn Amelia Bryant Pedigree

(Holford), Dorothy Bruen Pedigree

(Holland), Bridget Boyle Pedigree

(Hollister), Laurie Breitner Pedigree

(Hollon), Deborah, Eliza & Almira Irvine Pedigrees

(Holmes), Electa Shaw Swain Pedigree

(Holmes), Sarah Blackmer Pedigree

(Holmes), Theodore Pedigree

(Homet), Milton Pedigree

(Honeywell), Robert Charles Pedigree

(Hootan), Elizabeth Lambert Pedigree

(Hoover), Jared Allen Pedigree

(Hopkins), Henry Donald Pedigree

(Horner), Evelyn Ella Bennett Pedigree

(Horton), Mary Emma Quick Pedigree

(Howard), Henry T., Jr. Pedigree

(Howard), Rebecca Corlee Biles Pedigree

(Howe), Elizabeth Gilbert Pedigree

(Howland), Amos G. Pedigree

(Howland), Desire Gorham Pedigree

(Hubbard), Mae Lydia Scouten Pedigree

(Hubbard), Ruth Burdick Pedigree

(Hudson), Howard R. Pedigree

(Hughes), Deanna Marie Palmer Pedigree

(Hughes), Johann Alice Mason Pedigree

(Hughes), Mathew Pedigree

(Hulbert), Shirley Mae Swain Pedigree

(Humphrey), Evan & Margaret Gardner Pedigrees

(Humphrey), Julia Merrill Merchant & Cordelia Harriet Merchant Pedigrees

(Hungerford), Sarah Ann Briant Pedigree

(Hunnewell), Benjamin Franklin Pedigree

(Hunneyman), Emma Estelle Rowell Pedigree

(Hunsucker), Diana Joyce Stephan Pedigree

(Hunt), Charles William Pedigree

(Hunt), Geneva Florence Biles Pedigree

(Hunting), Ezekiel Sawen Pedigree

(Hurlbut), Olive Mae Kinney Pedigree

(Hussey), Eliza Froome Pedigree

(Husted), Harriet (Watson) Husted Pedigree

(Hutton), June Marie Palmer Pedigree

(Hynes), Alfred Phillip Pedigree

(Irish), Margaret Watson Pedigree

(Irvine), John Milton Pedigree

(Ingersoll), Kenneth Pedigree

(Isdell), Samuel O. Pedigree

(Jackman), Abi (Fowler)(Strickland) Pedigree

(Jackson), Ellen Charlotte Biles Pedigree

(January), Mary Edgar Biles Pedigree

(Jauhola), Kristin Lee Biles Pedigree

(Jayne), Sarah LaBar Pedigree

(Jedryczka), Adolph Joseph Pedigree

(Jeffers), Eunice (Riordan) Shepard Pedigree

(Jennings), Leonelle Shumway Pedigree

(Jerome), Ronald Raymond Pedigree

(Johnson), Alice Beth Rubright Pedigree

(Johnson), Bathsheba Crittenden Pedigree

(Johnson), Benjamin Pedigree

(Johnson), Cora Bertie Pierce Pedigree

(Johnson), Ronald Charles Pedigree

(Johnson), Sarah Morton Pedigree

(Johnston), Charlotte Margaret Joseph Pedigree

(Jondreau), Joseph Pedigree

(Jones), Edward White Pedigree

(Jones), Ellen Jane Brown Pedigree

(Jones), John W. Pedigree

(Jones), Leah M. Pedigree

(Joseph), Edward Burton Pedigree

(Joyce), Mary Alice Bryant Pedigree

(Kaemmer), Corey Gregory Pedigree

(Kaspar), Betty Lou (Mazak) Biles Pedigree

(Kasson), Mary A. Reynolds Pedigree

(Kedner), Barbara Shoemaker Pedigree

(Keiffer), Sharon Lee Cool Pedigree

(Keiser), Harry G. Pedigree

(Keller), Eugenia D. Gardner Pedigree

(Kellock), Robert Leon Pedigree

(Kellogg), Nathaniel Pedigree

(Kelsey), Jessie Mae Van Allen Pedigree

(Kenfield), Gordon Francis Pedigree

(Kennedy), Frances Lee Biles Pedigree

(Kenney), Harriet Bryant Pedigree

(Kentfield), Helen L. Richards Pedigree

(Kerrick), Sarah Ellen Biles Pedigree

(Kidd), Gladys L. Montei Pedigree

(King), Michael Joseph Pedigree

(Kinge), Anne Vassall Pedigree

(Kinman), Luna Birlan Pedigree

(Kinney), Joseph Aubrey, Jr. Pedigree

(Kintner), Fanny Fuller Pedigree

(Kintner), George Pedigree

(Kirchner), Louisa Briant Pedigree

(Kirkbride), Hannah Biles Pedigree

(Kline), Oliver Peter Pedigree

(Klock), Thomas A. Pedigree

(Knowles), Ruth Collins Pedigree

(Kress), Christie Anne Cheney Pedigree

(Krueger), Richard Allen Passavant Pedigree

(LaBar), Margaret Bacon Pedigree

(LaCroix), Nichols Pedigree

(Lafon), Alfred Joseph Pedigree

(LaMare), Zella Ellen Rock Pedigree

(Lambert), Elizabeth Biles Pedigree

(Lambert), Mary Biles Pedigree

(Lance), Peter John, II Pedigree

(Lane), Esther (Hare) Drake Pedigree

(Lane), George Pedgree

(Lang), Effie May Thompson Pedigree

(Lantz), Susan Amanda Rubert Pedigree

(Larcom), Henrietta M. (Eddy) Wiggins Pedigree

(Larkin), Caroline Louise Broomall Pedigree

(Larkin), Charlotte J. Brenon Pedigree

(Larsen), Merritt Eugene Pedigree

(Lasik), Frank Francis, Jr. Pedigree

(Lattimer), Betty Jane Neiley Pedigree

(Lauterman), Anna Jayne Pedigree

(LaVere), Steven Pedigree

(Lawrence), Charlotte Gorsline Pedigree

(Lawrence), Grove, Jr. Pedigree

(Lawrence), John Pedigree

(Lawrence), Tryphena Lawrence Pedigree

(Lawton), Madelyn Lingenfelter Pedigree

(Lee), Nancy Jean Cool Pedigree

(Lee), Polly Stevens Pedigree

(Leedom), Rachel Biles Pedigree

(Lenardson), John Timothy Pedigree

(Leonard), Rebecca Irvine Pedigree

(Lewis), Cyrus Roys Pedigree

(Lewis), Estella G. Gardner Pedigree

(Lillie), Olive Elizabeth Bennett Pedigree

(Lince), Catherine Cool Pedigree

(Lindsley), Elizabeth Lee Pedigree

(Lingenfelter), Gerald A. Pedigree

(Little), Nancy D. Drake Pedigree

(Loadwick), Laura Bowman Pedigree

(Locksmith), Gertrude Mae Briant Pedigree

(Lombard), Elizabeth Gage Pedigree

(Loomis), Abigail Barber Pedigree

(Loosemore), Louis Leonard, Jr. Pedigree

(Lopater), Howard Pedigree

(Lott), Elizabeth Depew Pedigree

(Lownie), Pearl Arline Ridge Pedigree

(Lyman), Linda Jane Biles Pedigree

(MacArthur), John B., III Pedigree

(Madinger), Arlene H. (Montei) Zoller Pedigree

(Madison), Forest Pedigree

(Mahaffey), Lucresia Smith Pedigree

(Manbeck), Catherine Moyer Pedigree

(Mancini), Cheryl Ann Drake Pedigree

(Mansfield), Ronda Reynolds Pedigree

(Marble), Thomas Frederick Pedigree

(Marchant), Sarah Gilbert Pedigree

(Marcott), Lucille Agnes Gates Pedigree

(Marion), Clara Adele Harper Pedigree

(Marsh), Louisa A. Kennedy Pedigree

(Marshall), Edward Franklin Pedigree

(Marshall), John Mark, Jr. Pedigree

(Marshall), Lavinia Ida Grace Pedigree

(Marshall), Thomas Pedigree

(Martin), Sarah Broomall Pedigree

(Martin), Susan Octavia Byles Pedigree

(Masini), Mario Pedigree

(Mason), John Francis Pedigree

(Master), Harriet Biles Pedigree

(Mather), Eunice Pelton Pedigree

(Matthews), Eliza Susannah Cowen Pedigree

(Mattison), Estella V. Briant Pedigree

(Maxwell), Rose Alberta Gardner Pedigree

(May), Hannah Sterling Mayflower Pedigree

(Mayne), Pauline Ruth Backus Pedigree

(Mayo), Thomas Pedigree

(Mazak), Alvin Pedigree

(McCallops), Samuel E. & Frederick Edward Pedigrees

(McCann), Bryan Patrick Pedigree

(McClurkin), Gregory Pedigree

(McCormick), Adelle Grinnell Pedigree

(McCrea), Alma Caroline Brown Pedigree

(McFarlane), Bessie May Paine Pedigree

(McKee), John Harlen Pedigree

(McKelvey), Daniel Walter, Jr. Pedigree

(McKernan), Emma Steafather Pedigree

(McLean), Fitch Pedigree

(McMillin), (?) Pedigree

(McNeilan), Thomas William Pedigree

(McPhearson), Margarett S. Biles Pedigree

(Mead), George Edward Pedigree

(Medina), Michael Pedigree

(Meekins), Mary Allis Pedigree

(Meister), Clara Elizabeth Irvine Pedigree

(Melhuish), Anna Maria Elizabeth Bryant Pedigree

(Merchant), Henry Pedigree

(Merritt), Susan Chamberlain Pedigree

(Mickna), Joseph J. Pedigree

(Miller), Marian Y. Irvine Pedigree

(Miller), Mary C. Quick Pedigree

(Mills), Mary Josaphine Biles Pedigree

(Miner), Margaret Alice Biles Pedigree

(Mix), Hazel Belle Dye Pedigree

(Molyneux), Margaret Bulkeley Pedigree

(Montei), John Dedrick Norman Pedigree

(Montford), Katharine Booth Pedigree

(Mooney), Rita A. Froome Pedigree

(Moore), Abigail Babcock Pedigree

(Moore), Cameron Martin Pedigree

(Moore), Hannah Drake Pedigree

(Moore), Isaac Pedigree

(Moore), Relief Gourlay Pedigree

(Morgan), Elizabeth Starr Pedigree

(Morton), Charlotte Johnson Larkin Pedigree

(Morton), Emma Arvilla Covey Pedigree

(Mosher), Eldora (Froome) Guyett Pedigree

(Mosher), Lydia Hicks Pedigree

(Mosier), Shirley Robare Pedigree

(Mott), Asher Pedigree

(Moyer), Priscilla Rubright Pedigree

(Munson), Michelle Lynn Thomas Pedigree

(Murdock), Nora Alberta Ellingworth Pedigree

(Murray), Mary Reed Pedigree

(Musso), Virginia Bruce Pedigree

(Muth), Esther Patricia Cool Pedigree

(Nakamura), Atsuko Briant Pedigree

(Nangle), Warren Laylin Pedigree

(Narrow), Ray Dwayne, Jr. Pedigree

(Nash), Sophia & Henrietta Fraser Pedigrees

(Nehls), Christopher Pedigree

(Neiley), Grant Andrew & Cassandra M. Benjamin Pedigrees

(Nemecek), Joshua Pedigree

(Newcomb), Kinner Samuel Pedigree

(Newhouse), S. Sidney Pedigree

(Newton), Emma I. Strunk Pedigree

(Nobles), Jeannie Bishop Pedigree

(Norman), James Pedigree

(Norris), Ruby Deloris Lyman Pedigree

(Northrup), Janet Rose Robare Pedigree

(Northrup), Nancy Ann Kellock Pedigree

(Nunez), Cynthia Ann Rohlfs Pedigree

(Old), Elizabeth Gilbert Pedigree

(Oliver), Jonathan Earl Pedigree

(Oliver), Samantha Marie Waters Pedigree

(Olmstead), Elizabeth Whitney Pedigree

(Orlando), Patricia Catherine Rock Pedigree

(Orvis), George Edward Pedigree

(Orway), John de Pedigree

(Osborne), Adele Agnes Biles Pedigree

(Ostrom), Samantha Card Pedigree

(Ottman), Charles F. Pedigree

(Overfield), Ann Depew Bunnell Pedigree

(Padron), Enrique Augusto, III Pedigree

Paine, Frances Fox Pedigree

(Palmer), Jemima Hicks Pedigree

(Palmer), Robert Wayne Pedigree

(Palmer), William Smith, Jr. Pedigree

(Palsgrove), Michelle Dawn Cool Pedigree

(Parish), Mark Pedigree

(Parr), Dorothy Gregory Pedigree

(Passenger), Catharine C. Gamble Pedigree

(Patch), Elizabeth Rude Pedigree

(Patterson), Eleanor B. Biles Pedigree

(Patterson), Mary Minerva Rockwood Pedigree

(Paul), Dudley Pedigree

(Paxson), Susanna Biles Pedigree

(Pearce), Walter Beasley Pedigree

(Pease), Catharine Eliza Gilbert Pedigree

(Pelton), Johanna Quick Pedigree

(Pelton), Penelope Jane Cool Pedigree

(Penney), Cicely Chapin Pedigree

(Pensgen), Barbara Ann Drake Pedigree

(Perez), Rosalinda Palsgrove Pedigree

(Perkins), Emogene Clintsman Pedigree

(Perrine), Lillian Lucille True Pedigree

(Perry), Steven Pedigree

(Persha), Ida Gamble Pedigree

(Persing), Inza Andrews Pedigree

(Pete), Donald R. Pedigree

(Phillips), Herman & Cynthia L. Cowen Pedigrees

(Phoenix), Paul Pedigree

(Pickard), Ida Viola Slater Pedigree

(Pierce), Marian Ellen Miner Pedigree

(Pitcher), Orren Pedigree

(Place), Emma Schram & Philo & Bert Pedigrees

(Place), Rosannah Biles Pedigree

(Platt), George E. Pedigree

(Plattenburg), Elizabeth Neiley Pedigree

(Plum), Hannah Bunnell Pedigree

(Poinsett), Shirley Marie Slater Pedigree

(Porter), Sarah Drake Pedigree

(Powell), Richard Pedigree

(Pratt), Eunice Elvira Gurney Pedigree

(Pratt), Julia Gamble Pedigree

(Preston), Barbara Anne Drake Pedigree

(Price), Lydia Riordan Pedigree

(Prideaux), Elizabeth Drake Pedigree*

(Proven), Ruth Marie Kelsey Pedigree

(Purcell), Doris Pauline Williams Pedigree

(Putnam), Sarah Ann Selter Pedigree

(Quick), Ida May Biles Pedigree

(Rachau), Jennifer Ann Thomas Pedigree

(Rackmyer), John Jacob Pedigree

(Rambo), Karen Carol Rubert Pedigree

(Rawson), Dolly Fish Whitney Pedigree

(Reager), Kenneth Lee Pedigree

(Reed), Barbara Jean Slater Pedigree

(Reed), Jerry Pedigree

(Reed), Margarette Irvine Pedigree

(Regan), Helen Claire Williams Pedigree

(Remington), Harriet M. Butts Pedigree

(Reynolds), Bobby Dean Pedigree

(Reynolds), Elizabeth Martin Pedigree

(Reynolds), Gertrude Mae Drake Pedigree

(Reynolds), Maud Elise Bryant Pedigree

(Reynolds), Virginia Slater Pedigree

(Rhodes), Leda Irene Young Pedigree

(Rich), Johnie Ray Pedigree

(Richards), Searl Eugene Pedigree

(Richardson), Teresa Ann Beebe Pedigree

(Ridge), Linford Pedigree

(Riegel), Maria Fox Pedigree

(Riffle), John, Jr. Pedigree

(Ring), Rebecca Katherine Jerome Pedigree

(Riordan), William Henry Pedigree

(Robare), Albert Joseph Pedigree

(Roberts), Diana Marlene Smalley Pedigree

(Roberts), Margaret Burchill Pedigree

(Roberts), Patti Lyn (LaVere) Drake Pedigree

(Roberts), Shannon Slater Pedigree

(Roberts), William Pedigree

(Robins), Alan Dean Pedigree

(Robinson), Madeline Drake Pedigree

(Robison), Scott Pedigree

(Rock), Roger Frederick Pedigree

(Rockwood), M. Lillian Drake Pedigree

(Rockwood), Perry Leonard Pedigree

(Rogers), Elizabeth Drake Pedigree

(Rogers), Harry Richard Pedigree

(Rogge), Clara E. Davis Pedigree

(Rohlfs), Dietrich Herman Pedigree

(Roof), Joseph L. Pedigree

(Roschek), Norbert Samuel Pedigree

(Rose), Darrell Cool Pedigree

(Rose), Deborah Baldwin Pedigree

(Ross), Elizabeth Wells Pedigree

(Ross), Jemima Waful Pedigree

(Rounds), Hattie E. Drake Pedigree

(Rounseville), Eliza Morton Cowen Pedigree

(Rowell), Truman James Pedigree

(Royce), Miranda Sage Pedigree

(Rubert), John William Pedigree

(Rubright), Dr. George Lamar Pedigree

(Rude), Elizabeth Bryant Pedigree

(Ruderman), Mary Jane Hirschey Pedigree

(Russell), Thomas A. Pedigree

(Rutschman), Janice Margaret Biles Pedigree

(Rutty), Esther Allis Pedigree

(Sabin), Charles Henry Pedigree

(Sage), Eva Lewis Pedigree

(Salitrynski), Kathy ‘Sally’ Robare Pedigree

(Sampson), Elizabeth Cushman Bryant Pedigree

(Sanders), Anne Parilee Watkins Pedigree

(Sands), Ryan Pedigree

(Sarjapur), Charan Ramachandra Pedigree

(Saunders), Elizabeth Wolcott Pedigree

(Saxon), Shon Pedigree

(Schar), Danford Alan Pedigree

(Schatz), Mary Schneider Pedigree

(Schell), Donald Newton Pedigree

(Schoedel), William Richard Tennes Pedigree

(Schoomaker), Grietje, Elizabeth, Aantje, Sarah Depue Pedigrees

(Schram), William Henry Pedigree

(Scofield), Nancy Gardner Pedigree

(Scouten), Hilda M. Drake Pedigree

(Scudder), Phebe Mott Pedigree

(Seaman), John Charles Pedigree

(Seeley), Ella Mae Degnan Pedigree

(Seibert), William Edward Pedigree

(Sellers), Jennifer Rock Pedigree

(Selter), Jonathan Pedigree

(Shallcross), Anna Rebecca Biles Pedigree

(Shannon), Caroline Lott Pedigree

(Shaw), Abigail Bryant Pedigree

(Sheather), Rachel Rutty Pedigree

(Shimmel), Louise Jane Porter Pedigree

(Shimmel), Phebe Pickard Pedigree

(Shipley), David Lloyd Pedigree

(Shipman), Chandra Charlene Drake Pedigree

(Shoemaker), Hannah Bramhall Pedigree

(Shoemaker), Susannah Decker Pedigree

(Shores), Clarinda Biles Pedigree

(Shuler), Lydia Carlisle Pedigree

(Shumway), Manville Pedigree

(Simard), Catherine A. Cool Pedigree

(Simmons), Lucy Groves Pedigree

(Simonet), Jane E. (Cool) Robson Pedigree

(Simons), Anna Mary Rutty Pedigree

(Sisson), Amber Renee Rubert Pedigree

(Slater), Harold Alberto Pedigree

(Slater), Susan Madora Bailey Pedigree

(Slay), Amber Dee Seaman Pedigree

(Slocum), Elisa Ann Gardner Pedigree

(Smalley), Philip Clark Pedigree

(Smart), Barbara (Holcombe) Rock Pedigree

(Smeallie), Elizabeth Bennett Pedigree

(Smiley), Elizabeth Allen Pedigree

(Smiri), (?) Pedigree

(Smith), Carmon Silas Pedigree

(Smith), Caroline Walts Pedigree

(Smith), Kathryne Veronica Cool Pedigree

(Smith), Chairity Justice Pedigree

(Smith), Claude Arnout Pedigree

(Smith), Enos Pedigree

(Smith), Esther Stewart Pedigree

(Smith), Francis W. Pedigree

(Smith), Iva Lydia Rohlfs Pedigree

(Smith), Kathryne Veronica Cool Pedigree

(Smith), Mary Chapin Pedigree

(Smith), Roy James Pedigree

(Smith), Venetta C. Montei Pedigree

(Smith), Walter Pedigree

(Snell), Pearl Luella Hogan Pedigree

(Snyder), Shawn Pedigree

(Soluri), Richard Stephen Pedigree

(Soper), Alberta D./B. Cool Pedigree

(Soults), George J. Pedigree

(Souva), Genevieve Van Patten Pedigree

(Spaulding), Day Pedigree

(Spaulsbury), Catherina Pickard Pedigree

(Spence), Eliza Estelle Biles Pedgree

(Spencer), Jerusha Stewart Pedigree

(Sprague), Clarissa Coles Pedigree

(Squires), Albina Angle Pedigree

(Squires), Henrietta H. Andress Pedigree

(Staats), John Pedigree

(Stager), Eleanor Bryant Pedigree

(Stansfield), Elizabeth Lang Pedigree

(Stanton), Anna & Frances Bryant Pedigrees

(Stark), Anna Gamble Pedigree

(Starr), Hannah Mills Pedigree

(Statts), James Pedigree

(Steafather), Grace Etta Young Pedigree

(Steele), Hattie L. Bovee Pedigree

(Steinbrecher), Mary Martha Elizabeth Wilkinson Pedigree

(Stephan), Charles "Carl" Alfred Pedigree

(Sterling), Mary Bradford Seaman Pedigree

(Sternbergh), Martha Adams Pedigree

(Stevens), Emma (Place) Irvine Pedigree

(Stevenson), Charles Horace Pedigree

(Stevenson), Elizabeth Hughes & Ann (Biles) Pedigrees

(Stewart), Lucina Mills Pedigree

(Stewart), Opal Hunsucker Pedigree

(Stiles), Elizabeth Spencer Pedigree

(Stipelkovich, Sandra S. Biles Pedigree

(Stockton), Sandra Gail Cool Pedigree

(Stoker), William Pedigree

(Stone), Sheila Ann Rock Pedigree

(Stone), Susannah A. Smiley Pedigree

(Stoner), Paul S. Pedigree

(Storm), James Pedigree

(Stowell), Sarah Cleopatra Gilbert Pedigree

(Streeter), Michael Pedigree

(Strickland), Seth Pedigree

(Strunk), Jacob Cooper Pedigree

(Stuvel), Chad Michael Pedigree

(Sumner), Archibald B. Pedigree

(Swain), George Holmes Pedigree

(Swan), Margaret Bennett Pedigree

(Swart), James Tunis Pedigree

(Sweet), Hattie (?) Briant Pedigree

(Sweet), Renewed Card Pedigree

(Tabor), Cynthia Case Pedigree

(Talamo), Concetta Bonanno Pedigree

(Talbot), Martha Broomall Pedigree

(Tarler), Regine Lynn Rubright Pedigree

(Taylor), Lindsey Ann Grinnell Pedigree

(Thews), Lula Luella Wright Pedigree

(Thibodeaux), Marie Louise Biles Pedigree

(Thomas), Clyde Andrew Pedigree

(Thomas), Martha Larkin Pedigree

(Thomas), Mary Jane Cowen Pedigree

(Thompson), Inez Biles Pedigree

(Thomson), Gertrude Louise Bryant Pedigree

(Thurm), Raymond Pedigree

(Thurston), Todd Patrick Pedigree

(Tilson), Sarah Bramhall Pedigree

(Timmerman), Harriette Elcy Pickard Pedigree

(Timmerman), Marjorie Ann Briant Pedigree

(Tindall), Ann Biles Pedigree

(Touch), Ralph John, Jr. Pedigree

(Tracey), Sarah Smith Pedigree

(Transue), Maude D. Biles Pedigree

(Travis), Susanna Watkins Pedigree

(Trevallee), Mary Briant Pedigree

(Triplett), Loretta L. Biles Pedigree

(Tripp), Cyrus Dayton Pedigree

(True), Harriett Alma Cool Pedigree

(Tuchrelo), Sharon Marie Smalley Pedigree

(Tucker), Tommie Ann Grinnell Pedigree

(Tumele), Sandra Kay Jedryczka Pedigree

(Turbyne), James Anderson Pedigree

(Turnquist), Janet Elaine Watt Pedigree

(Valentine), Hannah Hayes Cook Pedigree

(Valpey), Sarah Elizabeth Bruce Pedigree

(Van Allen), Lucina Mae (Kenfield) Drake Pedigree

(Van Horn), Craig Pedigree

(Van Horne), Sadenia Etta Fellows Pedigree

(Van Nest), W. George Pedigree

(Van Noy), Catherine & Elizabeth & Jane Biles Pedigrees

(Van Patten), Arthur Frederick Pedigree

(Van Tassell), Dawn Louise Biles Pedigree

(Van Valkenburgh), George Adam Pedigree

(Vanduzer), Rodney Carl Pedigree

(Vassal), Judith White Pedigree

(Vassilin), Edward Pedigree

(Vaughan), Maybelle E. Campbell Pedigree

(Vaughan), Grace Elizabeth Burchill Pedigree

(Verbeck), Esther Barns Pedigree

(Verhelst), Eric R. Pedigree

(Vial), Malinda Robare Pedigree

(Vining), Lydia & Mary Bryant Pedigree

(Vinton), Susan M. Gates Pedigree

(von Voigtlander), Marlene (Swetland) Rubert Pedigree

(Vosburgh), Adah Louise Sabin Pedigree

(Wadeleigh, Edith Carlisle Thomson

(Waffle), Pamelia Carlisle Pedigree

(Waful), Tempa Lydia Gardner Pedigree

(Wagoner), Christina L. Snell Pedigree

(Wagoner), Myrtle Blanche Rowell Pedigree

(Waite), James Spencer Pedigree

(Waite), Janice Louise Riordan Pedigree

(Waite), Sarah Belding Pedigree

(Wallace), Julia Ann Drake Pedigree

(Walrath), Anna Mary Margaretha Pickard Pedigree

(Walters), Douglas James Pedigree

(Walts), Bernice Kelsey Pedigree

(Walts), Carl Dewitt Pedigree

(Wanaka), Bethany Pedigree

(Wang), Hsiao-Fang Pedigree

(Warburton), Helen Francis Biles Pedigree

(Ward), Tirzah Drake Pedigree

(Warriner), Helen M. Briant Pedigree

(Waters), Donnie Lee Cooly Pedigree

(Waters),  Richard Harry Pedigree

(Watkins), Aramintha Newcomb Pedigree

(Watkins), Hyla Cleopatra Stowell Pedigree

(Watkins), Josie Lee Kennedy Pedigree

(Watson), Emma Elisa Reynolds Pedigree

(Watson), Harriet Ann Biles Pedigree

(Watson), Nathan Pedigree

(Watt), James Clifton Pedigree

(Wayman), Rebecca Lynn Drake Pedigree

(Weaver), Yulanda J. Grinnell Pedigree

(Webster), Harry Jerome Pedigree

(Weil), James Carlton Pedigree

(Weiser), Anna Barbara Pickard Pedigree

(Welles), Linda Denise Neiley Pedigree

(Wells), Mercy Camp Pedigree

(West), Elizabeth Riordan Pedigree

(Westbrook), Maria Van Noy Pedigree

(Westbrook), Orseltjen Vernooy Pedigree

(Wheeler), Deborah Jeanne Robson Pedigree

(White), Hannah Dickinson Pedigree

(White), Judith Andrews Pedigree

(White), Ruth Jane Bovee Pedigree

(Whited), Ronald Gene Pedigree

(Whitehead), Esther Catherine Rubert Pedigree

(Whitney), Jody Andrew Pedigree

(Whitney), Harriet Maria Burhans Pedigree

(Whitney), Mary Gilbert Pedigree

(Wiessinger), Louise Biles Pedigree

(Wilbur), Lovina W. Briant Pedigree

(Wilder), Mary Stevens Pedigree

(Wiley), Mary Soluri Pedigree

(Wilkerson), Sarah Sally Mckee Pedigree

(Wilkinson), Lavinia Marshall Pedigree

(Williams), Hershel Curtis Pedigree

(Williams), Mary Elizabeth Biles Pedigree

(Williams), Tamer Smith Pedigree

(Willis), Matilda Delila Thompson Pedigree

(Wilson), Hannah Drake Pedigree

(Wilson),  Millie & Margaret Ann Biles Pedigrees

(Wilson), Nellie Lenore Waful Pedigree

(Wing), Albert Goodrich Pedigree

(Wittenberg), John Pedigree

(Wolcott), Edna Matilda Drake Pedigree

(Wolcott), Stuart Randolph Pedigree

(Wood), Doris L. (Simonet) Ripley Pedigree

(Wood), Helen Elizabeth Irvine Pedigree

(Wood), Olive M. Dougall Pedigree

(Wood), Susannah Gardner Pedigree

(Woodard), Albert Carl Pedigree

(Woodward), Silence Drake Pedigree

(Woolworth), Ruth Hunt Pedigree

(Wooster), Harriett Calfurnia Biles Pedigree

(Worch), Cynthia Ann Smalley Pedigree

(Wren), Victor Theodore Pedigree

(Wright), Barbara A. Watson Pedigree

(Wright), Mary Frances Cool Pedigree

(Wright), Patience Rutty Pedigree

(Wyant), Travis Wayne Pedigree

(Wyatt), Terry Lee Pedigree

(Wyeth), Abigail A. Drake Pedigree

(Wynn), Samuel Pedigree

(Yale), Eliza Paddock Sage Pedigree

(Yale), Kenneth Pedigree

(Yardley), Thomas Pedigree

(Young), Earl Denver Pedigree

(Young), Virginia (Burrow) (McIntire) Biles Pedigree

(Youngers), Paul James Pedigree

(Zaidel), Jeffrey Ward Pedigree

(Zamalis), Michael Hemi Pedigree

(Zimmer), Elizabeth Riordan Pedigree

(Zobel), John David Pedigree

(Zoller), Ellen I. (Simonet) Pedigree



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