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Origin of the surname “Aldridge:”







8   William Aldridge, I


1. Biographical notes:


Born 27 September 1729 in Westminster Parish, Anne Arundel County, Maryland.  Died 13 October 1789 in Randolph County, North Carolina.


2. Wife: Elizabeth (?)


Born 5 August 1734 in Pasquotank County, North Carolina.  Died 24 October 1793 in Randolph County, North Carolina.


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. Mary Aldridge: Born 1753.


b. William Aldridge: Born 1754.  Died 1818.


c. Bethany Aldridge: Born 1757.  Died 1848.


d. Ezekiel Aldridge: Born 1757.  Died 1824.


e. Susannah Aldridge: Born 1758.  Died 1820.


f. John Aldridge: Born 1761.  Died 1820.


g. Sarah Aldridge: Born 1763.  Died 1830.


h. Elizabeth Ann Aldridge: Born 1764.  Died 1804.


i. Sophie Ellen Aldridge: Born 1765.  Died 1785.


j. Isabel Aldridge: Born 1766.  Died 1798.


k. Rosanna Aldridge: Born 1769.  Died 1830.


l. Samuel Aldridge: Born 1771.  Died 1850.


m. Aaron Aldridge: See generation 7, below.


n. Moses Aldridge: Born 1777.  Died 1797.


o. Marriah Aldridge: Born 1779.


7   Aaron Aldridge


1. Biographical notes:


Born about 1775 in Guilford County, North Carolina.  Died 15 April 1821 in Maury County, Tennessee.


2. Wife: Nancy (Watts) McDaniel


Born 1777 in Randolph County, North Carolina; daughter of Benjamin and Frances (Teague) Watts.  Died .  Married (1st) (?) McDaniel.  Married (2nd) Aaron Aldridge about 1791 in Randolph County, North Carolina.


3. Children:


a. William Aldridge, II: See generation 6, below.


b. Samuel J. Aldridge: Born 1795/1801/1804.  Died 1858.  Married Mary "Polly" Headen/Hayden (b. 1797/1804 in NC, d. 1855), daughter of Aaron Hayden of Chatham County, North Carolina, on 7 September 1821 in Chatham County, North Carolina and had at least the following children:


(1. Noama Aldridge: Born about 1827 in Tennessee.


(2. Stephen Aldridge: Born about 1830 in Tennessee.


(3. Aaron Aldridge: Born about 1836 in Tennessee.


(4. Samuel Aldridge: Born about 1839 in Tennessee.


(5. Michael Aldridge: Born about 1841 in Tennessee.


(6. Joseph Aldridge: Born about 1846 in Tennessee.


c. Aaron Aldridge: Born 1798 in Randolph County, North Carolina.


d. Sophia Aldridge: Born 1799.  Died 1851.  Married John Fleming (b. 1793, d. 1853) on 26 April 1817 in Chatham County, North Carolina and had children.


e. John "Jonnnie" Ransom Aldridge, I: Born 13 November 1805 in Tennessee.  Died 30 November 1874, age 69 years and 17 days, in Fannin County, Texas.  Married Permelia Ann Squires (b. 18 May 1813/18 in KY, d. 2 Feb 1887 in Fannin Co., TX), daughter of George Washington and Sarah (Willis) Squires, in 1830 in Tennessee and had children.  Of interest, Permelia had a sister, Henrietta, who married Thomas Andrews, II, son of Thomas and Sarah (Baker) Andrews.


f. Mary Sarah Aldridge, I "Sarah": Born 1807 in Randolph County, North Carolina.  Died 1848 in Howard County, Missouri.  Married, as his 1st wife, Eli Amick (b. 1800 in Liberty Twp, Randolph Co., NC, d. 1860 in Boons Lick Twp, Howard Co., MO), son of John Adam and Christina (?) Amick, on 28 August 1823 at Maury, Crocket County, Tennessee and had several children.


Widower Eli Amick subsequently married Sarah Ann Monroe (b. 1825) and Margaret Jennings (b. 1825).


g. Nancy Jane Aldridge: Born 1809.  Died 1850.  Married Lawrence Lane (b. 1903, d. 1864) on 8 January 1826 at Columbia, Maury County, Tennessee.


h. James "Jim" Thomas Aldridge: Born 1 September 1813 in Randolph County, North Carolina.  Died 8 March 1884 in Fannin County, Texas.  Married Mary Chadwell (b. 29 July 1815 in NC, d. 17 Jul 1888 in Fannin Co., TX; interred Porters Cem., Fannin Co., TX), daughter of David C. and Jane (Johnson) Chadwell, about 1834 in North Carolina and had the following children:


(1. Virginia Aldridge: Born about 1835 in Tennessee.


(2. Samuel Aldridge: Born about 1837 in Tennessee.  Married Margaret Ann Andrews.


(3. James Thomas Aldridge, Jr.: Born 1839 in Tennessee.  Married Parthenia Chadwell, daughter of John Johnson and Parthenia (Aldridge) Chadwell.  Following the death of Parthenia (Chadwell) Aldridge, James T. Aldridge moved to Cooke County, Texas, near his brother, Samuel's residence.


(4. Nancy Aldridge: Born about 1841 in Tennessee.  Married Dr. W. Welch.


(5. Madora Aldridge: Born about 1845 in Tennessee.


(6. Aaron Aldridge: Born about 1850 in Tennessee.


(7. James F. Aldridge: Born about 1854 in Tennessee.


(8. Elizabeth Aldridge: Born about 1858 in Tennessee.  Married Bert Douglas.


6   William Aldridge, II

    "Uncle Billie"


1. Biographical notes:


Born 1792/96 in Randolph County, North Carolina.  Died 1879 in Fannin County, Texas.


2. Wife: Nancy Lane


Born 1795/1801 in North Carolina.  Died March 1875 in Fannin County, Texas.  Married William Aldridge, II about 1812 in Marshall County, Tennessee.


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. Mary Sarah Aldridge, II: See generation 5, below.


b. James N. Aldridge: Born 1823 in Tennessee.  Married Mary Jane Newton (b. 1836) on 27 March 1851 in Williamson County, Tennessee and had children.


c. John Ransom Aldridge, II: Born 4 August 1829 in Maury County, Tennessee.  Died 6 February 1907 in Hunt County, Texas; perhaps interred Porter's Cemetery.  Married (1st) Sarah A. Squires (b. 17 Sep 1831, d. 30 Mar 1890; interred Burns Cem.), daughter of George S. and Sarah (Willis) Squires, and had several children, including:


(1. Uriah S. Aldridge: Born about 1852 in Arkansas.  Married M. A. (?) from Mississippi.


John R. Aldridge married (2nd), as her 3rd husband, Lucinda Jane Wilkinson (b. 1841, d. 1928) on 24 September 1890 in Hunt County, Texas.  Lucinda had married (perhaps 1st) William Lumpkin Tuck (b. 24 Mar 1832 in GA, d. May 1862 in TN) and (perhaps 2nd) Samuel C. Cowan (b. 14 Feb 1825 in TN, d. 26 Jun 1878 in Hunt Co., TX).


d. William Nelson Aldridge: Born 19 October 1831 at Linden, Perry County, Tennessee.  Died 7 May 1892.  Married (1st) Elizabeth Newton (b. 1838 in TN, d. 1862) on 26 November 1857 in Williamson County, Tennessee and had a son.  William Aldridge married (2nd) Nancy F. Land (b. 10 Sep 1840 in Williamson Co., TN, d. 3 Aug 1902 in TN) on 4 December 1864 in Perry County, Tennessee and had children.


e. Nicholas Aldridge: Born 1832 in Maury County, Tennessee.  Never married; described as insane.


f. William Watson Aldridge: Born 19 Aug 1833 in Maury County, Tennessee.  Died 30 May 1902 at Red Branch, Grayson County, Texas.  Married Martha Frances Sears (b. 7 Feb 1838 in Madison Co., AL, d. 1925 at Kiowa, Pittsburg Co., OK) on 1 April 1858 in Fannin County, Texas and had children.


g. Margaret Virginia Aldridge: 7 April 1834 in Tennessee.  Died 17 March 1899 in Sulphur Township, Murray County, Oklahoma.  Married, as his 2nd wife, Ludie Monroe Rutledge (b. 1820, d. 1870) on 26 April 1859 and had children, including Ludie Aldridge (photos), whose best friend was Josie Watkins, d.  Ludie Rutledge had married (1st) Rebecca L. Crowder (b. 1822, d. 1852).


h. Elizabeth J. Aldridge: Born 3 August 1836 in Tennessee.  Died 22 May 1916 in Texas.  Married (1st) Ezra Samuel Cline/Kline (b. 1834) on 15 November 1860 in Fannin County, Texas.  Married (2nd) Jasper Newton Mathews (b. 1845, d. 1919).


j. William Jasper Aldridge: Born 19 March 1840 in Greene County, Tennessee.  Died 5 August 1911 in Randolph Township, Fannin County, Texas.  Married Cleopatra C. Nickens (b. 19  Feb 1854 in Marshall Co., TN, d. 7 Jun 1929 at the home of her son, William, in Randolph Twp, Fannin Co., Tx) on 27 October 1875 in Marshall County, Tennessee and had children.


k. Nancy F. Aldridge: Born 1846 in Marshall County, Tennessee.  Died after 1850.


j. Jasper Mathers Aldridge: Born 1846 in Missouri.


l. Aaron Aldridge. (perhaps; per Rex Chadwell)


m. George Aldridge. (perhaps; per Rex Chadwell)


5   Mary Sarah Aldridge, II:


Born 8 April 1821 in Tennessee (her younger siblings were b. in TN, and in 1880 her son, William Weakley Chadwell, recorded her birth place as TN).  Died 9 October 1845 in Tennessee, from complications of child birth; interred Marshall County, Tennessee.  Married (1st) (?) Mine.  Married (2nd) John Johnson Chadwell, generation 5 of the Chadwell Annex.


See Chadwell Annex for More Info



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