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6   Robert Harper Andrews


A. Biographical notes:


Born 1800 at Plymouth, Connecticut.  Moved to Windsor, New York and, after marriage, was engaged in farming there until he died on 25 September 1872.


B. Wife# 1: Phiolelia Guernsey


1. Biographical notes:


Died 1842 at Windsor, New York.


2. Children:


a. Ansel Andrews: Born 1826.  Died 1898.  Married Mary Scott and had the following son:


(1. Frank Andrews: was a farmer in Hollywood, California.


b. Alma Andrews: Born 1828 at Windsor, New York.  Died there in 1896.  Married David Wilmoth, a farmer, and had the following children:


(1. William Wilmoth: Resided at Great Bend, Pennsylvania.


(2. Sara Wilmoth: Resided at Harpersville, New York.


(3. Kate Wilmoth: Resided at Harpersville, New York.


(4. Daniel Wilmoth: Resided at Harpersville, New York.


c. Stella Andrews: Born 1830.  Resided at Susquehanna, Pennsylvania.  Married John Tiffany, an engineer, and had the following daughter:


(1. Flora Tiffany: Married Nathaniel Decker and resided at Susquehanna, Pennsylvania.  Flora and Nathaniel had the following children:


(a. John Decker.


(b. Flora Decker.


(c. Nathaniel Decker, Jr.


C. Wife #2: Julia Wilmoth


1. Biographical notes:


Born 1808 at Great Bend, Pennsylvania.  Died there in 1878.


2. Children:


a. Harper G. Andrews: See generation 5, below.


b. Robert A. Andrews: Born December 1847.  Was a real estate agent in Hollywood, California.  Married Tillie Burt of Bradford County, Pennsylvania and had the following children:


(1. Harper Andrews.


(2. Howard Andrews.


(3. Henry Andrews.


(4. Fred Andrews.


(5. Grace Andrews.


(6. Maude Andrews.


(7. Earl Andrews.


(8. Mildred Andrews.


(9. Edna Andrews: Born 1851.  Was a farmer in Hollywood, California.  Married Bert Bell of Windsor, New York and had the following daughter:


(a. Jesse Bell: Was a professional educator in New York City.


5   Harper G. Andrews:


Born 14 February 1846.  Married Mary A. Irvine, paragraph 3c.c.(4.(c.(1) of the John Irvine (1) page.



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