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Origin of the surname “Andrews:”







9   William Andrews


1. Biographical notes:


Probably born Hamptworth, Wiltshire, England.  Died 1675/76 at New Haven, Connecticut.  In 1635 emigrated from England to Boston, Massachusetts Bay Coloney with his wife and 2 or 3 children.  Resided at New Haven, Connecticut by 1639.


2. Wife: Mary? (?)


Born .  Died .


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. William Andrews.


b. Jane Andrews.


c. Samuel Andrews: See generation 8, below.


d. Nathan Andrews.


8   Samuel Andrews (perhaps)


1. Biographical notes:


Born 1635.  Died 6 October 1704 in Connecticut.


2. Wife: (?)


Born .  Died .


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. Samuel Andrews, Jr.: See generation 9, below.


7   Samuel Andrews, Jr. (perhaps)


1. Biographical notes:


Born .  Died .


2. Wife: (?)


Born 30 April 1663.  Died 31 January 1727/28 in Connecticut.


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. William Andrews: See generation 6, below.


6   William Andrews (perhaps)


1. Biographical notes:


Born 6 February 1702/03.  Died .


2. Wife: (?)


Born .  Died .


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. William Andrews, Jr.: See generation 5, below.


5   William Andrews, Jr. (perhaps; could be the same as generation 4, below)


1. Biographical notes:


Born 13 February 1733/34.  Died .  Moved from Connecticut to Sherburne, Chenango County, New York before 1797.


2. Wife #1: Mary Curtis


a. Biographical notes:


Born .  Died .  Married William Andrews on 27 December 1759 at Meriden, Connecticut.


b. Children:




3. Wife #2: (?)


a. Biographical notes:


Born .  Died .


b. Children:


(1. William Andrews, III: (perhaps) See generation 4, below.



Note: above generations are speculative



4    William Andrews (note: could be the same as generation 4, above)


1. Biographical notes:


Born .  Died .


2. Wife: (?)


Born .  Died .


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. William Andrews, Jr.


b. Samuel Andrews: See generation 3, below.


c. Curtis Andrews.


d. Miles Andrews.


3   Samuel Andrews


1. Biographical notes:


Born 14 July 1797.  Died 5 April 1865; interred Port Crane (later Fenton), Broome County, New York.  About 1812 moved with his brother, William, from Sherburne, New York to Sanitaria Springs, Broome County, New York, then called Osborne Hollow, where they bought the farm that became the old Andrews homestead.  About a year later William moved further west in New York.  Samuel was employed as a farmer and sold lumber that he milled.


2. Wife: Betsy Goodrich Blatchley


Born 21 January 1798, daughter of Daniel Blatchley.  Died 9 December 1876; interred Port Crane (later Fenton), Broome County, New York.  In 1808 moved her father and siblings 200 miles by oxen team from Farmington, Connecticut to Broome County, New York.  Of interest, Daniel Blatchley lived to be 94 and with his two wives had a total of 14 children.


3. Children:


a. William Andrews: Born 9 June 1821.  Died 6 January 1905.  Married Almira Dowd on 6 March 1856.


b. Daniel Curtis Andrews: See generation 2, below.


c. Phoebe Andrews: Born 13 April 1826.  Died 23 September 1881.  Married James Rider on 17 October 1855.


d. Samuel Washburn Andrews: Born 12 October 1828.  Died 20 July 1876.


e. Emily Andrews: Born 25 May 1831.  Died 5 May 1850.


f. Miles Austin Andrews: Born 15 October 1833.  Died 1 July 1891; interred Kirkwood, Broome County, New York.  Operated a saw mill at Kirkwood, New York.  Married Martha Bound.


g. Eliza Andrews: Born 6 March 1836.  Died 6 March 1859.  Married Lewis Godfrey and moved to Tennessee before the Civil War.  During the War they traveled to visit Eliza’s brother, Daniel in New York, and during the trip all were exposed to smallpox.  Two died from the disease and were interred at the Kirkwood farm.


h. Isaac David Andrews: Born 13 April 1839.  Died 22 January 1875.  Married Mary Ann Cronk on 28 November 1861.


i. Emory Blatchley Andrews: Born 27 June 1841.  Died 20 September 1891.  Married Mary L. Fox on 4 August 1888.


j. Stephen Pardee Andrews: Born 8 August 1843.  Died 21 December 1927; interred Sanataria Springs, New York.  Was a drummer boy in the Civil War.  Married Josephine Craver on 1 April 1866.  (also seen: m. Rhoda (?) and resided at Kirkwood, Broome County, New York).


2   Daniel Curtis Andrews


1. Biographical notes:


Born 18 October 1823.  Died 6 April 1892; interred Kirkwood, Broome County, New York.  Employed as a millwright and miller.  In the 1840s traveled about the South setting up mills.  In 1848 bought a farm adjoining his brother, Miles’s on the east bank of the Susquehanna River, about 4 miles north of the Pennsylvania border in Conklin (now Kirkwood) Township.  They also built a stone and log dam across the river to power a grist mill and saw mill.  Daniel operated the grist mill.


2. Wife: Rhoda Ann Goodell


Born 3 October 1831, daughter of Exekiel and Margaret Ann (Brownson) Goodell.  Died 3 March 1917; interred Kirkwood, Broome County, New York.  Married Daniel Curtis Andrews on 27 December 1849 at Windsor, New York.


3. Children:


a. Nelson Brouriette Andrews: Born 20 September 1850.  Died 23 February 1929; interred Kirkwood, Broome County, New York.  Married Mary Hannah Casterton, daughter of Thomas and Ann (Owen) Casterton.  Was initially employed as a harness maker, then as a handyman.  Wore a beard and had a patch over one eye to cover injuries from a horse kick.


b. Hobart Eugene Andrews: Born 8 July 1852.  Died 8 December 1910; interred Kirkwood, Broome County, New York.  Never left home.  Perhaps mildly retarded – always worked with supervision.


c. J. C. Freemont Andrews: Born 8 August 1856.  Died 18 September 1929; interred Kirkwood, New York.  Named for the celebrated explorer out west.  Married Emma L. Kinney on 1 January 1881.


d. Hamilton “Ham” Goodell Andrews: (photos) Born 29 June 1861.  Died 8 July 1949.  Was employed as a farmer.  Lived at home until age 48, when he married and bought a farm near Ithaca, Cayuga County, New York.  Taught Dorothy Ruth Gilbert how to play the violin.  Married Anna Morgan Rodgers (d. 15 Jan 1927 from complications of lung cancer; funeral Wed, 19 Jan), a relatively wealthy and cultured woman, on 10 February 1910.  Dorothy “Dottie” Ruth Gilbert remembered two things about her Aunt Anna: (1) the difficulty she had breathing, as she struggled with lung cancer; and (2) that Anna’s were the 1st human remains she ever saw.  Dottie also fondly remembered that Anna had a square-shaped, rose wood piano, which her father (Charles) later inherited and disassembled so he could transform the pretty rose wood into furniture.  In 2010 Dottie still had a small, rose wood table in her apartment that her father had made from that piano’s wood.


e. Rhoda Estelle Andrews: Born 13 September 1863.  Died May 1945.  Was trained as a practical nurse.  Never married.


f. Daniel Curtis Andrews, Jr.: Born 14 October 1865.  Died 18 September 1894; interred Kirkwood, Broome County, New York.  Married Cora Thestelle Rider.


g. Albert Dewitt Andrews: Born 4 December 1868.  Died 5 August 1896.


h. Bertha Brownson Andrews: Born 25 February 1871.  Died 28 April 1928.  Married James “Jim” Alvin Ostrander on 1 June 1906 and had the following daughter:


(1. Margaret.


i. Margaret Ann Andrews: Born 28 September 1873.  Died 4 April 1935.  Married George Terboss on 27 December 1894.


j. Samuel Leslie Andrews Leslie: See generation 1, below.


k. Emily Delphine Andrews: Born 11 August 1854.  Died 27 June 1915.  Married Charles Burgess.


l. Eda Marie Andrews: Born 22 April 1859.  Died 23 May 1861.


1   Samuel Leslie Andrews Leslie:


Born 7 April 1876.  Died 7 July 1942.  Married Sadie Clair Diament, paragraph 4.C.13.d.(2. of the Alexander Patterson Biles page on 29 November 1906.



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