Martha (Arnout) Irvine Pedigree

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Origin of the surname “Arnout


It appears the Arnout surname was originally Arndt and of Dutch origin.  The genealogies of Albany, New York (settled early by the Dutch) seem to indicate Arnout was a Dutch corruption or inflection of the surname Arnold.






5   Jacob Arnout


1.  Biographical notes:


Moved from New York City to a farm near Goshen, New York. 


2.  Wife:


3.  Children:


a. Peter Arnout: Killed in action during the Revolutionary War.


b. Jacob Arnout, Jr.: Resided on the family homestead.


c. Seely Arnout: Born 12 July 1768.  Moved to Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, then to Monroe County, Pennsylvania.  Died 17 January 1844.  Married twice.  Had at least the following son:


(1. George E. Arnout: Born 4 May 1798.  Died 17 May 1860.  Married Mary Wilcox and had the following children:


(a. George W. Arnout: Born 23 November 1825.


(b. Emily Arnout: Born 25 December 1826.  Married Isaac Robins.


(c. Charles B. Arnout: Born 1828.  Died 1862.


(d. Samuel Arnout: Went west.


(d. Mahala Arnout: Married Jed Irish of March Chunk.


(e. Hannah Arnout: Married Clark Comingsol Monroe


(f. Susan Arnout: Married Abram Orr.


(g. Cidney Arnout: Married James Deagan of Dushore.


(h. Joshua Arnout: Resided on family homestead.


d. George Sumner: See generation 4, below.


e. Abbie Arnout: Married (?) Burtiss and resided at Auburn, New York.


4   George Arnout


1.  Biographical notes:


In 1816 moved from Northumberland County, Pennsylvania to Monroe County, Pennsylvania.


2.  Wife: Mary Campbell


a. Parents:


b. Biographical notes:


3.  Children:


a. Jacob Arnout: Resided on the family homestead.


b. Martha Arnout: See generation 3, below.


c. Alexander Arnout: Died in Indiana.


d. Peter Arnout: Died at Asylum, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Married, as her 1st husband, Mary “Polly” Irvine (Para. 3.c.(4. of the George Irvine page) and had the following son:


(1. Levi Arnout: (photos) Married Mary Emery (Para 2 of gen 3 of the Emery Annex) and resided at Liberty Corners (near Stevensville), Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Levi and Mary had the following children:


(a. Julia Arnout: Married John Elliot and had at least the following son:


(1) Fred Elliot: Married (?) and had at least the following daughter:


(a) Viola Elliot.


(b. Cora Arnout.


(c. Eliza “Liza” Arnout: (photos) Resided at 167 Cayuta Street, Sayre, Pennsylvania.


(d. Jennie Arnout: (photos)


e. Mary Arnout: Married Harry Benjamin of Asylum, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


3   Martha Arnout:


Born 27 August 1808.  Died 19 March 1834.  Married, as his 1st wife, John Irvine (3) on 3 July 1862.



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