Doris Ruth (Backus) Giltz Pedigree

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Giltz, Clare Roswell 1980, 12 Jul & Doris Ruth (Backus) at Richard's wedding (5)  # scan1100.jpg




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Origin of the surname “Backus:”







4   Arthur H. Backus


1. Biographical notes:


Born 1873.  Died 1927.  Employed as Town of Antwerp Highway Superintendant, lumberjack, and farmer at Antwerp, Jefferson County, New York.


2. Wife: Nellie M. Frazier


Born 1 January 1877, daughter of Edwin and Emma (Shampine) Frazier of Antwerp, Jefferson County, New York.  Died 1 November 1967.  Married Arthur H. Backus on 4 July 1893.


3. Children:


a. Maurice Backus: See generation 3, below.


b. Leta Backus: Born 12 March 1896.  Died July 1936.


3   Maurice Backus


1. Biographical notes:


Died March 1962.


2. Wife: Pauline Ruth Mayne


Born 14 June 1898 at Antwerp, Jefferson County, New York.  Died 3 March 1976.  Was employed outside the home at the Bordens milk products plant in Antwerp, Jefferson County, New York and later at Letchworth Village, Thiells, Haverstraw Township, Rockland County, New York.


3. Children:


a. Doris Ruth Backus: See generation 2, below.


b. Denver Arthur Backus: Born 3 November 1919 in New York City, New York.


2   Doris Ruth Backus:


Born 23 September 1918.  Died .  Married Clair Roswell Giltz, generation 2 of the Giltz Annex.




Other (unknown) Backus names:


1. Harold Backus: Died 14 November 1975.  Married (1st) (?) and had the following daughter:


a. Peggy Backus: Married (?) Watts and resided at Calcium, Jefferson County, New York.


Harold married (2nd), as her 2nd husband, Josephine (Kowalski) Fadoir (b. 18 Feb 1898 at New Milford, CT, d. at home 3 Jan 1999, age 100; interred New St. Francis Cemetery, Harwinton), daughter of Felix and Anna (?) Kowalski, in 1957 and resided on a farm near Evans Mills, Jefferson County, New York.  Josephine had married (1st) Michael Fadoir (d. 1952) and had the following children: (order uncertain)


b. Pearl E. Fadoir: Married (?) Gilliland-Andrews and resided at San Antonio, Texas.


c. Doris Fadoir: Married (?) Mitchell.


d. May Fadoir: Married (?) Louchen.


e. Edwin M. Fadoir: Died 1998.



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