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Origin of the surname “Baldwin:”



Marian E. Biles’s account of her father and Aunt Anna’s memories: “The Baldwins used to live out on [the] hill above Uncle Jacop’s [Biles] house, about diagonally West from [the Biles] Cemetery gate. (on an old road that use to go out from  [the] turn in road – says dad).  Thinks the Grandpa Biles family built the Jacop [Biles] house – ‘My Dad” lived in a previous house there.’ “


“ My Dad” used to talk about [the] Franklins, and I’ve heard of Lydia Squires and some of Chandler T. Baldwin’s folks – Mr. Franklin preferred “Colin” to wheat payment for his day labor.”




X   John Baldwin


A.  Biographical notes:


Was among the 35 men who purchased in 1659 and settled in the spring of 1660 Norwich, Connicticut.


B.  Wife: Betsey Gassett


C.  Children:


1. : See generation, below.


3   Jesse Baldwin


A.  Biographical notes:


B.  Wife: Betsey Gassett


C.  Children:


1. Levi Baldwin: See generation 2, below.


2   Reverend Levi Baldwin


A. Biographical notes:


Born 9 August 1786.  Died 12 August 1872 (age 86) of dry mortification; interred in the Herrick Cemetery, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Was a Baptist Minister. 


B. Wife: Rebecca Taylor


Born February 1787 at Andover, Vermont, daughter of Benjamin and Rebecca (Bradford) Taylor.  Died 12 May 1870 (age 83) at Herrick, Pennsylvania, age 83; interred Herrick Cemetery.  Married Levi Baldwin in 1807.   Had one sister and five brothers.


C. Children: (order uncertain)


1. Chandler Taylor Baldwin: See generation 1, below.


2. Rebecca Baldwin: Married George Franklin and had the following daughter:


a. Naomi Franklin: Married (?) May and had the following children:


(1. John May.


(2. Percy May.


3. Irene Baldwin: Married (?) Cook.


4. Fred Baldwin: Married (1st) Lydia Squires.  Married (2nd) Harriet Lee.


5. Eliza Baldwin: Married John Squires.


6. Sebra Baldwin “Uncle Sebrey”: Married (1st) Dolly Spencer.  Married (2nd) Harriet Lee, 2nd wife of Sebra’s older brother, Fred Baldwin, paragraph c., above.


7. Levi Baldwin: Married Lodoiska/Lodiska Harris and had the following children:


a. Henry Baldwin: May have resided between Monroeton and Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


b. Lawson Baldwin.


c. Clarissa “Clara” Baldwin: Married (?) Spront.


8. Olive Baldwin: Married Sylvanas/Sylvanus Snell.


1   Chandler Taylor Baldwin:


Born 27 June 1810.  Died 22/28 August 1891.  Married (1st) Phoebe Biles, third child of Alexander Patterson Biles, who is generation 7 of the Ancestors of John Addison Biles.  Chandler married (2nd) Mary Polly Biles, seventh child of Alexander Patterson Biles.  He married (3rd) “Ma” Wells.


Note: Chandler Baldwin had a cousin, Henry Baldwin, who resided on the road between Monroeton and Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and kept a restaurant near Saterfield.



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