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Origin of the surname "Barber:"


"Barber" originated in the French province of Normandy and came to England during the Norman Conquest of William the Conqueror in 1066.  Many suggest the name is related to the trade of cutting or dressing hair, a practice that was becoming popular with the French royalty, nobility, and wealthy gentry at that time.  Skilled hair dressers were highly sought, and the barber was an important position in those households.  A barber could also be skilled in surgical techniques.  He would typically be a close confident of his employer, so only men of trust and relatively high standing were chosen for that position.


It has also been suggested that "Barber" originates from St. Barbe sur Gaillon, a local name in Normandy, where the celebrated Abbey of St. Barbara is located.


One thing is sure: there are frequent references to the surname "Barber" and its variants (Barbar, Barbur, Barbor, Barbary, Barberie, and Barbour (Scottish)) throughout early English history.






3   Thomas Barber


1. Biographical notes:


Born 1614, probably in the County of Bedfordshire, England; unknown parents.  Died 11 September 1662.  Emigrated to Windsor, Connecticut with the party of Governor Saltonstall (led by Francis Stiles) aboard the "Christian," which sailed from England on 16 March 1635 (age 21).  Trained at Windsor as a carpenter under the stewardship of Mr. Francis Stiles, a master carpenter from London.  Granted Freeman status in 1645.  Subsequently moved to Simsbury, Connecticut.  Was a soldier in the Pequot War of 1648.


Thomas Barber's residence was located "upon an ancient road which running about southwesterly from the rivulet (near where the present road from Palisade Green comes in) intersected the Poquonnock road above the old mill."  On the north side of this road were the residences of Thomas Barber, Humphrey Hyde, Alex Alvord, and on the south side that of Jonathan Gillett.


2. Wife: Jane/Joan (?) 


Died 10 September 1662.  Supposed by some to have been a daughter of one of the Dutch settlers.  Another source suggests she was the first white woman to land in Connecticut.  Married Thomas Barber on 7 October 1640.


3. Children:


a. Deacon John Barber: Baptized 24 July 1642.  Died 17 January/14 May 1712.  Married (1st) in Springfield, Connecticut on 2 September 1663 to Bathsheba Coggins/Coggens (d. 1688) of Springfield.  John and Bathsheba had the following children:


(1. Joanna Barber: Born 8 April 1667.  Died 25 June 1688.  Married Thomas Smith, a weaver or tanner of Ipswich or Springfield, on 18 March 1684/5.


(2. John Barber, Jr.: Born 14 July 1669.  Died 21 October 1690 (age 21).  Married Joanna Miller (b. 6 Jul 1659), daughter of Obadiah, Sr. and Joanna (?) Miller of West Springfield.  John, Jr. and Joanna probably did not have children, since neither the Probate or other records mention heirs.


(3. Return Barber: Born 29 May 1672.  Died 17 December 1673.


(4. Thomas Barber: Born 4 February 1674.  D 16 January 1714, age 40; interred beside his father in the old Springfield Cemetery (about one half mile west of the railroad bridge over the Connecticut River.  Married Sarah Ball, daughter of Jonathan and Susanna (?) (Worthington) Ball.


(5. Mary Barber: Born 13 February 1677.  Died 29 December 1758.  Married Isaac Frost (b. in Cambridge 21 Oct 1666, d. 30 Sep 1757), son of Dr. Samuel and Mary (Coale) Frost of West Springfield.  Isaac was one of the proprietors of West Springfield.  Mary and Isaac had the following children:


(a. Mary Frost: Born 1 January 1697.  Married Ebenezer Scott (b. 31 Aug 1673/5).


(b. John Frost: Born 24 January 1700.  Married Damaris Howard.


(c. Bathsheba Frost: Born 16 April 1702.  Married Benjamin Bedortha (b. 17 Feb 1698), son of Samuel Bedortha.


(d. Joanna Frost: Born 3 May 1704.  Died the same day.


(e. Isaac Frost: Born 22 April 1705.  Died 25 December 1751.


(f. Joanna Frost: Born 1 July 1707.  Married Jonathan Bedortha (b. 24 Apr 1703), brother of Benjamin ((c) above).


(g. Mary Frost: Born 21 August 1711.  Married Nehemiah Lee of Simsbury.


(h. Return Frost: (twin) Born 15 May 1714.  Died young.


(i. Ruth Frost: (twin)  Born 15 May 1714.  Died young.


(j. Abraham Frost:  Born 13 July 1715.  Married Sarah (?).


John Barber married (2nd) Hannah (Gardner) Brancroft, widow of Thomas Brancroft and probably the daughter of Samuel Gardner of Hadley, on 1 May 1689.


b. Lieutenant Thomas Barber: Born 14 July 1644.  Died 10 May 1701.  Married Mary Phelps (b. 2 Mar 1644), daughter of William, Sr. (d. 14 Jul 1692) and Mary (Dover) Phelps (d. 27 Nov 1675), on 17 December 1663.  William Phelps was born 1599 at Tewksbury, Gloucester County, England.


Thomas Barber and his brothers John and Samuel were among the original grantees of Simsbury, Connecticut.  He was a lieutenant of the first military company of Simsbury and built the first saw-mill, grist-mill, and church in Simsbury.


Thomas died at Simsbury on 10 May 1701/13.  He and Mary had the following children:


(1. John Barber: Born 1 November 1664.  Married Mary Holcomb (d. 14 Jul 1745), daughter of Joshua Holcomb, 26 February 1701/02.  John died 1 March 1712.  He and Mary had the following children, all born at Simsbury, Connecticut:


(a. Mercy Barber: Born approximately 1703.


(b. John barber: Born 9 April 1705.  Died 16 January 1718 while hunting horses in the mountains during a snow storm.


(c. William Barber: Born 25 November 1706.


(d. Mary Barber: Born 27 November 1707.  Died young.


(e. Mary Barber: Born 4 January 1709.


(f. Isaac Barber: Born 2 May 1711.


After John Barber died, Mary married (2nd) Ephraim Buel, with whom she had two additional children:


(g. Mindwell Buel: Born 1715.


(h. Ephraim Buel, Jr.: Born 1718.


(2. Mary Barber: Born 11 January 1666.


(3. Sarah Barber: Born 12 July 1669.  Married Andrew Robe; no children.


(4. Joanna Barber: Born 1670.  Married Josiah Adkins on 3 January 1710/11.


(5. Anne barber: Born 1671.  Died 15 November 1722.  Married Jonathan Higley (b. in Windsor 16 Feb 1675, d. May 1716), son of Captain John and Hannah (Drake) Higley, on 4 December 1701.  Anne and Jonathan had several children, all but the following of whom died in infancy:


(a. Mercy Higley: Born 1 November 1712.


(6. Thomas Barber: Born 7 October 1672.  Married Abigail Buel (b. 17 May 1673, d. at Windsor 30 Aug 1727), daughter of Peter Buell, on 25 May 1699.  Thomas died 17 July 1714 at Windsor.  He and Abigail had the following children:


(a. Thomas Barber: Born 19 January 1700.


(b. Abigail Barber: Born in 1706.


(c. Sarah Barber: Probably died young.


(7. Samuel Barber: Born 17 May 1673.  Died 1725.  Married Sarah Holcomb (b. 1691), daughter of Nathaniel and Mary (Bliss) Holcomb and granddaughter of Thomas Holcomb, the emigrant, 17 December 1712.  Samuel and Sarah had the following children:


(a. Samuel Barber, Jr.: Born 1713/14.


(b. Thomas Barber: Born 1716.


(c. Jonathan Barber: Born 1717.


(d. John Barber: Born 4 December 1719.


(e. Mercy Barber: Born approximately 1721.  Married Ephraim Buel.


(f. Sarah Barber: Born 1 April 1722.  Married John Case 7 November 1745.


After Samuel's death, Sarah moved her children to Simsbury.


(8. Unknown child: Born 1677.  Died young.


c. Sarah Barber: Baptized 19 July 1646.  Married 26 November 1663 to Timothy Hall.  Settled on a part of her father's land in Windsor, but moved to Suffield in 1679.  Sarah and Timothy had the following children:


(1. Sarah Hall: Born 23 April/9 Aug 1665.


(2. Timothy Hall, Jr.: Born 12 December 1667.


(3. John Hall: Born 24 August 1670.


(4. Thomas Hall: Born 26 August 1672.


(5. Samuel Hall: Born 3 January 1673.


(6. Daughter: Born 28 November 1675.  Died young.


(7. Jonas Hall: Born 22 September 1678.


(8. Hannah Hall: Perhaps a daughter, who is mentioned in the old church records as being baptized at Windsor on 28 March 1678.


d. Samuel Barber: Baptized 1 October 1648 at Windsor, Connecticut.  Died there 12 March 1708.  On 12 October 1671 Samuel Barber owned a half-way covenant in the Windsor Church and resided at Windsor on the paternal homestead, which he bought from his brother in 1671.  Later Samuel moved to Simsbury, Connecticut.  Married (1st) Mary Coggens (d. 19 May 1676) on 1 December 1670 and had the following children:


(1. Thomas Barber: Born 7 October 1671.  Died 1673; interred 31 October 1673.


(2. Samuel Barber, Jr.: Born 26 January 1673.  Married Martha Ponder.


(3. John Barber: Probably died young.


Samuel Barber married (2nd) Ruth Drake (b. 1 Dec 1657, bapt. 6 Dec 1657), daughter of John and Hannah (Moore) Drake, on 25 January 1677 and had the following children:


(4. William Barber: Born 1678.


(5. Hannah Barber.


(6. Joseph Barber: Born 1681.  Married Mary Loomis (b. 5 Jan 1679/82), daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Moore) Loomis, on 6 May 1708 and had the following children:


(a. Joseph Barber, Jr.: Born 28 January 1709.  Married Elizabeth Cook.


(b. Samuel Barber: Born 6 August 1710.  Married Ann Gillett.


(c. David Barber: Born 2 July 1712.  Died 27 June 1714.


(d. Abigail Barber: Died 11 July 1714.


(e. Mary Barber: Born 24 March 1714.  Married Thomas Burnham.


(f. Mindwell Barber: Born 8 October 1716.


(g. Daniel Barber: Born 23 April 1719.  Married Naomi Barber.


(h. Elizabeth Barber: Born 5 February 1721.  Died June 1722.


(i. Jonah Barber: Born 9 January 1723.  Died 26 June 1795.


(7. Ruth Barber.


(8. Mary Barber.


(9. Elizabeth Barber: Married Daniel Loomis, paragraph 3.e.(5.(a. of generation 4 of the Loomis Annex.


(10. David Barber.


(11. Sarah Barber.


(12. Benjamin Barber.


(13. Mindwell Barber.


(14. John Barber.


e. Mary/Mercy Barber: In the Hartford Probate Records this daughter of Thomas Barber was referred to as "Mercy."  She also had a daughter named Mercy.  Baptized 12 October 1651.  Married John Gillett (b. 5 Oct 1644 at Windsor), son of emigrant Jonathan Gillett, on 8 July 1669. (Also seen: married (?) Hale and settled at Suffield.)  Mary and John had the following children:


(1. Thomas Gillett: Born 7 January 1671.  Baptized "ye 14."  Died young.


(2. John Gillett: Born 6 August 1673.  Died 4 July 1699.


(3. Thomas Gillett: Born 18 July ?.  Baptized 23?, 1676.


(4. Samuel Gillett: Born 16 February 1678.


(5. Nathaniel Gillett: Born 3 October 1680.  Baptized 30 October 1681 at Hartford, Connecticut.


(6. Mercy Gillett: Born 31 January 1682/3 at Windsor.  (Note: the Old Church records indicate Mercy was born 30 October 1682 at Hartford, Connecticut.)  Married Jacob Adams, Jr., son of Jacob and Anne (Allen) Adams and grandson of Robert and Elinor Adams of Devonshire, England; Ipswich, Massachusetts; Salem, Massachusetts; and Newberry, Massachusetts.  Mercy and Jacob, Jr. settled in Suffield, Connecticut and had the following children:


(a. Jacob Adams: Born 15 November 1703.


(b. John Adams: Born 18 August 1705.  Probably died young.


(c. John Adams: Born 28 January 1707.


(d. Mary Adams: Born 19 February 1709.  Probably died young.


(e. Agnes Adams: Born 4 February 1711.


(f. Jonathan Adams: Born 9 November 1713.


(g. Elizabeth Adams: Born 5 June 1715.


(h. Mary Adams: Born 17 February 1717.


(i. Benjamin Adams: Born 7 October 1718.


(j. Rachel Adams: Born 4 September 1720.


f. Josiah Barber: See generation 2, below.


2   Josiah Barber


1. Biographical notes:


Born 15 February 1653.  Died 14/24 December 1733.


2. Wife #1: Abigail Loomis


Born in Windsor 27 March (probably 1659) and baptized 1 April 1659, daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Moore) Loomis (and sister of Mary Loomis, wife of Joseph Barber).  Married Josiah Barber on 22 November 1677/79.  Abigail died 19 February 1700/01.


a. Children:


(1. Rebecca Barber: See generation 1, below.


(2. Abigail Barber: Born 12 March 1678.  Married Deacon Cornelius Brown (d. 26 Jan 1747), son of Peter and Mary (Gillett) Brown.  Abigail and Cornelius had the following children:


(a. Abigail Brown: Born 6 September 1702.


(b. Rachel Brown: Twin.  Born 21 November 1704.


(c. Mabel Brown: Twin.  Born 21 November 1704.  Died 8 December 1704.


(d. Cornelius Brown, Jr.: Born 1 May 1707.  Married (?) and had two sons.


(e. Huldah Brown: Born 17 November 1709.


(f. Hepzibah Brown: Born 19 January 1712.


(g. Titus Brown: Born 11 November 1714.


(h. Elizabeth Brown: Born 1 October 1717.


(i. Aaron Brown: Born 31 May 1725.


(3. Josiah Barber: Born in 1685.  Not mentioned in his father's will, so Josiah must have died before 1 April 1726.


(4. Nathaniel Barber: Born 6 April 1691.  Married Mary Filley on 2 July 1711 and settled in Torrington, Connecticut.  Nathaniel and Mary had the following children:


(a. Mary Barber: Born 6 August 1712.


(b. Josiah Barber: Born 6 March 1714.


(c. Nathaniel Barber: Born 5 December 1717.


(d. Abigail Barber: Born in December 1720.


(e. Azuba Barber: Born in October 1725.


(5. Jonathan Barber: Born 4 June 1694.  Married Rachel Gaylord (d. 28 Mar 1778), probably the daughter of Nathaniel and Abigail (Bissell) Gaylord, on 4 August 1720. Jonathan died 2 November 1772. Jonathan and Rachel had the following children, all born in Windsor:


(a. Rachel Barber: Born 6 September 1721.


(b. Kezia Barber: Born 25 January 1722/3.


(c. Azuba Barber: Born 20 December 1724.


(d. Lucy Barber: Born 26 December 1725.


(e. Ann Barber: Born in December 1728.


(f. Jonathan Barber: Born 3 December 1731.  Married Elizabeth Osborne.  Probably participated in the Lexington Alarm at the beginning of the Revolutionary War.


(g. Shadrack Barber: Born 28 January 1733/4.


(h. Oliver Barber: Born 29 January 1735.


(i. Ashbel Barber: (perhaps) Baptized 30 July 1738.  Probably participated in the Lexington Alarm at the beginning of the Revolutionary War.


(j. Simeon Barber: Baptized 17 May 1741.


(6. Aaron Barber: Born 20 July 1697.  Married Mary Douglas of North London on 2 February 1724.  Aaron and Mary had the following children:


(a. Mary Barber: Born 13 September 1726.


(b. Aaron Barber: Born 16 October 1728.


(c. Elizabeth Barber: Born 20 May 1731.


(d. Moses Barber: Born in November 1733.


(e. Abel Barber: Baptized 11 April 1736.


(f. Hannah Barber: Born 17 June 1739.


(g. James Barber: Born 22 March and baptized on 28 March 1741/2.


(h. Elijah Barber: Born 11 January and baptized 13 January 1744/5.


(i. Ann Barber: Born 10 March 1748.


3. Wife #2: Sarah Drake


1   Rebecca Barber


Born 11 April 1687/90 at Windsor, Connecticut.  Died there 22 May 1768.  Married Nathaniel Drake, generation 4 of the ancestors of George Edgar Drake in America, on 23 January 1706/07.





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