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Origin of the surname “Baxter:”


This Baxter family has been documented back to Mayflower passengers.






9   Thomas Baxter


A. Biographical Notes:


Resided at Yarmouth (on Cape Cod), Massachusetts.  There was also an unrelated Captain Thomas Baxter, a pirate, living there at the same time, and both men had sons named Thomas Baxter, Jr.


B. Wife: Temperance (Gorham) Sturgis


1. Husband #1: Edward Sturgis


C. Children:


a. Thomas Baxter, Jr.: See generation 8, below.


8   Thomas Baxter, Jr.


A. Wife: Mary Lattimore


Married Thomas Baxter, Jr. in 1705.


B. Children:


1. Timothy Baxter: See generation 7, below.


2. Elizabeth Baxter: Born in 1708.


7   Timothy Baxter


A. Biographical Notes:


Born 1706.  Resided at Wethersfield, Connecticut.


B. Wife: Sarah Kilbourne/Killbourne


C. Child:


1. John Baxter: See generation 6, below.


6   John Baxter


A. Wife: Ruth (?)


B. Child:


1. John Baxter, Jr.: See generation 5, below.


5   John Baxter, Jr.


A. Biographical Notes:


Born 19 August 1757 at Wethersfield, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Died at Brownsville, Jefferson County, New York on 18 April 1847.  While residing at Sanderfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, John enlisted and served in the following Massachusetts militia units:


·          For 13 months starting November 1775 in the grade of private in Colonel Asa Whitcomb's regiment.


·          For 45 days starting in April 1777 in Captain Elizah Deming's company.


·          For 2 months starting in June 1777 in Colonel Ashey's regiment.


·          For 3 1/2 months starting on 1 June 1778 at New London, Connecticut as a gunner with General Putnam, a privateer.  Participated in capturing 6 British brigades and 70 prisoners of war.


·          For 5 1/2 months starting in June 1780 in the grade of private in companys commanded by Captain Noah Allen and John Kibley Smith within Colonel Shepherd's regiment.


For his service John was granted a federal pension on 11 September 1832.  At the time he was a resident of Brownsville.


B. Wife #1: Anne/Anna Gowdy


Born in 1764.  Married in 1784/85.


1. Children:


a. Levi Baxter: Born in 1786.


b. Roswell Baxter: Born in 1787.


c. Anna Baxter: Born in 1789.


d. Mary Baxter: See generation 4, below.


e. Sally Baxter: Born in 1793.


C. Wife #2: Candace Emerson


Married in July 1808.


4   Mary Baxter


Born 1792.  Married William Waffle, Jr., generation 4 of the Waffle Annex on 16 June 1811.



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