Elmer Melridge Bedore Pedigree

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Origin of the surname Bedore:


Originally Bedard, with French Canadian roots.






2 Ira Bedore


1. Biographical notes:


Born about 1872 at West Port, Ontario, Canada. Died .


1910 US Census: No record found.


1920 US Census: Ira Bedore, age 48 (b. Canada; father b. NYS; mother b. Canada) and employed as a farmer, was heading a household on the South Champion State Road in Champion Township, Jefferson County, New York. He immigrated to the US in 1907; subsequently naturalized. The household also included his wife, Mary Bedore, age 49 (b. Canada; parents b. Canada), who immigrated to the US in 1907 (subsequently naturalized); daughter, Hazel Bedore, age 17 (b. Canada), single, and not employed; daughter, Eleanor Bedore, age 15 (b. Canada); son, Malcolm Bedore, age 12 (b. NYS); and son, Cecil Bedore, age 9 (b. NYS).


2. Wife: Mary Larkin/Larkins


Born about 1871 at Harlon, Ontario, Canada. Died .


3. Children: (perhaps others; order uncertain)


a. Hazel I. Bedore: Born about 1902 at Frankvill, Ontario, Canada. Died 1995; interred Tylerville Cemetery, Tylerville, New York. At age 20 married Lyle McCormick (b. Pinkney, NY), age 25, son of Fred (Pinkney, NY) and Lena (Miller) McCormick (b. Rutland Twp, Jefferson Co., NY), on 9 August 1922 (license issued same day) in Jefferson County, New York.


b. Eleanor Bedore: Born about 1905 in Canada.


c. Elmer Melridge Bedore: See generation 1, below.


d. Malcolm Bedore: Born about 1908 in New York.


e. Cecil Bedore: Born about 1911 in New York.


f. M. Sally Bedore: Married (?) Young.


g. Vera G. Bedore: Born 22 September 1914 in Champion Township, Jefferson County, New York. Died 4 March 1998, age 83, in Washington. Married (?) Sears?. Married John Tracey. Married Richard E. Barbour.


1 Elmer Melridge Bedore:


Born 14 March 1904 in Leeds and Lansdowne Township, Leeds and Grenville County, Ontario, Canada. Died . Married Gladys Gardner, generation 2 of the Gardner Annex on .


See Gardner Annex for More Info



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