Gideon Bisbee, Jr. Pedigree

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Origin of the surname “Bisbee:”







5   Thomas Bisbee


4   Elisha Bisbee


3   John Bisbee


1.  Biographical notes:


Emigrated from England to America in 1634, settling in Marshfield or Pembroke.


2.  Wife: (?)




3.  Children:


a. Gideon Bisbee: See generation 1, below.




2   Gideon Bisbee


1.  Biographical notes:


About 1755 travelled to the Mount at Chesterfield, Massachusetts, where he spent the summer clearing land near “Kidd Lookout” in the eastern part of the town.  Returned to Pembroke in the fall for his family, arriving just in time to participate in the French and Indian War, during which he contracted and died from complications of smallpox.


2.  Wife: Rebecca (?)


Following her husband’s death moved to Chesterfield with her two sons and daughter, establishing a residence a few rods south of the homestead of Otis H. Buck.  Eventually died there; interred at “the Gate” cemetery.


Rebecca (?) Bisbee married (2nd) Luther Curtis, Sr., who had several children from his 1st marriage:


3.  Children:


a. Jothan Bisbee: Married Lydia Curtis, daughter of Luther Curtis, Sr., and resided at Pembroke.  Jothan and Lydia had 10 children.


b. Gideon Bisbee, Jr.: See generation 1, below.


c. Lydia Bisbee: Married Joseph Nichols.


1   Gideon Bisbee, Jr.:


Born 27 July 1755.  Died 23 September 1825.  Married Betsey Bryant, paragraph 3.c.(1. of the Nathaniel Bryant, Jr. page.



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