Elizabeth H. (Black) Pierce Pedigree

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Origin of the surname “Black:”





7   William Black, Sr.


Emigrated to America from England.  Married Ann Spencer (b. 27 Oct 1790 in Thomhill Lees, England) and had the following son:


6   William H. Black, Jr.


Married Luella Elizabeth (?) and had at least the following children:


1.  Elizabeth H. Black:  See generation 5, below.


2.  John Black:  Lived on a farm north of LeRaysville around 1900.  Died in December 1907.  Had at least the following children:


a.  Phoebe Black:  Married (?) Buck and lived in Detroit, Michigan.


b.  Harriet Black:  Married Paul Stirn and lived in Morristown, New Jersey.


c.  Paul Black:


3.  Sarah Black:  Married Daniel “Dan” Belding and lived in Illinois.  Daniel allegedly stole funds belonging to Phalanx in LeRaysville, Pennsylvania.  Appears Sarah and Daniel divorced sometime after having the following son:


a.  Arthur Stuart Belding:  In 1914 was living with his mother at his Aunt Ellen’s home in Mount Caroll, Illinois.


4.  Ellen Black:  Lived right next to her sister, Sarah in Mount Caroll, Illinois.  Married George Lewis (interred in LeRaysville, PA Cemetery).


5   Elizabeth H. Black


Married Colonel Lewis Burton Pierce, generation 5 of the Pierce Annex.



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