Mary Gazelle (Botsford)(Rubert)(Griffiths) Taylor Pedigree

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Origin of the surname Botsford:







1. Biographical notes:


Born in New York.


2. Wife: (?)


Born in Tennessee.


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. (?) Botsford: See generation 4, below.




1. Biographical notes:


Born in Tennessee.


2. Wife: (?)


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. Frederick E. Botsford: See generation 3, below.


3 Frederick E. Botsford



1. Biographical notes:


Born in Tennessee. Died 26 June 1917 in Monroe County, Arkansas.


1910 US Census: Fred E. Botsford, age 42 (b. TN; father b. NYS; mother b. TN) and employed as a piano salesman, was heading a household in Brinkley Township, Monroe County, Arkansas. He had been married once. The household also included his wife of 16 years, Mollie Botsford, age 35 (b. MO; father b. IN; mother b. AR), who had been married once and had had 5 children, 2 of whom were still alive; son, Roy D. Botsford, age 11 (b. AR); daughter, Gazelle R. Botsford, age 4 (b. AR); and roomer, Zimri A. Haynes, age 44 (b. GA; parents b. GA), widowed, and employed as a laborer in a saw mill.


2. Wife: Mollie Wilkinson


Born about 1875 in Missouri. Died . At age 19 married Fred E. Botsford, age 25, on 18 July 1894 (license issued same day) in Monroe County, Arkansas.


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. Roy DeBracy Botsford: See generation 2, below.


b. Gazelle R. Botsford: Born about 1906 in Arkansas.


2 Roy DeBracy Botsford (photos)


1. Biographical notes:


Born 15 July 1898 at Brinkley (near Little Rock), Monroe County, Arkansas. Died 12 August 1953 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California; interred Glen Haven Memorial Park, Sylmar, Los Angeles County, California. At age 13 he ran away from home and went to sea. Became a sea Captain at age 19. Later worked in several locations in the logging industry.


2. Wife: Grace Mary Hall-Abell (photos)

(a.k.a. Grace Marie Abel)


Born 13 September 1901 at Leicestershire, England; daughter of Thomas Samuel and Marie (Paxton/Parton) Hall-Abell (photos) (a.k.a. Abell). Died 19 January 2001. Emigrated from England to Toronto, Canada abt 1909). At age 8 (abt 1909) emigrated with parents from England to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. At about age 20 emigrated from Canada to Santa Monica, Los Angeles County, California, where, at age 24, she married Roy D. Botsford, age 28, on 31 July 1926 in the Little Church of Flowers.


3. Children:


a. Mary Gazelle Botsford: See generation 1, below.


b. Roy John Botsford: (photos) Born 31 January 1934 at Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California. Died 1 July 2004. Married Charlene Ellen Kelly.


1 Mary Gazelle Botsford: (photos)


Born 24 April 1927 in California Lutheran Hospital, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California. Died 18 May 2019. Married 1st, as his 1st wife, Raymond Emery Rubert, descendant # 5.4 of generation 11 of the Descendants of John Addison Biles on Saturday, 14 May 1949 in California; subsequently divorced.


See Raymond's Page for More Info


At age 49 Mary (Botsford) Rubert married (2nd) William H. Griffiths, age 57, of Dayton, Ohio on 21 May 1976 in Riverside County, California; subsequently divorced. She married (3rd) Michael Taylor on 3 November 1992 and resided in California.



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