Mary Catherine (Braisted) Harrison Pedigree

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Origin of the surname “Braisted:”





X   Dutch ancestry under the name: von Bustwick


Regarding the generations below, (per Louise (Harrison) Walworth of Oxford, New York) when Manhattan became “too crowded,” some of the family moved to Staten Island, and one branch took over a hotel in Smithville Flats (near Greene), Chenango County, New York.  “Uncle Billy” Braisted (generation 2, below) and his wife lived at nearby McDonough Lake.


5   William Braisted


1.  Biographical notes:


2.  Wife: (?)


3.  Children:


a. William Braisted, Jr.: See generation 4, below.


4   William Braisted, Jr.


1.  Biographical notes:


2.  Wife: (?)


3.  Children:


a. Mary Catherine Braisted: See generation 3, below.


b. William “Uncle Billy” Braisted, III: Captain of a New York City fire boat.  After retirement moved to McDonough Lake (north of Greene), Chenango County, New York, near where some other members of the Braisted family lived.  Married Laura (?) and had several children, including:


(1. William “Will” Braisted: Veterinarian in New York City.  Never married.


3   Mary Catherine Braisted:


Born .  Died .  Married Andrew Harrison, child of Richard Harrison, generation 3 of the Harrison Annex.




William Braisted: (photos)




After 1929 expected to retire to Washington DC as an Admiral.  Served on the warship “Columbia.”  One son was in the Navy.  Lost his other children while they were young.  Is this “Uncle Billy?”


From an 1894 letter from Mary Fraser, daughter of Horace, to Howard Bryant, son of Rodman: Uncle Lyman (probably Lyman Thayer, husband of Anna Fraser), who died about 1888, was carred for by Helen Braisted, who lived at that time at Port Chester, Westchester Co, N.Y.  Helen had a brother, Horace, who married a widow who inherited $300K and blew it on a trip to Europe and subsequent speculation, which made him insane, but he eventually recovered.  Helen’s only child, “Will” Braisted, was a surgeon on the warship, Columbia, who had a wife and 3 children.



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