Euphemia Alison (Brotherston) Brown Pedigree

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Origin of the surname “Brotherston:”


Scandinavian (probably Danish) origin.  “Brother is a first name like James or George, and Brotherstones, which is what the name used to be, means the lands of Brother.  Sometime about 1000 A.D., a family group of Vikings came down from the northern islands of Scotland where they fished and, after rampaging around, settled on land about ten or twenty miles east of Edinburgh.  This was called the Lands of Brothirstanys.  The land was later taken away from them by the King and given to an Abbey called the “Hospital of Soutra.”  They rendered homage to the King in 1296 and became Scottish citizens.  At one time there was a small village south of Earlston where George is buried called Brotherston.” (Leona Hitchcock, June 1986)






5   George Brotherston


1. Biographical notes:


Born .


2. Wife: (?)


Born .


3. Children:


a. Euphemia Allison Brotherston: See generation 4, below.


b. Liby Brotherston: (photos)


4   Euphemia Allison Brotherston:


Born 25 April 1801 in Scotland.  Died 8 November 1877.  Married Adam Brown, generation 4 of the Brown Annex on 7 June 1825.


See Brown Annex for More Info





Other, still unidentified Brotherston names:


1. Liby Brotherston: (photos) Resided in Scotland.


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