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Prior generations in America are speculative.

John Biles - Gen 5

Henry Biles - Gen 6

Alexander Patterson Biles - Gen 7

Jacob Place Biles - Gen 8

John Addison Biles - Gen 9

Elmore Howard Biles - Gen 10

Anna Elizabeth (Broomall) Biles - Gen 10


Elmore Howard Biles, Jr. (1917 - 2013)


Biles Generation 11

Descendant # 1.2


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1.  Elmore’s parents: Elmore Howard and Anna Elizabeth (Broomall) Biles


2.  Elmore’s birth: 10 March 1917 in a hospital in San Gabriel/Venice (West Los Angeles area), Los Angeles County, California.


Elmore’s death: 12/8 December 2013, age 96


3.  Elmore’s formal education:




School Name, Location, Diploma/Degree



First grade at (?) Elementary School, San Diego, California.



Second grade at (?) Elementary School, Imperial, California.



Third grade at (?) Elementary School, El Centro, California.



Fourth through sixth grades at Eldorado Elementary School, Stockton, California.



Seventh and eighth grades at Alexander Hamilton Junior High School, Oakland, California.



Ninth through twelfth grades at University High School, Oakland, California (owned and operated by the nearby University of California, Berkley to provide its bachelor of education degree graduates with one school year of supervised teaching experience, which, at that time, was required by state law before a graduate could teach in California’s public schools).



University of California (Berkley), Berkley, California; BA majoring in Business Administration.


4a. Elmore’s 1st marriage:


a.  To whom: Adele Agnes Osborne (his high school sweet heart) of Oakland, California.


(1)  Adele’s parents: (perhaps) Lawrence F. and Agnes (Fearey) Osborne of Oakland, Alameda County, California.


(2)  Adele’s birth: 18 April 1917 in Oakland Township, Alameda County, California.


Adele's death:


b.  Marriage #1 date & location: 28 June 1940/41 at Oakland, California.


c.  Child:


(1)  Martin Robert Biles:  Born 1943.


d.  Divorce: September 1950.


4b. Elmore’s 2nd marriage:


a.  To whom: Patricia Warren Dean


(1)  Patricia’s parents: 


(2)  Patricia’s birth date and location:


b.  Marriage #2 date & location: 1950 at Lanelock/Reno, Nevada.


4c. Elmore’s 3rd marriage:


a.  To whom: Barbara S. Blaisdell


(1)  Barbara’s parents: 


(2)  Barbara’s birth: 25 September 1922.


Barbara's death: 6 June 2003 in Needham Township, Norfolk County, Massachusetts.


b.  Marriage #3 date & location: 21 May 1993 (recorded 26 May 1993) at Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada.


5.  Other biographical notes on Elmore:


a. Served in the US Army during World War II; enlisted 8 March 1943 at San Francisco, California, at which time he had completed 2 years of college and his civilian occupation was recorded as Lawyers and Judges.



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