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Stephen Bryant - Gen 1 in America

Abigail Shaw - Gen 1


Abigail Bryant (1646 - 1715)


Bryant Generation 2


1.†† Abigailís parents: Stephen and Abigail (Shaw) Bryant


2.†† Abigailís birth: 1646/7 at Plymouth, Massachusetts.


†††† Abigailís death: 12 May 1715 at Plymouth, Massachusetts.


3.†† Abigailís 1st marriage: (?)


4.†† Abigailís 2nd marriage:


†††† a.To whom:Lieutenant John Bryant


(1)Johnís parents: Unknown


(2)Johnís birth: 1647 in England.


Johnís death: 26 January 1707/8 at Plymton, Massachusetts Bay Colony.


(3)Other biographical notes on John:


Emigrated from England to America before 1655.The Plympton, Massachusetts Vital Records indicate this Lieutenant John Bryant was the son of John Bryant and his (1st) wife, Mary Lewis (daughter of George and Mary (Jenkins) Lewis of Scituate, and later Barnstable) of Scituate, Massachusetts.However, the Lieutenant John Bryant of Scituate, Massachusetts always lived there and had different children than his Plymouth namesake (see notes at bottom of page).The Chesterfield, Massachusetts Vital Records confirm this, referring to John of Plymouth as ďJohn the second,Ē to distinguish him from John of Scituate, who was ancestor of the Benjamin Bryant family.


Lieutenant John Bryant of Plymouth was a seafarer.He was Constable of Plymouth on 27 May 1681, Surveyor of Highways there on 29 March 1695, and was a Petty Juryman there in March 1696.He always lived in the Plymouth/Plympton, Massachusetts area.


†††† b.Marriage date & location: 23 November 1665 at Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay Colony.


†††† c.Children:


(1.Mary Bryant: Born 11 September 1666.


(2.Hannah Bryant: Born 2 December 1668.


(3.Bethiah Bryant: Born 25 July 1670.


(4.Samuel Bryant: Born 3 February 1673 at Plymouth, Massachusetts.Generation 3 of the Ancestors of Courtney Smith Bryant.


(5.Jonathan Bryant: Born 23 March 1677.Married Margery (?).


(a. Mary Bryant: Born 24 November 1707.


(b. Jonathan Bryant, Jr.: Born 11 May 1711.


(6.Abigail Bryant: Born 30 December 1682.


(7.Benjamin/Benjamine Bryant:Born 16 December 1688.Probably drowned ďon plimouth shoreĒ on 4 May 1724.Married Hannah Eaton (d. 4 Mar 1723/4) on 31 July 1712 and had at least the following children:


(a.Phebe Bryant:Born 18 September 1713.Perhaps the Phebe Bryant who married David Seears/Scers of Plympton on 29 November 1733.


(b.Marcy/Mercy Bryant:Born 3 January 1714.Married Nehemiah Leach of Plympton on 11 November 1735.


(c.Hannah Bryant:Born 24 March 1716/7.Probably married Elisha Bryant on 4 October 1737.


(d.Micah Bryant:Born 2 April 1719.


(e.Jerusha/Jerush Bryant:Born 7 February 1721/2.Perhaps married Solomon Leach of Bridgewater on 19 April 1739 at Bridgewater.


5.Other biographical notes on Abigail:


Abigailís name does not appear on many early lists of the children of Stephen Bryant, but later research established her parentsí identity.






a. John Bryant of Scituate, Massachusetts: Emigrated from England to America.Married (1st) Mary Lewis, daughter of George and Mary (Jenkins) Lewis, in 1643 and had the following children:


(1. John Bryant, Jr.: Born 17 August 1644 at Scituate, Massachusetts.Died 26 January 1708 at Scituate.Confused with John Bryant of Plymouth, who married Abigail Bryant, the subject of this page.John Bryant, Jr. of Scituate married Mary (?) and had the following children:


(a. John Bryant, III: Born 27 March 1678.Married Deborah Barstow on 1 January 1707.


(b. Jonathan Bryant: Born 1 January 1679.


(c. Mary Bryant: Born 3 September 1682.Married Jabez Rose on 6 May 1707.


(d. David Bryant: Born 17 August 1684.Married Hannah Church.


(e. Joshua Bryant: Born 14 November 1687.Died 9 June 1709.


(f. Samuel Bryant: Born 15 January 1689.Died 1753 at Scituate.Married Abigail Turner on 14 February 1711 at Scituate.


(g. Martha Bryant: Born 22 August 1691.


(2. Hannah Bryant: Born 25 July 1646.Married John Stodder of Hingham in 1665.


(3. Joseph Bryant: Died 16 June 1669.


(4. Sarah Bryant: Born 29 September 1648.


(5. Mary Bryant #1: Born 24 February 1650.Died 8 April 1652.


(6. Martha Bryant: Born 26 February 1652.


(7. Samuel Bryant: Born 8 February 1654.Died 1690 in Phipps expedition to Canada against the Indians.


John Bryant of Scituate, Massachusetts married (2nd) Elizabeth Wetherall, daughter of Reverend William Wetherall; no children.John married (3rd) Mary Highland, daughter of Thomas Highland of Scituate in 1664 and had the following children:


(8. Elizabeth Bryant: Born August 1665.Died 17 December 1783.


(9. Daniel Bryant: Married Dorothy (?).


(10. Mary Bryant #2.


(11. Benjamin Bryant: Born December 1669.Died 1701.Never married.


(12. Joseph Bryant: Born 1671.


(13. Jabez Bryant: Born 18 February 1672.Died 1697,Never married.


(14. Ruth Bryant: Born 16 August 1673. Married William Wanton, Governor of Rhode Island.


(15. Thomas Bryant: Born 15 July 1675.Married Mary Ewell, daughter of Gershom Ewell.


(16. Deborah Bryant: Born 22 January 1677.


(17. Agatha Bryant: Born 12 March 1678.


(18. Ann Bryant: Born 20 November 1679.


(19. Elisha Bryant.



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