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Stephen Bryant - Gen 1 in America

Abigail (Bryant) Bryant - Gen 2

John Bryant - Gen 2 (immigrant)

Samuel Bryant - Gen 3

Joannah (?) - Gen 3


Nathaniel Bryant I (1712 - 1793)


Bryant Generation 4


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1.   Nathaniel’s parents: Samuel and Joanna (?) Bryant


2.   Nathaniel’s birth: 1712 at Plymouth, Massachusetts.


     Nathaniel’s death: 6 December 1793 (age 82) at Plympton, Massachusetts.


3.   Nathaniel’s marriage:


     a. To whom: Zerviah/Zervia/Zeruah/Zeruiah Curtis/Curtice


(1. Zerviah’s parents: Of Pembroke.


(2. Zerviah’s birth: 1707 at Pembroke, Massachusetts.


Zerviah’s death: 21 April 1790 at Plymouth, Massachusetts, age 83 years and 3 months.


(3. Other biographical notes on Zerviah: 


     b. Marriage date & location: Announced intent to marry 15 September 1733 and married 8 November 1733. 


     c. Children:


(1. Benjamin Bryant:


Born 25 December 1734.  Died 2 May 1824, age 89 years, 3 months, and 28 days.  Was a Deacon of his church.  Married (1st) Sarah Tinkham (d. 28 Aug 1767, age 34 years) on 1 February 1759 and had the following children:


(a. Molly Bryant: Born 5 November 1759.


(b. Consider Bryant: Born 6 December 1764.


(c. Aseph Bryant: Born 12 February 1767.  Married Betsey Barden of Rehoboth on 25 June 1789 at Rehoboth.


Benjamin Bryant married (2nd) Sarah Harlow (d. 13 Nov 1808, age 71 yr, 9 mo, 26 days), daughter of James and Hannah (?) Harlow, on 13 September 1768 (also seen: 13 Nov 1808) and had the following children:


(d. Sarah Bryant: Born 24 January 1771.  Married (as his 2nd wife) Ebenezer Wright, Jr. of Plympton on 19 December 1826.


(e. Abegail Bryant: Born 2 February 1773.


(f. Benjamin Bryant, Jr.: Born 27 November 1774.  Drowned at sea February 1804.  Married to Bethia Gray of Halifax on 23 July 1797 and had children.


(g. Nathaniel Bryant: Born 4 December 1776.  Was married and moved from Plympton.


(h. Lydia Bryant: Born 7 February 1781.  Married Joseph Everson of Halifax, Massachusetts on 21 March 1803.


(2. Nathaniel Bryant, Jr.: Born 21 June 1737.  Died 26 April 1810 at Chesterfield, Massachusetts.  See generation #4 of the Ancestors of Courtney Smith Bryant.


(3. Zerviah/Zuruiah/Zeruiah Bryant: Born 24 July 1739.  Married Ephraim Holmes, Jr. on 30 October 1765.


(4. Joshua/Jushua Bryant: Born 20/26 July 1741.  Died 22 September 1743.


(5. Elizabeth Bryant: Born 31 May 1744.  Died 15 September 1747.


(6. Ezekiel Bryant: Born 10/16 June 1746 at Plympton, Massachusetts.  Was a seafaring man.  Married Lucy Bearce (b. 1 Nov 1747), daughter of Miall and Elizabeth (Sears) Bearce (m. 11 Dec 1746 at Hingham, MA), in Halifax, Massachusetts on 31 October 1768.  Miall Bearce was the 5th generation removed from Austin Bearce, who came to America aboard the sailing ship “Confidence” in 1688 and settled in Barnstable, Massachusetts.


Ezekiel Bryant died 1775/6 on the island of St. Thomas in the West Indies (now called the Virgin Islands).  He and Lucy had at least the following son:


(a. Ezekiel Bryant, Jr.: Born 18 August 1772/75 at Plympton, Massachusetts.  Died 9 January 1830 at Sheffield, Massachusetts.  Was employed as a moulder and farmer.  Married Mercy Northrop, daughter of Enos and Anna (Drake) Northrup of Cornwall, Connecticut, on 6 May 1798.  Of interest, Enos was a descendant of Joseph Northrup (d. 11 Sep 1669) of Milford in 1642.


Note: George Clark Bryant was a descendant of Ezekiel Bryant, Jr.


4.   Other biographical notes on Nathaniel:


Lived in Plymouth-Plympton, Massachusetts.  Was a Deacon of his church.



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