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Stephen Bryant (1620 - 1694)


Bryant Generation 1


1.   Stephen’s parents: (?)


2.   Stephen’s birth: 1620 in Aylesbury, England.


     Stephen’s death: 1694 at Duxbury, Massachusetts.


3.   Stephen’s marriage:


     a. To whom: Abigail Shaw


(1. Abigail’s parents: John and Alice (?) Shaw


(2. Abigail’s birth: 1622 in England.


Abigail’s death: 24 October 1694.


(3. Other biographical notes on Abigail:


Emigrated to America from England with her parents in 1632 and settled at Plymouth in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.


     b. Marriage date & location: About 1645.


     c. Children:


(1. Abigail Bryant: Born 1646/7.  Generation 2 of the Ancestors of Courtney Smith Bryant.  Married Lieutenant John Bryant (no known relation).


(2. John Bryant:


Born 7 April 1650. Died 29 March 1736, age 87.  Married Sarah (?) (d. 10 Jan 1741/2, age 89) and had the following children:


(a. John Bryant: Born 1 September 1678.


(b. James Bryant: Born 26 July 1682.  Lived in the part of Plymouth that was later referred to as Halifax.  Married (1st) Sarah Cushman (d. 2 Feb 1724/5, age 40 yr, 9 mo, 15 days), daughter of Reverend Isaac Cushman of Plymouth, on 8 July 1708 and had the following children:


-  Barnibus Bryant #1: Born 7 March 1710.


-  Hopstill Bryant: Born 23 June 1713.  Could be the Hope Bryant of Plymouth who married Benjamin Jackson of Plymouth on 14 March 1733.


-  Barnibus Bryant #2: Born 18 November 1715.  Died 25 April 1717 at Plymouth?


-  Seth Bryant: Born 16 July 1718.


-  Rebeckah Bryant: Born 4 February 1720/1. Died 26 April 1711.


James Bryant married (2nd) Darkas/Dorkas Whipple on 12 May 1725 and had the following children:


-  Sarah Bryant: Born 14 September 1726.


-  Mathew Bryant: Born 15 December 1727.  Died 22 March 1727/8.


-  Abishai Bryant: Born 3 January 1728.  Died 22 Feb 1728.


-  Jemiah Bryant: Born 10 July 1732.


(c. Ruth Bryant: Born 26 September 1685.  Married William Churchill.


(d. Sarah Bryant: Born 28 February 1688.


(e. Joanna Bryant: Born 13 November 1690.  Married Deacon Samuel Churchill, son of William Churchill, at Plympton, Massachusetts on 6 September 1711.


(f. Captain George/Georg Bryant: Born 3 December 1693.  Died 21 October 1779, age 85 years, 10 months and 7 days.  Married Sarah Ripley (d. 15 Jul 1779, age 84), daughter of William and Mary (?) Ripley of West Bridgewater, on 26 January 1715 and had the following children:


-  Lidia Bryant: Born 10 May 1718.  Married Nathaniel Bonney on 27 October 1737.


-  John Bryant: Born 12 January 1720 at Plymouth.  Died 25 October 1724, age 4 years and 9 months.  Note, however, Plymouth death records indicate this John Bryant was the child of John and Mary Bryant, not George and Sarah.


-  John Bryant, Jr.: Born approximately 23 January 1721.  Died 22 November 1789, age 68 years, 9 months and 29 days.  Married Abegail Churchill (d. 1 Feb 1820, age 99 yr, 6 mo, 10 days), daughter of William Churchill, on 10 February 1740/1 and had the following children:


-- Ruth Bryant: Born 13 April 1741.  Married Captain Thomas Sampson.


-- Peleg Bryant: Born 22 February 1742/3.  Of Kingston.  Died 9 April 1821 in Kingston.  Married Elice Sturtevant of Halifax on 11 November 1767 and had the following children:


--- Peleg, Jr. (perhaps): Married Patience Stevens on 29 November 1792.


--- Lemuel Bryant: Born 20 March 1772.  Died suddenly in Kingston on 31 October 1825, age 53 years, 7 months and 11 days.  Interred in Plympton.  Married Clarisa (?) (b. 31 Jan 1779) and had the following children:


---- Edwin Bryant: Born 13 March 1804.  Died 14 December 1820, age 16 years, 9 months, and 1 day.


---- Alvin Bryant: Born 6 May 1806.  Died 25 March 1845 from palpitation of the heart.  Intention to marry Betsey Johnson, daughter of Captain John Johnson, deceased, of Kingston, announced 2 December 1832.


---- Adeline Bryant: Born 9 May 1808.  Married Cephas Cobb, son of Lemuel Cobb, on 4 June 1829.


---- Eliza Bryant: Born 11 December 1811.  Married Edward Holmes, son of Joseph and Lucy (?) Holmes of Kingston, on 1 January 1838.


---- Clara Ann Bryant: Born 2 March 1815.  Died 22 December 1820, age 5 years, 9 months, and 20 days.


---- Mary Bryant: Born 30 August 1819.  Married George Whitefield Harrub, trader and son of Thomas B. and Rachel (1st wife) Harrub, on 25 February 1844 in Plympton.


---- Lemuel Bryant, Jr.: Born 5 May 1822.  Shoemaker and farmer.  Married Maria Bradford, daughter of Thomas and Lydia Bradford of Kingston, on 14 September 1845 and had the following children:


----- Albert Thomas Bryant: Born 21 April 1846.


----- Ella Bryant: Born 15 January 1849.


-- Caleb Bryant: Born 8 March 1744/5.  Died 28 October 1777, age 32 years, 7 months, and 20 days.  Married Hannah Eless on 4 June 1767.


-- Luce Bryant: Born 27 February 1747/8.  Died 31 October 1764.


-- Sarah Bryant: Born 1 March 1750/1.  Married Captain Joshua Holmes on 5 May 1774 and had no children.


-- Zenus/Zenas Bryant: Born 12 July 1753.  Died at Plympton on 28 June 1835, age 81 years, 11 months, and 16 days.  Married Mary “Molly” Ruggles (d. 20 Jul 1819, age 62.), daughter of Dr. Thomas and Mary (Loring) Ruggles of Rochester, on 2 October 1777.  Mary Loring was the daughter of Dr. Polycarpus Loring of Plympton.  Zenas and Mary had the  following children:


--- Mary/Mercy Loring Bryant: Born 9 April 1778.  Married Dr. Isaac Bartlett on 2 November 1797 in Halifax.


--- Sally Bryant: Born 3 April 1781.  Married Allerton Cushman on 3 October 1805.


--- Caleb Bryant #1: Born 30 January 1784. Died 4 February 1789, age 5 years and 4 days.


--- Zenas Bryant, Jr., Esq.: Born 21 December 1786.  Married Judith Lobdell/Lobdil Sturtevant, daughter of William and Judith (daughter of Capt Ebenezer and Judith Lobdell) Sturtevant, on 23 February 1822 and had the following children:


---- Mary Ruggles Bryant: Born 6 September 1824.  Died 16/13 December 1837, age 13.


---- Zenas Francis Bryant: Born 14 July 1833.


---- William Sturtevant Bryant: Born 28 November 1840.


--- Caleb Bryant #2: Born 3 May 1789.


--- Phebe Bryant: Born 15 September 1791.  Married Dr. Bartholomew Cushman of Sandwich on 27 November 1811.


--- Laura Bryant: Born 22 August 1794.  Married Benjamin Cushman of Duxbury, Plymouth County, on 18 October 1818.


--- Ann Bryant: Born 20 March 1797.


--- Thomas Ruggles Bryant: Born 18 August 1800.


--- George Bryant: Born 26 February 1803.  Married Mary Soule, daughter of Captain Nathaniel and Lydia (?) Soule of Duxbury, on 20 January 1830.


-- Phebe Bryant: Born 11 February 1761.  Died 11 February 1784, age 23.


-  Joanah/Joanna Bryant: Born 28 August 1723.  Perhaps married Solomon Dotin/Dotey on 13 September 1755.


-- Jene/Jane Bryant: Born 6 February 1752.  Married Caleb Stetson.


-  Ephraim Bryant: Born 12 April 1726.  Died 14 February 1784, age 57 years, 9 months, and 21 days.  Announced intent to marry Abigail/Abigal Samson, daughter of Ephraim and Abigall Samson, on 23 November 1748 and had the following son:


-- Captain Levy Bryant: Born 23 September 1756.  Moved to Maine and died there.  Married Lydia Bradford, daughter of Captain John and Elizabeth (Holmes) Bradford, on 24/25 December 1777 and had the following children:


--- Abigail Bryant: Born 6 December 1778.


--- Ephraim Bryant: Born 23 January 1780.


--- Lydia Bryant: Born 30 May 1781.


--- Clarasia Bryant: Born 9 January 1783.


--- George Bryant: Born 22 August 1784.


A number of years after Ephraim’s death, Abegail and their son, Levy, moved into Maine, where they died.


-  Mary Bryant: Born 20 January 1729/30.  Died 20 January 1790, age 62.


-  Sarah Bryant: Born 31 October 1731.  Married (1st) Zachariah Soule.  Married (2nd) John Thompson.  Married (3rd) Reuben Thompson.


-  Suseanah Bryant: Born 19 October 1734.  Married John Rider/Ridder on 15 May 1760.  Note, a Susannah Bryant also married Abel Gardner of Kingston on 15 December 1785, 25 years later.  Since there are no other Susannahs of any spelling in the Plymouth records, could they be the same?


-  George Bryant, Jr.: Born 25 April 1737.  Married Sarah Lobdil, daughter of Isaac (son of Ebenezer) and Ruth (Clark) Lobdil/Lobdell, on 15 December 1763 and had the following children:


-- George Bryant, III: Born 6 May 1764.


-- Richard Bryant: Born 15 August 1766.


-  Sath Bryant: Born 6 February 1739/40.  Married Daborah Lobdil, daughter of Isaac (son of Ebenezer) and Ruth (Clark) Lobdil, on 24 October 1765.



(3. Mary Bryant: Born 29 May 1654.


(4. Stephen Bryant, Jr.:


Born 1657/2 February 1658 at Plymouth.  Was in Plymouth and Duxbury, Massachusetts.  Married Mehitable (?) about 1683 and had the following children:


(a. Stephen Bryant, Jr.


(b. David Bryant: Born 10 February 1687.


(c. William Bryant: Born 22 February 1691/2.  Died 1772, age 88; interred at Perth Amboy, New Jersey.  Made 55 voyages between the ports of New York and London, England, working his way up to Commander of a sailing vessel.


(d. Hannah Bryant.


(e. Ichabod Bryant: Born 1702/5 July 1699 in Middleboro, Massachusetts.  Died 22 Nov 1759 at West Bridgewater.  Was “gigantic in size & strength.”  Lived in Raynham/Rhaneham, Massachusetts before moving to North Bridgewater, Massachusetts.  Married Ruth Staples (d. 27 May 1777, age 75), parents unknown, and had the following children:


-  Dr. Phillip Bryant: Born 1736/2/1.  Died 1816, age 85.  Was in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.  Loved books and wrote verse.  Married Silence Howard (b. 1738), daughter of Dr. Abiel (b. 6 Nov 1704, d. 1777) and Silence (Washburn) Howard (b. 1713, m. 1737, d. 1775) in 1757.  Of interest: Dr. Abiel Howard was the son of Jonathan (d. 1739) and Sarah (Dean/Deane) Howard.  Silence Washburn was the daughter of Captain Nehemiah (b. 1685, d. 1748) and Jane (Howard) Washburn (b. 1689, m. 1713).  Sarah Dean was the daughter of John Deane, a son of the 1st emigrant of the name from Taunton, England to Taunton, Massachusetts.  Jane Howard was the daughter of Captain John Howard, who emigrated from England to America, settling at Duxbury in 1643.


Dr. Phillip and Silence (Washburn) Bryant had at least the following children:


-- Oliver Bryant: Served in the Revolutionary War.


-- Ruth Bryant.


-- Daniel Bryant: Served in the Revolutionary War.


-- Charity Bryant.


-- Bezaleel Bryant.


-- Dr. Peter Bryant: Born 12 August 1767 at North Bridgewater.  Died 19 March 1820 at Cummington.  Was in Cummington, Massachusetts.  Wrote poetry.  Married Sarah Snell (b. 4 Dec 1768 at N. Bridgewater, d. 6 May 1847 at Princeton, IL), daughter of Colonel Ebenezer (b. 1 Oct 1738, d. 16 Aug 1813 (found dead in his bed)) and Sarah (Packard) Snell (b. 10 Sep 1737, m. 1764) in 1792.  Of further interest:  Ebenezer Snell was the 4th of 6 children of Zachariah (b. 17 Mar 1704) and Abigail (Hayward) Snell (b. 3 Aug 1702, m. 1731).  Sarah Packard was the daughter of Captain Abiel (b. 29 Apr 1699, d. 1774) and Sarah (Ames) Packard (b. 23 Jan 1702, m. 1723, d. 1770).  Zachariah Snell was the son of Josiah and Anna (Alden) Snell (m. 1699).  Abigail Hayward was the youngest child of Joseph and Harriet (Mitchell) Hayward.  Captain Abiel Packard was the son of Zacheus (d. 1723) and Sarah (Howard) Packard.  Zacheus Packard was the son of Samuel Packard (d. 1684), who immigrated to America aboard the “Diligent of Opswich” in 1638.  Sarah Ames was the daughter of John (b. 14 Apr 1672, d. 1756) and Sarah (Washburn) Ames (m. 12 Jan 1697).  Anna Alden was the daughter of John Alden, son of John and Priscilla (Mullins) Alden, who had 11 children and emigrated from England to America aboard the “Mayflower.”  Sarah Howard was the daughter of (the 1st) John (b. 1666, d. 1750) and Mary (Keith) Howard.  Mary Keith was the daughter of Reverend James Keith of Aberdeen, Scotland.  Harriet Mitchell was the youngest of the 8 children of Experience and Jane (Cook) Mitchell, who immigrated to America in 1623.  Jane Cook was the 3rd of 5 children of Francis and Esther (?) Cook, a passenger on the “Mayflower.”  Sarah Washburn was the youngest of 10 children of John and Elizabeth (Mitchell) Washburn and granddaughter of Experience Mitchell, mentioned just above.  William Mullins/Mollines came to America on the “Mayflower” with his wife, a servant (Robert Carter), and 2 children: Joseph and Priscilla Mullins.  William Mullins, their father, died 21 February 1621, less than 2 months after arrival in America.  William’s wife died a few days before him, and Joseph and the servant died later in 1621.  Only Priscilla survived and married John Alden, mentioned above.  Francis Cook and his son, John Cook, immigrated to America aboard the “Mayflower,” landing at Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay Colony on 22 December.  Francis’ wife, Esther, a native of the Netherlands, immigrated to America in 1623 with their 3 other children (in order of age: Jacob, Jane, and Esther) aboard the sailing ship “Anna.”  Mary Cook, the 5th child of Francis, was born at Plymouth in 1626.


Dr. Peter and Sarah (Snell) Bryant had at least the following children:


--- Austin Bryant: Born 16 April 1793.


--- William Cullen Bryant: Celebrated poet.  Born 3 November 1794.  Died 1878.  Was in Cummington, Massachusetts.  Had a nephew, Julean E. Bryant, who served in the Civil War, rose to the grade of Captain, and drowned in 1865 at Brazos, Texas.


--- Cyrus Bryant: Born 12 July 1798.


--- Sarah Snell Bryant: Born by July 1802.


--- Peter Rush Bryant “Arthur”: Born 28 November 1803.  Alive in 1882.


--- Charity Louisa Bryant: Born 20 December 1805.


--- John Howard Bryant: Born 22 July 1807.  Alive in 1882.


-- Cyrus Bryant.


-- Anna Bryant.


-- Silence Bryant.


-  Nathan Bryant: Died unmarried.


-  Seth Bryant: Was at the capture of Louisburg in the Old French War.  Was an orderly Sergeant at the battle of Bunker Hill.  Was also present at the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown.  Married Elizabeth French on 7 February 1765.


-  Job Bryant: Born approximately 1742 in Bridgewater, or the neighboring town of Raynham, Massachusetts.  Was a blacksmith and a farmer by trade.  Job had extensive service during the Revolutionary War, including as a private in Captain Josiah Hayden’s company of minute men during the 19 April 1775 Lexington alarm.  Lived in Bridgewater.  Married Mary Turner and had the following children:


-- Anna Bryant: Born 12 November 1764.  Married Abiel Phillips of Eston in 1787.


-- Nathan Bryant: Born 15 September 1766.  Married Sarah Jordan.


-- Calvin Bryant: Born 16 December 1768.  Married Rebecca Morse.


-- Job Staples Bryant: Born 19 July 1772.  Married Lovica/Lovice Pratt and had at least the following children:


--- Job S. Bryant: Born in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.  Died of choking 17 December 1864, age 67 years, 5 months, 3 days.  Married (1st) Pamelia Cole (d. 14 Jul 1824) on 5 July 1820 and had the following child:


---- Unknown: Born 29 May 1824.  Died young.


License to marry (2nd) Polly Stanton of Worthington on 17 December 1825.  Appears Job and Polly had at least the following children:


---- William S. Bryant: Died 7 August 1876.  Married Olive E. Wright (b. in Ludlow) and had:


----- Charlie E. Bryant:  Born 12 April 1866.


---- Eliza Bryant: Married Edward Bates of Northampton.


---- Pamelia Bryant: Married Billings Drake of South Worthington.


---- Sarah Bryant: Married Daniel Granger.


---- Lucius Bryant: Died in the Mexican War.


---- Hannah Bryant: Married Morey Welcome Stanton.


---- Martin D. Bryant: Called “Dwight.”  Married Helen A. Meacham on 1 May 1865.


--- Nahum Bryant: Married Olive Cole, formerly the wife of Wait Adams, and had at least the following children:


---- Rosanna Bryant: Born 13 December 1819.  Married Albert C. Cook.


---- Sarah Bryant: Born 9 October 1821.  Married Caleb M. Damon.


---- Lovicy Bryant: Born 10 August 1823.  Married Ansel Adams, her half brother.


---- Eleazer Bryant: Born 1 March 1825.  Married 4 July 1848 to Tryphena Pomeroy.  Resided at Hartford, CN; Worthington, and Northampton.


---- Nahum Bryant, Jr.: Married (?) Hitchcock of Cummington.


-- Thirza Bryant: Born 4 October 1774.  Married Manassah Dickerman in 1791.


-- Oliver Bryant: Born 21 December 1776.  In 1804 marred Nabby Ames, daughter of Timothy Ames.


-- Clement Bryant: Born approximately 1785 at Bridgewater, Massachusetts.  Was educated there.  Was a blacksmith.  Moved to Athol, Massachusetts about 1805.  Before 1812 moved to Greenbush, New York.  From there enlisted in the War of 1812.  Clement died in 1837.  Married at Athol in 1805 to Rachel Wheeler (b. 8 May 1788, d. 19 Apr 1881), daughter of Zaccheus Wheeler, who was a farmer and mill owner.  Her mother was a descendant of the Leland family of Massachusetts.  Clement and Rachel had the following children:


--- Royal Bryant.


--- Mercy Bryant.


--- George Quincy Adams Bryant: Born 9 January 1819 at North Orange, Massachusetts.  Died 26 December 1907.  Moved with his family to Athol, Massachusetts.  Attended school there, as well as in Craftsbury, Vermont for two terms.  At age 12 went to work for his uncle, Jonathan Wheeler on a farm, where he remained until age 15, when he began to apprentice in the manufacture of tubs, pails, boot/shoe boxes with his uncle.  Worked as a journeyman in that factory until 1843, when he moved to Winchendon, where he painted and decorated houses.  In 1856 partnered with his brother, Calvin Turner Bryant in a large and prosperous business until 1860, when they engaged in the grocery business and remained with it until Calvin’s death 42 years later.  George Q.A. Bryant rose to the rank of 3rd Sergeant during the Civil War, and was mustered out of the Union Army on 2 September 1863.  He married in October 1842 to Louise A. Roby (d. 20 Jun 1894 at Winchendon, MA), daughter of Moody Roby (d. 1870), a farmer of Peru, Vermont, and had no children of their own.


--- Mary Ann Bryant: Married Thomas Miller and had the following children:


---- Joseph Miller: A furniture dealer, cabinet maker, and farmer in Athol, Massachusetts.


---- Albert Miller: A hotel keeper in Athol, Massachusetts.


---- Finette Miller: Adopted by her uncle, George Q.A. Bryant.  Married 17 Mar 1874 to John W. Barnes and had the following daughter:


----- Fanny Bryant Barnes: Born 1876.  Died 15 December 1900.


--- Richard Bryant.


--- Silence Bryant.


--- Jonathan Bryant.


--- Calvin Turner Bryant: Born 1830 at Athol.  Died from apoplexy on 14 July 1906.  Interment in Riverside Cemetery, Winchendon.  Gained considerable wealth as a prospector for gold in California.  Partnered with his brother, George Q.A. Bryant.  Married on 9 October 1860 to Almeda Dexter (b. 2 Jan 1830), of Royalston, Massachusetts, daughter of Ebenezer Wheeler Dexter (b. 24 Mar 1780, d. 1860) and Cynthia (Walker) Dexter.  Calvin and Almeda had the following children:


---- Flora Almeda Bryant: Born 21 November 1861.  Was a teacher in Winchendon public schools.


---- Waldo Calvin Bryant: Born 17 December 1863.  Founded the Bryant Electric Company.  Married on 6 April 1887 to Ida Gerald of New London, Connecticut and had the following children:


----- Waldo Gerald Bryant:  Born 30 July 1891.


----- Doris Bryant:  Born 26 March 1902.


--- Rachel Bryant.


-- David Bryant.


-- Samuel Bryant.


-- Asa Bryant: Married (1st) Meitable Snow.  Married (2nd) Betsey Snow, her sister.


-- Harriet Bryant: Married David Dunbar, Jr.


-  Gamaliel Bryant: Settled in New Bedford.


-  Phebe Bryant: Married Henry Howard.


-  Ruth Bryant: Married (?) Holmes.


-  Sarah Bryant: Married Francis Cook in 1750.


-  Anna Bryant: Married (?) Robinson.


-  Prudence Bryant: Died unmarried.


(f. Timothy Bryant: Born 25 August 1702.


(5. Sarah Bryant: Born 28 November 1659.


(6. Lydia Bryant: Born 23 October 1662.  Married William Churchill


(7. Elizabeth Bryant: Born 17 October 1665. Married Joseph King.


(8. Mehitable Bryant: Born 1669/70.  Perhaps the Mehetabel who married Isaac King on 13 August 1689.


4.   Other biographical notes on Stephen:


Emigrated from England to America, settling in Plymouth, Massachusetts as early as 1632.  Was listed in 1633 as among the men of that community able to bear arms, though Stephen’s name was later crossed off that list.  Was party to a land purchase in Plymouth in 5 May 1643.  Was listed as a resident of Duxbury in 1643 was a town officer in Duxbury in 1644.  Moved back to Plymouth in 1650, where he earned Freeman status in 1655/on 6 June 1654.  Was Surveyor of Highways in Plymouth in 1658, 1674, and 1678 and was Constable in 1663.



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