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Origin of the surname “Coles:”







3   (?) Coles


    1.  Biographical notes:


Emigrated from Germany to the United States.  Employed as a tailor.


    2.  Wife:


    3.  Children: 13 total




2   Paul Coles


    1.  Biographical notes:


In his son, Fred’s words in October 1964: “My father was born in Germany at Waslutia.  He came to the United States when he was 6 years old, or so – one of a large family.  My grandfather Coles was a great Lutheran, driven out of Germany, sort of.  My grandfather made all of his children sew, and made quite a fortune sewing uniforms for the Union Army during the Civil War.  I was born in the middle of a large family that included the following sons: Paul, Max, Frederick, Frank, William, Fred.


There were 14 in my mother’s family.  My maternal grandfather was a scout to the west, making many trips there.”


    2.  Wife: Minnie Wachel/Washall


    3.  Children: (order uncertain)


a. Paul Coles: Died from complications of influenza.  Served in the Spanish-American War.  Had one son.


b. Max Coles: Served in 3 conflicts with the US military.  Had 3 children.


c. Gertrude Coles: Employed as a waitress.  Married twice and had the following daughter:


(1. Wilahmina “Minnie” (?): Was educated.


d. Grace Coles: Born on Labor Day.


e. Fred John Coles: See generation 1, below.


f. Frederick Coles.


g. Frank Coles: Put money into a knitting concern; later lost it.  Was smart; educated himself.  Had 1 child.


h. Martha Coles: Born 22 February (?).


i. Augusta Coles: Born on Queen Augusta’s birthday.  Graduated from high school and worked.


Note: Fred had a brother-in-law who took his own life.


1   Fred John Coles:


Born 14 June 1890 at Delavan, Wisconsin.  Died 4 February 1981 at Binghamton General Hospital, Binghamton, New York.  Married (1st) Clarissa Clara Sprague on 25 December 1912 at Walworth County, Wisconsin (SE corner of state).  Married (2nd) Clara Delphine Irvine on 4 February 1956.





Of Interest:


a. Fred and Clara (Irvine) Coles received an invitation to the Maine-Endwell High School (New York) commencement in the spring of 1978 from Anthony “Tony” Alex Orleski, who referred to them on the enclosed photo as his grandparents.  A handwritten note in side from Elaine (perhaps Tony’s mother) inviting them to a buffet supper following graduation.


b. Clara and Fred received a Christmas card from Marcia (?), who referred to them as “Aunt Clara” and “Uncle Fred,” but said: “you’re or ‘grandparents,’ you know!”


b. In December 1976 Fred & Clara received a Christmas card from Mark and Linda (?) Suman of Ohio, who referred to them as “Aunt” and “Uncle.  Referred to “home” being in Vestal, New York.  They resided previously at Bloomington, Indiana.  Appears Linda may be the relative.  Said she finally found a job at the University of Akron library.  Gary may have been an educator – perhaps college level.


c. William J. Curry, Sr. and his wife celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Sunday, 2 May 1976 at Our Lady of Angels Church Hall, Corner of Phyllis and Stonefield Drive, Endwell, New York.



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