Judge Moses Coolbaugh Pedigree

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Origin of the surname “Coolbaugh:”







2   (?) Coolbaugh


1.  Biographical notes:




2.  Wife:




3.  Children: (order uncertain)


a. Moses Coolbaugh: See generation 1, below.


b. William Coolbaugh: Married Susanna Shoemaker.  Came with his brother, Moses, to the Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania area.  Later moved to Yates County, New York.


c. Benjamin Coolbaugh: Died 1815, age 48.  Married Jerusha Runyan and settled at Macedonia soon after 1800.  Benjamin and Jerusha had the following children:


(1. William Coolbaugh.


(2. Absalom Coolbaugh: Perhaps married Catherine Bull (perhaps daughter of John Bull and niece of Thomas Bull, John’s brother) and had the following son:


(a. Jefferson Coolbaugh: Born 23 May 1834.  Resided at Liberty Corners.


(3. Moses Coolbaugh.


(4. Johnson R. Coolbaugh.


(5. Lovina Coolbaugh: Married (?) McAlpin.


(6. Sally Ann Coolbaugh: Married David Owen.


(7. Rachel Coolbaugh: Married Richard Bennett.


d. Rachel Coolbaugh: Married Christopher Cowell (d. 1825, age 66).  Came to Wysox, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1791.  In 1818 resided at Macedonia.  Christopher and Rachel had 8 children.


1   Judge Moses Coolbaugh:


a. Biographichal notes:


Born 1752.  Died 22 February 1814, age 62.  Married Hannah Shoemaker (b. 1755, d. 13 Nov 1828, age 73).  In 1789 Judge Coolbaugh partnered with Henry Biles, a close neighbor, friend, and comrade in arms, in establishing a shad fishery on the Susquehanna River at Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Moses purchased land at Towanda in 1791.


Brought his family up the Susquehanna River in a Durham Boat and (1st) resided in the Roswell Franklin house.  Then purchased the improvement of Asahel Robert, which was later owned by Reverend Darius Williams and later, Jesse Coolbaugh.


b. Wife:


Had a sister, Peggy (Shoemaker) Fields, who married, as his 2nd wife, Henry Biles, partner and close friend of Moses Coolbaugh.  Had another sister, Anna Shoemaker, who married Ralph Martin.


c. Children:


a. William Coolbaugh: Born 1776.  Died 1856, age 80.  Married Hannah Johnson and had the following children: (order uncertain)


(1. Moses Coolbaugh, Jr.


(2. Harry Coolbaugh.


(3. John Coolbaugh.


(4. Betsy Coolbaugh.


(5. Sally Coolbaugh: Married Jonathan Stevens.


(6. Polly Coolbaugh.


(7. Ellen Coolbaugh.


b. Daniel/David (or both) Coolbaugh.


c. Cornelius Coolbaugh.


d. Samuel Coolbaugh.


e. Alice/Elsie Coolbaugh: Married (1st) Nathaniel Monger.  Married (2nd) Burr Rideway.


f. Eleanor Coolbaugh: Married William Allen.


g. Sarah Coolbaugh: Married Shepard Pierce.



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