Lucy (Crittenden) Ostrom Pedigree

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Special thanks to Gleason Duane Rohlfs, paragraph 3.a.(7.(d. of generation 4 of the Brinkman Annex, who authored "A Study of Gleason Rohlfs' Ancestors," which is the source for information contained in this annex.



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Origin of the surname “Crittenden:”







13  Abraham Crittenden


1. Biographical notes:


Born 1585.  Died 1639.


2. Wife: Mary Crakbrook


Born England, daughter of John Crakbrook.  Died 1664 aboard ship in route to North America.


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. Abraham Crittenden, Jr.: See generation 12, below.


12  Abraham Crittenden, Jr.


1. Biographical notes:


Born 1610 at Kent, England.  Died January 1683 at Guilford, Connecticut.


2. Wife: Mary Hinkson


Born 1612 in England.  Died 1664 at Guilford, Connecticut.  Married Abraham Crittenden, Jr. in 1630 in England.


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. Abraham Crittenden, III: See generation 11, below.


11  Abraham Crittenden, III


1. Biographical notes:


Born 1635 at Cranbrook, England.  Died 25 September 1684/94 at Guilford, Connecticut.


2. Wife: Susannah Gregson (also seen: Grayson)


Born 1637; daughter of Thomas (b. 1611 at Derby, England, d. 1646 on the Atlantic Ocean) and Jane (?) Gregson and granddaughter of Henry and Edith (Allestree) Gregson.  Died 8 August/September 1712 at Guilford, Connecticut.  Married Abraham Crittenden 13 May 1661 at New Haven, Connecticut.


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. John Crittenden: See generation 10, below.


10  John Crittenden


1. Biographical notes:


Born 15 August 1671 at Guilford, Connecticut.  Died 16 May 1751.


2. Wife: Bathsheba Johnson


Born 20 August 1683, daughter of Isaac and Mary Sarah (Bishop) Johnson.  Died 25 April 1752 at Guilford, Connecticut.  Married John Crittenden on 6 May 1702.


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. Elizabeth Crittenden: Born 1704.  Died 1787.


b. Bathsheba Crittenden: Born 1705.  Died 1757.


c. Rachel Crittenden: Born 1707.  Died 1751.


d. John Crittenden: Born 1710.  Died 1784.


e. Mary Crittenden: Born 1713.  Died 1795.


f. David Crittenden: Born 1716.  Died 1770.


g. Isaac Crittenden: See generation 9, below.


9   Isaac Crittenden


1. Biographical notes:


Born 3 April 1720 at Guilford, Connecticut.  Died 13 July 1796 at Ashfield, Massachusetts.  Moved to Ashfield, Massachusetts.


2. Wife: Lucy Benton


Born 4/14 October 1724 at Guilford, Connecticut, daughter of James and Experience (Stocker) Benton of Guilford.  Died 13 January 1796, age 71, at Ashfield, Massachusetts.  Married Isaac Crittenden on 25 January 1743.


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. Isaac Crittenden, Jr.: Born 11 March 1744.  Died 1824.  Married Phoebe (?).


b. Experience Crittenden: Born 2 May 1746.  Married Joshua Shelby on 27 June 1783.


c. Benjamin Crittenden: See generation 8, below.


d. Amos Crittenden: Born 26 September 1753.  Died 1838 as a prisoner at Quebec.  Married Phoebe MacIntyre.


e. Bethsheba Crittenden: Born 28 June 1756.  Married Samuel Nims on 21 January 1783.


f. Simeon Crittenden: Born 26 January 1762.  Died 11 August 1832.  Married Lucretia Chilson.


8   Benjamin Crittenden


1. Biographical notes:


Born 19 September 1748 at Ashfield, Massachusetts.  Died perhaps 1818 in Ontario (probably Owen Sound), Canada.  "Moved from Guilford, Connecticut to Albany and Rome, New York as a young man, and was continually on the frontier the rest of his life.


2. Wife: Mary Hills


Born 1759; was a Native American.  Died 1858, age 99, in Ontario, Canada.  Perhaps partial Native American.  Married Benjamin Crittenden in 1776.


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. James Crittenden: Born 1778.


b. Asa Crittenden: Born 1780 in Massachusetts.  Died 1859.


c. William Crittenden: Born 13 March 1781 in Massachusetts.  Died 1866.


d. Hiram Crittenden.


e. Mary Crittenden: Born 1785.  Died 25 July 1874.


f. Clarissa Crittenden.


g. Lucy Crittenden: See generation 7, below.


h. Benjamin Crittenden: Born 1803.  Died 1870.


7   Lucy Crittenden:


Born 1789 in Oneida County, New York.  Died 1876 in Canada.  Married Simon Ostrom, generation 7 of the Ostrom Annex on .



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