Stanley Dow Cool

(1884 - 1948)

Generation 1b of the Cool Annex



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Cool Ancestors:


(?) Kuhl - Gen 6 of the Cool Annex

John Cool/Kuhl - Gen 5 of the Cool Annex

Jonathan Cool - Gen 4 of the Cool Annex

Truman J. Cool - Gen 3 of the Cool Annex

Lorenzo Dow Cool - Gen 2 of the Cool Annex


Cool, Stanley Dow family 1921 portrait - numbered (39) #.jpg


            Born 23 February 1884 at Caro, Indian Fields Township, Tuscola County, Michigan.


            Died 25 August 1948 at Watertown, Jefferson County, New York from complications of a heart attack.


            Son of Lorenzo Dow and Anna Kindedine (Brown) Cool, generation 2 of the Cool Annex.


            Brother of Roxanna Cool, who married Almond Henry Drake on 1 January 1916.


            Married (1st) Louisa Mehitable Drake, descendant # 1 of generation 11 of the Descendants of George Edgar Drake on 1 January 1907 at her parents' residence at Ward's Corners, between Evans Mills and LeRaysville, LeRay Township, Jefferson County, New York. Married (2nd) Grace Hicks of Detroit, Michigan, a close friend of Stanley's sister, Martha Hazel-Mae (Cool) Smith, on 13 August 1945. See Louisa's page for more information on Stanley.


Cool, Stanley Dow 1945 & Grace (Hicks) Cool (83) #.jpg




          George Lorenzo Cool: Born 15 March 1908/09.

          Donald Dow Cool: Born 18 April 1911.

          Clara Louise Cool: Born 14 December 1913.

          Truman Arthur Cool: Born 22 May 1921.

          Walter Stanley Cool: Born 19 August 1927.



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